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TMI are unmitigated dajjal, SHUT. THEM. DOWN!

The Malaysian Insider  ALWAYS!  does this. Lie, lie, lie.


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7 thoughts on “TMI are unmitigated dajjal, SHUT. THEM. DOWN!

  1. Helen,

    And for reason known to UMNO’s who’s who, they simply refuse to act.

    They have all the trapping of power to nail Malaysian Insider BUT THEY REFUSE.

    No wonder my father in law said he “feel like terajang all ahli majlis Tertinggi UMNO”.

      1. Islam1st,


        Bukan susah sangat nak hadapi DAP dan segala Malaysia Insider ni.

        Dah dibuktikan mereka putar belit. tangkap le Big Boss Malaysia insider ni. Tunggu apa lagi.

  2. TMI had been doing twisted defamations and slanders every now and then and yet the authorities are not doing anything. Are they scared or what? Immediate action should be taken otherwise the laws of this country will be shitted and pissed on every now and then.

    If the law is weak, strengthen and not abolish it. Don’t let those crooks do what they like and get away with it. After the damage is done, an apology is not suffice or acceptable. Only a jail sentence is justifiable. Enforce the law quickly, strictly without fear or favour, and even the devil will be scared.

  3. The inaction of Najib sometimes make me feel that he deserved all the slanders against him. In the name of trying to be liberal, he allows all these to go unchecked.

  4. Malaysian speak their mind especially the Melayus saying “berani kerana benar takut kerana salah” so Datuk Najib is living in perpetual

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