Kit Siang doesn’t know when to shut up

Grandpapa Dapster Lim Kit Siang said today the Red Shirts rally “will only make the Malays in Malaysia the laughing stock of the world”. See latest entry in his blog.

Kit Siang also said “the ‘Kebangkitan Maruah Melayu’ rally represents the worst in Malaysia – the racist, intolerant and bigoted in the country”.

He said this in his speech last night in Johor Baru at the launch of new political party Amanah’s Johor chapter – see below.

For everybody’s sake, when will the Dapster family learn to heed ‘The Sound of Silence‘?

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17 thoughts on “Kit Siang doesn’t know when to shut up

  1. Dear Helen,

    I am sure LKS knows exactly what he is doing. That cunning old man is at his best. Fuel the anger. When the ugly thing happens…. No I was not there. I was away in Timbuktu… Sound fimiliar to me.

    Nenek Kampung

  2. LKS is the greatest hypocrite and pretender ever to land in Malaysia. He and his good ‘boy’ son are the ones throwing stones and hiding their hands and then accusing the stupid MCA of racial disharmony.

    How can the ISA be abolished when we have such types of people in Malaysia? The youths had been brainwashed to hate anything that is Malaysia just because these bastards wanted to illegally take over the running of the country with the help of the No.1 traitor who is in jail now.

    Mr. Najib, by abolishing ISA, you have opened a pandora’s box full of poisons put there by the opposition as a trap. The Sedition Act is weak for instant deterrent of racial and economy chaos.

    The Red shirt Rally will not be peaceful if PKR and DAP are involved. The police must make sure that there is no sabotage by the opposition as LKS & LGE had already blamed BN for “Red shirt Rally violence”. I can see through their evil manoeuvres.

  3. Highest patriotism for love of nation regardless of race religion???? it does matter. Chinese Chinese Chinese (and a few piddle spots of Indians and Malays).

    Bersih failed, Lim Kit Siang, It failed. The world has better things to do than to pay attention to a bunch of yellow livered yellow shirts. But It will pay attention to the threats you and Ambiga pose in your continued attempts at overthrowing government outside of the ballot box.

    The term “laughing stock of the world” is an overused cliched statement by a narcissistic Bersih and the opposition who believe the whole world is paying attention to their crap. They are fooled into believing everything they do is of some significance to the world.

    Anwar is in jail. His party is in tatters. PAS is negotiating a coalition with the Barisan via UMNO and this old fart continues to play with his fiddle whilst the opposition’s castles in the sky (or is it in the sand) burn.

  4. The normal people of the outside world won’t even bother about what happens in Malaysia. It is only those who have bad intention bad mouthing this country. Their normal citizens are busy with their normal chores. What do they care about lim kit who, or ambi..bab.. who with their antics.
    During my encounter with them, they are very sensible people, who respect individuals and their rights. They won’t simply accept rubbish stuff as continuosly spewed by the dapsters. They might even wonder why would citizens of a country are being so stupid as to redicule their own country.
    Do not disredit the foreignors and international community. they are not buying rubbish staff as promoted by the opposition.

  5. Yes. LKS shouldn’t have said anything. Fucking Melayus are totally useless, organize a tiny rally also got so many chibai stories and press statement.

    I mean they fucking run this resource rich and wonderful country to the ground in the last 50 years… Some more want to rally for fuck ah?
    Rally to bitch about what?

    Chibai, all should just jump into Muar river. And the reporter and politicians are stupid too. Go and comment for fuck meh… Just keep quiet and all these monkeys will just trip allover themselves.

    Protect dignity my ass. Just stop shooting yourself is good enough already la.

    Nabe. What a joke.

  6. Melayu need the rally to be a laughing stock meh?

    Nabe LKS never read the news isit?

    They have been laughing stock for a long time already la dey. Nabe, everyday I get up I laugh my ass off. Good for health you know?

  7. He took his son LEG once to the mainland to visit his brother in law right? Just like my jiran Apek.. 3yrs ago his late papa also took him back to the mainland to visit the sister. So many similiarities dengan jiran Apek I.

    Apek jiran saya when his dogs bite my little kittens (sampai mati) he always will blame my cats for making his dog angry. When his five kids don’t perform in SMK (peralihan from SJKC) he will bebel that all Malay teachers are so stupid donno how to teach. Blaming others for almost everything, even animals are not spared.

    Haiyaaa Amma Appa..

    1. I think some decorum is mandatory when communicating in cyberspace. Otherwise one may end up as the proverbial donkey which brays like the ignoramus it is.

  8. Helen, seems like the alphabet soup has been dumped here and they are forming some very nasty words clumps.

    1. Yup.

      What are ‘they’ up to? Seriously asking.

      The attacks on Najib are no longer even veiled. These past few days it’s been like a blitzkrieg.

      And WCW is being oh so brazen.

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