5 thoughts on “Kain rentang #Merah169 : Ini Melayu Tun punya

  1. Maaf ya nak busybody sikit tanya pasai I don’t know much about them. Biasanya kalau celebrity, atau very important people anywhere, wiki akan catatkan nama dan butiran suami dan anak2, kawin, cerai atau mati.

    These two fellas apa sebenarnya sumbangan mereka kepada negara yang kalut semacam ni?

    Biasanya perempuan yang dah kahwin pi mana2 selalu akan bersama suami esp kalau turut serta dalam perhimpunan terbuka aqam macam ni.

    Si Marina ni tak pernah nampak bawa suami atau bekas suami dia. Sama juga Ambiga. Are their spouses Malaysians or citizens from other countries?

    1. Hello Rina,
      To be very frank with you, as a man, he will be very scared of such women who has such fiery and fierce personalities who always want to win or correct all the time.

      As you have mentioned the names above, I would add another two i.e. Teresa Kock and Hannah Mama. In conclusion, either they don’t have any man who would wanted to be in their life, or their man will always keep quiet and stay at home or more or less hen-pecked drastically.

    1. Dunno. Her hubby is a professional photographer. He’s skilled to take flattering studio photos.

      He shot the cover photo for Tun’s autobiography Doctor in the House, which has become a very famous portrait of the ex-PM.

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