Sino-Malay imbalance: Comparing Umno power-sharing vs DAP power-sharing

We’ll review the topic in relation to Penang, which is the state under DAP rule.

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Penang state assembly GE11-13

Before I discuss the seat allocations, take a look at the Penang population breakdown – projection for year 2014 by the Statistics Department (table below).

Penang has 1.66 million inhabitants.

Penang population 2014

Sino-Malay population ratio 1:1

Chinese are 684,700.

Malays are 684,500.

Chinese and Malays in Penang are almost equal in number.

GE11: Penang under BN

In 2004, BN won the general election in Penang.

Under BN, Penang had a Chinese chief minister from Gerakan.

It had 14 Umno Aduns and 24 non-Umno Aduns in the 40-seat state legislative assembly.

This ratio of 14:24 is equal to a little more than one-third power to Umno, as against slightly less than two-thirds non-Umno power in the BN Penang state government.

The 14 Umno Aduns in Penang (2004-2008) were Malay. The 24 non-Umno BN Aduns were 22 Chinese YBs representing Gerakan plus MCA, and two Indian Aduns representing MIC.

Penang population ethnic

No meritocracy under BN

The Penang population is 41.17 percent Chinese, 41.16 percent Malay plus 18 percent others – see pie chart above.

In 2004-2008, the BN as ruling party in the Penang legislature comprised 58 percent Chinese and 37 percent Malay YBs.

Under BN, the Adun ratio actually shortchanged the Malays. MCA-Gerakan YBs – all Chinese – were over-represented whereas Umno was disadvantaged.

Today the BN Chinese components have been wiped out. And although all 10 of the BN reps in Penang are solely from Umno – see table repeated below – nonetheless the BN Penang chairman is still a Chinese from Gerakan.

Clearly the BN does not believe in meritocracy.

Penang state assembly GE11-13

GE12: Penang under Pakatan

Unlike Umno, DAP is not Parti Paling Tidak Apa. Instead DAP is Parti Paling Licik Berkira.

In 2008, Pakatan won the general election in Penang and in the process obliterated Gerakan and MCA from the state.

Under Pakatan, Penang had a chief minister parachuted from Malacca while the local DAP chief was sidelined despite that he (Chow Kon Yeow) won his Penang Parliament seat in 2004 when the rest of the DAP had fared badly due to the popular landslide in favour of Pak Lah.

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Undi popular

Following its GE12 success, Pakatan had 19 DAP Aduns and 10 non-Umno Aduns in the 40-seat Penang dewan.

Their Adun ratio at 19:10 is equal to a two-thirds DAP power, as against one-third mostly PKR power.

None of the 19 DAP Aduns in Penang were Malay.


DAP can rule Penang alone with a little help from Chinese ‘friends’

The 10 non-DAP Aduns in Penang (2008-2013) comprised nine from PKR and one from PAS:

  1. Tan Hock Leong (PKR – Machang Bubok)
  2. Ong Chin Wen (PKR – Bukit Tengah)
  3. Law Choo Kiang (PKR – Bukit Tambun)
  4. Jason Ong (PKR – Kebun Bunga)
  5. Sim Tze Tzin (PKR – Pantai Jerejak)
  6. S. Raveenthran (PKR – Batu Uban)
  7. Abdul Malik Kassim (PKR – Batu Maung)
  8. Maktar Shapee (PKR – Sungai Bakap)
  9. Mansor Othman (PKR – Penanti)
  10. Mohd Salleh Man (PAS – Permatang Pasir)

Even though there are equal numbers of Malays and Chinese living in Penang, the Chinese were disproportionately strong under BN (2004-2008) and overwhelmingly strong under DAP (2008 to present).

The Malay window-dressing is propped up as a figurehead only and quite dispensable. In the seven short years since DAP took power, Penang has already had three Malay Deputy Chief Minister (I), i.e.

  • Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin (March 2008 – April 2009)
  • Mansor Othman (June 2009 – May 2013)
  • Mohd Rashid Hasnon (present)

Guan Eng Mansor Othman retak

What Malays can learn from Penang GE13 results

From the 40 state seats, the BN allocated 15 seats to Umno, and 25 seats to the non-Umno parties to contest.

Umno had a success rate of 66.7 percent, winning 10 seats out of 15. The non-Umno BN components in Penang were a total failure, winning zero seats.

Pakatan divided the 40 seats with 19 (or half) for DAP and the remaining 21 for the non-DAP parties.

There was however a three-cornered fight in Sungai Acheh with Umno facing off PKR’s Chegubard and PAS’s Penang Youth chief Yusni Mat Piah.

DAP won all 19 out of the 19 seats its contested – a perfect score. DAP’s coalition partners had a mere 50 percent success rate, with 22 PKR and PAS candidates winning 11 seats between them.

All the Pakatan losing candidates in Penang were the PAS and PKR Malays. All the Pakatan Chinese candidates in Penang – be they from DAP or PKR – won their seats.


Apa lagi Cina mahu?


What Bersih 4.0 signalled is that the Chinese are hell-bent on toppling the Malay-led government. Any incoming government to replace the BN will be led by the DAP – no ifs or buts about it.

I blogged a little earlier that the difference between Tsunami 1.0 on 5 May 2013 and Tsunami 2.0 on 30 Aug 2015 is the degree of saturation. In GE13, the DAP got 90 percent of the Chinese to vote opposition.

In the latest edition of Bersih, the DAP got the Chinese to take to the streets in the largest show of force since 9 May 1969. The level of commitment to the DAP from the Chinese is quite unhinged.

DAP has created an army of hate-filled followers.

I see braind dead people

Langkah mayat dulu

Former DAP Johor deputy chairman Norman Fernandez said, “Malays will shed blood rather than give up political power to the Chinese”.

What Norman says is true.

MCA too realises this. It wants a BN supreme council meeting ASAP to confer on the tense race relations in the aftermath of Bersih 4.0. The MCA is right to be worried and its president correct to say that “the rally had been hijacked by DAP to sow hatred”.

BELOW: Anger monger Hannah Yeoh inciting rage among her Twitter followers

@hannahyeoh really angry


ABOVE: Hannah Yeoh’s staff carrying a plaacard at Bersih 4.0 saying “Siapa takut Bersih memang kotor”

Damage control is mission impossible

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, according to Newton’s Third Law of Motion.

For every provocation, there is an equal and opposite retaliation.

archbishop julian leow2The Bersih bullshitters are so blinkered and brain-addled that they cannot see that they’ve been provocative.

They are convinced that Malays are gullible fools who can be persuaded to believe Bersih 4.0 was all about patriotism, desire for good governance and a clean government in tandem with spreading Christian LOVE all around.

PIX: Archbishop Julian Leow in Berish 4.0 T-shirt taking part in the rally

But the Malays have eyes. They can see that Bersih 4.0 is the Yellow River bursting its banks in fury. The sight of the Chinese spilling into the streets, once beheld cannot be “unseen” (erased from memory).

Former MCA vice president Gan Ping Sieu tweeted today that his party has become utterly irrelevant – see his tweet below.

Previously MCA was the buffer against Malay hostility and antagonism. MCA is however unable to shoulder this onerous burden anymore as the party is dead and its media empire Nest of Evangelistas is out of control.

The Chinese believe that they can get a better deal with the DAP than they got under the BN. In Penang, they grabbed power by completely demolishing the BN Chinese (13 Gerakan and 10 MCA candidates) as well as the BN Indians (two MIC candidates).

To grab further power, these DAP rabid supporters will have to confront the Malays now. They have shown their hand without having any ace up the sleeve.

Hannah Yeoh Ugly Pendatang


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11 thoughts on “Sino-Malay imbalance: Comparing Umno power-sharing vs DAP power-sharing

  1. With the 10 percent Chinese support and as what the pakatan said they manipulated for the popular votes during pr 13 surely Penang should be under bn by now but they omit and instead of it they went for Putrajaya that’s why you curse them like hell

  2. Helen,

    “…MCA is right to be worried…

    Worried on what? MCA is worried that Malay voters who vote for UMNO will punish it(MCA) dearly in next election.

    In the last election, Malays elected a Malay representative from AS in Parit Yani, Johor over traditional MCA candidate. In last election also, Malays taught UMNO a bitter lesson by rejecting a Gerakan candidate in Alor Setar.

    YOU ARE RIGHT on your assessment on DAP. Only now Malays have accepted the fact that DAP is ruthless. The fact that they did not support BERSIH 4 is very telling. They realise that though they are critical of Najib, DAP is not the ideal replacement.

    In its haste to punish its coalition partner, PAS, for defying it(DAP), Kit Siang and Guan Eng have shown their true colour. And since CHinese could not be bothered to know how Malay feels , they were surprise that BERSIH did not attract decent Malay crowd.

    I TOLD MANY TIMES that should UMNO be toppled, it would be replaced by DAP. Initially many of my Malay friends laughed at me. They simply can not imagine Chinese taking over. Now they realise that I am simply saying the truth.

  3. In such a small island they have 119,700 non citizens?
    Indians 162,900! Hope they are not compromising places like Kampung Buah Pala to cater for non citizens?

    Agaknya mai ceghoq mana all these 119,700 nons? Just imagine Pulau Langkawi has a total population of only 64,792!

    Singapore pun kasi bawa masuk lots of foreigners and the locals are now crying “Singapore for Singaporeans”.

  4. Most of the malays will kick dap & mca in the next GE14, WHY????
    Most of these chinese party do not know the meaning of FRIENDSHIP, especially dap***.

  5. I hope PAS get real, and feel the pulse of the Islam/Malay pool of citizens, realized that upholding Islam also means making sure Malay unity is at its very firm footing. And realize that Malay is Islam and Islam is Melayu ( in this nation’s context).

    Joining hands with all Islam and Malay based parties and organizations will ensure Putrajaya remains in Malay land, as in Tanah Melayu….of course Ah Jib Gor, the honorary Chinese, self appointed, has to go….soon, very very soon…and PAS will realize it aim to be a ruling coalition rather than forever be in oppo.

  6. ‘BN components in Penang were a total failure, winning zero seats.’

    Yet, Gelak-an heads state’s BN? Meritocracy My Malay Ass!

    Morally, Gelak-an should tolak the kerusi, out of principle, as much as MCA patut tolak all the kerusi empuk jawatan Menteri dan Timbalan Menteri bagai, out of principle as well, cause both of these Cina party, always talk about meritocracy maa and asking the Gomen to do away with, whatever ‘153’.

    So why not these Cina party walk the talk? Why not?

    Because in Malaysia, only the Cina can…everything oso can for the superior highly business minded and extremely hardworking Cinas.

    But If the Melayu were to asks for this, then ‘the lazy substandard monkeys, which hidup by makan suap Cina Zillions tax money’ are turning the country into a failed state!

    Bloody hypocrites! Only in Malaysia!

  7. ‘MCA is however unable to shoulder this onerous burden anymore as the party is dead and its media empire Nest of Evangelistas is out of control.’

    After so many years you have been highlighting this, and business seems very much as usual at the Nest, I doubt MCA is the victim here! Definitely guilty as charge. UMNO saja yang buta perut!

  8. Ironically the most powerful WMD the DAP used against BN in the GE12 and GE13 was that if BN wins, then the new CM would be a Malay. For a party that supposedly founded on principles meritocracy and Malaysian Malaysia, the ethnicity of the CM shouldn’t matter. But this Biawak party is Uber Orwellian by nature. Saying one thing and doing something else completely opposite to what they preach.

    The funny thing in Penang is the Chinese…oops..Malaysian ADUNs and MPs from PKR are more loyal to DAP than PKR and that’s a known fact. PKR knows that too and had they fielded a non-Chinese, they would not have gotten as much support.

    1. And here, TMI being very racial too.

      It says the stupid Malay in kampungs are so shallow and trivial, they will keep voting dacing no matter what. Case Study. Pekan.

      well done, ‘Ram Anand’!

      “We get money for Raya, we get BR1M,” said Husna.

      “I’m always for ‘dacing’ (the scales). Only once I voted for PAS, that’s because I was unhappy because I did not get a land I was promised,” Wan Hassan said.

      “It’s normal. It’s ceklat (candy) culture. When there are elections, they give candies and the people accept,” he said.

      “You know what is democracy? Demo-kasi. If a person can demonstrate and sell you a product, he gets the contract. He says I sell you one water bottle for RM20 and gives another two for free, and the people buy that, too.”
      – See more at:

      SYABAS TMI, your Cina towkeys must be brimming with proud and ‘Ram Anand’ must be feeling like a million dollar Cina right now!

      1. It is their nature to be Orwellian and adopt a “holier than thou” attitude. They are the master of the Bush Doctrine – If you vote BN, then you must be either corrupt or stupid. If you don’t support BERSIH, then you must be kotor.

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