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Is the J-Star chairman as dungu as he looks?

I wouldn’t be surprised if he was… given how the editorial content of an MCA-owned company has been allowed to be hijacked to serve the interests of the evangelical Christian opposition.

Mr Chairman of Star Media Group is the guy on the right – MCA’s Fu Ah Kiow. Forrest Gump doesn’t look like he is any match for the super sneaky evangelistas, does he?

The guy on the left, as many of you would already be aware, is Wong Chun Wai – the group CEO.


Sneaky Star

Now tell me, how easily do they (The Nest) run rings around you, eh, Mr Chairman Fu Ah Kiow?

For the equally clueless people in the Umno politburo, ask yourselves this:

Isn’t Malaysia’s most commercially successful media empire, a conglomerate that has its finger in every pie of the news industry – be it print, broadcast (radio), The Star TV and social media – under the control of a BN component party?

This being so, how is it that despite MCA’s ownership of the multi-billion ringgit Star Media Group, the BN suffered such negative public perception as to lose five states in GE12 and the popular vote in GE13?

BELOW: Visual clue


MCA main kayu tiga

Umno’s support for Himpunan Maruah Melayu is only a lot of fart (hot air) considering how dayus the Malay party is in putting up with being cuckolded by the MCA.

And by the way, do note that Star Media Group has been expanding and expanding – just like Hannah Yeoh’s waistline. Yup, the Nest of Evangelistas is flourishing alright.

The EvangeliSTAR – the group’s flagship newspaper – has a circulation almost quadruple (4x) that of the NST.

J-Star‘s readership is half Chinese, a quarter Malay and a quarter Indian – see pie chart below.

Umno should brace itself for a greater defection of urban and young Malay voters (who read The J-Star) from the BN ruling coalition come GE14. Tumbanglah engko dalam PRU nanti dan memang padan muka!

Regime sorely lacking in dignity

If Umno wants to recover some sorely missing maruah and mojo, it should first practise meritocracy.

Take back the Malay-majority seats from MCA to contest in the next general election and let MCA prove its merit by confronting the DAP in the Chinese-majority seats. I do not see MCA putting up any real fight against DAP.

BELOW: Ooooh, the MCA prez got 20 views on YouTube. It’s an improvement from the clip I highlighted in my last posting which had 10 views.

Liow Tiong Lai Bersih

MCA working on easing tense race relations

It is so degrading that MCA requires crutches and begs for rural seats when it is fully able-bodied and owns the biggest and richest media empire spanning all the urban areas.

Oi ! MCA, get your evangeliSTARs to election campaign for your irrelevant party lah.

BELOW: At least the “Umno mouthpiece” Utusan doesn’t bite the hand that feeds it

Utusan to print outrageous lies

Star Editor's Choice (TheStarEC) on Twitter 2012-12-30 21-08-17


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28 thoughts on “Is the J-Star chairman as dungu as he looks?

      1. The Reds can gather rambutans from their kebun and distribute to passersby. Buah salak also nice. Share share Eat. Pray. Love.

    1. ‘What have MCA did for that cause’


      Sebab menipu kat bangsa Cina dengan mendukung projek rasis Mandarin untuk semua Cina Malaysia dan gagal memberikan pemahaman kepada anak-anak muda Cina tentang Perlembagaan Persekutuan.

      MCA is DAP berbulu ayam!

  1. Stupid MCA, trying to clean the shit left behind by DAP and yet being shitted and pissed by DAP. No wonder all their chinese supporters had gone to the other side out of frustration.

    I am very sure MCA’s main weakness is their inability to attack and condemn DAP for their dirty politics whereas DAP will always call MCA UMNO’s dog whenever an issue is being challenged.

    There are many well educated members in MCA. So what are they doing there? Do they have a group of political strategy and psychological planner? Do they have a group of internet savvy counter espionage? Are they all still living and sleeping in a cave?

    This is what I heard of the chinese talking in the coffee shop. “MCA ..ah..sleep better-lah. Got no balls to fight DAP. Talk also don’t know how to talk. In a fight there is no gentleman. Just look at DAP, they go all out in a fight. Never admit defeat. The most MCA do is to give you a slap. DAP not only knock you out, they will try to bury you”.

  2. 10,952,132 views

    10,000,000 views nak hampir 11,000,000 tau bukan 10!

    Ya la.. Stand only in Chinese majority areas. GE14 kalo O win pun takpe… Tak ramai pun members yang you nak service.

    ……MCA now represents hardly O.025% or less Chinese population in Malaysia kalo ambil kiraan jumlah dari bayi baru beranak sampai toktua2.

    Populasi PATI yang berada kat Malaysia lebih ramai tau!

  3. MCA secara tikam belakang menyokong Bersih 4 untuk menuntut DS Najib berundur. Dengan mendapat kerusi ahli parlimen atas ihsan pengundi Melayu, diharap ahli parlimen MCA dapat mencadangkan usul undi tidak percaya terhadap DS Najib dalam sidang parlimen yang akan diadakan dalam masa terdekat ini.

    Apa takut hilang jawatan kabinet ke? Dapat pun bukan sebab meritokrasi tapi sebab ‘kesian’.

  4. Gosh are all of you so stupid that you people fail to realize that your numero uno Malay leader is [deleted]. ‘Donation my ass’, it’s plain and simple kickback that has morphed into ‘donation’ form an unknown source for laughable reasons ranging from anti DAP/Jews to anti ISIL to getting hamas and fatah together and many more such nonsense.
    And while Malaysia is slowly being destroyed by this man and his cohorts you guys go blaming the chinaman/christians/jews/ultraman/spiderman/antman …in short everyone and anyone except yourselves. You have been made into Zombies, blindly supporting a corrupt regime , a regime that has made you people into bangsat’s.
    So go ahead and thump your chest, keep supporting this corrupt regime and watch them laugh at your stupidity. And mind you they are laughing out loud all the way to their foreign banks as to how easy it is to stupefy people like you. As long as they keep you stupid you will forever be their slaves.

    1. Alaaaa cari alasan aje nak gulingkan Najib, tumbang UMNO dan kasi penyet Islam. Lepaih satu alasan mai alasan satu lagi.. DAP geng tu cries wolf tak kesudahan, sampai bilapun perkara tu betoi oghang dah tak ambil peduli.

      Bukan bodoh tapi dah tahap loya nak muntah.

      Top 30 richest Malaysian (billionaires and millionaires) are Apeks and non Bumis. Agaknya macam mana ramai depa boleh kaya raya sampai lagu tu eh? Cuba pikiaq.

      Mai tang Bumiputra pasai 2.6billion banyak tu pun semua terbeliak kalut bebel semacam dan hingaq sedunia. Tak logic kan?

      1. “Top 30 richest Malaysian (billionaires and millionaires) are Apeks and non Bumis.”

        Imagine if UMNO practiced meritocracy and got rid of their racist policies, the figures will be much higher.

      2. you talk about Islam …hahaha….since when islam condones corruption?? How about discrimination?? wait, selective persecution oops prosecution….tell me if islam says it’s ok to steal the rakyat’s money and how about lying……Islam konon…you would not know islam even it it hit you smack on your forehead!!
        Rina you knucklehead, the 2.6 billion is not from some pak arab unta but it’s our money paid as kickback. Still can’t get it??
        Yang tak logic is people like you who are soooo stoooopid to believe that the 2.6 billion was a donation??? Bodoh piang

        1. Bodoh piang dah naik muak dengaq. My Apek neighbour semua oghang Melayu dan India esp men in uniform, tak lekang mulut siang malam dia panggil bodoh.

          Kata oghang tua Melayu, jgn bodohkan anak oghang. Nah anak2 dia SPM semua kaput, bodoh tu pusing pi anak2 dia.

          Anyway, mungkin hang sedekah duit kasi buat replica cek besar2 naik pentas tepuk2 tangan potong riben merah ambik gambaq panggil semua media kasi kalut kut?

          Pak Arab USD32b sedekah tak bising2. Dah ada bukti ke “the 2.6 billion is not from some pak arab unta but it’s our money paid as kickback” atau you sekadar dengaq cerita dari Jiran Apek I?

          1. And you have concrete evidence it was a sedekah…..wakaka…Just look at the stupid and conflicting statements given ….its a dead give away. LIES after LIES after LIES.
            That’s why you will remain as a slave to the DUMBNO.

            Kalau pendekar bugis tanpa telo kata orang dari MARS bagi duit itu hang tentu akan percaya.Wakakaka…..betui lah
            bodoh piang…..confirm….

            1. Tak payah cakap banyak..

              Otak jiran Apek I sebiji bulat macam otak kamu.

              Macam Parrot.

              Kat Malaysia burung tiong..

              1. At least Jiran Apek itu ada otak…Hang pula tak de otak…..tak boleh fikir…senang di tipu…wakakaka…. kalau buat transplant otak, otak orang DUMBNO yang paling mahal….tau kenapa….orang DUMBNO tak pernah guna otak, sebab tu mahal..brains that have never been used….wakakaka…..have a pleasant day and try to use that piece of organ between your ears….no not your nose ..go slightly higher….sorry kena explain banyak cos otak orang DUMBNO memang lembab..kena bagi banyak penjelasan …..wakakaka…

                1. ‘otak orang DUMBNO yang paling mahal….tau kenapa….orang DUMBNO tak pernah guna otak’

                  Brader original skit boleh tak kalau nak hina Melayu pun! Tunjukkan kepada semua Melayu yang Cina macam kau MAKSIMUM MENGGUNAKAN OTAK!

    1. Aaahhhh. See, semua orang kutuk dia dulu bila dia kata dia anak bangsa Malaysia. Kan dah ada bukti? Dia baru belajar Mandarin supaya senang bagi speech di Poh Toh. Tak pasti tapi agaknya orang HongKong jemput dia ke Poh Toh. Bangsa Malaysia semestinya cakap bahasa Malaysia.

      1. ‘orang HongKong’

        OK mungkin orang Shanghai kut, kalau HK mali, mesti boleh cakap Kantonis atau Kungfu dan semestinya bukan olang Malai Si A!

      1. I always suspected that kucing kurap reporters like Nicholas won’t be running wild unless it is supported by someone at the top. Looks like the support is from the Auntie – and it is no coincidence that she’s a Christian too.

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