Hannah the Heroine appeals to rakyat, “Bangkitlah selamatkan Malaysia!”

The Umno leadership has not only been moving to the right but radicalizing. Frankly, they don’t give a damn about MCA anymore.

hannah jeling 1

MCA which used to serve as a buffer for the Chinese can no longer play this protective role after losing 90 percent of the community to the DAP.

The Chinese will now have to look to their demigods the Dapster family to provide tangkal azimat and holy water.

Are the Umno hawks circling?

Sungai Besar Umno division chief Jamal Md Yunos warned (video above):

“… kami hari ini tidak kira parti, tidak kira fahaman turun ke Bukit Bintang memberi mesej yang jelas kepada Cina-Cina DAP ini – saya nak ulang balik, Cina-Cina DAP ini – jangan kurang ajar kepada bangsa Melayu.”

It has been widely reported that Agriculture Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob will be sending Umno Bera division members to take part in the Red Shirts rally planned for Sept 16.

Mohd Ali Rustam, the Malacca chief minister who was swept away by the Chinese tsunami on 5 May 2013, is also reportedly involved in organizing the participation of silat groups under the umbrella of Pesaka.

Hannah stupid mouth

BELOW: Hannah & her Evangelistas pledge to save Malaysia

Can you guys help provide me with feedback, please?

May I ask what’s the chatter currently on Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media? What is really happening among the grassroots?

Sarah has chipped in with her comment @ 2015/09/11 at 11:50 am,

“By the way Helen,

“In my FB wall’s a lots of people’s becomes bonkers due to Baju Merah. It’s all about no no no.

“But funniest things is the Malay side getting quiet in the FB but rampantly reminding Malay to joint in in wassup or at least wear baju merah when go out this 16 Sept. Hmmmm

A spooky silence that smells like calm before the storm.

Marina take that racists

Very, very busy doing damage control for Bersih backlash

The Malay Mail has spun into overdrive to project the Red Shirts rally planned for Sept 16 as “likely to flop”.

Its lead story this morning is headlined ‘As conservatives stay away, pundits predict ‘red shirt’ rally likely to flop’.

The MMO article said:

“Political pundits contacted by Malay Mail Online pointed out that while some Umno leaders and lesser known Malay groups have pledged support for the rally touted as an avenue for the race to defend their dignity and counter the purportedly Chinese dominated Bersih 4 protest, those that usually champion racial rights like Perkasa and Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) have been quick to distance themselves ― at least in active support of it.”

Bersih 4 Chinese duit kopi

FIRST OF ALL, do keep in mind that the pro-Christian oppo media are unabashed spinners. For example, the Malay Mail says above – “the purportedly Chinese dominated Bersih 4 protest”.

Anyone with a pair of eyes can see that Chinese domination of Bersih 4.0 is a fact, and not “purported” (dictionary definition of the word purported – “said to be true or real but not definitely true or real“).

When facts do not favour them, the oppo media are quick to tack on disingenuous disclaimers such as “purported”.

But when it comes to reporting mere claims and allegations leveled against the establishment, this same oppo media will, on the other hand, portray the accusations as fact. Sneaky bastards!


SECONDLY, who are the “political pundits” contacted by the Malay Mail and conveying the idea that the Sept 16 rally is likely to flop?

Let’s see. The analysts quoted in the Malay Mail story are:

  • Wan Saiful Wan Jan, CEO of a think-tank
  • Dr Lim Teck Ghee, CPI director
  • James Chin, University of Tasmania’s Asia Institute director

Wow, speaking to a total of three individuals and Malay Mail can come up with its banner headline conclusion.

I wonder if Asia Institute director Prof. Chin is now in Malaysia or Tasmania (location map above). Ditto CPI director Dr Lim – is he even here locally or overseas? How well are they reading the sentiments on the Malay ground?

THIRDLY, “those that usually champion racial rights like Perkasa and Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) have been quick to distance themselves” from the Red Shirts rally, according to the Malay Mail report.

It’s correct that Isma is dismissive of the Red Shirts rally.

Perkasa’s Facebook and website have not been updated for us to reference. Nonetheless, the Malay Mail quoted Ibrahim Ali as saying “Perkasa is not involved by name, but Perkasa members are free to attend, though only in their personal capacity”.

BELOW: Look ma, no keris

Maruah Melayu Tshirt

The archetypal Red Shirt presently looks like the sample above.

Because the rally organizers wish to reassure MCA, DAP and Bukit Bintang traders that the gathering will be ‘peaceful’, the pendekar Melayu in the T-shirt drawing has been disarmed of his keris.

The Chinese however don’t appear to believe the reassurances, judging from the MCA and DAP panicky responses.

BELOW: My skull is thicker than your skull

Red Shirt break brick

PAS munching popcorn, watching the show

The Malay Mail had a story three days ago headlined ‘PAS, Perkasa say not joining Sept 16 red shirt rally’.

PAS is not mobilizing for Himpunan Maruah Melayu, just as it did not mobilize for Bersih 4.0. It’s smart of the Islamist party to stay on the sidelines and just watch the Umno vs DAP rumble as a spectator sport.

Make no mistake – the Red Shirts and the Yellow Shirts are indeed proxies for the No.1 and No.2 most powerful parties in the country to flex their political muscle, to borrow Tunku Aziz’s phrase.


The Malay Mail‘s Sept 8 article said that like Perkasa, PAS has similarly distanced itself from the coming rally. Well, not exactly.

For those who read bahasa Melayu, what PAS sec-gen Takiyuddin Hassan (above) actually said in his press statement:

“PAS melihat program Himpunan Rakyat Bersatu yang dilaporkan bakal diadakan pada 16hb September depan dari sudut yang sama, iaitu sebagai hak demokratik rakyat untuk berhimpun secara aman, yang sewajarnya diterima dan diraikan oleh semua pihak, termasuk pihak berkuasa.”

Takiyuddin had explained,

“PAS secara konsisten menyokong hak demokratik semua rakyat Malaysia yang sah dan percaya bahawa semua pihak hendaklah diberikan peluang serta kebebasan untuk menikmati hak-hak itu dengan aman dan selamat. Hak-hak ini termasuklah hak untuk berhimpun dan menyuarakan sikap serta pandangan secara aman.
“PAS percaya undang-undang negara, kemampuan pihak keselamatan serta kewarasan dan kedewasaan sikap rakyat umum adalah memadai sebagai jaminan bahawa perhimpunan-perhirrpunan sedemikian akan berjalan dengan aman dan selamat tanpa kesan atau kemungkinan negatif yang terlalu besar sehingga hak rakyat untuk menikmati kehidupan demokratik mereka perlu dihalang kerananya.”.

BELOW: This poster of Najib as Darth Vader was given a Special Mention in the Bersih 4.0 art competition

Najib emperor

Actions and reactions by the Chinese

The J-Star today reported Kuala Lumpur Hawkers and Petty Traders Association chairman Ang Say Tee as saying about 90 percent of Petaling Street traders would not open for business on the day of the planned rally.

Bersih chairman Maria Chin Abdullah is continuing with her agenda “to push for a no-confidence vote against Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak” – Facebook entry here.

Grandpapa Dapster is predictably spinning in order to try and narrow the rally’s appeal. See ‘Kit Siang: Red shirts rally for pro-Najib Malays‘ in Malaysiakini today.

Gerakan Youth deputy chief Andy Yong said it is “apparent that the Red Shirt rally is about racism”. See Rakyat Post, latest news.

MCA calls Himpunan Maruah Melayu “racist” and objects vehemently to it.

Cenbet chief Gan Ping Sieu (a former MCA vice president) said in his letter to the editor that the rally’s choice of venues at Low Yat and Petaling Street as well as “the bloodshed posters that went viral … all point to one thing – malice, ill will, hatred and possible violence”.


Malay Mail kenakan Isma during Hari Raya this year, my blog posting ‘HERE‘.

Below is the tipu headline that appeared in the Malay Mail versus Isma’s real content.




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47 thoughts on “Hannah the Heroine appeals to rakyat, “Bangkitlah selamatkan Malaysia!”

  1. Bangkitlah wahai Melayu. Selamatkan Malaysia dari penjajahan pendatang harbi hipokrit. Elakkan penjajahan fizikal, spiritual dan minda. Ayuh!!

    1. Melayu bersatu ,adalah sangat-sangat dituntut ,bagi kepentingan umah , bukan turun dijalanan bagi mezahirkan sokongan kapada pimpinan Melayu yang kini dilihat akan membawa kehanchuran kapada Melayu itu sendiri.

      Kalau menyokong ,biar tujuan dan matalamat tu jelas .

  2. Dear helen,at least the “racist” perkasa and isma leaders are still trying to control and put the racial flame triggered by dapsters and their fanatic supporters down, as they realized how real and serious the anger and wrath of ordinary malays (note that i am excluding so called liberal and progressive malays; they are merely syok sendiri, irrelevant to us and have no place in our hearts) towards xxxx race, irrespective of xxxx race’s political stands. Nobody dares to talk about doing bad things to another race openly as sedition act still exists (and now is being investigated by kl cops under such act), that’s why your friend sarah noted that her malay fb friends remained silent bout the upcoming rally. Just recently the bukit bendera grand tokong lim iguana eng is trying to put a blame to both mca and gerakan for the current mess, which is clearly due to dapsters’ fault. Maybe i should try to persuade the rally goers to change the site of the rally from BB to Georgetown and not to forget, in front of the grand tokong’s mansion.

  3. In both scenarios, there will be dungus. Red ka, yellow ka,…but it seems the RED is wining on the dunguness this time.

    Sorry lah RED shirt..hangpa ja yg syiok duk kata hangpa wakil Melayu…

  4. “Look ma, no keris”

    How many people in Malaysia can actually own a keris? In fact only the rich Tai Tais can afford to own one, of course not to kill anything but as a silly ornament in their house for their friends to ogle at. Or some cikgu’s farewell gift from Royal Selangor.

    Perhaps the protesters would use the letter opener keris as weapons as this can be easily purchased at most stationery shops.

    So why the vilification?

  5. Too busy to monitor soc med but I got into arguments with Chinese and Indian friends and relatives over this.

    Anyways, I concluded with the question of why it was ok for 90% Chinese yellow shirts but not ok for mostly Malay red shirts – both of which are illegal by law?

    What lanciau double standards are you all practising?

    Cue sour faces to which I say to hell with.

    1. Indian,

      It is called Law of physics. For every action, there is opposite and equal response.

      In social term it is called “taking bull by its horn’. In Malay community, it is perceived as ‘ cari gaduh’.

      These BERSIH 4 worshippers have no qualm testing the patience of Malays to the limit. They simply refuse to acknowledge that stomping on Najib and Hadi’s photo will naturally invite reaction as both are leading Malay politicians.

      They simply refuse advice that Malays are questioning why not BERSIH holds its demonstration on heart of Chinese settlement, Bukit Bintang. They simply ignore reality the fact that almost 90% participants are Chinese ae ,manifestation of Malay avoidance of such a demonstration as they(Malays) view it as anti Malay.

      They simply refuse to accept reality that even before 1MDB and RM2.6 billion cases, they(The chinese) has already rejected UMNO(meaning Malay led government) in PRU and followed by massive Blackout attendance. They are encourage by support from reject malay politicians like Mohd Sabu or even from once their nemesis, Tun Dr Mahathir.

      They continue to mock the Malays who want to demonstrate by questioning Malay motive. They try to pacify themselves that it is the Malays who are racist. They after chiding UMNO left right and centre now call UMNO to cancel the demonstration.

      THEY HAVE OPENED THE PANDORA BOX. And now they “GELABAH” as Malays are playing the game they thought exclusively theirs.

      Suddenly the reasons they ignore such as it is very disruptive to business or invite racial clash are mentioned. Why on earth they not heeding to such advices when they planned BERSIH 4?

      AS Malays have had enough with “Cina kurang ajar” and their anger increases with UMNO’s indifference, Malays decide to show some force. It put UMNO into spot light. If UMNO prohibits, UMNO will be chided for being tough on Malays only. If UMNO supports it, again it will be accused of playing racial card by DAP. NOT THAT IT was not accused of racism by DAP even though the latter(DAP) is the one that is racist to the core.

      Malay demonstration affects UMNO more. It shows Malays are willing to break rank with UMNO if it refuses to appreciate malay concern.

      Personally I have had enough with DAP and its worshippers. DAP has brought Chinese to collide with malays .

      Dan jika saya PM, saya tarik balik kewarganegaraan budak kurang ajar yg pijak gambar PM dan Hadi. Termasuk kewarganegaraan mak bapa dia sekali. macam mana dia bela anak sampai jadi kurang ajar begini.

      1. Simply refuse…= living in denial of realities.

        There’s always a price to pay for delusional stupidity and abject arrogance (Newton’s Law jugak).

        Btw, tarik balik kewarganegaraan tak ada dalam FedCon, I think.

        1. Indian,

          What given can be taken back. Even if it not in the Constitution, it still can be done.

            1. Iron can be bent Helen. Any fed con can be amended as long as there is 2/3 majority in dewan rakyat and dewan negara. See art 159 & 161e. Quite a bit had been amended up till today. All the more reasons not to ever ever ever let the lims or their proxies have a taste of federal power.

      2. Very well articulated write up and for “Dan jika saya PM, saya tarik balik kewarganegaraan budak kurang ajar yg pijak gambar PM dan Hadi. Termasuk kewarganegaraan mak bapa dia sekali. macam mana dia bela anak sampai jadi kurang ajar begini.”
        Communism has always and will always be part of their DNA.

        Continue to write.

  6. All because of the Lim’s family, 2 types of chinese are created in Malaysia.
    1. Malaysian chinese
    2. DAP chinese.

    Not all Malaysian chinese are DAP.
    All DAP chinese are DAP.

    What is a DAP chinese?
    Answer: A DAP chinese is very arrogant and kiasu in actions and
    words. He/She will treat you like an enemy if you
    diagree with him/her. His/Her philosophy is “Either you are
    with me or against me”. He /She is a very Great Pretender
    who thrives on sympathy and false popularity.
    Good example of DAP chinese :- LKS, LGE and Hannah Mama.

    What is a Malaysian chinese?
    Answer: Opposite of a DAP chinese.

    1. Equalizer,

      Then what Chinese are waiting for? Why must they(the chinese) lock themselves with Lim Dynasty?

      If they back Lim Dynasty, they are actually supporting a racist party that is at war with Malays.

      1. “If they back Lim Dynasty, they are actually supporting a racist party that is at war with Malays.”

        As opposed to supporting a racist party that favours the Malays over themselves. I know you guys over here have got an eye patch on and are not the most objective even during the best of times, but please lah…

        If you were a non Malay, would you vote for a party that treats you as lower class citizen? Think about it.

        1. Explain to me this lower class citizen please. I’ve heard the phrase used so many times but I haven’t come across any explanation of what a lower class citizen is.

          Let’s take a look at some citizenship rights and responsibilities:
          1. Citizenship. Are Chinese Malaysian children born to Malaysian citizens denied being citizens of Malaysia?

          2. Voting rights. Are Chinese Malaysian citizens not allowed to vote?

          3. Right to education. Are Chinese Malaysian citizens deprived of education? What’s that? No funding for Chinese schools?

          4. Right to healthcare. Do Chinese Malaysian citizens have to pay and pay more than the bumiputeras for public healthcare?

          5. Right to property ownership. Are Chinese Malaysian citizens not allowed to own properties in Malaysia? Oh yes that’s right, bumis get discounts. But Chinese Malaysian developers found a solution didn’t they? They price the houses so high that even with the discounts bumis still cannot afford.

          6. Right to business ownership. Yes this one is a tough one. It took more than 50 years for one Malay guy to break into the monopoly of distribution and wholesaling of sugar.. And that one Malay chap has been vilified by the one segment of the citizens of Malaysia.

          7. Social rights? Religious freedom? Are Chinese Malaysian citizens restricted from these?

          I’m sorry you’ve been brought up to believe that you are a second class citizen, just as I am sorry that same Malays grew up to believe that they are entitled to special treatments.

          But the truth is, I worked really hard to get my scholarship and when I got my scholarship the Chinese Malaysians still say that I got it because I’m Malay and not because I worked my ass off to collect all those As that I got in my MCE. And when I worked for a Chinese company I had to work 14-hour days to get as much bonus as my Chinese counterparts who seemed to breezed through the office.

          Why don’t you really sieve through the history of this country and read through all the statistics about the population and wealth and other indicators and open your mind to the possibility that you have been lied to all these years to come to the belief that you are a second class citizen?

          1. ‘They price the houses so high that even with the discounts bumis still cannot afford.’

            Haiya Bumi Lots susah nak jual balik anyway. So apa guna?!

          2. Discount on houses is a a real thing, no matter what sort of a spin you put on it. How the Chinese contractors manipulate it is secondary, the government has employed affirmative policies on the purchasing of new developments.

            Same goes with Bumi interest rates. I don’t even know what the Fixed Deposit rates are atm, but it was as high as 30% at one stage. 10–12% right now? Still a lot higher than the 3% earned by the non bumis. My cousin, who is a bumi actually suggested that we pool our money together and dump it into his account to earn a higher interest. Whatever it is, you can’t argue that the minorities are getting the same benefits.

            Government contracts are highly skewed towards bumis, just ask any business person. This is a fact and there is no way you can deny this.

            This is a real concern for non bumis, orangkampung. I am just telling you the viewpoint from the other side, and perhaps you and the rest here will understand why UMNO will never be the party of choice among the non Malays anymore.

            Take a trip to to an overseas university, and go to the Malaysian residence. Just observe the recipients of Government scholarships. I kid you not, 90% of the people you see will be Malays.

            Whether you choose to accept it, refute it, or spin it is not my concern. The fact of the matter is that the minorities actually feel like they are 2nd class. UMNO is a racist party, and there is no way any honest person can argue against that. Accept it.

            I actually endorse subsiding some of the population who are really in need. But it has to be done based on income levels/earnings and irrespective of race.

            1. Government policies are not made in a vacuum. There are considerations. Sure, government projects are skewed towards bumis but have you considered that you can’t build without procuring equipment, building materials etc. Take a look at Master Builders Association, Heavy Construction Equipment Owners Association, Building Materials Association and look closely at the past and current committees, not a single bumi. So giving a bumi a contract who then has to procure everything from the Chinese, who do you think determines the final prices of the contracts?

              The reality of education. Did you know that the British excluded bumis from access access to basic education? While their non-Bumi counterparts entered the English, Chinese and Tamil schools as early as 1816, the first Malay schools were only established in 1856 and only up to standard 4. By comparison, the non-Bumis could finish up to Form 5 and majority would further their studies overseas – or if they so choose would enter Raffles or King Edward VII Medical College in Singapore. The disadvantaged Bumi students meanwhile had to wait until 1922 before even dreaming of going into limited places at the Sultan Idris Training College (SITC) in Tanjung Malim.

              Malay College was opened in 1905 and that was to the elite Malays so as to appease the royalty. Did you know that only in 1930 did the British open its doors to a select number of elite Malay students in their schools? The first Malay secondary school, Sekolah Alam Shah opened its doors in 1963 and the first batch of Malay medium students graduated from the University of Malaya in 1968. There was only one Malay student in the Engineering Department and 3 others in the Medical Faculty of University of Malaya in 1970.

              So when the government put in place their affirmative action plan it was not without basis. And you should be pleased to know that Najib implemented the meritocracy for scholarships when he became PM which in 2012 saw only 16 out of 50 Bumi recipients for national scholarships.

              Based on the 2013 statistic by the Ministry of Higher Education, out of 78,936 Malaysian students overseas, only 30% or 24,815 were sponsored by the government and Mara and other GLCs. The rest are privately sponsored and pay their own way. Do you know the largest private sponsors are Chinese corporations and associations?

              So can you blame the Bumis for their insecurities?

              1. Orang Kampung why bother layan the guy. He is no Amy Chua of Yale. Certainly can’t reason enough with the guy.

                Amy Chua on affirmative actions, WTJ and DAP love to hate!

                ‘I discuss, not just wildly and enthusiastically, but there are “affirmative action” policies for the majority. It shouldn’t be called affirmative action, but Malaysia and South Africa are exploring or have programs to try to spread the wealth to their majorities. There are a lot of economic costs to that. It’s certainly not that efficient. You’re going to lose some growth, but I think it might be the better way. At least, markets might be sustainable. It’s more stable. So I advocate ways to spread the wealth, and I also ask for voluntary generosity on the part of the successful market dominant minorities.

                So that they should think about the implications of where they stand in the system and how they might alter some policies to have redistributive consequences?’


                1. Amy Chua’s aunt was a Filipino and part of the elite and wealthy minority living in walled-off, gated Chinese communities.

                  The snooty rich Chinese there are hugely disliked – often victims of kidnap – because of the disdain with which they treated their native workers.

                  Aunt Leona was butchered by her chauffeur, aided and abetted by her two maids. See,

                  1. The late aunt was bloody racist too.

                    ‘my Aunt Leona, who laughed affectionately and explained that the Filipino servants were fortunate to be working for our family. If not for their positions, they would be living among rats and open sewers.’

                    Same thinking la these Cinas. Here most says, the Malays should be grateful for the Cinas, datang sini, build the economy or otherwise will forever tinggal atas pokok. Betul ke Helen?

                    ‘“(Jamal) forgets. If not for the Chinese, he would still be walking in sarong and eating tapioca just like his grandfather and great great grandfather in Indon. Ungrateful idiots,” – See more at:

                    Betul ke statement kat atas tu Helen? Wonder what Cina, all 100% of them will make of it? Senyap je?

                    Cakap Cina.

                    ‘A Filipino maid then walked in; she had a bowl of food for my aunt’s Pekingese. My aunt took the bowl but kept talking as if the maid were not there. The Filipinos, she continued – in Chinese, but not caring whether the maid understood or not – were lazy and unintelligent.’

                    Same here la Helen. No wonder Mandarin is (still) the best policy, despite Malaysian 1st bla-bla-bla. But then again, dah agak dah.

                2. “Certainly can’t reason enough with the guy.’

                  Islam1st, as usual, you are the unreasonable one who is so biased that your views are always taken with a a grain of salt. I have stated a fact – UMNO favours the Malays, and I think we all agree with this. You can justify it in every such way as to why these policies are needed etc, but it is still a fact.

                  And the fact remains that any person who is not a recipient of these benefits will feel somewhat aggrieved and will most likely not vote for the party implementing them, especially since these people are paying the same level of taxes etc. It’s human nature, Islam1st. Can’t you understand this basic concept? I feel like I am talking to a brick wall half the time when engaging with you.

                  Next time, before getting angry with the non Malays for abandoning UMNO, why don’t you consider the facts of the situation and perhaps you will understand why this is the case.

                  1. This basic concept you are talking about sounds very much like greed and jealousy. Consider this, what if your neighbor is married to a beautiful, sexier woman than your wife. You and he had paid the same amount of money for the ring, for the wedding, to the priest, bought the same kind of house(neighbors, remember?), same kind of car, renovate the house and yadda yadda yadda. Would you be aggrieved if you are not the recipient of benefits she would accorded to her husband?

                    I would like to conclude that, according to the same basic concept you brought forward, it is a FACT that non malays are jealous of the malays and is greedy for what the malays have.
                    Someone eyeballing my wife is enough to get me angry but WWJD WTJ, WWJD?

                  2. “This basic concept you are talking about sounds very much like greed and jealousy”

                    I know from now on not to waste my time arguing with an infantile such as yourself. I used to think that you were a little bit deluded, not very bright and a bit confused. Now I know that you are also a racist and have no idea about the concept of justice. You have just exposed your stupidity to everyone on this blog.

                    1. Infantile, deluded, not very bright, a bit confused, racist, no idea of the concept of justice and stupid. Why do you always resort to belittling people when you cannot give a viable retort? Cant you be a little more sporting and or is winning that important to you that manners goes out the windows?

                      If you got valid point to refute what i say please do share, if not just shutting up would suffice. If you want to keep spewing venom, two can play at this game.

                    2. ‘You have just exposed your stupidity to everyone on this blog.’

                      Same goes to you.

                      It seems that everyone else that disagree with you, WTJ, is either, a kid, an infantile or a 13 year old girl. Can you stop the bully already, we are not drunkards are we?

                    3. “Why do you always resort to belittling people when you cannot give a viable retort?”

                      Didn’t you call me a retard on the other thread? Your hypocrisy has not gone unnoticed.

                      Viable retort? Equating the argument for equality among races races, especially ones that have been here for multiple generations with the pathetic analogy of the neighbour’s wife actually doesn’t even warrant a bad retort. It’s so silly and shows the levels that you have to resort to in order to win an argument.

                      Besides, I have already explained myself earlier on in this thread, and there’s no point in repeating myself to someone who refuses to see reason.

                      Look on the bright side though, at least your friend, Islam1st is on your side. That must be comforting.

                      Just admit it man, you’re a racist who can’t stand the idea of everyone being treated fairly and equally. It’s clear for everyone to see.

                    4. You are a retard…and i did present a point or two to refute whatever standard evangelist retort you spewed back then. Unlike you, just with the belittling, the labelling and nothing but that. Come on bro. Attack the idea, not the person. I might be a racist bigoted religionist, but so are you at the other end of the spectum. So please have something valuable to say before you say it, don’t do it for the sake of having the last word. It shows us the innate retarded racist bigoted jealous greedy bully you are, just as clearly as you see me. But if you insist to have the last word, just say something below. ;)

                  3. ‘before getting angry with the non Malays for abandoning UMNO’

                    I’m not.

                    ‘it is a FACT that non malays are jealous of the malays and is greedy for what the malays have’

                    I think so too. Most of them. ABU and the rest of the hates are due to this. Despite the fact that ‘the Bumiputera have the least wealth compared to other ethnic groups’*

                    *The Colour Of Inequality-Muhammad Abdul Khalid

                    Like this Cina.

                    ‘Malaysia was only meant to use the New Economic Policy (NEP) for two decades as an emergency measure and now has to shift to helping the poorest citizens regardless their ethnicity, economist Prof Datuk Dr Woo Wing Thye has said. – See more at:

                    Blatant hate for ‘153’ must stop. Bottom 40% are being help, I think. Although in Malaysia, as with all things, it may not be as thorough as it should have been. Having said that, I must stressed, the non Malays are not the only victim. In fact the Malays are its biggest victim. Yet being the most tidak apa, as usual, they rarely complaint. And even if they did, are easily being satisfied by the alternatives, presented to them.

                    But then again I’m only this, kan WTJ?!

                  4. “Unlike you, just with the belittling, the labelling and nothing but that.”

                    You are giving yourself way too much credit if you think the neighbour’s wife analogy deserves any sort of retort. So sorry, but that was the biggest load of bs I have ever read – even surpasses your baseless Nicaea claims.The fact that you thought it was an intelligent argument in the first place is a major worry.

                    I can understand Malays wanting the status quo to remain, as it clearly benefits them, but please don’t make out the others as being greedy for wanting to be treated as equals. You lose all credibility when you argue against logic.

                    Also, please don’t ever engage with me again. I really don’t like debating with people I consider to be bigots.

                    1. Islam1st,you need to be consistent otherwise I will be inclined to dismiss you as well.I know you guys appear to be cyberspace besties, but be fair lah.

                      I call it the way I see it. If it’s not pro Malay, AE is not happy.

                      AE has been rubbishing Christianity from day one with his claims about its pagan roots etc, and I am fine with it as long as he backs it up with proper proof. I have on a whole mainly targeted Muslims and Islamic bodies in Malaysia rather than Islam itself, and it’s no different to how most here target the evangelicals and Catholics (to a lesser degree).

                      The only thing that grates me with how the religion is practiced in Malaysia is in its refusal to allow its followers to freely decide if they want to pursue another belief system. I think I am entitled to comment on this as I am not concocting untruths and have the right to express my take on this.

                      He is also just as quick with the name calling but gets upset when he’s at the receiving end. He made a childish remark about his father being a better man than mine, and I did let it slide

                      I don’t recall you checking him on any of those points. Why the double standards? I also don’t actually recall responding to either AE or your thread starters over the last few months, you guys are the ones who constantly seem buttthurt enough to feel the need to respond to mine. If you think my comments are immature, simply don’t respond.

                      And let me ask you something, how does anyone retort to his analogy of the prettier neighbour’s wife? The only retort that I could think of was that it was bloody stupid, I really don’t know what else to say to that. Do you?

        2. Where’s the Justice,

          “..treat you as lower class citizen…

          As I said earlier, I am fully aware why sultan of Brunei refuses to accord citizenship to Chinese in brunei. His majesty made a very wise decision.

          The truth is that DAP wants everything for chinese. And in pursuit of its greed, it is putting chinese on collision course with malays.

        3. Better a first class PR than a second class citizen, right?

          Whoever feels like a second class citizen should just go elsewhere. They will be unpatriotic, unruly and will not contribute towards building the nation. They will always feels like a victim and paranoid about their rights being trampled by the govt or the imagined first class. Nothing positive can be produced by these kind of people.
          However, they might be useful serving another country. I hope the government can help these second class citizen achieve what WTJ had achieved by becoming a first class Permanent Resident of another country. Thanks to WTJ for showing the way forward.

    2. Equalizer. Sir, the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP was created by the retreating and defeated PAP in 1966. Since 1966 to 2015, the leadership did nothing which contributed to the National Development Effort. An elected DAP member would have collected RM 2 Million or more tax free and legally since 1966. This is why we have political dynasties in Malaysia and around the World. It is a good source of living. Why study so hard ? It is just the gift of the gab !

  7. Petikan dari Selangor Kini di atas: “Status Hannah sempena sambutan Kemerdekaan dan Hari Malaysia itu juga mengajak ibu bapa memainkan peranan menyemai semangat cintakan negara di kalangan anak-anak.

    “Bercakaplah dengan anak-anak tentang harapan dan impian kita untuk Malaysia, juga tentang rasuah serta sebarang ketidakadilan.”

    Agaknya selama ini bila Puan Speaker memberi ceramah di sekolah dan IPT inilah perkara-perkara yang ditekankan. Dan apabila dia melalui media sosialnya mengajak semua orang turun padang pakai baju Bersih tempoh hari, tak hairanlah bila seruannya disahut oleh ramai anak-anak muda terutamanya dari golongan Cina. Saya perhatikan Puan Speaker telah dinobatkan sebagai ikon terulung oleh The Star.

    Dan apabila anak-anak muda ini menunjukkan kebencian mereka terhadap pemimpin Melayu dengan memijak gambar PM, kenapa ikon mereka senyap?

    “Ayah kepada remaja perempuan yang memijak gambar Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak dan Presiden Pas, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang telah meminta maaf atas perbuatan anaknya.

    Ayah kepada remaja itu berkata, dia dan isteri tidak tahu anaknya yang berumur 14 tahun telah menyertai perhimpunan Bersih 4.0. Katanya, anaknya menyertai perhimpunan tersebut bersama kawan yang lain dan tidak bermalam di tempat perhimpunan.” (

    Dan dengan budibicara IGP, kes ini pun tertutup hanya dengan permohonan maaf. Tapi hati Melayu yang terguris, bagaimana?

    Keangkuhan dan kebiadapan kaum Cina yang mesra Dap ini bermula dengan kemenangan mereka pada PRU 2008. Setelah menawan Pulau Pinang, Selangor dan Perak, mereka mula mangatur langkah ke Putrajaya. Mereka mulakan dengan peperangan agama, menuntut kalimah Allah dan secara langsung melagakan bumiputera Melayu Islam di Semenanjung dengan bumiputera bukan Islam di Sabah/Sarawak.

    Dan sejak itu serangan mereka tidak putus-putus, samada secara langsung seperti Bersih atau secara halus seperti berceramah di Masjid. Dan penyokong mereka juga memberi sokongan padu dengan serangan individu seperti kes Namewee, BKT dan yang terbaru anjing di Tesco.

    Dan sekarang sekumpulan Melayu tidak boleh duduk diam lagi dan menganjurkan jalan-jalan pakai baju merah. (Yalah, tak semua orang cantik pakai baju kuning, tapi warna merah sesuai dengan semua warna kulit.)

    Tak payahlah nak besar-besarkan PMM ini, kita duduk tengok sajalah kalau kita tak setuju macam ramai orang buat masa Bersih 4. Kita doa dan harap tidak berlaku kekecohan. Tapi kalau pun berlaku kekecohan, maafkanlah melayu-melayu ini. Maklumlah mereka terikut-ikut kawan mereka.

    1. Salam orangkampung

      maaf, part ni saya kurang setuju:

      “secara langsung melagakan bumiputera Melayu Islam di Semenanjung dengan bumiputera bukan Islam di Sabah/Sarawak.”

      kalau tanya Orang Muslim belah sana ( ramai teman2 belah2 sana…maklumlah kami orang minyak :D ), takdak pun perlagaan yg di war2 kan

      tapi yg bab ni saya setuju

      “Tak payahlah nak besar-besarkan PMM ini, kita duduk tengok sajalah kalau kita tak setuju macam ramai orang buat masa Bersih 4. Kita doa dan harap tidak berlaku kekecohan. Tapi kalau pun berlaku kekecohan, maafkanlah melayu-melayu ini. Maklumlah mereka terikut-ikut kawan mereka.”

      lagi2 la, ketua depa tu….kita mintak tgk balik rekod dia mcmana si Jamal ni :D

    1. Never miss any opportunity for self-promotion and she asked “tolong viralkan” lagi.

      Are the J-Star editors gonna tweet 10 times?

  8. Ms H. Now that the erstwhile followers of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP have raised the ire of the many unknown dragons by taunting them, have they got an answer to maintain or guarantee stability, peace and harmony for all the innocent Rakyat who were not involved in their fun and games which is their version of politics ?

  9. In other news. Now a cosplay fashion with a hijab. Goodness.
    “Until now. Pictures of young Muslim women incorporating Japanese Lolita fashion with their traditional hijab head scarves have been exploding in popularity online. Could this start a new trend toward Muslim idol groups and cosplay conventions?

    It’s important to note that the photos of the Muslim women showing off their Lolita fashion skills on Twitter don’t originate from the Middle East; they’re actually photos of Muslim women in England and California. But you’ve got to start somewhere, so maybe the trends they set will pick up momentum in other Muslim regions around the world.”


    Hannah should try this, since she like to hijab.

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