MCA definitely “dead man walking” … bye

An important press statement by MCA president Liow Tiong Lai recorded on video and shared on YouTube has only received 10 views (see below) in the four days since it was first uploaded.

Many people are saying that MCA today has become irrelevant. These people are absolutely right.

MCA working on easing tense race relations

Liow said @ 0:18 (video here),

“Kita sedia maklum selepas perhimpunan Bersih, masalah ketegangan kaum ini semakin meruncing dan MCA gesa Barisan Nasional untuk mengadakan mesyuarat secepat mungkin untuk membincangkan isu-isu masalah kaum dalam negara dan juga dapat kita meredakan keadaan pada masa sekarang.”

Chinese Bersih 4 Fearless

Ti Lian Ker: “MCA does not want a repeat of May 13th”

I’m reproducing in full below a press statement today by MCA Religious Harmony Bureau chairman Ti Lian Ker.

By Ti Lian Ker

DAP must own up that its personal attacks against the Umno & PAS Presidents sowed distrust among Malays against the Chinese

TeresaHannahIn attacks against my party President and I as reported in The Rakyat Post, (7 Sept 2015), DAP’s Teresa Kok – pix right – is either a “block head” or just plain stupid or in a denial in not wanting to acknowledge the damage DAP had done in picking on PAS Dato’ Seri Hadi Awang and perpetually belittling the Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak or the First Lady of Malaysia Datin Sri Rosmah Mansor  whether during Chinese New Year celebrations or otherwise.

Maybe I should spell it out loud here for her to understand that racial and religious goodwill that we have inherited is going down the drain as a result of DAP’s arrogance, haughtiness and refusal to understand that the Malays or Muslims also do have their sentiment, fear or apprehension of DAP’s double talk to the Chinese and to their Malay supporters.

Hannah tudung red
DAP doublespeak to Malays / Chinese

1. When DAP starts to belittle PAS President Hadi Awang, they are not seen to be insulting Hadi personally but to the Malays, DAP has insulted a respected or revered religious leader.

I do admit that I have also criticised PAS leaders on policy proposals but I have never resorted to hitting below the belt or going on a personal attack.

DAP evangelistas with Bishop Ng Moon Hing

2. Clearly Teresa Kok habitually resorts to personal attack exemplified by her calling me a “dead man walking”.

Just because she has exploited Chinese and Christian sentiments successfully does not mean that she can be haughty or disregard that the Malays and Muslims do have their feelings and sentiments when their perceived spiritual or political leaders were attacked by DAP or perceived DAP supporters.

Hannah Yeoh Najib speech boring

3. When DAP leaders attacked or belittled a Malay religious leaders like Hadi or a political leader like Najib, DAP leaders like Teresa Kok failed to understand that it is not going to be received well by their supporters whom have exercised restraint or “sabar” which is another Malay trait.

Helen’s side note to Ti Lian Ker – Teach your newspaper’s kurang ajar reporters some manners first lah, Datuk

BELOW: Tweet by The Star‘s then senior reporter Teh Eng Hock aka Mr Regina Lee, “Oi Big Mama. U r already 70mins late. All the ladies in sarees are melting under the sun”; “hu hu hu” (tweet in reply to the Star reporter from Hannah Yeoh)

HannahTwitter TEH


4. Basically it is a Malay culture not to be uncouth or “kurang ajar”, “mengaibkan” or be crude or ill mannered. DAP leaders have done it not only once but repeatedly because they fail to understand traditional Malay sensitivities.

5. When DAP leaders took to the front stage of BERSIH and when individuals, whether DAP members or not stepped on Hadi’s photo or burning hell notes to Najib Razak; the natural Malay perception is that “Ini Cina sudah melampau” and the blame is on the entire Chinese community.

We are saying that it should be “Ini DAP sudah melampau” and to leave the Chinese out.

Teresa Kok’s CNY parady about diamond rings

6. It is MCA’s duty to draw a line and dissociate the Chinese from being associated with DAP leaders’ antics or their sympathisers  (whether a member or not) before Hadi’s or Najib’s supporters retaliate and pick on the Chinese in their political ire towards DAP’s stance not only in BERSIH but also in the past like Teresa’s “no class” and distasteful Chinese New Year video series.

7. MCA does not want a repeat of May 13th or Low Yat Plaza melee, etc whereby innocent Chinese are picked on indiscriminately by other extremist groups in retaliation to a perceived Chinese act. Thus we categorically spell out that DAP’S leaders or sympathisers ill-mannered acts cannot be attributed to the Chinese.

We are saying these acts must be attributed to DAP and not Chinese per se.

BELOW: Innocent Chinese newspaper columnist is accused by Hannah Yeoh of holding (anti-Islam) “extreme views”

Hannah extreme views

8. DAP must own up and take political responsibility if they have caused racial tensions or anger. They cannot allow the whole Chinese community to bear the brunt of the anger to their political posturing or antics that have gone overboard.

9. Teresa being a seasoned politician must learn to take political responsibility and not split hairs as to whether those involved are actually members or sympathisers.

10. In politics when the emotions are high, racial religious sentiment will take front stage. It is DAP’s failure as a multi-racial party if they are still seen to be representing the Chinese by Umno or PAS.

It is our duty in MCA to protect the Chinese and tell Perkasa or Pekida not to pick on all Chinese but individual DAP leaders or sympathisers.

11. It is naughty of Teresa to attribute our concern for the Chinese community as repeating Utusan Malaysia‘s lie. Obviously Teresa is attempting to provoke the Chinese sentiment against MCA by bringing in Utusan Malaysia. It is typical of DAP to resort to personal attacks or abuse as they are experts in this area. We in MCA are concerned for the Chinese community irrespective of whether they support us or not. Just like during the Mei 13th incident, MCA leaders and grassroots will be around to help solve problems and work for peace. DAP can continue to call MCA names but the proof is in the pudding. – Ti Lian Ker

I see braind dead people

Helen’s commentary

Ti Lian Ker’s admission above is wholly accurate.

However it is too little too late judging from the Bersih 4.0 rally and the consequent threatened retaliation through a Red Shirts counter rally.

And despite the accuracy of Ti’s observation, coming at this present juncture, it is quite worthless. Why didn’t MCA hammer home his point anytime in 2012? In 2013? 2014?

And why does the MCA still allow the media conglomerate-Nest of Evangelistas that it owns to continually backstab the BN?

The Rubicon has been crossed, or to use my own turn of phrase – The Yellow River has already burst its banks.

MCA is as good as dead and of no use to anyone. It’s best that MCA just get out of the way and let Umno deal with DAP, mano e mano.


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31 thoughts on “MCA definitely “dead man walking” … bye

  1. Everytime I read that HY “which big mama?” tweet I lol. Macam dia terasa sangat.

    And for the rest of your article my reaction is “MCA, what dat? Ti Lian Ker, who dat?” Seriously berapa orang sangat la personaliti dari MCA yang rakyat kenal? These days, all you ever read about in the MCA papers are HY and gang. If you poll the young I think you will find that more people kenal HY, Tony Pua, OKM than their counterparts in MCA.

    MCA need some serious rebranding. Just like Umno, they seem to have fallen to the wayside and can’t seem to pick themselves up, let alone steer the masses to a better path.

    1. She is the 6th most powerful woman in Malaysia, after her friends Ambiga and Nurul in 4th and 4th spots.

      Umno should vaporize the MCA paper.

      If DAP came to federal power, they would do the same to Utusan.

      But for the moment (and we don’t have long to wait, just until 2018) it will be MCA first to be buried six feet under. Nobody’s going to mourn the party’s demise, most unfortunately.

    1. Lagi jauh lagi berani si Al ni.
      Since he’s supposed to be in the US, dia tak nak komen pasal Hispanics ke, African Americans ke, ataupun Asian Americans?

      1. Either they felt it was not the right time and was waiting for the correct opportunity (like how DSN removed TSMY) or they were asleep and finally woke up.

        Whichever it is, I reckon just be glad he actually said something.

        Now let’s wait and see the reaction of their supporters.

        1. The key plank of TLK’s message is that the Chinese community must disassociate or be disassociated from the DAP.

          This is true wrt to 1.2 billion people of Han descent in China (the ‘Chinese’) plus the diaspora. DAP in no way defines such a large mass of humanity.

          However in the context of Malaysia and the unhinged support that the DAP is getting from the 90 percent, and how DAP has totally obliterated MCA and Gerakan in Penang, Selangor, Perak and N. Sembilan, then the Malays can be forgiven for making the equation DAP = Cina = DAP.

          With all the resources that the MCA had/has at its disposal, incl. my recurring sore THE MEDIA EMPIRE (that incorporates Mandarin radio stations), why did MCA allow DAP to get this far in their brainwashing?

          With The J-Star owned and controlled by MCA, this is clearly one area where it should not have been allowed to happen.

          MCA is only hitting the panic button now after the announcement of the Sept 16 Red Shirts rally and it sounds like the MCA is genuinely fearful of a May 13. This is probably with the realisation that they (MCA) can no longer prevail upon Umno after losing all clout.

          Pity all the decent leaders in MCA, Ti Lian Ker included.

          1. Helen,

            MCA hit the panic button as MCA notices that Malays have taken the attitude of “pergi jahanam dengan Cina komunis ni”.

            MCA has chosen to be irrelevant. Now the talk about UMNO not babysitting MCA is finally getting the attention of who’s who in UMNO. last month no less than MB of NS said that UMNO should contest all Malay areas instead of loaning several safe areas to MCA.

            But more importantly, MCa has realised that UMNO too has begun to treat it with disdain which actually what MCA really deserves .

            For those Malays who are observant, they must have realise the objective of BERSIH 4. It has nothing to do on good governance. Rather only morons would want to believe that.


          2. re: why did MCA allow DAP to get this far in their brainwashing?

            Helen, there is no need to question why.
            why? because MCA is DAP in disguise.

            they are DAP agents within the coalition. they have been with the coalition since day 1 and has been trying various ways to get all the favours for their own community.

            years has passed. and they see that they already gain the strength and then started to show their true colors: ‘they are DAPsters’…. one family…sehati sejiwa!

            each time DAP create an issue, MCA will step in seemingly to counter. Actually they act more like a cushioning so that the Malays will not run amok….

            MCA at times will try to show that the hate DAP as much as the Malays do. But in reality, they ‘yamseng’ together!

            why? yamseng and kamcheng maaa…..!

            1. ‘because MCA is DAP in disguise.’

              Terima Kasih abang. Thus I very much disagree with Helen, wrt Ti Lian Ker, no, he’s just as bad as LGE to us Muslims. 2 kali 5!

    1. Nothing much can done at this point other than staying away from Bukit Bintang , Low Yat area come this Sept 16- you don’t want to stand in the middle of a train track with an incoming train accelerating at your direction, else you’ll get run over by the train. A colleague told me just now that his father already asked him not to travel to Kolumpo with his wife and baby daughter this Sept 16.

      1. According to my mangkuk air limau nipis, tak payah risau la. Cakap memang tak boleh kalah, kononnya semua Melayu nak turun Bukit Bintang angkat keris jerit “Hidup Melayu!”

        Not gonna happen. Melayu memang tengah sibuk nak hidup kat kampung. Tak ada masa nak pi lepak kat Bukit Bintang.

        But I find it interesting that the Dapster propaganda machine is working really well in preventing people from coming to KL. (I assume your colleague is nonMalay).

        There’s no accelerating train coming on the track. Let me summarize for you what is happening.
        1. Pemuda baju merah war-war nak War against the yellow-shirts
        2. Pemuda bising canang sana sini, pukul war drum
        3. Then polis kata NO!
        4. Then Pemuda baju merah marah. “Tak kisah, kita turun juga!”
        5. Then KJ or Zahid or Najib says “bawa bersabar, ini bukan budaya kita”. Terus jadi hero.
        6. Then semua orang pi minum teh tarik kat kedai mamak.

        Habis cerita.

        1. Well, the Chinese will have to exercise caution nonetheless. Since this is a planned rally, the keyword is planned, so we all have a chance to plan our travel or avoid Kolumpo area during that time. Always assume $h!t may happen and you don’t want to end up at the wrong place at the wrong time like this auntie 46 years ago or like the three poor Chinese chaps who happens to drive through Low Yat area during the riot. One uber blogger mentioned that some events are cancelled at Bukit Bintang area during that time. Let the Malays lepas their steam first and see what happens next loh. See whether the Chinese will kecut telor or not after this.

          PS: And yes, the colleague is a Chinese of course, and what I wrote above has nothing to do with DAP propaganda. I also hope to see the rosy picture you mentioned from point 1 to 6 above.

  2. Ms H. The leader of the MCA is the same fellow who was in the Ministry of Health and tried to grab the traditional right of the doctors to dispense medicines for the convenience of the patients. This power to dispense would have been taken over by the unimportant pharmacists backed by creepy and greedy tycoons. This is the reason why there are so many pharmacies in the malls in anticipation of this grab from the doctors. It is alleged the proposed Bill is still on-going.

  3. OMG indeed 10views and subscribe pun celibu lebih aje?

    Actually Cik Helen. 90% jumping to DAP, the 10views video and BERSIH4… Can’t you see what is actually happening to the Malaysian Chinese sekarang?

    Kapal mereka tanpa nakhoda..
    Kapal besar MCA pula ada Captain tapi takde passengers!

    1. re: “Kapal besar MCA pula ada Captain tapi takde passengers!”

      Kejap lagi karam lah ia.

    2. ……Kapal mereka tanpa nakhoda..
      Baru dilanda tsunami jadi masih mabuk / seasick

      …Kapal besar MCA pula ada Captain tapi takde passengers…
      Nakhoda in relax mode just waiting to save the other ship’s abandoned, sick and hungry passengers..

  4. Dear Aunty Helen,

    If what Liow Tiong Lai wants is to pressure the PM to tell the Malays to respect and give in to the Chinese and that the Malays must forget about what happened during the Bersih 4, he is not not really solving the racial problem.

    If he really wants racial harmony, he should have been more serious in trying to tell the Chinese not to join Bersih and condemn what the Bersih participants did during the illegal demonstration.

    It is Bersih that cause racial tension so blame it on DAP and also MCA and himself for not being able to control the Chinese. It is not the Malays or UMNO who started the problem and he must not drag UMNO. He must apologise on behalf of the Chinese.

    Since he did not do what he should, do not cause more trouble for BN and make things worse for UMNO.

    1. I think after the next GE, all the leaders of MCA should become school teachers….that’s the best place for them since they want to be goody goody and are so scared of DAP.

      Strategically and psychologically, they are very poor in facing DAP. That’s what the chinese in kopitiam said ” MCA got no balls to fight DAP”.

      1. re: “MCA got no balls to fight DAP”

        Aaaah, but MCA got poisoned-tipped scissors to stab Umno.

        1. Dear Aunty Helen,

          re: “but MCA got poisoned-tipped scissors to stab Umno.”

          Yes, MCA leaders dare not fight with DAP but they are eager to stab UMNO, when they rely on the votes from UMNO members to win their seats in GE13.

          Is MCA a DAP’s Trojan Horse or only a party yang tak tahu nak kenang budi orang Melayu UMNO?

          MCA leaders are very quick to condemn the Malays but when it comes to Bersih and other DAP related issues that humiliated Islam and the Malays, they just closed their eyes.

          They want the PM to take care of the Chinese even though most Chinese hate UMNO especially the PM; but are they taking care of the Malays who actually vote for them?

          1. re: “Yes, MCA leaders dare not fight with DAP but they are eager to stab UMNO…”

            … in the back.

            1. Dear Aunty Helen,

              DAP is a racist party that hates among others, Article 3(1), 152 and 153 and likes to boss around and bully others.

              MCA stabs a friend in the back which is also a bad thing because they dare to harm the people who not only trusted them but also helped them to be in power but is scared of the people whom they should be fighting.

              Pity the Chinese, both of Chinese parties are teaching bad values to the kids. Is Gerakan any better?

  5. When will MCA do what DAP does, and that is to attack, attack, attack? DAP does not care if what comes out of their forked tongues are true or blatant lies. They thrive on the philosophy of, “if it’s said often enough, it must be true.” Isn’t it about time MCA started ridiculing DAP for what they are? Isn’t it about time MCA started spinning yarns about the conduct of DAP leaders and their followers? Why is MCA still trying to protect the Chinese who don’t want to be protected? I am waiting for MCA to use their newspapers to tear into DAP, to show the Malays that not all Chinese are uncouth, and there is still, a portion of the Chinese population who do not agree with the antics of the DAP – led thugs, who hide behind words of deception.

    I will be very pleased if the MCA leadership came out to say that though the Red group has a right to organize a rally to challenge the yellows, it is not in the best interest of the country. But if they want to do it, who are we to say no? Why should the REDs obey the law whilst the Yellows break them? I will be very pleased if the MCA leadership came out to say that Bersih 4.0 was a stupid thing to do, and through their constant taunting of the government and the the leaders, they have put our country on a slide down the slippery slope. I will be very pleased if the MCA leadership attacked DAP for claiming that the RED led rally is racially motivated, whereas Bersih 4.0 wasn’t. I will be very pleased if the MCA leadership started dictating the narrative of our racial problems and pushed DAP into replying instead of allowing DAP to create the storyboard and putting MCA onto the defensive. I will be very pleased if the MCA leadership started taunting the leaders of DAP and showing the public at large once and for all, that not every Chinese is a DAP supporter.

    I will be very pleased, indeed.


  6. ‘The Yellow River has already burst its banks.’

    I very much suka the phrase Helen. Ironically it screams mother China came calling. Ironic sebab walaupun the great Sungai Kuning sudah pecah, tapi masih ada orang yang akan balik China.

    Ada ke?

    Video ‘Betrayal’ anak sabah balik China

    ‘asalkan kau bahagia’

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