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Media baron Tong Kooi Ong belongs in jail

Two days ago, The Malaysian Insider published a doctored police report against Najib Razak purportedly made by an Umno Johor member – see screenshot below.

It has been revealed that the ‘police report’ is a fake – see today’s FMT,Johor Umno upset over doctored police report against PM

This is not the first time that TMI has published doctored images. The portal published a Photoshopped picture to kenakan Hadi Awang earlier this year during the #KitaLawan demo.

This led the Islamist party to complain, ‘PAS desak The Malaysian Insider mohon maaf’ – see press statement by the then PAS info chief Mahfuz Omar on 7 March 2015.

TMI made a small apology the next day – see below – which is typical of its modus operandi. Slander, libel melambak-lambak dan fitnah sesuka hati, and then senang-senang get away with an airy-fairy apology.

TMI apology Hadi

And even before this, the PAS president already had a run-in with TMI.

“PETALING JAYA: The office of PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang has demanded a public apology from news portal The Malaysian Insider over a story which it claims to be untrue and reeked of bad intention.”

See, ‘Hadi seeks apology from news portal over Azmin story‘ (The J-Star, 28 Aug 2014)

TMI‘s staunchest defenders are the DAP evangelistas – see Hannah Yeoh’s tweet above.

Like anger monger Hannah, the portal should more rightly be regarded as The Malaysian Inciter.


TMI is a serial offender. It continually fitnah and kenakan orang.

Only a couple of days ago, TMI had Housing Minister Rahman Dahlan up in arms and threatening to take action against them for their malicious and deliberate distortion of his words.

The government should not treat TMI bosses as ‘journalists’. These TMI bosses should be treated like they’re dajjal. (TMI‘s big boss is Tong Kooi Ong, who is owner of The Edge.)

The authorities must charge TMI with sedition and shut down the portal.

Umno ought to do something about the J-Star too.


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32 thoughts on “Media baron Tong Kooi Ong belongs in jail

  1. My Indian friend sent me this. This is an excerpt.


    “Bersih 4 was a rally for all Malaysians, regardless of background. However, even before the rally, some quarters would like us to believe that Bersih 4 was an assault by the Chinese to undermine the Malay-Muslim leadership at the helm of the country’s administration and continues to be said about the under-representation of Malays among the rally participants.”

    However this threat by the “Red Shirts” has not completely passed, for a rally dubbed “Himpunan Maruah Melayu” is being planned for Malaysia Day. The location chosen for the rally, the depiction of a keris-wielding warrior with an incendiary caption underneath its promotional posters dispel any doubts that the intent is one of provocation and intimidation.

    As a community, we have admittedly lost a major portion of our honour and dignity. Despite all the supposed advantages, we lag behind in many areas – education, share of the nation’s wealth and economic pie and a relatively small middle class. And fare the worst in terms of social ills that blight our younger generation.”

    “The Red Shirts do not represent the voice of the Malay Muslims. Any call towards incitement of racial strife must be dealt with swiftly. We urge the Royal Malaysian Police Force to once again act with professionalism to maintain peace and order in these uncertain times.”

  2. “Hannah Yeoh ✔ @hannahyeoh
    Free @tm_insider editors and journalists! Utusan Malaysia remains free to poison minds. No level playing field in politics & media.”

    And she remains free to poison young, gullible and clueless minds….with promises of heaven on earth.

  3. Well, let Tong and Ho be charged in open court and let the chips fall where they may.

    If there is a case against them, the hotshot prosecutors in the A-G’s Office should be able to hold their own against any defence team of lawyers hired by these two gentlemen.

    But what about Ms Rewcastle-Brown? Wasn’t she supposed to be arrested in the UK and extradited to face charges in Malaysia? Wasn’t she supposed to be placed on the Interpol “arrest on sight” list? The former hasn’t happened. The latter has been rejected by Interpol. And there has been a subsequent silence, until the NST started it’s “investigative journalism” again.

    To what end? Trial by innuendo?

    There is another alternative. Ms Rewcastle-Brown could be tried “in absentia” in the Malaysian courts for involvement in alleged “conspiracies” against a sovereign state.

    That would be an interesting path to check out.

  4. Exactly that is how they are.. my Apek neighbour behaves the same. I was getting something from his shop…

    … Kak lu tarak dengaq cerita ke? Itu bukit Templar Park habis kena kebas sama XYZ (retired exMalay leader) punya anak!!!!!!! Habis sikalang sudah botak!

    Before I can open my mouth he quickly make himself busy (fon) and eventually disappeared. But he has done his part just spread a rumour.. betul ke tidak, Wallahuallam.

    If you approach him few days later on said rumour, laju wriggle from the scene and disappear.

    Owh..this neighbour of mine is a good ‘study material’. I have already alerted a professional (doing research work) to frequent his premise and get to know this man to understand how “these kind of Apeks” smoothly go about almost daily, poisoning the minds of ordinary Malaysians.

    Perangai, muka muncung dan egi sebiji bulat2 macam yang sekok kat Tanjung.

    1. One of the persons that stomped on a poster of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang is a 14 year old girl

      ““One of them was a 14-year-old female student, while the other was a 21-year-old supervisor at a construction site,” he told the media on Monday. ‘

      See even kids are now brainwashed to hate. Remember the Fuck poster girls. Kids are now in the hate movement and breastfed to hate from young.

      Will these kids grow up to be a Chinese IS-styled terrorist in the future? Perhaps so. The anti terrorist authorities should “memantau” these Bersih kids.

      1. Are you conflating the Chinese and ISIS/ISIL/IS?

        That’s an interesting reach, in any sense of the world.

        I suppose that subjecting captives and infidels to sexual slavery (documented), cold-blooded executions by shooting or burning (documented, often in graphic detail) and blowing up antiquities and relics (because they are “pagan” and “un-Islamic) would be common denominators between the two groups, as per your logic?

        1. believe you me, I’ve witnessed and heard what the Malayan CHINESE communist terrorist(anarchist?) did which is worst than what you’ve seen on the supposedly documented facts.

          1. “supposedly documented facts”?


            When ISIS/ISIL/IS is looking to garner the maximum publicity for it’s cause?

            And did the MCP use religion as an excuse to perpetrate terrorism?

            Like ISIS/ISIL/IS does in this day and age?

            But that is an uncomfortable truth, isn’t it?

        2. OK. Learnt something new from The Rithmatist
          1. Only Muslims or Malays can be brained washed for terror.
          2. It is impossible to brain wash a Chinese kid for terror. The only thing a Chinese kid can be programmed is to destroy portraits of politicians.

          No wonder the Malays and Muslims are angry. This Chinese has better DNA logic.

          1. Well, seeing what China has been doing – it is difficult to decry the “better DNA logic” thingy!

            I hope that the “angry” Malays and Muslims will exercise their “superior DNA logic” to confront these interlopers in Malaysian waters.

            Or are these “angry” people looking for “softer” alternatives to assuage their bruised egos?

            Like they say – you learn something new everyday.

            I am glad that you haven’t closed off your mind to these endless possibilities.


          2. Mulan

            Quote: Will these kids grow up to be a Chinese IS-styled terrorist in the future? Perhaps so. The anti terrorist authorities should “memantau” these Bersih kids.

            While at it, let’s not leave out the highly susceptible young Malays cajoled/misled into rowdy assemblage in front of LY after being incited by a blog post.

            More memantau in dire need, I assume.

    2. So, why are you still “patronising” his shop?

      Isn’t there a nice “politically correct” retail outlet that you could shop at instead of doing your bit to support an “ungrateful” Apek neighbour?

      I was half-expecting you to trot out the “pendatang” label to describe this neighbour. Maybe in a subsequent post…..?

      As for “poisoning the minds of ordinary Malaysians” (and how do you define “ordinary”?), are the mainstream media entirely blameless in this regard?

      We have read Helen inveighing against The Star and The Edge, while the Oppo goes after Utusan and Mingguan.

      Let’s not even talk about social media – blogs, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp etc.

      It seems to me that your Apek neighbour is maximising the use of the “limited bandwidth” available to him…..

      1. Rithmatist…
        …..I was half-expecting you to trot out the “pendatang” label to describe this neighbour….

        Jilan, faham tak… Jilan almost 18yrs allealy. His shop sebelah my shop.. Jilan.

        Anyway, papa pendatang very likely. Maybe he too was born pelom there. His uncle and families from Mainland and Hong Kong was here when his papa died. Tablet sent back there wan. His 35yr old brother just got a baby ..wife mainland mali.

        For a 45yr old Apek, strange if they cannot read or write in BM or BI. (Lia selalu minta saya translate sama tolong jawab itu surat tau). He only reads Apek newspapers. Ebeli day Taiwan Hongkong channels only maa.

        His kids and Indon maids are not allowed to speak to the locals including saya lia punya jilan, sejak kecil kasi tunjuk muka blur2 never smile hidung muncung2 macam Tanjung punya kawan.

        Anyway jilan lagi satu kaw kaw Singapore mali. Hubby died her application to get back Singapore citizenship was rejected. No choice stuck here. Perangai pun sama acuan Tanjung kawan.

        Old ladies from nearby old folks home… Haiyaaa also Singaporeans.

        1. And what is your point?

          Are you accusing them of being “disloyal”? Of “rumour mongering”?

          Then why are you shirking your patriotic duty by not reporting them to the authorities?

          Instead you resort to this blog.


          1. Hai… Freedom of expression maaa. He can do and say what he want in Malaysia tau.

            The only thing now is his once 90% traditional Malay customers sudah takmau masuk lagi. Tunggu masa saja mau gulung tikar.

            Kita olang ajaq macam tu saja sikalang tau tak. Takmau kalut2 cakap banyak ma..

  5. Isn’t there some kind of standards that journalists adhere to? If TMI was found guilty and had to issue an apology by the courts, how many times will it take before people stop buying into their stories or the authorities step in and issue them a steep enough fine to cut into their resources?

    So maybe what the Umno (and Pas) leaders who have been wronged by TMI should do is keep suing them and ask the courts to impose heftier punitive damages until they learn their lesson. What authorities/laws do they operate under? Isn’t there some kind of fines that those authorities can impose?

    1. re: “how many times will it take before people stop buying into their stories”


      re: “keep suing them and ask the courts to impose heftier punitive damages until they learn their lesson”

      I believe the public prosecutor will be able to win a sedition case against TMI vis-a-vis seditious act against the Raja-Raja Melayu.

      Can bungkus the dajjal after that.

      1. So, why hasn’t it happened? Like in prosecuting TMI for alleged “sedition”?

        It is easy enough to prove, right? With supporting evidence, documentation, the works?

        Or is it because the courts demand a higher standard and burden of proof than that used by bloggers?

        Come to think of it, there is nothing to prevent a person from launching a private suit against TMI for alleged “sedition”.

        That would be a good example of “walking the talk”, wouldn’t it?

        1. re: “So, why hasn’t it happened? Like in prosecuting TMI for alleged ‘sedition’?”

          Gani Patail not doing his job?

          re: “It is easy enough to prove, right? With supporting evidence, documentation, the works?”

          Hoping his replacement AG will do the necessary.

        2. No lah.. no need to take action. Slow and steady nanti kasi lia olang sendiri expose lia olang punya belang for the world to enjoy.

          Macam Edge fella, lia sendiri announced to the world their “intent to con” the Swiss fella. Sikalang olang mau bikin business sama lia ingat olang senang mau percaya ke?

          1. And so……?

            The WSJ is still standing…..

            And The Edge has been “suspended”, not banned.

            Maybe the NST, Utusan Malaysia and Mingguan Malaysia needs the “slow and steady” approach to rebuild their fortunes….hence all the “exposes” they have been running!

    2. Umno is too tidak apa to go for the slow burn on TMI.

      Umno even let Tian Chua off the hook on Lahad Datu despite having that libel case in the bag.

      1. Helen,

        Were I to be the PM, I would in no time crucify Tian Chua for slandering on Lahad datu incident, among others.

        Refusal to be firm is a crime

      2. Helen – let me rephrase your posting:

        “NAJIB is too tidak apa to go for the slow burn on TMI.

        NAJIB even let Tian Chua off the hook on Lahad Datu despite having that libel case in the bag”.

        Deep inside, that’s what you intended to say, right Helen?

        1. No lah.

          Umno has 3 million members. Can’t blame everything that’s wrong with the party on one man who’s been party prez on 6-and-1/2 years.

    1. The Malaysian Inciter must be shut down. They lie for a living. There’s going to be hell to pay from the insufferable behaviour of the oppo zombies who are its rabid readers.

      Like I’ve been saying, BN needs a war general and he needs to appoint a war cabinet and they need to get on a war footing, pronto.

      1. “hell to pay”???? That’s very Armageddon-ish, don’t you think? Or even Wagnerian “Gotterdammerung”?

        Like I said, why isn’t TMI being sued by the aggrieved parties that you have mentioned? In open court under the due process of law?

        Or are you saying that anything that you don’t agree with must be “shut down”?

        And if you are waxing lyrical about “oppo zombies”, how about sparing a smidgen of that ire on ” mindless amoks” who get off on bloodthirsty threats against you-know-who?

        Don’t you believe in the “rule of law” that applies equally to all?

        1. The Majlis Raja-Raja made a police report, unprecedentedly, against the TMI article.

          So there is no need to sue. The sedition law works fine.

          Presuming that the police have already submitted their investigation papers, then the ball is in the AG’s court. We all have high hopes in the new man.

          By all means, let the law take its course. After TMI is convicted, it can be shut down, deservedly.

          1. ‘Don’t you believe in the “rule of law” that applies equally to all?’

            No lah, the last time I’ve checked, you all want the 10-Point Solutions in place pulak, bila sudah kalah kat Federal Court.

            Sneaky bastards. Memang lidah bercabang!

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