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Orang Melayu lagi pandai main politik?

While the MCA is crying out for caution, its Nest of Evangelista newspaper publishes bravado (ada telur) opinion editorial headlines – “Step on it, people”.

A gathering of Muslim and Malay NGOs, including organizations representing Felda settlers, farmers, fishermen, rubber tappers, factory workers and other rakyat marhaen groups, will be held in Shah Alam this Saturday.

Unlike the middle-class and yuppie crowd at Bersih 4.0, the Kongres Rakyat on Sept 12 looks to be Melayu Pekat.

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PAS did not encourage its members to turn up for Bersih and it was a ‘victory’ of sorts for its ulama leadership when Malay participation was visibly thin.

Kongres Rakyat, on the other hand, will see Malays travelling from all over the country to attend.

Nothing untoward is anticipated to happen in this event which is scheduled to take place in an auditorium.

Nonetheless there will be roars of Hidup Melayu! Daulat Tuanku! and Tegakkan Syiar Islam! So you can expect the nationalistic mood fanned by the congress to carry over to the following Malay tribal  gathering planned for Sept 16, i.e. four days later.

The proposed mobilization of Red Shirts on Malaysia Day is billed as a response to the recent provocation by the Yellow Shirts.

BELOW: Bersih believes it is time to clean up!

Disproportionate retaliation to provocation

Ex-Selangor exco Ronnie Liu lodged a police report yesterday against the planned Sept 16 gathering. He said flyers for Himpunan Rakyat Bersatu counter rally were provocative, and “threatening a bloodbath” – see FMT report ‘Police urged to stop Malay anti-Bersih rally‘.

Umno executive secretary Abdul Rauf Yusoh said his party will not prevent its members from participating, reported the J-Star today.

The EvangeliSTAR article headlined ‘Umno members free to join Sept 16 rally‘ also quoted Bera Umno chief, the controversial Ismail Sabri who has a reputation of being a Malay ultra, as saying his division will send members to take part in the gathering dubbed ‘Himpunan Maruah Melayu’.

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh’s staff holding a placard calling Bersih naysayers “kotor”


Hannah MACC mobilising crowd

MCA has lost all clout

MCA strongly opposes the planned Sept 16 rally which it fears will destabilize our country.

Its president Liow Tiong Lai said the event “would destroy the peace and harmony”.

“DAP hijacked Bersih 4 and sowed the seeds of hatred, pitting the different races in the country,” said Liow yesterday after opening a conference in Wisma MCA, KL.

(Liow should be reminded that DAP evangelistas have successfully hijacked the MCA’s media empire.)

@hannahyeoh really angry

Haters will hate potatoes

DAP’s angry and confrontational hatred

Liow said MCA took nearly half a century to build the politics of consensus but the DAP has introduced confrontational politics. He fears unrest and violence if racial tensions in the wake of Bersih 4.0 are not immediately tamped down.

Unfortunately for the MCA, it has lost Umno’s trust. Hence it remains to be seen whether the BN supreme council will agree to convene the emergency meeting requested by the MCA to discuss the tense race relations in the aftermath of Bersih 4.0.

BELOW: Previous examples of the DAP politics of hate

Sister in Islam “saw good, felt good” at Bersih

Another J-Star columnist Zainah Anwar today penned a column titled ‘For goodness sake, I saw good, felt good‘.

Zainah, founder of Sisters in Islam, wrote that she feels sorry for Bersih detractors who laughably “believe all those wonderful Malaysians at the rally are ‘unpatrio­tic’ … [and] traitors to the country and government of the day and therefore their blood is halal”.

(Helen’s question: Why didn’t the Chinese come out to Dataran to wave the flag on Hari Merdeka last year, and the year before that and in the many years past?)

Bersih 4.0 Cina flag

Tun’s appearance prompted Umno members to support Bersih

In Zainah’s opinion, Bersih 4.0 was a “display of love for the country” where Malaysians are not divided by race and religion but instead bonded with fellow citizens “all together with the same objective to fight for a better country”.

Regarding the criticisms of Bersih, Zainah said it is sad that leaders in high places have only “imagined more enemies, manufactured more threats and spewed out more absurd allegations”.

A scion of one of Umno’s founding fathers, Zainah further wrote, “I know for a fact there were Umno members at the rally and most likely many more came out after Tun Mahathir made an appearance, not once but twice”.

She added the observation, “There was not a single red ominous FRU truck in sight – unlike past rallies.”

Giving them enough rope …

Unlike past rallies too, this time the police were not at the LRT stations ominously to deter incoming protesters.

This is just my (Helen’s) speculation: Perhaps the police and the FRU were deliberately held back to encourage more people – in this case, the Chinese – to show up at the demonstration without being hampered by their usual fear.

Perhaps the efficient Special Branch, having sussed out the ground sentiments, had informed the powers-that-be that the Chinese will be out in force.

And perhaps the reason that the authorities restrained any harsh police action to block the rally from getting as big as it turned out eventually was to let the Chinese have a free rein in their yellow-themed weekend.

In 1987, the ISA crackdown was made when angry rallies began to get out of hand. Under Ops Lalang, The Star newspaper was suspended.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Home Ministry is currently keeping a close eye on The J-Star. I wonder what the ministry officers make of the headline today by J-Star CEO Wong Chun WaiStep on it, people(see below).

Is the clarion call contained in Chun Wai’s column pregnant with doublespeak or what?

WCW step on it people


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42 thoughts on “Orang Melayu lagi pandai main politik?

    1. Shah Alam is the PAS-backed congress on Sept 12. Its likely a big gathering but no trouble as the event is going to be in an auditorium.

      The Umno-backed street rally is planned for Sept 16 (Hari Malaysia). Ada ura-ura perarakan Pekida akan lalu kawasan Bukit Bintang Low Yat.

      MCA gelabah kerana pekedai Cina akan terpaksa tutup pintu dan bagi staf mereka cuti sehari.

      1. Helen, this opposition party speech for the upcoming Singapore elections may provide some perspective for DAP yea-sayers and what their future society might be like in a PAP mould.

        1. Aiyoo, Singapore got all this problems meh??? Singaporean suckers, please help counter this… how can this be? OMG? Singapore not perfect meh???

          Tipu la the ‘merah-putih’ guy! I don’t belib him one bit, Singapore is perfect!

          University Graduates bawak teksi ony meh? Ha, si meh?

          Singaporean are the least happy and most stressed out in SEA?

          Huh, no wonder la some Singapore suckers always butthurt kat blog Helen one. Must be the stressful living down south!

          1. “Tipu la the ‘merah-putih’ guy! I don’t belib him one bit, Singapore is perfect!”

            Dr. Chee Soon Juan is a figure in Singapore’s political opposition, He has been arrested and jailed several times for his political activities, mainly for making speeches and staging public demonstrations without a police permit. He has also been sued for defamation on multiple occasions for comments he has made about members of Singapore’s governing People’s Action Party (PAP). He was previously barred from standing in parliamentary elections because he was declared bankrupt in 2006 after failing to pay damages from a lawsuit owed to two former Singaporean prime ministers, Lee Kuan Yew and Goh Chok Tong. However, on 24 September 2012, Chee announced that he had raised the sum of S$30,000 needed to pay Lee and Goh. His bankruptcy has been annulled, thus paving the way for him to contest the next general election, which will be held on 11 September 2015.

            Behind the Man

          2. Dr. Chee Soon Juan is the Chairman of the Asian Alliance for Reforms and Democracy. He was awarded a Hellman/Hammett Writers Grant by Human Rights Watch in recognition of his courage in face of political persecution in Singapore, he is also a recipient of Parliamentarians for Global Action’s “Defender of Democracy” award in 2003 and Liberal International’s “Prize for Freedom” award in 2011.

            Prior to entering politics, Dr. Chee was a psychology lecturer at the National University of Singapore (NUS). However, he was dismissed from this position in 1993 after being accused of misappropriating research funds. He has since served as a research fellow at the Monash Asia Institute (1997), the University of Chicago (2001), the Reagan-Fascell Democracy Program at the National Endowment for Democracy in Washington, D.C. (2004), and most recently as a visiting fellow at the University of Sydney (2014).

            Chee Soon Juan is recognised by Amnesty International as a prisoner of conscience.

            1. He was being sarcastic chris…lol. But good to know that there are still one human among the high nose robots in singapore.

              1. Oh! ok AE, we better beware of PAP’s brainchild, the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA)

          3. Sekarang the cry “Singapore for Singaporeans” is getting louder.

            Many factories are not getting new orders or none at all. Global economic slowdown.

            Some dah mula shutdown exercises where employees are forced to go on leave (potong annual leave).

            Many retrechment exercises ongoing, some places even on weekly basis. Sikalang even local permanent staff are not spared, masuk kerja pagi.. 3pm retrenchment list announced.. esok pagi dah out of jobs.

            Of ‘cos they will get the retrenchment benefits whatnot, but how long can they survive wth housing, car loans etc.

            Yesterday SGD @3.05 tapi mau tukar sana lia olang kasi RM2.94 saja. Haiyaaa

    2. Shah alam, the administrative capital of selangor created as a part of new malay township under aegis of DEB is the only urban seat in selangor where malays are the majority residents and thus a kingmaker in any dun/parliamentary seat ..not to forget the heart of malay-centric education insitute aka UiTM resides within this city (seksyen 1). This place has a deep nostalgic feeling for most of malays, especially the itm (and later on uitm) educated ones so no wonder if any meeting, congress or anything pertaining to malay’s interests at the national level will likely to be held here. Thanks to the widespread coverage of “dap organized, overwhelmingly chinese” bersih 4 rally, plus distribution of really offensive doctored pictures of both najib and hadi hugging each other (and lated stomped by some fools), most of malays (excluding lackeys and liberals) are beginning to respond either peacefully (just demanding apology) or vice versa (by the upcoming 16th september rally). If the rumours about the gathering of a number of malays from different social classes and ideologies were really true, then it really shows that the malays are somewhat alarmed with the current showing of political force by the chinese community, which in long term might lead to serious troubles and worst possible, anarchy and declaration of emergency. The dapsters and others are free to say anything from self denial, fake calls for unity or to usual degeratory, self uplifting malay bashing comments, but both time and reality will tell for sure. Sad for me to say things like this, but just like malay idioms nasi sudah jadi bubur, it’s already too late for reconciliation actions to take place.

  1. Red shirts?

    Why not.

    If the Malays and anti-Bersih crowd want to adopt the orang Barat protest ways and hit the streets, then so be it.

    The only thing objectable is their day of choice. It would be more sensible to have their race-based ‘red shirt’ day on the 15th or the 17th.

    16 Sept is after all Malaysia Day.

    1. HH,

      Yup. That is the point. Why om earth BERSIH 4 held on eve of Merdeka day. Dah tak ada hari lain ke?

      What DAP will do, the Malays can match that too with even greater intensity. It is a matter of wanting to do it or not. As simple as that.

      1. It doesn’t matter to me on whether the rally will be held from either 15, 16, or 17th of september. It’s up to the organizers to decide on the exact date for the upcoming rally. It will be much better if the starting or ending point is in front of lowyat plaza, in memorial of lowyat fiasco few months ago. Just make sure that the upcoming rally is peaceful, and for the participants to contribute positively to the economy of bukit bintang by buying goods etc. Unlike that damned bersih rally where traders at jalan tar had to close shops in fear of clash between rallygoers and police. Let them taste their own medicine and blame it to the bersih organizers. Kalau peserta bersih boleh, kenapa kami tak boleh?

      2. Shamshul Anuar

        Bersih 4 was held not on our National Day.

        While anti-Bersih peeps are prepared to testify the Bersih event was politically motivated, the core demands of Bersih do resonate with many Malaysians. Even Malays, though admittedly the dominant presence of DAP sort of watered down Bersih’s claim to non-partisanship and dampened the Malays’ participation.

        Quote: What DAP will do, the Malays can match that too with even greater intensity. It is a matter of wanting to do it or not. As simple as that.

        So, you do opined the proposed red shirt rally to be a case of ultra kiasu-ness on the part of the Malay NGOs?

        If red shirt manage the numbers, it proves nothing because assuming DAP is just wholly supported by the 20% Chinese population, the red-shirt numbers (seen to be a representation of Malay support ) by default should rightly surpass DAP’s crowd in numbers. So?

        But, in the event red shirts fall short, then it’s an utter embarrassment.

        It’s a no win scenario for the red shirts. Plenty of risk to prove a moot point.

        Bersih’s call for clean governance is not racially inclined. Red shirt rally is. The Malays chose not to take part in Bersih 4 in numbers. It’s a matter of choice. It is provocative and in bad taste to call for a ‘Melayu’ -only race rally on Malaysian Day itself.

        1. HH,

          Are you still in denial?

          Ans who is “ultra kiasu?”. Definitely not the Malays. It is DAP that has been poisoning the Chinese to take such provocative stance without any regard that such provocation will naturally invite backlash.

          DAP suppoorted by 20% Chinese?

          I must say that DAP is successful in leading the Chinese to collide physically with the Malays. Just accept reality that safe from useless politicians like Mohd Sabu who is rejected by malay community, the presence of Malays is next to insignificant.

            1. It must be. Because the Cina, like yourself, are always quick to bad taste this and bad taste that, when others, ie non Cina, are doing it. But if it’s a Cina doing, then everything is fine under the sun!

        2. Bodoh punya HH. Talk so much but purposely manipulative.
          It is a show of our solidarity. it has nothing to do with the chinese. you can claim to be this and that, we can also claim these and those.
          Who started the whole thing. The malays are naturally docile people except when their rights are trampled on and provoked.
          Even that, we are being very cautious about it. So, HH, stop manipulating. It is very glaring, your intentions and deception.
          Who first brought the hooliganistic act of bershit. western la sangat. you do not have your own moral values.
          Everything must be imported fron the west, in spite of them branding you as ‘yellow;

          1. Aha, what do we have here?

            Hmmm, another dismal attempt by ‘wawe’ to play psychology, eh?How awkward.

            Quote: It is a show of our solidarity. it has nothing to do with the chinese.

            Oh puleez la, if you want to join in the discussion then at least go and read from the top of the thread. Shamshul was blantantly pointing out the red shirt rally was tit for tat.

            Quote: Who started the whole thing. The malays are naturally docile people except when their rights are trampled on and provoked.”

            If you were smarter, you would not go say it has nothing to do with the Chinese and then shoot yourself in the foot by proceeding to justify the red rally being imminent because Malay rights are deemed trampled.

            Confused ke?

            As for my saying street demos being a Western concept, I can’t claim originality. Am merely echoing what Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Salleh Said Keruak said on record….


            Wanna take up your grouses with him?

        3. Malaysia Day is celebrated in Sabah. So, the Malay rally is not disrupting any celebration. So, it is not going to tumpang any other crowd like the bershit did before Merdeka.

  2. Perhimpunan ini mengingati akan MCA leader Datuk Lim Kim Sai penentangan of the ketuanan melayu oleh bekas MB Selangor Datuk Mat Taib and also in memory of Adam a young soldier who ran amok on the same day. Politics of down memory lane…

  3. Oh dear what a busy month.

    This Friday 14th my DAP Apek feeding the hungry ghosts. Not Saturday or Sunday, its the day after Thursday. Friday.
    Colored flags allealy flying all along the road (Merdeka day bendera Malaysia they tarak hang).

    Ahso and Ahmoy all busy folding origamy paper money.. Told me dis year offering 1 huge BBQ pig and 1 live pig. Apek already erected tents at the end of our block. Anxiously waiting for Friday. Not Saturday or Sunday, its the day after Thursday.

    12th PAS

    16th Bukit Bintang Rally

    25th Friday our kampung perform Korban. Friday. Friday. Not Thursday Ist day of Hari Raya Korban. Meat will be distributed to the living poors and the needies.

    Malaysian Muslims and Muslims all over the world will be performing their Korban, spreading compassion, love and sharing happiness with fellow Muslims.

    1. Unfortunately, roasted pig offering and burning of money-for-afterworld is part of the old shaman culture that came down to the Chinese in S.E.A. It has no roots in Buddhist texts nor the Tao Te Ching.

      Tao Te Ching:
      “Other people are joyous, like on the feast of the ox, like on the way up to the terrace in the spring. I alone am still, giving no expression, like a newborn baby who has not learned to smile.”

      “Supreme good is like water. Water greatly benefits all things, without conflict. It flows through places that people loathe. Thereby, it is close to the Way (of Heaven).”

  4. i support bersih as i support baju merah day.both differ in objectives. But as long as police did not do / or did in bersih, same principle applies with this baju merah day. else, its double standard and btw. hoping najib to come over.

    1. re: “same principle applies with this baju merah day”


      As much as I reckon Bersih’s stated objectives to be a con job, the rally was peaceful, and the intent of the organizers was for it to remain peaceful.

      I’m afraid I can’t say the same for the Red Shirts Sept 16. Choosing Bukit Bintang – where the Low Yat mini riot occurred just not too long ago – as its venue makes its motives suspect.

      1. Similar questions and suspicions have been thrown out to bersih 4 organizers by lots of people especially malay netizens.Questions like why did the bersih organizers choose 29 and 30th of august while people are still preparing for upcoming national day countdown and parade (are they trying to sabotage both event so that najib will be forced to resign), why did dap leaders and their supporters suspiciously support the rally with full force unlike previous ones (don’t try to fool us about noble bersih objectives, just look at your own party track records) , the rally that suddenly takes place shortly after sudden leadership crisis within umno and later spread to the whole country, and many more. After nearly maxed out support given to oppositions coaliation during 13th ge on assumption thay anwar will become next pm with dap as the dominant party in the coaliation, it is not surprising for the malays to be suspicious of anything related to the chinese, especially dap and their supporters. Such unanswered questions and suspicions that have made most of malays to completely shun the bersih 4 event despite recent developments of malaysian political climate. And our suspicions have been proven with overwhelming number of chinese participants during bersih rally, even though we initially estimated that the racial composition of the rally would be at least equal for both malays and nons. While overwhelming support by the chinese for “sabotage merdeka event so that najib will be forced to step down” rally is a concern for some of us, it’s the erratic and biadap behaviour of some of bersih 4 participants that have made most of us malays to react like now. Maybe the time has come for dapsters, instead of being in self denial and blaming others mode, to really have a self reflect on why did the malays are daring to organize a counter rally in a known chinese stronghold territory, despite knowing of the consequences that will arise because of the rally (hopefully there will be no hijau celoreng digital rally following 16th september ones).

        1. re: “Questions like why did the bersih organizers choose 29 and 30th of august while people are still preparing for upcoming national day countdown and parade”

          Because they’re sneaky bastards. They want to tumpang numbers from the Merdeka Day eve (Aug 30) celebrants and add the holiday revelers (those out to see fireworks) as their own Bersih rally crowd.

          re: “why did dap leaders and their supporters suspiciously support the rally with full force unlike previous ones”

          (1) Because the Chinese public have lost their fear of trouble. Very langsi now. (2) To build momentum for GE14. The first Bersih helped push the GE12 makkal sakti tidal wave results while the second and third Bersih set up the Chinese tsunami.

          re: “why did the malays are daring to organize a counter rally in a known chinese stronghold territory”

          Cracking roof tiles over their numbskull impaired the ability to make sensible and sound judgment?


          1. If 7 ‘rowdy boys could shatter the whole biz at low yat, that results in the setting up low yat 2 and other similar premises in smaller towns, imagine 1 million others. It is going to be the end of the monopilizing business for the kiasu community.
            Btw, a pc depot in ipoh, is having a wholesale, dah nak lelong tutup kedai ke?,

        2. re : “After nearly maxed out support given to oppositions coaliation during 13th ge on assumption that anwar will become next pm with dap as the dominant party in the coaliation, it is not surprising for the malays to be suspicious of anything related to the chinese, especially dap and their supporters. ”

          To anyone of you harboring power-broking with the Wahhabi Sodomite:
          “You freaking sneaky bastards!”

  5. I didn’t agree with the Bersih rally because it was illegal ie no permit. Does this red shirt rally have permission? If it doesn’t, it’s equally illegal. Said it before and I’ll say it again. If it’s illegal then apply the laws, charge them for illegal assembly. Let’s collect maximum fines then at least DBKL will have more than enough funds for cleanup.

    And this rally is silly. This is a “my penis is bigger than yours” kind of fight, really immature.

    1. I agree. I rather stop buying chinese in silent rather than all these nonsensical rallies and demos. I already boycott ikan bakar sekinchan because memalukan kaum melayu since the last red shirt appearance.

      1. Naaah. I think it’s the more immature Pemuda whose ketua cannot seem to control. They always jump first without looking.

        1. Ada punahsihat bagi harapan bangang kepada Emperor Tai Gor…anyway I think baju merah tak payah cakap banyak, talk and no action buat apa, gerak kerja dah jalan ke belum nih?

          Stunts sana-sini belum tentu orang datang..tup2 last minute lepas hantuk kepala dengan bata, Emperor back down, suh cancel, dah tau dah MO UMNO, talk ony!

              1. The people on RTM2 has a great sense of humor. They are airing Labu dan Labi now.

                Btw Labi tu Dap. MCA cuma cheerleaders. Gerakan ada lagi? Lama tak dengar habar.

    1. You mean by “people” WCW is referring to the 11 football national players?

      If they step on the 10 eggs, the eggs will crack.

      I understand “step on it” idiomatically as hurry up with work. What is to be hurried?

      1. Not like that.
        The UAE vs Malaysia match ended up UAE 10 Malaysia Zero
        10 eggs… get the WCW pun.
        That match got KJ jumping, the coach quoting and FAM is shambles.

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