MCA, do the honorable thing and quit BN now

Dear MCA,

You strongly oppose the Red Shirts rally. You demand that the rally be stopped.

But BN chairman Najib Razak has just given a tacit nod for Umno members to attend if they so wish.

Deputy Prime Minister cum Home Minister Zahid Hamidi said Umno will not prevent members from attending, and that it is left to their personal discretion. See Astro Awani report, ‘Hak individu jika ahli Umno mahu sertai Himpunan Melayu Bersatu – Ahmad Zahid’.

Update: ‘Umno Youth won’t bar members from attending rally’ (FMT today)

It’s clear that if you (MCA) remain in BN, you’ll have to swallow your spit. So better you undur secara terhormat dengan serta-merta.

Lemon Tree

Umno president Najib Razak said:

“Ketika ditanya sama ada ahli-ahli Umno dibenarkan menyertai perhimpunan berkenaan atau sebaliknya, Najib berkata, Malaysia adalah sebuah negara bebas namun pada masa sama, tiada sesiapa pun yang memiliki kekebalan undang-undang.

“Umno tidak terlibat tetapi pemimpin yang terlibat itu macam Bersihlah, nama-nama sebelah sana pun terlibat,” ujarnya. See Utusan report.

INTERPRETATION of Najib’s reply:

1. Malaysia is a free country. (Like other Malaysians, Umno members have the freedom of expression and are free to join a public gathering.)

2. At the same time, they are not immune to the law. (Umno members, just like the yellow-shirted MCA members, are subject to the Peaceful Assembly Act and police orders.)

3. Umno is not involved in organizing the rally. (Just like DAP is not involved in organizing Bersih 4.0.)

4. If any Umno leaders are involved in the Red Shirts rally, it is a situation parallel to Bersih where opposition leaders too were involved. (MCA past president Dr Ling Liong Sik and other MCA leaders took part in Bersih 4.0 also.)

Bersih girl step Najib pijak

Teenager who later starred in DAP's Gangnam Style music video
Teenager who later starred in DAP’s Gangnam video parody

Dear MCA,

Did our heritage of a 5,000-year-old Chinese culture teach us to behave so biaDAP?

Who is teaching the Chinese in Malaysia?

Why did you allow the Dapster Family to successfully brainwash and teach bad our youngsters?

Whose leadership by example are they following?

Doing the joget?

Dear MCA,

You are well aware that Hannah Yeoh is actively indoctrinating the young. Your party Religious Harmony Bureau chairman Ti Lian Ker himself tweeted, “Hannah Yeoh was busy proselytizing” (below).

Hannah Yeoh CF Subang Jaya

Beliawanis MCA: “@hannahyeoh = DAP Super CyberBully”

MCA young leaders have been at the receiving end of vicious bullying by Hannah Yeoh. Yet the MCA-owned media is always busy painting a halo around Hannah’s head while badmouthing or even ignoring MCA’s own people, particularly Wanita MCA and the Beliawanis young ladies.

Jessie Ooi was a Beliawanis Selangor leader who was bullied dreadfully by the Dapsters. And do you know what Star Online editor Philip Golingai wrote about her? His article was headlined ‘Lesson well learnt’ – Philip had the gall to fault the victim (Jessie “Tow Truck”) instead of being critical of the bullies.

Not only that, the Star Online editor colluded with the usual suspects – his Twitter buddies who form the network of pro-DAP cyberbullies – to pose leading questions to Jessie that shifted the onus of blame to be on her.

(And don’t we all know how sneaky the oppo media are – we’ve seen TMI in action. The J-Star is nothing but another opposition media.)

MCA, don’t bother denying that your media empire serves the interests of the opposition.

Then Ti Lian Ker says that DAP’s arrogance causes racial tension – see above.

Well, it’s equally arrogant when “prima donna” @hannahyeoh blocked you (Ti Lian Ker) from her Twitter timeline without any valid reason.

Scores of Twitter users, including former MCA minister Tan Sri Dr Fong Chan Onn have been arbitrarily banned by @hannahyeoh.

Yet MCA allows its J-Star media to promote Hannah Yeoh as the champion of freedom of speech.

MCA leaders and party activists blocked from Hannah Yeoh’s Twitter

“She @hannahyeoh twist and turn”

“They will block you if they are at a disadvantage”

Haters will hate potatoes

@Oh yes indoctrinate the baby with hate RT @hannahyeoh”

“@hannahyeoh DAP got Nutting to sell but promises and ‘hatred for MCA’.”

Enough MCA leaders have been exposed to the nature of the beast.

Yet why doesn’t your EvangeliSTAR media expose the DAP’s true nature to the public? Instead, the J-Star appears to be working hard as the DAP’s publicist.

“@hannahyeoh shld not make ‘false’ allegations”

Rounds and rounds of good public relations and breathless advertizing for DAP by the evangelistas who collect their paycheques every month from an MCA company.

The overjoyed and overwhelmed Star Online even tweeted Hannah Yeoh’s appointment as Selangor Speaker a total of 10 times in its timeline within a short span of 24 hours – see screen capture below.

It is evident that MCA’s newspaper is full of rabid DAP supporters. It is equally clear that from now until GE14 this nest of vipers will be backbiting the BN, with its owner MCA’s compliance.

Hannah Speaker scary mouth z

Click to enlarge

Hannah Yeoh 10 tweets 24 hours Speaker Star


If MCA is with the evangelistas, then MCA is against the BN

It is only through the MCA’s willing collusion that the DAP can become the monster it’s grown to be today.

And on Sept 16, the Malays plan to retaliate against the Yellow Tide that they saw taking ownership of KL streets and commanding the national narrative through the Global Bersih propaganda.

Every step of the way since 2008, or even before, the MCA has been covertly propping up the DAP evangelistas and helping them along. The CEO of the Star Media Group is an uber evangelista.

mca hampasSo MCA, please do BN a favour and withdraw from the coalition now. The other BN members already view you as duri dalam daging depriving more deserving component parties of Cabinet seats.

And everyone knows that your EvangeliSTAR media will only make further use of BN resources to assist in the DAP’s Firster campaign. The fact that Najib gave the green light for the Reds rally should tell you something.

Hannah Yeoh save Malaysia

We all have to pick our side

We already know who you’ve chosen to give your allegiance to, MCA. We can see how your Gunting Dalam Lipatan is snipping away at the BN fabric. Truly, your media mouthpiece daily reveals which side you’re on.

Resign from BN now, MCA, rather than continue dipandang serong saban hari until the day of reckoning when the Malay voters will send you packing.

If you have any shred of honour left, please quit. Just quit and go away.


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    1. Keldai dan baghal tak akan rasa apa-apa.

      Mereka seronok diperkeldaikan dan berkiblatkan DAP. For those “select” few, being with DAP mongrels is intoxicating

  1. Semua orang islam adalah bersaudara, cubit peha kiri, peha kanan akan terasa. Melayu di atas tu hati nya telah mati tiada apa2 perasaan walaupun saudara se islam di hina.

  2. Helen,
    will MCA do the honourable…?
    they have been not and why should they?
    furthermore, they already have a bigger ship on standby so no need to jump now, wait till the worst comes to BN ship la…

    MCA = Hopeless for BN
    MCA = DAP in Disguise


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