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The Golden Rule: What goes around comes around

It was one big family at Bersih – no Malays, no Indians too and zero Chinese. All Malaysians.

The Bersih 4.0 rally allowed patriotic Malaysians to show their solidarity as colour blind brothers and sisters.

Bersih flower police

Former Bersih chairman S. Ambiga said they turned the streets yellow because they love Malaysia.

So why be selfish and deprive the Maruah crowd an equal opportunity to turn the streets red because they love the country too?

Don’t practice double standards please. Everybody, including Red Shirts, should be given the same chance to spread love all around.

DAP must stop being so alarmist

The Red Shirts have been portrayed as a “menace” – see Lim Kit Siang’s tweet below.

According to the dictionary, menaces are people whose action is considered dangerous or harmful. To be menacing is to threaten to cause injury.

Why should Kit Siang, DAP and the MCA too fear that harm and injury are likely to result from the Red Shirts rally planned for Sept 16?

In the run-up to Bersih 4.0, I asked readers of this blog whether they believed that Bersih will be able to keep their demo peaceful.

My poll attracted 1,090 respondents – see below – and 80 percent of those surveyed thought that Bersih 4.0 would not be peaceful. As it turns out, we were wrong.

No violence at 34-hour Yellow Shirts rally

It’s just as likely that Kit Siang, DAP and MCA are over-reacting when they press for the Sept 16 rally to be aborted.

Three days ago in his press statement, Kit Siang called on the Home Minister and the IGP to take action against the organizers whom he accused of planning “a Malay rally against the Chinese”.

The DAP stalwart alleged that the rally was irresponsibly and criminally “inciting racial hatred and strife”.

Kit Siang separately called on the Cabinet – which will meet tomorrow – to stop the proposed Sept 16 rally in its tracks. He accused the Red Shirts of “seeking to provoke and incite tension and hatred of one race against another”.

BELOW: Mama Dapster Hannah Yeoh appears to be indicating the Red Shirts have no right to rally if they cannot be peaceful

Hannah Yeoh no right to rally

In his press statement yesterday, Kit Siang denied that DAP had hijacked Bersih 4.0 to make it “a Chinese challenge to Malay political power” despite the many banners, placards and other ‘creative’ displays demanding for Najib to step down.

Grandpapa Dapster pointed to the “over 20,000 Indians as well as Ibans and Kadazans in Bersih 4” as proof that the rally was not mono-racially Chinese.

rotfl chubby seal

Kit Siang: Trust me, it’s nothing to do with race 

Grandpapa Dapster today repeated his assertion that the Chinese threat in Bersih 4.0 was a non-existent and thus the Red Shirts movement is only “to create racial diversions”.

Kit Siang also insisted that the ‘mess’ Malaysia is currently facing “had nothing to do with race but with governance, transparency and integrity”.

BELOW: Bersih wants Najib to step down, tweeted DAP Selangor exco YB Ganabatirau

DAP evangelistas are two-faced hypocrites

Meanwhile, MCA Religious Harmony Bureau chairman Ti Lian Ker told Kit Siang to stop demonizing his party as well as Umno.

tiliankerTi (pix) said when Tan Siew Sin was MCA president (1961 – 1974), the DAP had mocked Tan, a Malacca Baba, as to whether the Chinese are to wear the sarong too. According to Ti, the DAP had demonized MCA leaders for wearing songkok during official functions.

“Today, it is so ironic to see now DAP leaders like Ronnie Liu Tian Kiew, Dr Ong Kian Meng etc wearing the songkok and Baju Melayu in a double face about-turn to cover up the racist stance of DAP in the past”.

BELOW: DAP’s “double face about-turn to cover up” … memang munafiq Mama Besar nih, hu hu hu!

Hannah Dont say I am Muslim

Mama borek, anak kekacang rintik

Reminding that the DAP has still not learned  from history, Ti said DAP is once more exploiting sentiments – “this time by resorting to anonymous or false Facebook account holders and the new media to provoke racial religious issues”.

In the 1969 general election, DAP caused MCA to suffer heavy losses by making racial provocations and fanning sentiments against the latter’s compromises made with Umno.

Reverting to our present-day scenario, Ti explained, “It is wrong and irresponsible of Lim Kit Siang to continue to paint MCA leaders as a stooge of Umno just because there are positive or expressed preferences for Malays and Islam in our legal constitutional fabric”.

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh is legendary for taunting her opponents as “racist” and “extremist”

HannahYeohRacistDAP evangelistas are Goebbels incarnate

Yesterday, Ti had said that MCA does not want a repeat of May 13th

Describing the DAP’s typical resort to personal attacks and abuse, he also lamented that “DAP had again successfully painted MCA black and Umno red through the Nazi Goebbels style of political propaganda by repeating lies via sms, emails, social media etc“.

Given what Ti has complained about the “typical DAP style of hitting below the belt”, Hitler’s brown shirt for bullies is more suitable to the ugly behaviour of DAP followers than the colour yellow.

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh is the undisputed Twitter Queen as well as “DAP Super CyberBully” – a label bestowed by Beliawanis MCA

azizisafar blocked

Wanita MCA is horror struck

MCA is fearful that “innocent Chinese” are again going to be made to pay for the DAP’s provocative political rhetoric.

The Chinese BN party leaders have gone full throttle against the idea of the Red Shirts rally next week.

Apart from president Liow Tiong Lai’s urgent request for a BN supreme council meeting to tackle the issue, vice president Chew Mei Fun spoke of the “worries and anxiety” of the Chinese community, especially if the Red Shirts intend to roar around on their motorcycles.

Chew said the MCA “strongly protest” against the gathering and is aghast that Umno Permatang Pauh had encouraged Malays to take part.

MCA deplores the Malay tit-for-tat response to Bersih 4.0

MCA’s Political Development committee said today it is “strongly opposed” to the confrontational “racist groups”, and condemned the Sept 16 proposed rally as “biased and full of racial overtones”.

The committee added that the “impending gathering has sent fear across the business fraternity at these two areas” (Bukit Bintang and Petaling Street) and that the rally “must be stopped”.

Ti Lian Ker has vowed, “It is our duty in MCA to protect the Chinese and tell Perkasa or Pekida not to pick on all Chinese but individual DAP leaders or sympathisers”.

Helen’s free advice to Ti Lian Ker

Datuk ought to impress upon the Chinese that they should seek taiko DAP to protect them from now on, and please tell Perkasa and Pekida to hold their gathering in the City of Love, Subang Jaya instead.


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5 thoughts on “The Golden Rule: What goes around comes around

  1. The floodgates were opened by Bersih and gang for illegal assembly. Yes, they went ahead, so what is wrong with Red-shirted Melayus assembly and procession.

    Blame yourself for the mess you started….

  2. Mari lah Melayu bersatu. Tunjukkan solidariti kita. Pertahankan maruah dan kerajaan. Kalau kita buat demo, karat-karat ‘bershit; akan dikuburkan oleh demo Melayu. Mari kita ramai2 turun KL, Petaling street and Bukit Bintang. Apa beza kat mana kita buat demo, KL kita punya. Tiada sape yg blh mengaku section mana siapa punya. Klau orang tak provoke, kita pon tak suka buat kecoh. Tapi dah orang lain yang mulakan, takkan kita nak biarkan orang pijak kepala kita. Apa hak dia orang nak pertikai perjuangan kita, setakat pembangkang je pon.

  3. The malays should be clever enough to turn the tide against DAP and their puppet Bersih. Go demonstrate but do it peacefully with placards condemning DAP and Pakatan for playing dirty politics of hypocrisy, lies and hatred etc…etc.. causing racial disharmony. DAP is the cause of racial disharmony. Call on all races who love racial harmony to join in wearing RED SHIRT as a sign of “STRONG BOND FOR RACIAL HARMONY”. “BN FOR RACIAL HARMONY”. THOSE WHO ARE SCARED TO WEAR THE RED SHIRT HATES RACIAL HARMONY.

    This should be their battle cry in support of the government’s call for racial harmony. If the Red Shirt fellows were to do their demonstration correctly, the leaders of DAP & Bersih, together with their idiotic supporters will cry in their sleep for months. LGE, LKS and Hannah will slap themselves in front of the mirror every morning.

    I am sure after this, there will not be any more road rally. Like Helen said, “What goes around comes around” but certain goons in DAP do not understand the meaning of it.

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