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Do you think PAS is being bullied terribly?

I think the Malaysiakini headline – see below – is quite unhinged.

It attributes Hadi Awang as saying that “PAS “no intention of merging with Parti Amanah Negara”. This blatant misrepresentation of Hadi is bizarre.

The actual quote, as contained in the Bernama source article as well as in other articles taking their content from the national news agency, has the PAS president saying, “PAS is still firm on its decision not to accept the new party and we are consistent in our stand”.

Apa yang Hadi cakap memang masuk akal.


(1)  PAS pandang enteng Parti Pekerja Malaysia yang baru-baru ini disertai oleh kelompok New Hope/Amanah.

(2) PAS tegas dengan pendiriannya untuk tidak menerima parti baru tersebut.

(3) PAS cukup konsisten dengan ketetapannya selama ini.

Tidak timbul sama sekali soal PAS bercadang hendak “gabung” dengan parti serpihan yang diwakili para YB pengkhianat beserta pelanggar bai’ah.

Hadi is also reported to have said past experience had taught PAS to be more careful in forging close cooperation with other political parties. This is yet again another most reasonable statement.

What Hadi said is all logical.

So how in the world did his words to the effect that PAS remains firm it will not accept the new party somehow get twisted into the illogical Malaysiakini headline – “PAS no intention of merging with Amanah”?

Need Not Merge With New Party

The premise itself, i.e. that the big, established party ever entertained any thought about “merging” with a fledging party Harapan Baru/Amanah is quite preposterous. Yet Bernama – see above – and the opposition media can come up with such a bare-faced headline.

Macam-macam cara PAS dikenakan. These people (pro-opposition reporters) are hellbent on sabotaging the PAS ulama but at the same time upend reality as we know it. Can you see?


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10 thoughts on “Do you think PAS is being bullied terribly?

  1. Cik Helen
    Translate Bahasa Melayu sentence to Bahasa Cina kan kena berhati2. To fit in some words one need to understand the particular sentence. Lembu may understand it as moooo. Kambing Beeeek. Kucing Meooow. Anjing Woof woof.. ikut padan otak masing2.

    Lepaih tu cuba translate into BI pula. Berputar belit la akhirnya. “Tolong kasi semak” you agak apa depa paham dengan sentence tu? Hahaha

    Dalam Dewan I wonder if some of the Aduns/MP actually understand what was being debated. Tambah lagi Bahasa Malaysia berbunga2. Tak perasan ke asyik ‘walkout’?

    One Speaker, ‘lisan’ ikut pemahaman otak dia adalah ‘soalan mulut’.

    1. Itulah padah nak berjinak-jinak dengan Cina DAP.
      Kalau nak berjinak-jinak (frolicking) dengan Cina DAP/Evangenlista, sekarang giliran bini-bini ex-PAS menikmati hidangan Cina Buta.

      Mungkin bila Cina buta kahwin dengan janda-janda PAS mungkin pak buta langsung tak mau lagi perempuan Cina. Patutlah MCA meroyan-royan.

      Wanita PAS ramai yang berpendidikan tinggi dan tersangat “inteligent”. Yang Cina2 kan sibok hafal apa yang keluar exam saje… (Chinese school style), tak pandailah.

      Hahaha…. siaplah janda-janda ex-PAS meniikmati santapan Cina buta.

  2. Pas has been bullied since the establishment of Pakatan Rakyat , ironically they claimed that they hate UMNO more then they hate DAP and PKR .

    They should learned from MCA and Gerakan ,all smiles but giving madu berachun to Barisan .

  3. PAS will assert itself and gets its own back in GE14. PAS will go it alone in GE14 and assuming a 3-corner fight where UMNO vs. GHB vs. PAS, where PAS were to contest in a seat against an incumbent MP/ADUN now in GHB, how many % of Malay/Muslim votes would PAS take away from that GHB candidate?

    Suggest that Helen put out a poll and see what is the likely percentage and we can then make some calculations likely scenarios re GE14.

    My view is that UMNO/BN votes in such a constituency would remain pretty intact as per the previous GE 13 results but the Malay/Muslim votes for GHB will be changed materially by the presence of the PAS candidate. Inevitably, UMNO/BN will gain from an division in Opposition votes.

  4. I don’t know if PAS can be bullied, but I know Hadi Awang has always been bullying the Malays calling us kafir.

    1. After his ‘baptism of fire’ by the DAP, I doubt that TGHA will be doing that (stuff like Doa Perah Perut Umno) anymore.

      Without going through that harrowing experience, there was no way PAS, or anybody even, could have fathomed the nature of the DAP beast. Now PAS realises that the ‘kafir’ Umno is a pussycat comparatively.

      Note that PAS has not joined the Bash-the-Gomen bandwagon of late.

      1. Helen,

        Precisely.Once I was mocked by die hard PAS supporters( species who refuse to think) when I told them that PAS is dreaming if it thinks it will benefit from “tahaluf siyasi”.

        They accused me of being an UMNO lackey , trying to paint DAP as racist just to scare off PAS. Now, I have the greatest pleasure of saying ” Kan dah kata”

        Actually PAS did realise that UMNO earn the lion share of Malay votes of Malay sector in last election. And UMNO gave PAs a tough fight even in its bastion, Kelantan. UMNO got 47% of popular votes in Kelantan.

        1. Icing on the cake is when doa PAS minta kehancuran sudah kena batang hidung sendiri? Wallahualam…

          Semoga PAS jadi lebih sedar diri lepas ni…

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