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Red vs Yellow: Bersih 4.0 did it first, after all

The Red Shirts are merely following the precedent set by Bersih. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Bersih: Illegal, ah? So what?

Police said the Bersih 4.0 rally was illegal. But Bersih went ahead anyway.

Police said the Himpunan Maruah Melayu planned for Sept 16 is illegal. But the Red Shirts say they will proceed anyway.

The Reds merely ask – if Bersih can be allowed to get away with it, then why can’t they?

Bersih 4 KK

Bersih: You’re violating our human rights with T-shirt ban

The authorities said the Bersih 4.0 yellow T-shirt is banned.

The Bersih people screamed that preventing them from wearing that ‘sei’ yellow T-shirt is a violation of their human rights as universally declared under the UN charter.

Arrest Bersih T-shirts

himpunan melayuBersih: Kami boleh, uaolz tak boleh

The design for the Reds’ T-shirt, as circulated in the Internet, shows a masked pendekar Melayu wielding a keris. But this graphic (see right) is being criminalized by critics.

Just like how the Bersih people are claiming the right to freedom of expression, can’t the Maruah people invoke the same?

It just so happens that the reds want to express themselves through silat costume and Malay traditional weapon – the ceremonial keris – that’s also (1) part of the royal regalia, (2) component of our jata negara (3) emblem on the Umno flag (4) design on our previous one-ringgit coin – below, (5) architectural facade of Menara Maybank, among others.

one ringgit coin

No freedom of expression and human rights for the Red Shirts, meh? And there I was under the impression that DAP is the greatest proponent of ‘equality’.

Bersih: We’re patriots, we sing Negaraku

The Bersih people claim they’re showing their great love for the country by singing the national anthem.

The Maruah people have borrowed a line from Negaraku – “Tanah tumpahnya darahku” as their their slogan.

Why is it that the Bersih people find the Maruah people’s use of the “Tanah tumpahnya darahku” verse to be upsetting, threatening and objectionable?

It’s after all a part of the national anthem that the Bersih people had so proudly sung, recorded on video and disseminated in their propaganda material.

Bersih 4 Chinese Petaling Street

Bersih: We’re ignoring your objections and police reports

Several quarters lodged police reports objecting to the Bersih rally but the Bersih organizing committee simply ignored the objections.

Several quarters have lodged police reports objecting to the upcoming Maruah rally but the Red Shirt convenors can similarly ignore the objections too. After all, in doing this they’re merely following in Bersih’s footsteps.

Some quarters objected to the Bersih assembly, saying that the gathering would have disrupted business around the Sogo and Jalan TAR areas, and forcing their shops to close for the day. Who cares – shrugs Bersih.

Some quarters object to the Maruah assembly, saying that the gathering will disrupt business around the Bukit Bintang and Jalan Petaling areas, and maybe even force Low Yat to close for the day. Oh well, get a dose of your own medicine – retort the Red Shirts.

So far it’s same-same, no difference in the behaviour of either side.

FMT stop maruah

Bersih: We chose Merdeka eve because we love our country

Bersih held their event on the eve of Hari Kebangsaan and saw nothing wrong in choosing that date. In fact, they picked the date because they’re sooooo patriotic.

Maruah will hold their event on Hari Malaysia and they chose the Sept 16 date because heck, they’re just as patriotic as the Yellow Shirts.

Some groups tried to stop Bersih but 500,000-strong movement (konon) just streamrolled past them.

Some groups, DAP and MCA too, are trying to stop Maruah. The Red Shirts should ask MCA why the Chinese BN party was earlier alright with the Bersih rally but is now so adamantly against the proposed Maruah rally.

Bersih toilet brush

Bersih: We’re marching to end corruption… save the whales and planet Earth from global warming and for the sake of world peace

The Bersih people swear that they’re demonstrating to demand a clean government and good governance.

The Maruah people say that they’re demonstrating to uphold the federal constitution and the basic structure of our nation.

The Bersih people occupied the streets for 34 hours, and see nothing wrong with that. In which case, why should they think that the Maruah people who only intend to stay on the streets for 12 hours (since they’re less kiasu) are being wicked and evil?

Why the deafening moral outrage and outpouring of angst from the DAP and the Chinese all because some Malays and a few Umno leaders desire to replicate the secret of Bersih’s street success?


Neither rallies are about race – they’re all Malaysians, wakakaka


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36 thoughts on “Red vs Yellow: Bersih 4.0 did it first, after all

  1. Helen,
    In fact DAP and their so called leaders of justice, their learned lawyers, the Bersih 4 organizers, all those church leaders especially the avangelista Hannah, should ask the police not , I repeat not to stop the red shirt fellows from demonstrating as it is their constituitional rights. In fact they did the opposite.

    Have they lost their balls on justice and democracy? Who are the real hypocrites now?

  2. Double standard bullshit bershit. Ko sape nak buat tanahair ni macam mak bapak ko nyer. Balik la. 90 persen tu muka macam pendatang.

  3. I can’t remember who it was but someone blogged alleging that Bersih 4 was allowed to proceed peacefully so that the predominance of Chinese at the event could be used as political ammunition to influence especially the rural Malays to vote BN at the next GE.

    Well matters developed much faster than that with the red shirted anti-Bersih protest in Malacca last Friday and now this upcoming red shirt protest in Kuala Lumpur on 16th September which has adopted the same approach and attitude as Bersih 4.

    Now if the police indeed stop the red shirt protests from happening, the next time Bersih or the opposition wants to hold a protests, the police will have a precedent to refuse on grounds that it risks disrupting inter-communal peace.

    It would appear that certain quarters quarters are beginning to think a few steps ahead like a chess player or a military strategist.

    Well, let’s see how future events will unfold in ding dong fashion.

  4. ……Neither rallies are about race – they’re all Malaysians, wakakaka….

    Ya la. Lets Waka waka like Shakira 914,376,546 views. (Amoy ex Miss Malaysia make sure your Bersih4 video at least match with Sakira tau. Otherwise go fly kites).

  5. This is a classic example of the weakness and the failure of the Malay/Muslim groups which I have been telling all along.
    They got their strategy wrong, they got their tactics equally wrong. In contrast BERSIH and the Chinese played a smooth and smart card.

    You see the real objective of BERSIH and the Chinese is the dismantling of the Malay power and replace it with the Christian-Chinese supremacy.
    However they played it in such way that the whole thing was cloaked and packaged as a demonstration demanding good & clean
    governance and an expressing of democratic rights.

    However these Malay NGOs in their bull-headed way, talk about defending the Malay rights and dignity. This plays right into the hands of these Chinese-controlled propaganda machine which demonising the planned event as a racial gathering. The idiotic PKR VP even talks about defending the Chinese against these people.

    I would advise these NGOs to wise up to these shenanigans and play an equally smart game. I would suggest they call the rally something equally catchy and democratic like SETIA, etc. They should call the event as a patriotic gathering of Malaysians and even invite Maria Chin, Marina, Ambiga, LKS, LGE, etc. The objectives of the event should be to express solidarity with the country and display patriotism by adhering to rules of law and be responsible citizens.

    And they should declare anyone who doesn’t attend as NOT SETIA. Since the masses of BERSIH crowd declared that they looooove Malaysia, they should join the rally as well.

    And to add the icing to the cake, they should hand out the national flowers (bunga raya) to the Churches, the Bar Council, BERSIH office, Low Yat Plaza, Petaling Street, etc.

    1. You hit the nail on the head, man. Unfortunately those redshirts were using concrete on their heads, itu sebab idea dia tak menjadi.

  6. It is time someone called out Bersih and their loud talking ignoramuses at the top. Time for the shoe to go on the other foot. Time for Ambiga and her allies to test their mettle and legal prowess by debating these issues of legality, constitutionality and rights (as opposed to liberties).

    The Red shirts in my view will possibly give the PM the opportunity to put all of this nonsense on a silver plate.

    If the red shirt rallies turn ugly, a single incident is whats required, the Prime Minister will have the opportunity he has been waiting for (courtesy of Bersih) to declare a state of emergency and run government indefinitely till he has rid Malaysia of this foreign funded mess.

    It is what we need.

    Thank you Bersih. Thank you Malaysian Bar thank you the Christian evangelistas, Hannah Yeoh, Theresa Kok, Elizabeth Wong, Anwar Ibrahim, Thank you Ambiga Sreenivasan.

  7. We should all listen to the sane voice of Grandpapa

    This red shirt rally in support of the red devils, oops I mean Melayu, is wrong okay because its about and for 1 race only. Bersih was multiracial, ada 20000 Indians and Ibans. Grandpapa says so, it must be fact.

    And most importantly, Grandpapa is very very certain everything they do is within their constitutional right, but anything to do with malays and BN they must investigate and dissect every word and frame.

  8. “Some quarters objected to the Bersih assembly, saying that the gathering would have disrupted business around the Sogo and Jalan TAR areas, and forcing their shops to close for the day. Who cares – shrugs Bersih.”

    This Bersih 4.0 is devastating to shops at Jalan TAR. Bersih 4.0 is at the climax of the Malaysia Mega Sale which ended on the 31st August 2015. The timing is financial damaging to the shops.

    Actually the Red Shirt rally is an eye for an eye, but only these kind of eye will wake up the Chinese. I noticed some of my FB friends who have been cursing the government, posting the surname + see tiam kong (4.0) are scared shit of the red shirt rally. They never expected a retaliation from the Malays. I know one (DAP supporter) who is posting that he is getting ready his passport. (But how stupid this 40+ man, he goes out of Malaysia, he still has to return… dumb dumb)

    In fact it does not matter whether the rally has 50,000 people or only a handful, it is now a matter of maruah (dignity). Four times have the Bersih guys gone on the streets.

    Oh Yes. Now the Amanah saga. Well the divorce pact was done because PAS was so afraid their members would jump to BN and crumble the Kelantan government. The funny thing is that the current saga is because of Cina DAP. The irony now Amanah needs a Cina Buta… hahaha.

    1. In fact, the Red Shirts are very weak on the cyber front. The Bersih was successful on the streets but most of all it was also a cyber rally. The Red Shirts only look at the going to the streets but not going online. This is the difference between the two shirts.

      BTW. Mulan does not support street rallies whether yellow, red or rainbow colours. Mulan supports the shops and our right to shop. Mulan hates people who take away our rights to shop.

  9. Dear Aunty Helen,

    re: “The Red Shirts should ask MCA why the Chinese BN party was earlier alright with the Bersih rally but is now so adamantly against the proposed Maruah rally.”

    Well they should if they want to stab UMNO in the back. As we know, Bersih is powered by DAP. And DAP is supposedly an enemy of MCA, and the Red Shirts wants to counter Bersih.

    The enemy of MCA’s enemy which is the Red Shirts should be MCA’s friend. So, it looks like DAP is MCA’s ally after all.

    1. Ahmadalikarim

      The problem is red shirt rally positioned itself along racial lines fanning anti-Chinese sentiments. Red shirt should play smart and adopt a more general defense to retaliate Bersih crowd.

      How do you expect a Chinese race-based party like MCA to condone an anti-Chinese themed rally?

      1. Dear HH,

        re: “How do you expect a Chinese race-based party like MCA to condone an anti-Chinese themed rally?’

        MCA leaders must be fair to the Malays too because the Malays voted for them in GE13 while most Chinese voted for DAP.

        MCA leaders knew that Bersih 4 was powered by DAP and everybody knows that they were going to provoke the Malays during the illegal demonstration as they did before so MCA must had try to stop Bersih as hard as they are trying to stop the Red Shirt now.

        1. Ahmadalikarim

          MCA is very much aware the Malay votes you talked about is given by the Malays solely because MCA is in the UMNO coalition. Had MCA not in the coalition, would they get Malay support?

          Course not.

          This is the thing with race based political parties like MCA. Though MCA does not have the support of their Chinese constituents, they cannot turn their back on them either. To do so would threaten their (MCA) justification for political existence in chanting ‘fight for the Chinese race’ mantra.

          As for your thoughts about Bersih 4 being an excuse for the DAP and Chinese to provoke the Malays, just ponder this…

          Bersih 1,2 and 3 had plenty of Malay presence. Yes, due to PAS no doubt. That is why B 1,2 and 3 are not seen as a challenge to the maruah Melayu.

          Now, how different are the demands between Bersih 1,2,3and 4 that suddenly make it a threat to the maruah Melayu?
          Not much at all except for calls for the PM to step down from some quarters in Bersih 4. Other than that, the Bersih demands are pretty consistent.

          The only inconsistency is the falling out with PAS and the failure of the opposition to mobilize their Malay supporters. (unlike previous Bersihs)

          I don’t opine Bersih 4 to be a deliberate Chinese provocation, rather, an indication how the opposition failed to garner Malay support.

          1. bq. “The only inconsistency is the falling out with PAS and the failure of the opposition to mobilize their Malay supporters. (unlike previous Bersihs)”

            And the date chosen. And the broom waving. And the call on the street for Chinese to show their strengths (please do not deny this.. I’ve heard it myself.. I don’t know how strong and spread out the call was, but it somehow shocked us the ordinary Malays). Among other things.

            Most people I talked with, they won’t support the red shirt rally. But what worries me, it always ends with ‘buts’. “Tak payah buat perhimpunan… tapi fikir-fikir, elok jugak”. “Apa faedah buat perhimpunan… tapi kalau tak buat makin menjadi”.

            I really hope there will be no such rally. It will definitely create tensions in our fragile society.

            1. Pure

              The significance of the brooms are subjective.

              Symbolically brooms are to sweep away dirt and kotor.

              Would Bersih 4, purportedly opposition aligned, shun Malay presence and aspire to provoke?

              Makes no sense.

              Malay participation would only bolster Bersih claim for non-partisanship and bag opposition bragging rights how color blind their cause.

              The heavy Chinese turnout is in reality a consolation prize.

                1. Islam1st

                  So you get emotionally charged and all wary whenever you see a Chinese holding a broom?

                  Do vacumns invoke the same high?

                  1. Haha funny. Jokes aside. I must say ‘Chinese holding a broom’ on the streets of KL is definitely ‘Cinas want to tell the Malays to masuk hutan’!

                    But you and your Cina kakis can keep laughing while it lasts. Masa Low Yat dulu pun kau ketawa ke HH??

                    1. Invoking LY are we?

                      Dun think the Chinese were amused by the LY hostility. Chinese men minding their own business inside their own car were attacked. Reporters too.

                      As for Bersih 4, apart from getting upset by subjective innuendos about Chinese with brooms, anyone actually felt their life threatened?

                      Bruised maruah the exception.

                    2. ‘Chinese men minding their own business inside their own car were attacked.’

                      They surely have the ‘Cina with innuendos’ like yourself to thanks to! Be proud HH!

                  2. “So you get emotionally charged and all wary whenever you see a Chinese holding a broom?”

                    There are some who are emotional charged seeing a picture of a man with a keris.

              1. “Hell ya, especially when the man is baying for Chinese blood”

                How many people can actually afford to buy a keris? Perhaps a letter opener keris which you can buy a those kitchy touristy shops at Petaling Street.
                Wow murder using a keris letter opener.

                1. Mulan

                  Why choose to argue about emblematics (the keris) but not the implied malice/violence itself?

                  IF, I entertain your premises, you are saying the Chinese has nothing to fear about keris waving Malays out for Chinese blood because the keris are scarce and way above the budget of the average Malays?

                  Brooms on the other hand are legit concern for the Malays because of its easy accessibility.


  10. Kena bagitau awal2 ya. Kawasan tu ramai tourists.

    Kena alih depa pi melancong kat tempat lain.
    Satni yang dari Singapore turun nak shopping, tengok2 semua kedai tak buka kesian pulak.

    Harini SGD dah boleh dapat RM3.05.. rugi la satni depa tak dapat shopping situ!

  11. Saya tak komen banyak sbb monitor wassup & FB tentang himpunan merah. Surprisingly kawan2 Cina & India pro pembangkang really posting Dan foward negative things tentang keburukan himpunan merah ni. Walaupun sebelum ni mereka Dengan megah posting perhimpunan bersih Dan kerajaan tak layak halang kerana inilah hak mereka berhimpun menyuarakan rasa ketidak puasan hati mereka.

    Sekarang inilah puak2 yg menentang perhimpunan merah. Alasan, ganggu perniagaan Dan menyusahkan warga kota (hehhehheh). Masa dia orang buat tak ganggu lak. Siap inform peniaga untung lagi.

    Of course, ramai melayu really sokong Dan akan hadir dengan baju merah. Dalam wassup berduyun ajak berkumpul Dan joint.

    Saya dapat rasakan jika keadaan berterusan macam ni, Dan perhimpunan Tidak dibatalkan, walaupun penganjuran carca marba, ramai yg akan hadir.

    Wassup yg saya dapat “Lowyat pengajaran pertama kita. Tapi dia orang masih degil. Jadikan himpunan merah pengajaran kedua. Jom kumpul di BB ramai2 dengan baju merah.”


    1. Kalau Bersih itu perhimpunan aman, Perhimpunan Maruah Melayu (PMM) pun boleh jadi perhimpunan aman. Siapa kata PMM mesti huru hara… orang Melayu juga bertamadun juga ya.
      Kalau orang Malaysia (dengan Melayu yang minima) boleh buat perhimpunan Bersih, otang lain pun ada hak buat perhimpunan aman.

      It takes two hands to clap.

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