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The majority silent because they’re konpius

Basic journalism pivots on the 5W1H questions.

If one were to apply the ‘What, Who, When, Why, Where and How’ questions to the Red Shirts rally, the asker would definitely get himself lost and end up in Confusion Central, what with the thick haze shrouding the Klang Valley these few days.


And who knew that Umno Malays are even greater believers in the UBAH mantra than the DAP Chinese. Here, bend your mind around all the perplexing changes that have beset the Red Shirts rally.


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16 Sept 2015 (Nih soalan ehsan, disedekahkan markah penuh)


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KISS: Keep It Short & Sweet

Communications Minister Salleh Said Keruak yesterday admonished “the noisy minority” who keep screaming and shouting their displeasure in the social media.

In truth, the Dapsters are able to scream and shout endlessly because they’re consistent. They have one message only – “BN wicked! BN wicked! BN wicked!” – and they keep repeating that one idea in a never-ending loop. It’s called keeping things simple.

(NOTE: Tun Faisal – above – is an advisor/panel pemikir to Jabatan Hal Ehwal Khas (JASA) in the Prime Minister’s Dept)

Salleh Keruak tried to remind the “noisy minority” that the urbanites’ monopoly of the Internet does not mean that they truly represent the majority viewpoint. They’re just loud and aggressive, that’s all, and hell-bent moreover on intimidating the “silent majority”.

Truth to tell, the minority are very sure-footed in their march to Putrajaya. The confused majority, on the other hand, clearly don’t know whether they’re coming or going. See FMT top news headlines this morning ‘Silat group to wear BLACK at own Sept 16 rally’ – below.

FMT top news

How many rallies are there? Red? Black?

Communications Minister Salleh also commented that the silent majority have shied away from posting their opinions online because they are turned off by the cyberbullies who vilify and insult anyone holding a contrary opinion.

No, actually the real reason the majority are silent is because they’re confused. And you can’t blame them, what with all the conflicting info that they’re being bombarded with. They’re even mixed up over their shirt colour.

At least the Bersih 4.0 participants wore yellow unequivocally, despite that the Dapster family of Grandpapa, Papa and Mama only wore plain yellow T-shirts which did not have the “Bersih” legend printed on it.


Big but weak

The small yellow circle below depicts the “noisy minority” as well as the comparative size of urban Parliament seats. The yellow-shirted MPs are necessarily a minority because only one out of every five Parliament seats is urban.

The large blue circle represents the “silent majority” as well as rural Parliament seats.

Proportionate to the size of the blue circle, it is rural MPs who predominate in the 222-seat Parliament, going by the great number of rural constituencies (i.e. 125 all in all) – see chart.

Parliament seats BN popular vote

Nonetheless, even the advantage conferred by weightage favouring rural seats is not enough to offset the ruling party MPs from getting clobbered by the opposition MPs.

In the last general election, Pakatan won 38 out of the 43 urban seats. Altogether there are a total of 30 Chinese majority seats. For details, see ‘Pakatan menguasai 88 peratus kerusi bandar‘.

Yup, the Chinese-led opposition is the representative voice of city slickers.


Rural-urban divide is the blueprint

Admittedly, it is the opposition also that has a larger share of the suburban or mixed seats which make up roughly a quarter of our Parliament constituencies.

It is only in the rural areas, including the ones in the interior of Sabah and Sarawak, that the BN enjoys any advantage.

The majority of the MPs belonging to PAS – similar to their Umno counterparts – are representing rural areas. Hence following PAS’s recent pullout from the opposition pact, the fault line between the races (Chinese-urban dwellers vs Malays-rural denizens) has become even more pronounced.

BELOW: Yellow denotes urban seats, red the suburban seats while blue is rural

2015 parliament rural urban

NOTE: The chart above incorporates semi-urban Teluk Intan changing hands from DAP to BN in a by-election last year.

Below are details of the 14 PAS Parliamentarians and their wards. They are taking along with them eight rural and five semi-rural seats plus one urban seat in their departure from Pakatan.

Seat MP Constituency
P008 Mahfuz Omar Pokok Sena / rural
P020 Izani Husin Pengkalan Chepa / semi-urban
P021 Takiyuddin Hassan Kota Bharu / urban
P022 Nik Abduh Nik Aziz Pasir Mas / rural
P023 Siti Zailah Yusoff Rantau Panjang / rural
P024 Ahmad Baihaki Atiqullah Kubang Kerian / rural
P025 Ahmad Marzuk Shaary Bachok / semi-urban
P028 Nik Mazian Nik Mohd Pasir Puteh / rural
P035 Khairuddin Razali Kuala Nerus / rural
P037 Hadi Awang Marang / rural
P039 Wan Hassan Ramli Dungun / semi-urban
P059 Idris Ahmad Bukit Gantang / rural
P088 Nasrudin Hassan Temerloh / semi-urban
P101 Che Rosli Che Mat Hulu Langat / semi-urban

On the other side of the break-up, seven MPs are considered to have left or to be estranged from PAS.

Kamarudin Jaffar, the PAS Parliamentarian for Tumpat, has joined PKR. The rest of the PAS renegades are aligned to the evangelista-friendly Amanah – a political outfit earlier called the New Hope Movement.

The seven MPs who are leaving or have already defected from PAS are as follows:

Seat MP Constituency
P019 Kamarudin Jaffar Tumpat / rural
P111 Siti Mariah Mahmud Kota Raja / urban
P113 Hanipa Maidin Sepang / semi-urban
P108 Khalid Samad Shah Alam / urban
P057 Mujahid Yusof Parit Buntar / rural
P036 Raja Kamarul Bahrin K. Terengganu / urban
P031 Hatta Ramli Kuala Krai / rural

The Amanah-linked MPs have three urban seats under their belt – Kota Raja, Shah Alam and state capital Kuala Terengganu.

Do note that Amanah pro-tem deputy chairman Salahuddin Ayub is not a sitting MP. In GE13, he had contested Pulai Parliament seat in Johor which was nevertheless successfully retained by Umno.

Another prominent Erdogan, Husam Musa, is a PAS state assemblyman in Kelantan and not an MP.

There were 5.76 million registered voters in the rural areas for GE13. Urban voters numbered 3.56 million while suburban voters were 3.95 million.

Rural voters still comprise the biggest chunk of the electorate in the country. Nonetheless, they’re the silent majority and nowhere near as well-organized as the “noisy minority” urban crowd.

Bersih 4 vuvuzuela

Chun Wai wants Reds rally organizers arrested by police

“So will the Malay rally be a case of big talk and small numbers?”, asks a J-Star columnist.

In his column today, Star Media Group CEO Wong Chun Wai urged the police to arrest the organizers of the Red Shirt rally – see passage from his article, below.

Click to enlarge

Wong Chun Wai 13 Sept 2015

The EvangeliSTAR boss also hinted that the difference between the Bersih 4.0 assembly and the Red Shirt planned gathering is that the latter “smacks of racism”.

Chun Wai is somewhat reticent to confess that he himself personally believes the Sept 16 event “smacks of racism”. Instead he hedges by inserting the disclaimer that “at least according to some news reports”, the Red Shirt gathering smacks of racism.

Hannah Yeoh colour blind

Chun Wai: “Politicians can also be disposed”

Communications Minister Salleh Said Keruak might be interested in this next passage from Chun Wai’s article. It smells like the ‘smoking gun’ – finally furnishing a sliver of ‘proof’ that the MCA-owned media has been sneakily inclining to the opposition ever since the game-changing GE12 on 8 March 2008.

Chun Wai wrote:

“It was carnival-like [at Bersih 4.0] although our leaders naturally found themselves mocked, as in all protests.

“Our politicians should stop expecting to be revered like an almighty. They can walk around with their entourage of political hangers-on and groupies, with their false sense of importance but really, those days are over.

“Don’t expect the people to be their ­servants as it should be the other way around. Politicians can be elected but they can also be disposed.”

The arrogance of his tone does sound as if consummate lalang Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai is already anticipating the end of days for Najib.

It is likely that the noisy minority are better informed seeing as how the silent majority remain quite confused.

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45 thoughts on “The majority silent because they’re konpius

  1. ……in truth, the Dapsters are able to scream and shout endlessly because they’re consistent. They have one message only – “BN wicked! BN wicked! BN wicked!” – and they keep repeating that one idea in a never-ending loop…..

    Actually Cik Helen we have to understand their backgrounds, asal usul mali mana and why cara pemikiran otak mereka lain macam.

    My jiran Apek origin is suspect, his late papa probably 1st generation Malaysian probably arrived here only after 1969.. thats why he did not fly our nation’s flag last Merdeka. I believe many among them are merely paper citizens, many like Zairil, Zuraidah kamaruddin and also my Apek2 jiran.

    Thats the reason why majorities here bo layan wan….
    Najib and UMNO and now even PAS buat bodoh aje…

    The world pun dah loya tahap nak muntah dengan cara mereka ni semua… Just google, everywhere cara hidup mereka very2 similar;

    1. Quote from above article;
      ….many came to the U.S. on student visas and claimed religious persecution as Christians…..Immigration officials didn’t buy Peter’s claim that he’d experienced persecution as a Christian ….

      See.. Even Alvin Tan cleverly kelentong his way and use ‘religious persecution’ as an easy means to seek asylum from the US.

  2. ……It is likely that the noisy minority are better informed seeing as how the silent majority remain quite confused…

    Nope, majorities are not compius.
    They are the compius ones.

    Masalah ini bukan faced by Malaysians aje..its worldwide. Rajin2 baca bole googke tons of articles and studies made, kalo nak tau apa dalam otak olang macam jiran Apek saya;

  3. Why:

    To defend the grand corruptor.

    p/s Otherwise the HQ will not give out instruction for each division to send 1000 supporters each. Only them, not the organizers (PESAKA) who make a fuss about “Malay Pride”

  4. The trouble with the Malays is that they seemed not able to come together as one to fight their political enemies. Their group leaders will never agree on a common ground to fight their enemies for the sole reason that each of them wanted to be the hero. They even stabbed each other just to show a personal dislike or for power, and never in the interest of party unity but more on what the party can offer them.

    Helen, what you said about them using different colours and slogans for their shirts and groups are very true of their inability to come to a common understanding and cooperation among themselves to fight a comon political enemy.

    These are the reasons why DAP are able to use PKR to fight UMNO and to break PAS recently. To sum it all up, it is my personal opinion that the Malays are too easy going in everything and seldom bother to correct the mistakes of their friends. This can become a cancer to their society if not treated properly.

  5. Bersih 4, simply dap chinese rally , hid behind all sorts of slogan, hipocratic chauvinistiic michivelian ways .
    16 Sept is open, organise by people who want their voice heard!
    WCW dont spin

    1. Grammar and spelling….like “hypocritical”, “chauvinistic” and “Machiavellian” – which evidently aren’t your areas of expertise.

      Just a comment in passing….

      1. A moral high ground based on spelling and grammatical errors? Wow! You bullies really do take it whenever you can…

        Likewise, just another comment in passing….

        1. Sure thing, brudder. If you can’t get the basics right….what more what passes for your “reasoned arguments”?

          Or maybe grammar and spelling aren’t important in your neck of the woods? As is reasoning and commonsense?

          Yet another comment in passing….

          1. Haiyaa Rithmatist

            No need all these grammar whatnot. My jilan Apek, Aso, Ahkow and Amoy they can hardly stling an English sentence. Among themselves only speak PRC national ranguage or bahasa ibunda dali kampung asal ibunda mereka.

            I orways scared to speak in BM or BI, takut misunderstandings wan.. ‘r’ and ‘l’ belly dangerous if not pronounced crearry.

            Singapore singrish… Haiyaaaa

            1. Hahaha…. getting hot under the collar, are we?

              And it’s nice to know that you are so cavalierly contemptuous as far as your “non” neighbours are concerned. Otherwise why would you meander on ad nauseam about Apeks etc? It’s like you haven’t got the guts to call them out for being “unpatriotic ingrates”. Go on, why don’t you do that, if you have the courage of your convictions?

              Or are you “chickening out” when push comes to shove?

          2. Couldn’t find anything wrong with HBAb reasoning or common sense, actually, I find it is better than a bully’s I know who comes with a spell checker.

            “brudder”? “what more what”? “commonsense”? You might want to get the money you spent on that spell checker back.

            Already past it…Next!

            1. Don’t need a Spellcheck app, dude. A good basic vocabulary will suffice.

              More arguments?


        2. Haiya, these Chang Kai Sheks, sekejap Komunis, sekejap DAP (kerja nak LAWAN saja!) memang suka itu macam. Itu sulah culture maa, lagi komplen lagi pandai maa.

          Anak tak bley jawab peliksa oso, marah sama GOMEN maa. Haiya?!

          ‘Parents have raised a stink over the tough Chinese language paper for this year’s primary school assessment examination or UPSR (Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah).’

          1. Got PRC citizens taking UPSR or what? If they are Malaysian citizens, whats all these noise?

            My nephew is a teacher in one Temerloh SMK. Very stressful everyday trying to teach some Tingkatan 2 students, some cannot even read or understand BM or BI.

            Concerned, he called to have a session with their parents to discuss on how to sort these problem.. almost fainted..the parents all Kopek wan! They themselves cannot understand Malaysia’s own National Language.

            I suggest MCA deputy president Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong seriuosly look into these problems first, kesian kat Cikgu2 sekolah tau..

            1. Yup and for Ti Lian Ker dan Gan Peng Siu berhenti2 lah salahkan UMNO semata-mata. MCA kena CERMINd diri. Itupun kalau tak terbarai macam parti Gelakan comes PRU14.Haha

          2. Hmm. Objective paper need instruction? Teacher makan gaji buta? Tak boleh bagi arahan mulut(lisan..hahaha couldn’t help myself)? Seriously if these kids cannot recieve instruction and answer question in malay, do they deserve to pass the exam? Do they deserve to be educated in Malaysia? I advise these parents to educate their children to be a real malaysian as per our Rukunegara and Fed Con or send them back to motherland to be educated. At least you will have an excuse if your child can’t understand a word of the National Language.

  6. The hypocrisy of the PR leaders / supporters and their NGO BFFs never ceases to amaze me. See this racist comment from BERSIH leader. Had a small time UMNO leader said the same thing, all the hell will creak loose.

    “(Jamal) forgets. If not for the Chinese, he would still be walking in sarong and eating tapioca just like his grandfather and great great grandfather in Indon. Ungrateful idiots,”

    1. I think that the Indonesians have more urgent things to worry about than the antics and rhetoric of Malaysian politics.

      Like the haze, for example. Or how to grow the Indonesian economy to provide jobs for young Indonesians coming into the job market every year. Or how to deal with embedded and endemic corruption and a convoluted bureaucracy.

      As for “hypocrisy”, it works both ways.

      Maybe Pak Jamal would be suitably attired without having to rely on Chinese retailers, wholesalers and supply chains. His sartorial choices are his and his alone.

      It would be equally hypocritical to depict beheadings in posters or to burn effigies of politicians a la the Ku Klux Klan.

      Or maybe the two don’t equate in your worldview?

        1. And your point is…?

          My passport is in good shape. But I need to get a new Louis Vuitton case for it. Or maybe a Hermes…hahaha.

          And the PAP did good in Singapore, didn’t they? It’s a pity that the PKMS candidate lost though. Maybe the Singaporean Malays are more savvy than certain quarters in Malaysia like to believe.

          1. Rithmatist,

            …Louis Vuitton case for it. Or maybe a Hermes…

            Petaling street or any pasar malam can buy two for RM10 only maa.

              1. 1 Singapore Dollar = 3 Malaysian Ringgit covers a lot of sins, don’t you think?


                It must be repressed Ringgit envy, seeing as how a little AAA-rated “red dot” can get honest Malaysians all wound up….

                Good psychological tactics, don’t you think?

            1. Oh, sorry – I don’t frequent your usual shopping haunts.

              But whatever rocks your boat…go for it.

              Maybe throw in a Birkin or two, while you are about it? But not “knockoffs”, please?

      1. I see that your worldview is a bad as your reasoning and common sense. Why bring up about indonesian problems when it is not in the context of the discussion? The only instance of indonesia pertinent to the discussion was used to degrade somebody ancestors. So much for reasoning.

        The definition of hypocrisy is a pretense of having a higher standard of character, moral or religious beliefs or principle, etc., that one does not really posses.

        Burning effigies and scary poster is the very opposite of hypocrisy. They are truthful, honest and forthright in conveying their message of hate very unlike Bersih4 intent to topple the goverment veiled with the call for transparency and unity.

        Ku Klux Klan are bad but they aren’t hypocrites either. They really say and act what they meant. But the Bersih4 leader comment is hypocritical in nature as it is trying to convey a higher standard of character compare to the person he tried to demean.

        So does your last remark. No two way about it. Why don’t you crack open the dictionary before using big words like hypocrisy next time.

        1. So stepping on photos of politicians is “truthful, honest and forthright”?

          So, why would the police bother to investigate such incidents?

          After all, people are just exercising their “freedom of speech” by being “truthful, honest and forthright” in expressing their feelings. Aren’t they? Or is it different rules for different folks?

          That’s not being “hypocritical”, is it?

          And, btw, isn’t The Almighty the Ultimate Judge of character? He who sees into and knows the hearts, minds and thoughts of mere fallible mortals?

  7. The recently concluded general election in Singapore that saw the PAP gain a substantial victory over the opposition has shown a secular-based multi-racial political party with a sound agenda and well-qualified candidates can convince the “silent majority” to back it at the ballot boxes.

    The PKMS candidate in the Singapore election was unsuccessful. So too was the candidate who harped on “Malay issues” like the wearing of the tudung for public servants and the representation of Malays in the uniformed services.

    Quite simply, the Singaporean Malays didn’t buy into their arguments, but chose instead to go with the PAP narrative of meritocracy, honest government and politicians, zero tolerance of corruption and equal opportunities (not equal outcomes) for all.

    They can see what’s happening north of the Causeway and the storm clouds over the Malaysian economy.

    And how Singapore, for all it’s vaunted shortcomings (as the social media has been assiduous in pointing out), has, by and large, managed to escape these storm clouds.

    1. “Singapore is a multiracial and multicultural country with a majority population of Chinese (74.2% of the resident population), with substantial Malay (13.2%) and Indian minorities (9.2%).”

      no need to talk la Rithmatist…

      1. And your point is what? That Malaysia is not “a multiracial and multicultural country”?

        You are getting flummoxed by your own “logic”.

        Pity, that.


        1. Kadang- kadang susah nak bercakap dengan orang tua berotak kanak kanak ni Rina. Kena terangkan detail sikit.

          Re: “Quite simply, the Singaporean Malays didn’t buy into their arguments, but chose instead to go with the PAP narrative of meritocracy, honest government and politicians, zero tolerance of corruption and equal opportunities (not equal outcomes) for all.”

          It is not that the 13.2% malay didn’t buy what PKMS say but most probably the 74.2% Chinese is the reason it wasn’t successful. So unless you have the proof to say otherwise, I am quite sure that everyone here can see my logic is better than yours.

          1. Well, to pursue your point, how did the PAP talent-spot and persuade young Singaporean Malay-Muslims to join it’s slate of candidates in the recent GE?

            All of whom espouse meritocracy, by the way.

            Atypical? Or the Singaporean Malay-Muslim middle ground and “heartlanders” wanting to be part of the mainstream in the republic?

            So, whose logic is better?

            Unless you are dissing “meritocracy”, that is?

            That’s another exercise in “logic” for another day.

            As for Rina, I think she is spewing vitriol because Singapore is an example that a country can grow and prosper without natural resources, while getting resources from other countries to be traded in it’s markets. And because some Malaysians have to seek a living working in Singapore.

            See, more “logic”….

            1. Alaaa
              Merchants sejak zaman tok kadok in China were considered the lowest rank in their society.. way below farmers and fishermen owh.. What is there ti be proud of?

              They dont produce anything, sekadar pandai tipu and kelentong, can easy become kaya wan.

              Like the CPF issue, kelentong here putar there.. one day soon only reaching 100years old can withdraw CPF..hahaha

              Dont talk about Singapore la.. Stressful cramped in pigeonhole flats got money what for? All my kids by 18 already have a car each…there one family can afford only one car, got money what for?

              Foreigners like Rithmatist really syiok la..they pay him SGD2K already feel so rich. Sanggup sacrifice 4am wake up to cross the border each day.

              But local Singaporean? SGD2K kais pagi makan pagi only ma.

              Haiyaaa no need to bullshit about Singapore life la. My SIL plom there.

      2. Haiya itu Melayu sana sulah kasi pecah pelintah, macam yang sedang dibuat di sini, lagi lu mau celita itu Melayu tak kisah pasal tudung. Lu manyak pandai owh…PANDAI MENIPU!

        1. Obviously you have PKMS in mind….

          They have not succeeded in Singapore, have they?

          Btw, there are plenty of Malay-Muslim women wearing tudungs in their workplaces in Singapore. But you didn’t check that, did you?

          Maybe Helen can put you right after her next trip to Singapore…

            1. Ooh, sorry – maybe you are not au fait with the political scene in Singapore?

              And doesn’t PKMS send “observers” to attend the Umno annual meetings? I wonder why it would do that.

  8. ‘The recently concluded general election in Singapore that saw the PAP gain a substantial victory over the opposition has shown a secular-based multi-racial political party with a sound agenda and well-qualified candidates can convince the “silent majority” to back it at the ballot boxes.’

    Really? Singaporean knows better I think. The fact is, you are just a coolie there, kan The Rithmatist?

    1. Amos Yee? Discredited and repentant!

      Did he swing sentiments in the Singapore GE? Or did Singaporeans dismiss him as a spoiled brat?

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