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Hannah: “Red rally to go on? Najib Razak you have failed…”

Hannah Yeoh’s tweet on the epic fail by Najib to be the PM “for Malaysians of all races” – here.

Twenty-six-year old Iskandar Fareez (below) is a DAP member.

He was exposed to the DAP when studying in an Australian university.

Hannah Malaysian First Fareez

Salam ‘Malaysian First’ to all of you

Hannah Yeoh: “Don’t change your country, change your government!”

Hannah mulut laser double chin hands

Hannah evangelista is very toxic

Regular commenter Rina remarked @ 2015/09/16 at 7:51 am that Hannah Yeoh is a “very toxic personality”. I couldn’t agree more.

Pity the children and teenagers as well as young people constantly exposed to her. So hazardous.

Hannah among children

Nicholas Cheng

@hannahyeoh has 117,000 Twitter followers.

One of them is Nicholas Cheng (above), a Christian reporter at The J-Star.

Nicholas gained notoriety for calling the Low Yat rioters “thugs, thugs, thugs, thugs, thugs!”

He is also infamous for his question to the Taman Medan residents that protested the illegal church cross – “Who gives you the right to claim this land as Muslim land?”


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17 thoughts on “Hannah: “Red rally to go on? Najib Razak you have failed…”

  1. Sape dia nak cakap fail tak pas. Itu cakap kepala hotak dia yang busuk hati penuh dendam kesumat. Apa yang nyinya ni nak buktikan. Lagi banyak dia meroyan, lagi ramai orang menyampah.

    I am anticipating Himpunan Bersatu tu proceed peacefully and succeed in relaying the message intended. I would like to participate if not for health reasons. But our 6-embered family are with the gathering. Semoga tiada bangsa yang akan menghina Islam dan Melayu selepas ini.

    Melayu itu satu. Raja, rakyat, pemimpin adalah bersatu. Jangan hina mana2 entiti ini. Itu bukan budaya asal Melayu. Melayu itu halus pekertu bahasa nya,ada cara tata susila bila berbicara, kecuali di provoke oleh golongan lain. Dah lama Melayu tidor, walau dicerca bangsa lain. Ini masa untuk bangkit,speak up and be heard.Itu satu guna nya bershit, to awaken a sleeping tiger.

  2. Hannah Yeow is right ,that Malaysia is for all
    ‘race’ ,but sadly to say that not all race for Malaysia .

    Did Hannah Yeow forget that ,that theres no race in Malaysia ,only Malaysian.

    1. Mama Dapster mudah lupa….banyak kali terbukti….tetapi orang Jerusubang pasti undi dia kembali ke DUN….

      Saya terlupa bahawa orang Subang semua terpelajar, tak macam orang kampung…

      Yang dipilih melambangkan perwakilan…..

  3. Yes.. Very sad indeed. Nothing of value comes out from their mouths tu pasai majority make donno only. Some don’t agree to attend the rally as this month is such a blessed month for us Muslims, prefer to offer their support from home.

    One lady told me “kita sedar anjing2 berpenyakit asyik menyalak tak renti, do we go and bite it to silence those dogs? Kan parah kalau dapat penyakit rabies nanti?”.

    Keep on reading on the behaviour of TOXIC personalities…

    ……Reframe the situation–remember, this is their issue, not yours. “Most difficult people provoke us because they’re often hiding something–a lack of competence, a lack of ability or something they were supposed to do and didn’t do,” Goulston says, “and by provoking us, either from anger or whining and complaining, what they often try to do is distract us from exposing whatever that thing is that they’re hiding.”…..

  4. DAP had failed to cheat the people all the time. This is the equation. Feel free to comment if you have any disagreement.

    DAP = DAP 1.
    PKR = DAP 2.
    PAN = DAP 3
    BERSIH = DAP 4.

    PAS was supposed to be DAP 3, but they finally woke up and was cursed and condemned by DAP.

  5. From the Malay Mail…

    KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 16 ― Police removed two ethnic Chinese journalists from a pro-Malay rally site in the city today as tempers flared over a question posed to the protesters. The reporter and the cameraman, believed to be from private broadcaster Astro’s Chinese-language AEC channel, had asked the Malay demonstrator at the scene in Bahasa Malaysia: “Apa contoh Melayu dihina?”


    Two things –
    One, these 2 journos are from Astro and not the Rocket but asking provocative questions. Just like our Dapster Nicholas Cheng.
    Tow : Notice how the MM emphasises “two ethnic Chinese journalists”. For a paper that has been advocating colour-blindness, this is rather ironic. It only goes to show that these pro-PR media uses race only when it suit them.

  6. “Don’t go soft on racists….” – a view reportedly voiced by a VVIP in a southern state. I am not sure if it is a correct report, but that can be verified by referring to the reported Facebook post.

    Now, assuming that the report is factually correct, who is being referred to?

    1. The Chinese Evangelist DAP of of course. Who else? See how many chinese commented on his status? Typical baling batu sembunyi tangan behaviors. The right protocol when receiving a Royal Decree is to acknowledge, look down, walk backward and get on it. Further comment is considered biadab but these chinese youngsters take it like the decree is a support for their cause or whatever. But then chinese is loyal only as long they benefit from it or a better offer comes along..

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