Chinese no longer afraid, says DAPsy Perak

DAP Socialist Youth Perak said after the success of Bersih – where hordes of Yellow Shirts fearlessly took to the streets – Umno and MCA can no longer use the May 13 bogeyman “to scare and bully Malaysians into submission and silence”.

DAPsy Perak said “the people are now immune and inoculated from the fears of the past” and the spectre of May 13 is no more an effective instrument of fear.

DAPsy Perak chief Howard Lee Chuan How said the upcoming Red Shirts rally to counter Bersih is only Umno’s way of unleashing another ‘fear factor’ in order to “reinstill fear and animosity between the races as without it, Umno and MCA would no longer have any reasons to exist”.

Lee said after each successive Bersih rally, the brave Malaysians have become more united. “The more united Malaysians become and the less divided we are, the more irrelevant Umno, MIC and MCA becomes.”

Howard Lee said it is “senseless and shameless” that MCA is blaming DAP for provoking Malay anger that has prompted the gathering planned to take place in two days’ time (Sept 16) at Padang Merbok, KL.

Hence DAPsy Perak is challenging “the obedient, fearful and silent” MCA to quit the cabinet and state excos over Red Shirts rally threat to Chinese. See Lee’s press statement ‘Umno’s refusal to condemn rally is MCA’s failure‘ below.

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Howard Lee, who is also DAP Adun for Pasir Pinji, says MCA’s concern over the Red Shirts rally is “fear mongering”. He believes the racial hatred projected by the rally organizers do not reflect the views of the DAP’s “Malay brothers and sisters”.

Lee also says it is “nonsensical” of MCA to fault DAP for sowing the seeds of hate that catalyzed the anti-Bersih backlash.

Making DAP the scapegoat is an “idiotic blame game” played by MCA, Lee alleges, meant to deflect from the Chinese party’s own failure in persuading Umno to condemn the rally.

He believes the “spineless and racially exclusive party” will be punished for this in the next election by the voters.

DAP is not “divisive”, MCA and Umno are

Unlike the mono-racial Chinese MCA, Howard Lee adds, the multiracial DAP does not go around telling the Chinese community that only it can protect the Chinese from Umno and the Malays.

DAP, on the other hand claims Lee, has been defending “the rights of all Malaysians, regardless of race, religion, gender or background”.

DAP evangelical credo: Hannah Yeoh accuses BTN of being “divisive” and “destructive!”

FireShot Screen Capture #997 - 'Hannah Yeoh_ BTN is destructive

DAPsy Perak:”Sept 16 not a day to fear anyone”

Howard Lee urged the public to believe that Malaysia Day Sept 16 “is not a day to fear anyone or anything”. Instead, “it is a day for us to rejoice that we are a plural, colourful and vibrant people who remain resilient despite negative powers at play”.

“On this Sept 16, fear not of the hatred and discord sowed by Umno, MIC and MCA and their divisive race-based politics; fear not of those who are gathering on Sept 16 as the good and the righteous will always prevail,” he concluded.

Howard Lee

Who is Howard Lee?

Like Hannah Yeoh, Howard Lee (pix above) is the new breed of DAP young Christians.

His father is Lee Chee Seng, the man in the photo below, standing on the right pictured with DAP evangelical warlord David Nga Kor Ming (left).


Lee Sr – Howard’s dad – was in the news not too long ago over the case of the bullying of elderly teacher Simon Thong – in white stripe collared T-shirt below.

The assault on Uncle Simon in Taman Kaya, Ipoh was caught on film. Lee Chee Seng is the man in the photo below – circled.




The photos below taken from inside Uncle Simon’s car when he was being bullied by the DAP people.

Some DAP members are bullies and some DAP leaders are super bullies.

That’s why today the Yellow Shirts have become so fearless. They’re following the leadership by example.


Taman Kaya Simon Thong bullied


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75 thoughts on “Chinese no longer afraid, says DAPsy Perak

  1. After badmouthing the Malays and downplayed with their religion , the Chinese has come to the streets to show their displeasure toward the Malay .

    Malay still stay cools and stick to their ‘tidak apa’ attitude ,the Chinese just excute their, so called Malaysian right .

    Now they know ,the Malay still say ‘tidak apa ‘.

  2. This is many times worse than Kiki’s steering lock incident and yet nobody wants or can make fun/viral out of it. Just because both the aggressor and victim are Chinese so then nobody interested. If the aggressor was a Malay(male or female) and the victim is Chinese(regardless age and gender) and the outcome and reception will be much, much different.

    1. When they control the media, they control the narrative. We get bombarded with the propaganda that Bersih is for the greater good and since DAP supports Bersih then Dap must be good too. Since the announcement of the red shirt rally, we have been fed with all the negatives on the red shirts. The media aligned with the opposition has reduced this rally to the color of the shirt. So now it is yellow Bersih against red shirt. Since we’ve been fed the hype that yellow Bersih was good then red shirt rally must be bad. So they have reduced their followers to non-thinking masses who listened to them and swallow their narrative hook, line and sinker.

      Good luck to MCA and BN. You are going to need all the luck and hard work to TRY and get those people to think and weigh what you can offer as oppose to the nirvana that Dap has promised.

      1. re: “When they control the media, they control the narrative.”

        The J-Star is a Nest of Evangelistas.

        The EvangeliSTARs are beyond the control of the MCA.

        Umno should do something about this.

        1. Helen,

          re, The EvangaliStar are beyond the control of MCA.

          I doubt that’s ,probably they think’s alike ,but in different labelled ,if MCA controlled J-Star ,how come they didn’t controlled their writings .

          1. Dear Helen,

            After many years of following your blog; I am still trying to piece together the objective(s) of your support towards the Melayu community.

            You are smart and is able to present facts via statistic and at the same time articulate your article well.

            You would have been a darling to the Chinese political party should you choose to.

            We are however living in a free country and this is your choice. I wish you all the best and would continue to enjoy your blog.

            Take care.

            1. Cik Helen dari golongan Nyonya. They have been here for centuries.

              Yang kalut2 we see today.. ramai dari golongan macam jiran2 Apek I, Zairil and Zuraidah.. Jiran Apek I sekok Singapore mali terkandas cannot reapply balik Singapore bila Malaysian husband died, so melalak tak henti la.

              Sekok lagi mak bapa sedara masih ramai dok PRC, isteri dia Malaysian. Never seen him vote so not sure whether citizen yet or not tapi orso melalak tak renti wan.

              Kalau kita wiki on Pakatan leaders, asal usul mereka mana berani cakap lebih2?

      2. Thank you Orangkampung for putting your thoughts together on this topic.

        DAP has done a really excellent job in putting together what we term as “micro-organism communication attack”. It is top-down, bottom-up strategy.

        They are reaping the rewards now.

        All their RBAs have khatam the first phase of ensuring they have all the support from the diverse segment of the Chinese and Indian community.

        They are moving to their second phase now. They are no longer interested to indoctrinate their communication attack to their current group. These are their convert. They are penetrating into the unknown territory – the Islam Melayu community.

        The best thing is that they are retaining the same group profile of their RBAs however with a different approach. Nama melayu however the content of the comment are very malicious towards the Melayu community.

        Now they are going through their learning curve – how to bagi salam, familiarizing themselves with arabic terminology, subtle but surely instigating the Melayu to retaliate towards another Melayu or another Melayu institution.

        Their profile can be detected easily now however once that matures the segment of Melayu especially the young one shall be indoctrinated to undertake and believed in their agenda.

        The next would be the execution part.

        This is a good piece of study for the postgraduate thesis.

        1. “Their profile can be detected easily now however once that matures the segment of Melayu especially the young one shall be indoctrinated to undertake and believed in their agenda.”

          These libertarians are influencing the Malay youth but the islamists have also influenced the Malay youth. Thereby, sound reason, good manners and soft-heartedness are wittingly and unwittingly downgraded in the eyes of the youth of all races.

          1. I concur with your observation Jade Emperor.

            These libertarians as you have correctly pointed out is changing the landscape of our communication link.

            My hat’s off to DAP on the “ground-movement” that they have successfully drive and implemented.

            Whilst the DAP is moving as a coherent Chinese forced – One Voice One Community theme; the Islamist as you have mentioned above came in multiple layer of theories and philosophies.

            The Islamist have no real representation on One Voice One Religion concept and thus is not able and capable in creating a revolutionary “ground-movement”.

            Nevertheless; they the Islamist would continue to be able to spearhead their ideology via sporadic teaching, tarbiyah or dakwah whichever they choose to indulge.

            I am using the word Ideology and not Religion for these Islamist because those are two very different road to travel. The path will always be parallel but would not intertwined.

            Under such a circumstances; you as an observer has correctly put forward your argument that stated; “thereby, sound reason, good manners and soft-heartedness are wittingly and unwittingly downgraded in the eyes of the youth of all races”.

            Moving forward; I strongly believed that the libertarians i.e. in this context of discussion is DAP would be very successful in driving their second phase of communication link in influencing not only the psyche of the Malays but would be able to influence the “ground-movement” of the Muslims.

            I have not witness neither have I observed any effective intervention to minimized the impact of this “ground-movement” by DAP.

            DAP should be rejoicing in their early victory before going for the final laps.

            Me signing off, Ibu Zain

          1. You are such a sweetheart 513witness.

            For now I am just happy to be roaming freely in our alam ghaib.

            You take care, my dear.

  3. And my darling MP and ADUN getting excited over a TV show about “the murder of Mongolian woman”

    We actually have not much to do in Betelham. That is why we get so excited over a Mongolian.

    1. This is something that I don’t get. There was an investigation and there was a trial. Najib was cleared by the courts. Why do people keep harping on this case? Are these people more just than the courts, have more evidence to prove Najib’s guilt? If you can’t put your faith in the judiciary of this country then obviously you have failed in your responsibility as a citizen.

      I want Najib to step down over the donation scandal and the 1MDB issues, but I do not think that it is fair to Najib to be continously questioned on this murder case when he has already faced the courts. This is not Salem; we do not have trial by fire.

      1. Najib is right…there is an orchestrated plot to destroy his reputation globally and make him resign. Day by day the antics of his opponents are getting uglier and dirtier.

        1. Well, the WSJ is sitting there, waiting to be sued.

          Their reports are still out there in the public domain.

          The Sarawak Report is still publishing because the UK has a more relaxed attitude towards the media.

          Interpol doesn’t seem to be interested in putting Clare Rewcastle-Brown on a “watch list”.

          Perhaps there is some low-level “spook” securely ensconced in the bowels of the CIA or the NSA who knows the actual nitty gritty of all these alleged funds flows.

          As they say, knowledge is power.

          So, who is pulling whose strings? Uncle Sam? The Brits? Shadowy Middle Eastern players? Or an overarching Zionist-Mafia conspiracy?

          1. ….The Sarawak Report is still publishing because the UK has a more relaxed attitude towards the media….

            What is there to be so excited about this betina? Even her Queen was sent to the guillotine for not bearing a son.

            And WSJ? These people cannot even proof the existance of the weapon of mass destruction…ooops..

            Rithmatist, payah juga ya you nak UBAH your coolie mentality owh.. Kesian betoi!

              1. Getting under your skin, are we?

                Tough patootie!

                Maybe you need a Webster’s dictionary to decode that for you….lol.

                1. Sure la, Malay what, my Cina blood so very little already, yours is a 5000 years old budaya. Mine ony 500 what?! You think I dunno meh, I so stupid?

                  1. Glad you have the guts to admit it, bro! Especially the part about historical antecedents.

                    But you are not very appreciative about your own historical antecedents, are you?

                    Or are you shaping for another round of excuses about how the world is unfair and where fortune does not favour the brave?

                    1. ‘Glad you have the guts to admit it, bro!’

                      Haiya, Malay maa, sure mengaku one. Anyway we have the Cina to berlagak pandai for us here!

                      Right, The Rithmatist?

            1. Yes, but they haven’t been sued for their reports on Malaysia, have they?

              And which Queen are you talking about? Marie Antoinette of France?

              Get your history right, lah!

        2. Calvin,

          Embolden by almost total Chinese and in addition to divided Malay community, DAP now has no qualm in putting Chinese on collision course with Malays.

          DAP fools the Chinese that no other community(meaning UMNO, Malays) can stop them. And Chinese encouraged by DAP has discarded mannerism i their quest to topple Najib( or more importantly bringing UMNO down).

          I know DAP is worried as BERSIH is almost entirely Chinese affair. No doubt Malalays are edgy with najib’s total cluelessness. But they are still have reservation with DAP.

          And their reservation was proven right when Hadi, Najib were in sulted in BERSIH 4.

          As for Altantuya, RM24 million ring, no amount of explanation by Najib will satisfy them. they will only satisfy when UMNO is buried.

          Therefore najib must stop being apologetic. Instead, Najib must strike at right place. Invite Rafizi to swear say in Pandan Jaya mosque about the RM24 million right. Non Malays maybe amused but it is the thing that matter for Malay community.

          Had Rafizi refused( he is likely to refuse) then he is deemed to have lied which is second nature to him.

      2. “This is not Salem; we do not have trial by fire.”

        Precisely. But this is Pakatan justice. Baptism of fire. I don’t think the Pakatoons would be happy until Ajib-ko is burnt until he becomes carbon dioxide.

      3. How can anyone have any faith in the judiciary. it was emasculated by the first president of UMNO baru and its has been downhill ever since.

        When any crime is committed the first question to be asked is WHY. Why did you do it ??But in this case the WHY was never addressed, the courts famously said motive is not necessary and we had a comical situation where both the defence and the prosecution objected when Najib’s name was mentioned.

        Judges were changed at the last minute…why ?? Is this what an independent court would do??

        Razak baginda was released without his defence called and yet the AG’s who usually is so vigorous to appeal in other cases chose not to do so in a MURDER case.

        BTW it is false to say Najib was cleared by the courts. It just didn’t happen.

        Why would 2 people having nothing to do with Altantuya want to murder her and then C4 her. Who told them to do it.
        remember this is malaysia where every govt letter ends with Saya Yang Menurut Perintah. So who Perintah the cops to murder her? See this is called motive and remember the SMS ..Stay Cool All is Not Lost…made by the bugis warrior.

        Just ask around and you will get the same answer.

    1. Obviously la, that is their very own version of “Hak Keistimewaan” but everyone else has to be equal below them in “Middle Malaysia”. The moment you question their “Hak Keistimewaan”, then you’re racist low-class bigots la kan? That was in KLIA, have you seen what happened when they put a dog in a trolley at Plentong’s Tesco?


      1. Some people are idiots. Basic hygiene lah, keBERSIHan! Pets are not clean even if you take really good care of them. They shed, a lot. And they pee and poo anywhere when needs must. Even in their beloved “land of the free”, only guide dogs are allowed in supermarkets.

        But if they want to make it into a race issue, what can we do? I think we should ask the Health Ministry if there’s any laws or rules that prohibits bringing pets into store. If there isn’t, there should be and if there is, apa lagi laksanakanlah.

        1. “I think we should ask the Health Ministry if there’s any laws or rules that prohibits bringing pets into store. If there isn’t, there should be and if there is, apa lagi laksanakanlah.”

          Cannot you know. Otherwise you’ll be deemed as trampling on their basic human rights and their other “Hak Keistimewaan”. The “victims” who are generally “minority” and “second-class citizens” will roll on the ground crying foul play as if the entire universe is conspiring against them. The Gunting newspaper will put in on front page and Tweet about it 100 times in 24 hours. Some idiot ministers will then panicking and start making stupid statements. My boyfriend KJ will try his best to be everyone’s hero as usual. What to do?


  4. hey bro/sis don’t forget even pgayr, the party that infamously behind most of illegal street demonstrations with poor traders around sogo and jalan tar as their annual victims, suddenly oppose the idea of street rally organized by other people by saying that the rally could disrupt the peace and harmony of the country. well at least i could agree with their points against the rally, but what’s with the double standards? or it is true that pgayrians all of them are avid followers of no1 liar king, hypocrite fork tongued political chameleon, sungai buloh sexual offender prisoner anwar ibrahim?

    1. That’s not double standard. In Malaysia, it is known as “Hak Keistimewaan” for the “oppressed minority” who are the “second-class citizens”. If they do it, it’s regarded as expressing their inalienable basic human rights according to the international standards but if their opponents do it, those people are “low-class racial bigots from the tyrannical majority who are hell-bent in disrupting national peace and harmony”. Just look at how the Gunting paper is playing the issue.

      1. “low-class racial bigots from the tyrannical majority who are hell-bent in disrupting national peace and harmony”.

        and turning this country into a failed state.

    2. That there’s a double standard in play is undeniable. It is common knowledge that Hadi Awang is a Takfiri Islamist while Anwar Ibrahim has a dubious relationship with the Saudi Wahhabi establishment (which he has sought to downplay and cover up as he changed his political qiblat towards the American neocons) and he is intimate with Turkey’s Erdogan.
      These two personalities have spearheaded the Malay “Bersih” battalions of Pakatan in the previous roadshows. Their clarion cry on the surge towards Putrajaya had forever been Anything But UMNO: Why did they cease blaring their trumpets at Bersih 4.0 when Najib is apparently – to most of the civilized world – the most corrupt of anything related to UMNO?

  5. My Apek jiran his mouth is full of venom. Melayu, India and esp men in uniform, nothing good comes out from his mouth.

    Showed me his video made when family ziarah kampung halaman negara ibunda dia. Irony, he vomits same filth about his tanah ibunda folks. Haiyaa..perangai dah semula jadi..

    How did I endure being good neighbours with them all these 20years? Kita kena banyak faham cara hidup asal usul dari mana dan budaya mereka ni.

    Majorities including Najib, UMNO and now even PAS make donno only. Kesian pula bila kenangkan cara didikan mereka. Payah nak UBAH tau.. Anway to understand the behaviour of those sharing similar personality traits as my Apek jiran, rajin2 google and read ya;

  6. To All those who supported Bersih Rally :- You have no right whatsoever to protest against the Red Shirt Rally. You are a devilish hypocrite if you do. You can give 101 reasons, but remember the others can also give 101 reasons maybe more.

    Since you have supported Bersih Rally, have the balls not to sabotage the Red Shirt Rally. By going against it you have become a prejudicial scum.

    As for the rest, judge for yourself, use your brain and you can see a very clear pattern of evil manipulating hatred being disseminated in the net everyday by the so called “clean people in the name of god”.

    These are devils disguised as servants of god to come out and preached political human hatreds in the internet and in certain hypocritical churches.

    Once you have been brainwashed and inducted into their group, 10% of your monthly earnings is compulsory to be given to their group. It is called “donation in the service to god”.
    “Compulsory donation”. What rubbish???
    So beware if your children started attending “??? church” or the 10% church.

      1. Ye la, Howard desperate sangat nak compete dengan Fat Speaker Hannah “SOALAN MULUT” Yeoh tu. Pwincess tau la Hannah ni spesis buruk lantak asyik nak menyumbat makanan masuk dalam MULUT tu. Kalau tak menyumbat makanan masuk MULUT dia, all the venom and self-righteous sermon will come out from the same fat MULUT, tapi janganlan translate “Oral question” as “Soalan MULUT”. Bodoh, low-class brain.


  7. DAP not a racial party? Come on you must be joking. Having one or two Malays as members is enough for you to say you are not racialist? Good God! what a sham.
    Dream on lah DAP. You will never get enough Malay support with your stance now.
    Actually a lot of Malays just feel good riddance to you.

    1. DAP is definitely not a racist party. Only the Microsoft Excel software that they used during the CEC election has the tendency to make mistakes. Yet, they are constantly screaming to berSHITkan SPR from election “fraud”. Popular vote? Hahahahah, itu satu budak ken report polis tunjuk jari pd Permaisuri Agong’s motorcade actually works in singapore, registered address in Pulau Pinang but vote in Selangor? Hahahahahaha, lawak. PKR lagi hebat, pilih keluarga Anugerah Tuhan je, sesiapa yg tak puas hati, sila baling kerusi meja seperti yang dijadualkan.


  8. Now those evil Red Beanies are up to their old dirty tricks again. They are spreading messages claiming the Red Shirts are practising and plotting to **** Chinese on Sept 16. These being spread over social media and Whatsapp messages.

    These people claim they stand for unity and accuse others of being racists yet they try all sort of dirty tricks and lies to create problems among Malaysians by destroying the harmony. Their strategy is the scorched earth policy….It is time for Zahid to act on these bastards Red Beanies.

    1. Or maybe they are fluent in the Queen’s English and send their kids off to Oxford, Cambridge or the Ivy League.

      Oops, sorry – other Malaysian VIPs and VVIPs do that too!

      Does that make them any less Malaysian?

      Replies in pidgin English, please….

      1. ‘Does that make them any less Malaysian?’

        Itu la saya cakap, kalau bahasa Melayunya bagus, macam warga lain, itu pass. Tapi kalau sok kumpulan2 ‘soalan mulut’ macam itu speaker Selangor, makanya, memang sudah kurang.

        Ngak gitu? Bisa ikutin ngak?

        1. But did they study at Oxford or Cambridge?

          Do I detect a note of envy here? In that graduates from UM, UKM, USM, UiTM etc have to compete with Oxbridge or Ivy League graduates for jobs in their home country?

          As for that unfortunate politician, a “fake” knighthood is worse than a “fake” degree? Or selling “fake” titles in Malaysia, of which there have been quite a few cases?

  9. Helen, first of all let me thank you for being who you are. If only we had more pendatangs like Helen, we wouldn’t have this situation. Helen, unlike the other H lady, is a great example of a good pendatang. They understand their place, are grateful to the Malays for giving them citizenship and most of all, accept Ketuanan Melayu.

    However, what is happening now is a natural step. The pendatangs of today need to be taught a lesson. After 5 decades, they have forgotten their place and it is important that we ajar them properly

        1. Helen,
          I am sorry but I didn’t mean to be insulting. I have the utmost respect for people like you.

        2. Maybe you could rebut his comments?

          I find Mohd Salim’s comments are quite in-line with the feelings of some of the commentators here (in a very blunt manner), unless you meant that Mohd Salim is a non-Malay masquerading as a Malay and writing these comments in reverse psychology or

          1. Helen, look at these comments:

            “70. islam1st | September 16, 2015 at 4:40 pm
            lu ada darah Cina ke brader?”

            “71. Mohd Salim | September 16, 2015 at 5:06 pm
            Kenapa anda pikir macam tu bro? Why r you equating me with that kind…”

            Helen, you have ‘that kind’ (Chinese blood) in your veins too ….

            1. I have always maintained that I am Chinese.

              See my comment screenshot below. It’s url is @

              I have also blogged previously that I support the MCA’s political approach in targeting to our Chinese identity.

              I’m not a denier like Hannah Yeoh who filled in her borang (official form) race category as “Bangsa Malaysia” and wants to ethnic cleanse my community into becoming “zero Chinese”.

  10. In any case, I am not overly concerned. If there is anything that the ruling Malay government has shown is that we do not need these pendatangs anymore. Yes maybe 50 years ago, we had little but today look around you. Bumiputeras are experts in every field. We have the doctors, lawyers, engineers and accountants. We run the police, army and all arms of government. We don’t need them anymore. They add no value to Malaysia beyond Tourism Malaysia’s slogan.But again I am assured by the fact that non-Bumiputera population has been falling and continues to fall. Most of the pendatang people I know tell their children who are overseas not to come back and those here are desperately trying to get out. This is a good sign. It’s just that we need to be a little patient.

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