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Isma sues Eric Paulsen for RM3 million

Isma wants to teach a lesson to those who are “celupar” against Islam. So it is suing Eric Paulsen RM3 million for defamation.

According to the Muslim NGO, case mention has been fixed on Oct 5 in the High Court.

BELOW: Isma’s letter of demand sent previously, click to enlarge

Isma saman Paulsen

On Jan 9 this year, Paulsen tweeted “Yes, if Govt continues to support or close an eye to extremist groups like Isma & Perkasa” in relation to a Malaysiakini news report that a Charlie Hebdo-like massacre could happen in our country.

Isma’s lawyers said that Paulsen’s tweet implied that the NGO has “the tendency to be extreme”.

Aside from implying that Isma is extremist, Paulsen also imputes Isma members to be pendatang (aliens) – see below.

Paulsen Isma Pluto

Planet Zoid

Dua kali lima

Paulsen is Hannah Yeoh’s kindred spirit.

He and she and their loyar burok friends simply accuse people of being extreme and stupid – see Ambiga’s Twitter exchange with Paulsen and Hannah below.

BELOW: Kelana Jaya MCA Youth chairman Lee You Hin reminding Hannah Yeoh not to simply accuse

@EricPaulsen101 @hannahyeoh Ambiga


Evangelista’s venomous tongue always simply accusing

Like Paulsen, it’s high time that Hannah ‘Munafiq’ Yeoh is taught a lesson too.

See @hannahyeoh tweet below about racist NGO that is “so extreme”.

The condescending loyar buroks also believe other people “say the stupidest things”, and that’s why Hannah is so self-conscious that other people have caught on to how stupid she really is – see her tweet below.

Twitter - hannahyeoh- the weather is behaving racist

the government thinks I am stupid

Hannah extreme views

hannah caption extreme


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

17 thoughts on “Isma sues Eric Paulsen for RM3 million

  1. The extremists themselves calling others, non-extremists extreme, just to cover up their extremism. That is just an old tactics by the dapsters. To this group of aliens or Plutonians, politics has no bounds.Everything is legal to them, their ends justify the means.

    1. Wawe,

      White men say “take bull by its horn”.

      ISMA did the right thing. ISMA shows gut in facing DAP or Eric or any extremists.

      1. Good! Let the courts decide.

        After all, the rule of law is paramount.

        Whether it’s “guts”, “bravado” or “standing up for one’s principles” is another issue.

  2. Wonder how would an Islamic NGO justify themselves to be worth RM 3 million?

    ISMA is afterall not reliant on its brand name for profit.

    1. I guess the same wame way Anwar, the Lims and other opposition leaders justify their million dollar suits against Utusan and Mahathir and other parties?

      1. HH,

        In Malaysia come easy , you organize Bersih ,you could easily collect 2 + million in a short notice ,as what the organizer says .

        Going through court proceeding is actually more difficult ,it’s may take years .

      2. Orangkampung

        Those you mentioned are personal libel suit.

        The irony is a purported non-profit organization asking for RM3 million to compensate their name. A brand name that essentially suffered no financial losses because, ahem, it’s a non-profit .org.

        Usually an apology and reimbursement of legal cost would suffice.

    2. Muslims money is important sekadar sederhana saja. When Muslims die all these worldly possession talak ikut sama kecuali amalan diri, doa2 anak yg soleh dan SEDEKAH dari harta benda, itu saja…

      My Apek neighbour hali2 cakap talak wang, Malaysia mau bankrupt, susah mau cali makan.. Tapi semalam lia potong lua ekoq khinzir kasi offering sama Hungry ghost, macam2 hampers dan luit kasi bakar.

      Itu macam memang saman RM3m tarak cukup wan.

    1. Are you using the Singapore PAP as a role model?

      My, my – how times have changed!

      Maybe you will be saying that equality and meritocracy are the way to go, hmm?

    1. Don’t jump the gun, brudder.

      Let’s wait and see how the court case turns out and whether it will be taken on appeal all the way up to the apex court.

      That also you dunno, ah?

      Unless you are advocating pre-empting the due process of law?

      But I am sure that a honest and decent Malaysian like yourself would not countenance such nefarious actions, would you?

      1. ‘Don’t jump the gun, brudder.’

        Lu bodoh ka? Atau lu buta meh? Itu HH yang sulah jump the gun maa? Itu mata sepet punya pasai lu tamau tegur dia meh??

        Lu suluh dia tunggu la, itu pun tatau meh? Can baca or not kiasu lang like you? SIAW!

        1. And your point is what?

          That you know what the verdict will be through some feat of precognition or by an ability to time-travel into the future?

          Isn’t that right, brudder?

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