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Bila lagi Umno nak pecat si Pudin nih?

Pudin This is our Malaysia

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saifuddin hannah rafizi
Sebaris dengan Rafizi dan Hannah Yeoh


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5 thoughts on “Bila lagi Umno nak pecat si Pudin nih?

  1. ES Shankar is better known as Don Play Puks the notorious blogger and PR cyber trooper. His previous book was Tiger Isle : A govt of thieves which was a very thinly disguised attempt to portray Malaysian govt as corrupt and murderous gang of thugs. It makes sense for him to come up with another work of fiction on Altantunya.


  2. Dear Aunty Helen,

    I wonder what kind of person Pudin is, does dignity and integrity ever means anything to him? Pudin does not seems to feel guilty doing things against the spirit of UMNO which is demi agama, bangsa dan negara. If he is an honest person, he should leave UMNO and join Hannah Yeoh because his idea of racial harmony is just like DAP’s. If he thinks that DAP is too much for his supporters, he can also join PAN which I guess is DAP 2.0.

    UMNO should be serious with people like Pudin and some of MCA leaders. Najib should stop being too kind.

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