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Yellow toilet brush and brooms at Bersih 4.0

Anil is Aliran treasurer. (An Aliran exco Sarajun Hoda is the Bersih deputy chair.)

They want to change the government.

Patriotic Chinese

Anil Netto is an alpha blogger.

He is also among the country’s top photo-journalists.

Bersih hotel cafe

Bersih Chinese crowd listening

Above  are some great pictures Anil took at Bersih 4.0. – of patriotic Malaysians with their mini flags on Hari Kebangsaan, protesters in a hotel cafe, and the Yellow Shirt crowd listening to a ceramah.

Anil is also an avid follower of Jahabar Sadiq (TMI boss).

BELOW: Screen capture of Anil’s blog taken at 5.55am on 1 Sept 2015; the live feed in predominantly comes from Jahabar

Anil Netto blog


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26 thoughts on “Yellow toilet brush and brooms at Bersih 4.0

  1. “Time for government to change itself – or we will change the government!“. I thought an Aliran guy shoud know who can change the government. Certainly not Aliran nor Bersih. What he need to do is to persuade the kampung people or the members of dewan rakyat that represent them. But then he has no respect for them, would they listen to him? Or would he even talk to them?

    1. Mr. Najib has lost his self-respect and his respect for the sovereignty of the law and the sanctity of constitutional order.

      1. Alaaa
        Perasan lebih. Ramai tu aje datang?
        Malu kat Justin Beiber dan Rabecca Black aje kamu. They were the most disliked in youtube tapi kecik2 macam tu pun able to pull over 1.2b viewers.

        Ini Bersih4 worldwide juga…how many? Eh..kjap 500K, kjap 300K kejap 80K.. Haiyaa..satu juta pun tak dekat .

        Next time gather and play kites kat Morib or the Penang beaches. Menyemak aje.

    2. Yes, that’s the part I don’t agree with all these rallies. If these people truly believe in the concept of democracy, then they should know that democracy does not change the government of the day by creating anarchy.

      You said they need to persuade the kampung people. Well, they won’t and they can’t. Why, you may ask? Because there is a communication problem. They do not speak the language of the kampung.

      They do not know the culture of the kampung. They come into the kampung and start telling the kampung people all about the bad and evil government and Rosmah and who kampung people should vote for. The kampung people all nod their heads and after these people have left, they will go back to their own business.

      They do not really care about the kampung. They don’t know how the kampung people make their living and what affects their livelihood.

      The kampung people live in the reality of the now. We work hard now so our family can eat now and maybe save some for later. KFC for the kids are once in a blue moon treat. These Bersih people live in an alternate universe of Starbucks, McDonalds and Hollywood-packaged notions of happy-ever-after.

      1. ‘They do not speak the language of the kampung.’

        Double whammy there. 1st, they don’t speak Malay to begin with. 2nd, they don’t ‘speak the language of orang2 kampung’. And with anti-Melayu and anti-Islam statements thrown in to please their ‘urban voters’, I don’t think they can ever, menang hati orang2 kampung?!

        1. The DAP will provide a generous selendang allowance and their tudung-wearing evangelistas can descend on the kampungs bringing gifts of kurma.

    3. Orang kampong yang, he won’t meet them.
      One thing he does not know, he kampong folks are guided by their faith in Allah.

    4. Don’t change the government change the Malays so that they don vote opposition party especially DAP or PKR.Reason it will be disaster to the Malaysian Malay if they vote opposition party see yourself the life of Singapore Malays wen they have no power at all and have to mengemis to the PAP.

      1. Not very long ago, the rallying cry of PAS was UMNO is “haram” because they cooperate with infidels. Until recently (perhaps even now) DAP was decidedly a non-Malay party (I won’t say a Chinese party in due deference for P Patto and Karam Singh). They played on the ‘kan cheong‘ sentiments of the Chinese. Then came SAI (S for saudara) and his politics of hatred, and all of a sudden all kinds of parties decide to join him. It is halal now for PAS to work with DAP. In trying to achieve power they abandoned their innate philosophy for that expounded by UMNO stalwarts Onn Jaafar and the Tunku i.e. that of inclusiveness and power sharing amongst all. Each knew they cannot grab power on their own. Here was the chance. But lo and behold, they still lost the election.

        DAP then started to appear warm to the Malays (some even started to wear the tudung). Abandon PAS, may be DAP can go on their own if they can hoodwink some Malays to join them. Maybe sponsor some Malays to form a subsidiary party? Why not hijack the rallying crowd from PKR.

        Bersih 4, laid bare their actual moral fibre (stomping on peoples face as they did before and now pissing on them). Their ‘talam dua muka’ stance became clear. Are they ready to work together “sehati sejiwa”? Maybe on the false face of the tray (talam) but certainly not on the actual face. They, like PAS, are just hypocrites. Can a leopard change its spots?

        Kampong Malays are not “kan cheong”, they are relaxed almost complacent. They know their strength. The country is theirs. It’s for them to decide who runs the government. The urban Malays, I am afraid, are too clever for their own good.

        1. ‘Kampong Malays are not “kan cheong”, they are relaxed almost complacent. They know their strength. The country is theirs. It’s for them to decide who runs the government. The urban Malays, I am afraid, are too clever for their own good.’

          5 truths and 5 facts I know to be realities of the Malay community that I learned in the first 30 years of my life in the Malay rural heartland and the subsequent years living in the cities.

          Damned right, Doctor.

        2. The urban malays are not too clever for their own good. They actually believe their own hype that they are smarter than the kampung folks and hence they can dictate to the rural folks. While the kampung folks look at them and wonder if they even remember what being Melayu is all about.

  2. These people, in organisations thought to be neutral and impartial, are nevertheless, no different from whom they want to oust.

    Having seen demonstrations and protests in other countries, they too, want a piece of the action. And feel they have done something for the nation…..a good tale to tell their grandchildren in years to come.

    Along the way, around 20,000 people, mostly Chinese with a sprinkling of other races, their action turn divisive, not united. And this, they are very proud of.

    Out of that estimated total, quite a number showed their “yellowness…gonadless if I may say so, by not wearing the “Official T-shirt” .

    See…. the very people who is clamoring for power, dare not put themselves on the chopping board and yet you see their filthy fingers in every pie there is. And they claimed innocence.

    And do we want to see these cowards rule the nation?

    The only brave one is Tun Dr. M….walked right into the thick of action and stole the thunder. Brave and courageous leaders like this we lacked in both the political divide.

    Everybody played safe, even the backers of the rally…..and the pictures of their supporters feet-stamping on the portrait of leaders. Potrait of the PM I understand, but of TG Haji Hadi.

    DAP mock and made them looked like fools (some of them are), kicked PAS out of PR. Enough laaa but you still angry with him and PAS…

    DAP, if you want to rule this country, get ALL the Malays and Muslims to join DAP baru cita cita mu tercapai…. You backed Mat Sapu….Good choice but then you got a loser….well done DAP

    1. DAPsters will never archieve such an objective – for want of a clear and comprehensive set of ideological principles – but Malaysia as a nation has to institutionalize one national integrated educational curriculum; simply because the country is persistently being fractured from internal shearing forces.

      1. Chris,

        Many of my chinese friends asked me why Malays did not participate in BERSIH 4.

        I told them in general Malays view BERSIH as a tool to bring down UMNO . In crude language , BERSIH is to bring down a Malay dominated government to be replaced by DAP.

        Despite DAP living in denial, Malays are apprehensive of DAP. Looking at how DAP insults PAS day in day out, Malays in general conclude that DAP cant be trusted. It it too “chinese” or more importantly “too anti malays”.

        So, my advice to DAP and its worshippers, just forget malay votes. Yes sir. After the incident of one Chinese girl jumping on picture of Najib and Hadi, only stupid Malays will vote for DAP or its coalition partner,namely PKR.

        What BERSIH did was actually PUSHING Malays to UMNO and PAS.

        1. Shamsul,
          I know this much: Nik Aziz and Hadi ie. the PAS leadership tolerates Islamist radicalism and they have broken up the Malay people for decades with their takfiri fatwas. Many Malays do not see PAS as representing the interests of Malay muslims.

          Why is Hadi now politically supporting Najib the UMNO head when Hadi actually branded Dr. M as the kafir leader of UMNO/BN during all those good years of progress?

          1. Chris,

            No. hadi is not politically supporting Najib. Hadi just made his principle clear to the public, much to the chagrin of Kit Siang. Hadi just said justice must be served even to Najib.

            I understand the concept of justice is alien to DAP.

            1. Helen, I wish I knew, but I suspect our Malay brethren will have to untangle Islam from islamist presumptions and its socially negative aprroaches to life.

              Shamsul, do we need Hadi to remind us that the cause of justice should be upheld in all cases? For all his past takfir vitriolic against Mahathir, I believe that Hadi now has an obligation to every Malay muslim to insist that UMNO’s Najib should not interfere with the due process of lawful justice.

              1. “…. I suspect our Malay brethren will have to untangle Islam from islamist presumptions and its socially negative aprroaches to life.”

                Fethullah Gulen the voice of traditional Islamic faith:

                Abud-Darda (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:
                The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) once said, “He who takes a path in quest of knowledge, Allah will make the path of Paradise easy for him.
                The Angels lower their wings over a seeker of knowledge, pleased with what he is doing. And the inhabitants of heaven and earth, and even the fish in the ocean depths seek forgiveness for such a soul.
                The superiority of the learned person over the worshipper is like the light of the full moon compared to dim starlights.
                The enlightened ones are the heirs of the Prophets and they bequeath neither dinar nor dirham (ie. money) to others but only true knowledge; and he who acquires that knowledge, has verily received an abundant portion.”

                [Abu Dawud and At-Tirmizhi].

  3. I m going to make this real quick. This rally was the last straw for a few Chinese friends of mine. They said that should these people ever come to power, this country is as good as done. They are already making their moves to go to another country. Truly despairing. What more is there to say ?

    1. …Politweet noted that the bulk of Facebook users (52.46 per cent) and Twitter users (54.1 per cent) in Malaysia who had written about or shown interest in the Bersih 4 rally were in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor…..

      These areas are mostly under Pakatan. These people are showing unhappiness. Bermakna Pakatan is not serving them. Apasal hot sama Najib and UMNO?

        1. I am at the wet market now. I dont see any difference, been coming here for the last 20years! Everyone buying as usual. GST or no GST..same only! Hardly see anyone suffering. The foodstalls are packed. Kena belatur lagi mau beli nasi lemak.

          Even the foreigners are enjoying themselves in Penang. Hundled ober thousand they also donwan to go back to their countely.

          But I can see what China’s Black Monday did to the stock market..haiyaaa Thats why la.

          ….Don’t gamble. Diversify yr investment.
          ….Live within your means. Buy so many properties cannot afford bollow here and there..
          ….Malaysia is Malaysia, don’t berangan this country is Singapore or Europe or US or heaven
          ….Support local products / produce..
          … Avoid imported products. Kasi campak itu imported cars whatnot, use proton or perodua
          …. Visit Malaysia need to spend using SGD or USD or Euro ir whatever meh
          …Your kids studying oberseas? Semester break ask them to pick fruits or wash dishes – easy can cover the lower ringgit..

          Sendili taktau plan your cara hidup,
          apasal malah sama Najib and UMNO?
          Cannot stand on yr own two feet orh?

          1. The PM’s US$700 million scandal is an outright wrong whichever side of the political fence you are witnessing from.

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