Chinese warned to keep away from Red Shirt rally venues but …

Non-Muslims have been advised to steer clear of the Bukit Bintang and Petaling Street areas in Kuala Lumpur on Sept 16.

I have a little conundrum on HYPOCRISY and HATRED for you to ponder on but first, the latest news on the Red Shirts rally, below.

Asked by reporters whether it was alright if a Chinese Muslim joined the rally, one of the Himpunan Maruah Melayu organizers Jamal Md Yunos replied that it was up to the individual.

Jamal is chairman of Gabungan NGO-NGO Melayu cum Sungai Besar Umno division chief.

On the acceptance of Chinese Muslims at the Red Shirt rally, let’s look at the other side of the coin – i.e. the Chinese attitude with regard to Muslim converts from their community.

Below is a random sampling of Chinese opinions expressed online about Ridhuan Tee Abdullah. These are the mild ones that are printable in my blog. The standard ones are so harsh as to leave you slack jawed.

BELOW: The Love-Love-Love crowd

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RT pig

RT pork withdrawal

RT bigot

Rt terrorist

RT rba

Don’t be fooled by commenters using Muslim names like ‘Hakim Abdullah’ above. The RBA are everywhere in cyberspace.

The five comments above were screencapped from responses to an FMT article ‘Tee explains why he’s popular’ on 3 Aug 2015.

Articles on Ridhuan – be they in FMT, TMI or Malaysiakini – can always be depended upon to draw a torrent of hate comments from readers.


Ridhuan Tee: Use POTA on the ‘ultra kiasu’ (FMT, 7 Sept 2015) – 91 comments

Tee warns of ‘ultra kiasu’ gains in psywar (FMT, 24 Aug 2015) – 57 comments

FMT Ridhuan Tee search

Looking at the non-Muslim reactions to converts such as Ridhuan, Alifah Ting Abdullah or Dr Chandra Muzaffar, do you reckon that much understanding and l-o-v-e is being shown to them?

Now do you understand why Hannah Yeoh was so quick to threaten a police report against anyone passing on the (false) rumour that she has converted to Islam?

She knows well the score among her Dapster fans.

And against that backdrop, what do you make of Madame Speaker’s latest sneaky ploy today?

PKR Youth chief Nik Nazmi tweeted about it:

“Good story on how columnist in Chinese paper condemned @hannahyeoh, a devout Christian for wearing a scarf in surau @BFMradio”

Hannah Dont say I am Muslim

Certainly nobody can be blamed in innocently mistaking Hannah for a Muslim given her extensive public charade.

hannah caption extreme

But when a Sin Chew columnist called her out on her duplicity, Hannah was sly enough to turn the tables against him by accusing him of “unbecoming” criticisms as well as having “extreme views”.

Hannah also deftly created a straw man argument, saying that the columnist Lim Fang failed to appreciate Muslim sensitivities whereby mosque custom requiring visitors to cover their hair.

What kind of a politician will stoop to manipulating religion like this? And mislead the Malays into believing that the Cina totok are anti-Islam when historically it is the evangelists who have perpetrated crusades in Muslim land?

MCA has failed miserably in protecting the Chinese from the Machiavellian machinations of the evangelistas.

BELOW: Hannah at the mosque this Ramadan

Hannah Yeoh stuff face mosque


Schizophrenic split personality

On the one hand, they spew venom at Ridhuan Tee. As an unpopular convert, he’s the primary target but their viciousness cannot help but spill over to disparaging remarks about Muslims in general, Islam, Malays and inadvertently also about Chinese, such as the pork-loving and mata sepet stereotypes.

Then on the other hand, these people are so desperate for the Malay votes that they pull the Occupy Masjid, puasa #sahur, stirring empty pot (tolong masak bubur lambuk, konon) in the surau and distributing kurma publicity stunts.

soo wincciAnd most recently, they made a hullabaloo show contributing mineral water for Muslims to ambil wuduk when praying on the streets during Bersih 4.0. These contrived Kodak moments and anecdotes are instantly propagandized in the DAP’s wide social media.

Regular commenter Rina said @ 2015/09/05 at 1:28 pm that “this Amoy [ex-beauty queen Soo Wincci, pix right] looks like any other liquor promoter kat kedai makan 99 tepi kampung”.

Occasional commenter Norman responded @ 2015/09/06 at 8:07 pm, “Believe me you will never see a tudung clad beer promoter”.

Who are the non-Muslim women who wear tudung out of ulterior motives?

YeoBeeYinTudungMugThen there is the DAP evangelista Adun Yeo Bee Yin – pix left – who is YB Damansara Utama, where the controversial DUMC church is located.

In her open letter ‘Congrats to Allah’s soldiers‘, Bee Yin mocked the four Federal Court judges who dismissed the Church’s application to appeal the ‘Allah’ case. She “congratulated” them for allegedly sacrificing their professionalism.

These evangelistas are not only sneaky, they’re snide and sneering.

With the planned Red Shirts rally, another facet to the race and religion card has surfaced.

The Sept 16 demo is widely regarded anti-Chinese. The hostility of the Red Shirts and their warning for Chinese to keep away from KL. is however not extended to mualaf Cina. Hence we see that the Red Shirts are making a distinction between Chinese Muslims and Chinese non-Muslims.

How will the Red Shirts react to tudung-wearing bangsa Anak Malaysia like Hannah? Will she be permitted to be in the rally’s vicinity?

The lost generation

It’s high time that the MCA makes it very clear to all at large that the provocation is coming from the DAP’s evangelical Christian extremists.

The Red Shirts rally is but a symptom of the Malay retaliation claiming they’ve been provoked. The root cause of Chinese provocative behaviour is the hate-mongering by the DAP evangelistas that has poisoned impressionable young minds.

Hannah Yeoh CF Subang Jaya
Lay preacher Hannah Yeoh addressing a Christian youth fellowship in Subang Jaya recently

Dial_M_BlogPreviously the Chinese teenager who stepped on Najib’s photo was 19 years old. She appeared in the DAP’s Gangnam Style music video.

Now we learned that a 15-year-old girl turned herself in to the police over the matter of stepping on Najib’s photo in Bersih 4.0.

Chinese youngsters are eating out of the palm of the DAP’s hand.

Who can possibly stanch the hate at its source? MCA has failed the Chinese community for allowing the DAP to successfully brainwash a whole next generation. And not to mention betray the BN by allowing its Nest of Evangelista media to backstab.

BELOW: The 19-year-old stepper at Dataran during Merdeka eve in 2012, and the 15-year-old stepper in Bersih 4.0

Will the MCA ever act?


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38 thoughts on “Chinese warned to keep away from Red Shirt rally venues but …

  1. Yes, it’s the evanglistas fault but it was their mindless followers, be it Buddhist, Christians or agnostics are too blame. They are either too blind or too stupid to see those “born-again” Evangelical Christians are brainwashing them.

  2. And how did the Muslims react when Lina Joy wanted to convert to Catholicism? Malaysia is basically a nation of juveniles who are not mature enough for religion. Conversion to another creed is an ego blow that most can’t handle…pathetic but true.

    1. I hate to say this but I don’t think most Christians can tolerate someone like Felixia Yeap and Stacy’s conversion to Islam anyway. Pathetic but true.

      1. I agree, you’re right and it’s disgraceful imo. In saying that, Muslims should be the last people to throw stones. The way they get into their herd mentality and exhibit child like hissy fits when one of their own considers another religion is beyond embarrassing. Freedom of the will is clearly a foreign concept to them. And yet I keep on hearing from my Muslim friends that there is no compulsion in Islam.

        1. Brother, why the butthurt, the religion is not for you la! Mampus nanti kasi bakar simpan dalam balang lor. Senang what! Stop the butthurt already, boleh?

          1. Nothing to do about religion, Islam1st. It’s about hypocrisy – accusing one party of one thing when the accusers are no different.

            1. ‘no compulsion in Islam’

              Brother, I’m a Muslim, I can never say I know enough about the religion. I know that I don’t. Thus I simply can’t stand non Muslims pretending to know Islam more than I did, just because some ‘Reza Aslan’ was on their podcast!

              You don’t understand why Lina Joy tak boleh murtad. Fair you are not a Muslim.

              But as Malaysian Muslim I can’t understand why, the Church together with the paderi tak kena tangkap and put before the law for doing something that is clearly against the law of this country?

              In the name of laws and rights, I’m sure you are with me on this, yes WTJ?

        2. Typical evangelista retort. I agree, you are right…BUT [add your favourite slander or fact twisting here]. It is never ending.

          1. What about the factual statements that I made you actually disagree with? Whatever I said is 100% accurate, you’re just deflecting as you know the truth is not on your side.

            1. Nothing factual in what you said. Every bit of it evangelista innuendo. What you would call herd mentality is what i call unity in worshipping our one true god and saving a lost fellow worshipper from hellfire and eternal torture. What we claim to be freedom is alien to you. You may have muslim friends but your muslim friends do not hav

              1. “What we claim to be freedom is alien to you. ”

                Are you telling me that’s how Lina Joy saw it? She wasn’t given the right to choose how to practice her faith, which is disgraceful and a violation of her human rights. Sure sounds nothing like freedom to me.

            2. * have a friend in you. Your truth is never mine by the way. For muslim your religion, your “truth” is ONE BIG LIE!

              1. Nothing to do with saving a lost fellow worshiper from hellfire,and you know it.

                Your little ego can’t handle a fellow worshiper jumping ship, and everybody knows that’s the real reason. It’s the same with Christians and Hindus as well,these hypocrites can’t stand seeing their brethren make their own minds up on how or if they choose to worship God. They, like you are a essentially a bunch of control freaks.

                Btw, what merit is there in the eyes of God if a person remains in a religion out of force? You guessed it, zero merit.

                “For muslim your religion, your “truth” is ONE BIG LIE!

                No shit Sherlock. Every religion claims to be the one true religion and ultimately scoffs at all other creeds. And btw, don’t be proud of being a Muslim. After all, if you were born into it, why should you be proud over something you have not earned?

                1. Why is muslim values seems very unpalatable to you? Is it because in every christians head there is a little voice saying islam is really “the religion”? Telling you that its values is closer and more similar to jesus’ teaching than what you are practicing now? Cant stand the little voice calling yourselves an egoistical bastards for defending a pagan roman lies every now and then huh?
                  Do you speak for GOD now WTJ. Have you any miracles/proof to show us that you speak for him? Curing the blind? Bringing the dead back to life? No? Then must be your ego talking about “what merit is there in the eyes of God”. Why dont you let GOD himself decide, we both can ask him in the afterlife.
                  If my father was filthy rich with money, i will inherit it no matter WTF you wanna say about it. Fortunately i also inherited something much more valuable, the religion he profess to, a way of life he adhere to and the truth he believes in. In a way, my faith is stronger since i already had the proof of his life experience added with my own. I maybe did not earn it but i do have it, and DAMN PROUD OF IT. Nothing you say can change that. A pity that your father left you his material wealth but leave you to your own device to earn your own religion. Pretty sure my father is better than yours. Ask anyone here…..

                  1. “Cant stand the little voice calling yourselves an egoistical bastards for defending a pagan roman lies every now and then huh?”

                    Someone is a little bit upset and has lost the plot. AE, no Christian believes Islam is anyway close to the truth, let’s just get that out of the way….otherwise they would convert.

                    Anyway, until you calm down and stop behaving like an emotional sixteen year old girl, this conversation is over.

                    1. ’emotional sixteen year old girl’

                      Haha, here we go again WTJ. Once you’ve called me a princess and ‘the kid’ (exchanges wiith OK). Now, as AE had been kind enough, explaining Muslim’s POV of Lina Joy, murtad and being born Muslim, you thrown at him some beer jokes!

                      Very classy indeed!

                    2. Oh, WtJ called you a kid and called AE a ‘sixteen year old girl’.

                      He called me a thirteen year old.

                      Very evangelista of him.

                      Whenever the evangelistas disagree, they also call you “ridiculous” and label what you say as “rubbish” and “gibberish”.

                    3. Sure meh? No christian convert to muslim? I heard some names being thrown about. They had conquered their EGO.
                      Re: “Anyway, until you calm down and stop behaving like an emotional sixteen year old girl, this conversation is over.”

                      Is this how an evangelista reacts when he got his arse handed to him? Sweet dreams WTJ…heed that little voice…

                    4. “Muslim’s POV of Lina Joy”‘

                      No he didn’t. All I got was that it’s not a democratic religion unlike all others, and human rights and freedom of the individual is not even respected. If this was the case, why would God separate us from the animals by giving us free will? Surely he did that for a reason.

                    5. “Is this how an evangelista reacts when he got his arse handed to him? ”

                      Morning AE. Please tell us all about the corruption at Nicea again. Include some wiki links too, if you don’t mind. I’m bored today and feel Iike having a good laugh.

                    6. “Oh, WtJ called you a kid and called AE a ‘sixteen year old girl’.”

                      The term “kid is used as slang all over the place, perhaps if you left your computer for a second and got out of the house for a while, you might actually hear it being used. Nothing derogatory about it.

                      Your stalking of Hannah’s timeline and constant obsession about her weight issues have earned you the comment about having the mental capacity of a thirteen year old. Disagree?

                    7. Hannah’s yo-yo weight stem from her craving for this food and that food 24/7 and 365.

                      It reveals a greedy person who is unable to keep her insatiable appetite under control.

                      This type of character spells doom for the sheeple who blindly follow their leader – a politician who is greedy for power, position and Prada, unable to keep her insatiable power-hunger under control.

                      This face-stuffer/glory-seeker who is greedy/grasping and immoderate/intemperate in her appetites will do anything to stay on the gravy train. The consequences of her action is a calamity for the Chinese community.

                      DAP followers are paying the price for the gutter calibre of leadership by their party.

                    8. It is you that didnt get it WTJ. Cant blame the teacher if the pupil is a retard like you. Special pupil might need special teacher and special kind of education.
                      My god is the one and the only, omnipotent and all seeing, dictator and my religion is never a democracy. My god gave mankind free will to test their worthiness. He gave us a prophet and the quran to show us the straight path to everlasting glory. Those who follows is guaranteed a place in heaven, but those who digress would have to pay the price of their sins in hell first. My god is fair and just and is the only source of absolution. Direct connection to god with no middleman.
                      What did christian do to their prophet? They corrupted his memory by making him a begotten god. Privatize absolution to priest for material gain. What did christian do with the free will? Democratized their religion with numerous councils, cherry picking part of their prophet teaching that suits them and dump which is not. What so different between christianity and pagan worship? Both have multiple gods, both have a cadre of elitist able to absolve sin for a fee or sacrifice, even the holy days were a rebranding exercise.
                      Research your religion and heed that little voice inside your head WTJ. Might be little something something from my dictator…if you are worthy.

                    9. “Might be little something something from my dictator…if you are worthy.”

                      No thank you. I don’t worship dictators, they piss me off.

                      “my religion is never a democracy. My god gave mankind free will”

                      Talk about an oxymoron. And you wonder why I laugh at you?

                      “What did christian do to their prophet? They corrupted his memory by making him a begotten god.”

                      Wouldn’t it have been so much easier to have just kept him as a prophet, rather than to go to such outlandish lengths to make him into a God? To think that they spent countless hours, years or even decades conjuring up this this idea of a triune God. Why bother?

                      If they were that corrupt, and wanted to increase their membership numbers, the logical course of action would surely have been to not confuse potential recruits with this mind boggling concept of the trinity, right? I certainly would have kept it simple if I was heading a recruitment drive, but perhaps they had not heard of the KISS principle back then.

                      Or maybe, just maybe that’s what he actually revealed about his nature. Could it be? Nah, can’t be as AE has convinced us all that the countless Christian scholars who spent their entire lives researching and studying Christianity were clearly wrong and somehow overlooked what happened at Nicaea.

                      Good one, AE.

                    10. Why indeed WTJ? Dont just see, look. Dont just hear, listen. You might want to reread and reread your latest comment again. Heed that little voice.

            3. Now come on now. Why are you still here ? Your PR applications got rejected by the Kiwis and Aussies ? Now you’re here as what ? Malay ? Chinese ? Indian ?

              Typical of you to say that Muslims should be the last to throw stones. Why ? So that you and the likes of you get to throw stones first ?

              Speaking of herd mentality, you should be looking at yourself first. Perpetually angry. People poke you a bit and you go berserk here. So laughable.

              Freedom of the will is clearly alien to you. When people exhibit different views you can’t resist the ‘temptation’ to have a go. Have a go ? You understand what that means ?

              Clearly you know nothing. You’re here just to embarrass yourself.

              When it comes to hypocrisy, nobody does it better than you.

              Here. A tribute to you.

              1. “Freedom of the will is clearly alien to you.”

                Freedom of the will means being able to choose and freely decide. Unfortunately, this is an option not afforded to Muslims in Malaysia. How is my statement wrong? Proof it wrong and don’t just blow hot air. Answer me this, if a Muslim in Malaysia wants to convert to another religion, can he or she do it freely? I think we all know what the answer is.

                1. ‘I think we all know what the answer is.’

                  And I think, we all know what to do as well, kan? Why do you think, we’ve created Singapore for in the first place? WTJ, be brave, to much anger won’t do you any good!

                2. Haiyaa tak payah kelentong sini la.

                  My Apek jiran rotan his kids berjalur2 kelupuq2. When I rushed to help them lia malah sama saya.. Katanya…

                  “Ini cala kami discipline anak2 kami kasi dengaq cakap. Mayah susah lor kalu ikut suka kepala meleka, makayah mau cali makan susah nanti”

                  Lia olang punya anak mau buka mulut pun talak belani.. Bila dah besar jauh dari ibubapa.. apa lagi… FLEEEEDOM la. So we have like WTJ demanding FLEEDOM everywhare pasai kecik2 kena lenyek oleh parents sendili…

                  Tak caya datang sini tengok cara Jiran Apek I.

    1. If with the staging of Himpunan Maruah Melayu could mean the end of the Bersih 5 and beyond, then we should support this. The annual Bersih rallies are a real pain the ass.

      1. Mulan,

        Himpunan Maruah Melayu or whatever they call it , is staged for a purpose. To deliver the message that Malays too can play the game that DAP ( or Chinese) plays.

        For the message to be effective, it must be done in Chinese area like Bukit Bintang. Only when Chinese are affected, then they will understand the message. were the Himpunan to be done in Padang Merbok, the message will be lost.

        Once the Chinese witness Malays too can react, they will hopefully does the usual thing they are doing:graceful retreat. The effect can be seen later. No more demonstration in heart of Malay settlement as they(The DAP) will fear another reprisal from Malays.

        Some Malay leaders take the easy way by not condoning the Himpunan. By saying that they actually are showing they submit to DAP. They should encourage the Himpunan. Malays too know how to be civil. If BERSIH can be held without any clash with police, why not Himpunan?

        Dont fell into DAP’s trap that question the motive of Himpunan Maelayu. What about BERSIH 4? everyone who is willing to think will realise that it is not about clean election. It is about toppling a Malay government.

        If Muhyidiin is the PM< he too will face the demonstration by DAP.


  3. I hope the foreigners don’t get caught off guard and get stuck in a bad spot. Look like a Chinese would include Msian Jews and all North East Asians. It’ll be too bad if disciplining the ‘Jews’ becomes an I’ntl incident.

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