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We had peace when MCA had power

Below is a gem of a historical photograph. Unfortunately I have already conteng it with a red circle.

I spent the last hour and more surfing the Net to try and find an alternative clear copy. But it’s so rare that I couldn’t locate another one through online search, aside from this one uploaded in my blog.

It was originally posted in the Umno Facebook but the FB timeline is – frustratingly – inaccessible at the present moment despite my scroll and scroll.

This annoying episode, i.e. the unavailability in public domain of important info and material that’s favourable to the ruling party, epitomizes Umno at its most Tidak Apa.

Jadi kalau Umno asyik dok kena belasah dengan DAP and its sneaky evangelistas and their RBA, it is the Malay party’s own fault, really.

Anyway, below is the photo. It is Tunku Abdul Rahman’s cabinet but I can’t place the year due to the lack of archival source.

Tunku cabinet

The Ministers seated in the front row can be identified because they’re public personalities.

I couldn’t finger the man circled in red and it was here that my blog readers helped me out. I’m told that he’s a prominent MCA leader called Tan Tong Hye.

So, in the photo above and seated from left are T.H. Tan, H.S. Lee, V. Sambanthan, Tun Razak, Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tan Siew Sin, Tun Dr Ismail, Sardon Jubir, Fatimah Hashim and Khir Johari.

That’s six Umno Malays, three MCA Chinese and one MIC Indian.

Note that the Deputy Prime Minister Tun Razak is seated on the PM’s right while the MCA president is seated on the PM’s left – sandwiched between the Tunku and the ‘towering Malay’ Tun Dr Ismail.

This formality in protocol is still being observed but its substance, however, has been lost since the Chinese tsunami of 5 May 2013.

Below is a shot of the BN supreme council room.

MCA president Liow Tiong Lai’s portrait is displayed right next to Najib Razak’s because MCA is the most senior component party after Big Brother – you can see the MCA logo beside Umno’s framed on the wall.

BN supreme council

Nonetheless, for the first time in the history of the Alliance and its successor the BN, the coalition spirit of ‘consensus’ is no more. In the footsteps of the Pakatan hogwash formula, Umno and the BN satellites have now “agreed to disagree” over today’s Red Shirts rally.

The political compact between the races under the BN umbrella is broken. Dah patah dah. Understand this.

Now just a quick comparison of what was given to the Chinese in their Merdeka citizenship package.

USA got her independence on 4 July 1776.

African Americans were granted the right to vote on 3 Feb 1870. The USA’s ethnic minorities won protection from racial discrimination through the Civil Rights Act signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson on 2 July 1964 (about seven months after Kennedy was shot).

It took more than 93-and-½ years from the time of Independence for American blacks to obtain their right to vote.

It took 188 years, from the time of their country’s independence, for the blacks to secure equal civil rights.

It took 232 years + 4 months from the USA’s Independence in 1776 before the first biracial American was elected President. Barack Obama’s mother was white and he was raised by his white maternal grandparents. Obama is black in skin colour and a WASP by temperament.

Contrast. In Malaya, from the moment of our Independence, the Chinese Minister is seated beside the Malay Prime Minister.

Chinese and Indians were enfranchised with the vote on the dot at Merdeka 1957 compared to the 93-and-½ years it took before blacks were privileged to vote in America.

Barack Obama does not speak the native African language of his Kenyan immigrant father. In Malaysia, we still speak Chinese.

No other country in the world would tolerate its belligerent and contemptuous minority spitting on the national language.

Obama does not observe the religion of his father, which was Islam. If Obama had been a Muslim, he would not have been successful in becoming President.

American congressmen take their oath of office by swearing on the Bible. There is still religious prejudice against non-Christians and after the 911 terrorist attacks, suspicion of Islam.

A discerning person would be able to adopt a wider perspective and understand realities not only in Malaysia but anywhere else in the world about the need for minorities to adapt and integrate into the mainstream.

He would understand the realpolitik concessions that the minorities in Malaysia have been given and the limitations we doubtless face. But not the greedy DAP evangelistas who just want to grab power and sit themselves at the apex.

Undi popular

In 1959, we had our first post-Independence national polls and the Chinese and Indians voted mostly for the opposition even though it was MCA and MIC that were responsible for wrangling them their citizenship.

In the 1959 general election, the opposition obtained 48.3 percent of the popular vote against the Alliance’s 51.7 percent. The gap in their respective support was rather small – only 3.4 percent.

Ten years later, there was the 10 May 1969 general election. This time, the opposition won the popular vote at 50.7 percent beating the Alliance.

1969 election results

  • The Alliance, which got 49.3 percent of the popular vote, had failed to obtain a simple majority in order to form the government in Selangor.
  • The Alliance also lost outright the state government of Penang to opposition party Gerakan led by Dr Lim Chong Eu.
  • In Perak, the Alliance retained 19 seats (18 Umno, one MCA) in the 40-seat state assembly. The Alliance was short of a simple majority in Perak too.

The Chinese have always supported the opposition more. I repeat. The Chinese have always supported the opposition.

Yet despite this, the Malay-led Alliance still accommodated the MCA.

Post-May 13, Tun Razak created the BN to absorb the opposition parties Gerakan, PPP and PAS.

Until 2008, the DAP was never a part of the government and never ruled any part of the country.

Leaders of the BN have had to banyak bersabar dan bertolak-ansur because they have always worn the mantle of power. They have ruled this country from Day 1. They were responsible for the well-being of the entire nation and hence they could not be afford to be as reckless as the DAP.

Leaders of the DAP have been good at tearing down – destroying and not building. Their unconstructive labour in politics was to find fault with the Alliance/BN and blame the government so that they could become more popular, in inverse correlation to the unpopularity of the BN.

And they have no qualms in badmouthing the country as well. DAP supporters cheer for the opponent – usually China’s Lin Dan – to win in badminton matches, especially when our national champion Lee Chong Wei is on the court. (Lee is disliked because he is perceived to be chummy with Rosmah Mansor.)

And now that the DAP evangelistas have tasted power – and finding that they enjoy the flavour of it – they’re going all out to wrest Putrajaya. Never mind if they have to perpetrate a dirty and destructive war.

I believe the Malays do not mind ‘sharing’ power with the minority races although they will balk at relinquishing the rein. Our peaceful history the last six decades – bar 1969 – is the maximum profitable deal that the Chinese will be able to swing.

The Chinese do not appear to be thinking in binary. They did Bersih 4.0 but refuse to accept the counterstrike of Red Shirts rally. To trot out the cliche, “for action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. In the DAP playbook, there is no such rule though.

To effect a regime change, the DAP instigates anger and resentment, and incites hate. Their methods are tipu, bohong, putar-belit dan fitnah. Their political operatives masquerade as Malays and Muslims and they do not bat an eyelid to kenakan orang.

And they’re full of hypocrisy and pretense while perpetually whinging and playing the victim.

The behaviour of the DAP has made C-I-N-A a four-letter word in Malaysia. But just as they apparently have no inkling of history and no common sense, they possess seemingly no comprehension that what goes around will come around.

The DAP and their supporters like to portray themselves as the “fair-minded” and “right-thinking” people of Malaysia.

Given the political scenario and climate, the best thing now is for the MCA to withdraw from the government. It’s quite untenable.


It’s untenable because MCA refuses to fight the DAP.



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59 thoughts on “We had peace when MCA had power

  1. Ya Allah, Subhanallah….What a beautiful day..
    the haze gave way today bagi memudahkan our dearest pejuang dapat keluar beramai2 berhimpun di Padang Merbok hari ini.

    What a beautiful sight.
    Thank You Cik Helen for fighting along together,
    to help protect the beauty and peace of this beloved nation!



  2. Helen,

    I notice many of my friends (Malays included) are amused when I told them that UMNO”s attitude towards non Malays are source of beauty, generosity and inspiration.

    Once I wrote that while segregation was the norm in western world and apartheid was tolerated, a Chinese who was once an immigrant was appointed as first Governor of Melaka upon independence.

    At strokes of 9 pens by 9 Raja Raja Melayu, massive citizenship were accorded in such liberal term that until today unmatched in modern history. At the strongest time of its existence where it controlled almost 70% of parliamenatry seats, UMNO still claim Negara berbilang bangsa. UMNO simply can bulldoze any other party that shows intransigence like PAP but it chose not to do so.

    And while DAP is all out to dethrone UMNO, Malays still can find it acceptable to vote for MCA in Malay area such as Kulim, Tanjung Piai, And while the whole world witnessed how chinese totally abandonned BN, UMNO, the very party that they wish dead still find it necessary to give ministerial post to Chinese.

    But as goes the saying, goodwill need to be nurtured. KESABARAN ADA BATASNYA.

    1. In 1957, the Chinese started on a more than advantageous footing for a recent immigrant community. Over the years, we could have improved race relations if we were sincere about it.

      The relationship deteriorated from the high note of Tunku’s personal and very warm friendship with MCA’s Tan Cheng Lock and Tan Siew Sin.

      Currently, the DAP are most insincere and quite frankly, its evangelistas would freak out anyone. I doubt that Beijing and the state governments in China’s provinces would be as tolerant of them as we have been here.

      The Chinese should cerminkan diri instead of always blaming Umno as “racist”.

      1. re, Over the years ,we could have improved race relation if we are sincere about it.

        Who are ‘ we ‘ in question , I think the Malays are sincere enough in giving that citizenship ,but thus the immigrant are sincere in receiving it , if they did why they still want their vernacular education, neglecting the national education . thats the roots cause of all the problem we are facing today .

        DAP are calling for Malaysian Malaysia ,what’s a joke !,then Najib come up with 1Malaysia ,but the reality is ,Malaysian are separated from the days they are born .

        1. In the same comment that you quoted, I already said “Currently, the DAP are most insincere”.

          re: “DAP are calling for Malaysian Malaysia, what a joke!”

          Indeed, a travesty. Some clowns (like Iskandar Fareez the young DAP member) are most unfortunately taken in by the Firster conjob though.

          re: “Malaysian are separated from the days they are born.”

          Yes. Especially those Ginny-come-lately carpetbaggers who live in gated and walled-off enclaves.

    1. Three million ethnic Germans living in Sudeten, Czechoslovakia were expelled from their homes at the end of the Second World War.

      Citizenship is one thing but minorities need to be accepted by the dominant and national community as well.

        1. Reporter tu sebenarnya human sacrifice, provokasi secara halus. Bukan tak boleh hantar melayu atau india tapi saja cari pasal. Nak rasa sangat martial law?

          1. Tengok MMO hantaq seekoq Melayu liberal (siap ejek Hidup Melayu lagi!), seorang anak Melayu mak Cina dan seorang India. Astro AEC memang xdak otak!

      1. ‘minorities need to be accepted by the dominant and national community as well’.

        siapa yg reject siapa semenjak 1957?

    2. Kampong lad,

      It was more of good hearted nature of Raja Raja Melayu back then. Of course, if the Highnesses can predict the attitude of Chinese during BERSIH 4, they would not have agreed to mass citizenship exercise.

      1. this is what i got from lebai google:

        British High Commissioner Sir Hugh Clifford, demonstrated the British ideology which rationalised colonialism in Malaya[21] when he urged “everyone in this country [to] be mindful of the fact that this is a Malay country, and we British came here at the invitation of Their Highnesses the Malay Rulers, and it is our duty to help the Malays to rule their own country.”[22]

  3. ‘The Chinese have always supported the opposition more. I repeat. The Chinese have always supported the opposition.’

    CINA nampaknya tak boleh lari daripada mentaliti Chang Kai Shek dan kemudiaannya, Komunis mereka. Asalkan lawan kerajaan, nasionalis ke, komunis ke, DAP ke, mereka sanggup!

    Apa lagi Cina mahu??

  4. Dear Aunty Helen,
    I hope that DAP can understand the Social Contract, learn history and be thankful for what this country has given them and stop pushing for other people’s share. I met Professor Ramlah Adam in Terengganu when she gave a talk together with my father and other speakers and I really enjoy meeting her. Talking to her is much more interesting than reading the history book! She talked about Tanah Melayu and the sacrifices made by the Sultans in order to form the Persekutuan Tanah Melayu and how we must defend our country because this is tanah tumpah darah kita. Even Professor Khoo Kay Kim keeps on talking about how people must respect the Social Contract in order to maintain the racial harmony.
    ( )
    DAP macam kacang lupakan kulit. My dad saw LGE at the airport in a yellow T-shirt, may he made a mistake thinking that today ada Bersih instead of Himpunan Baju Merah. I saw photos of of the rally, what do you think DAP feels looking at the huge crowd?
    ( )

    1. Ahmadalikarim,

      There is no such thing as Social Contract.

      What we have is political cooperation that starts with Municipal election in 1952 . The cooperation was between and UMNO and MCA.

      With due respect to non Malays, they were not in position to enter into a contract or to bargain for something. WHY? Because at that time they simply immigrants.

      The end of World war brought a new era. The days of colonial empire was coming to its end. Britain, the leading colonial power did realise that she simply could not hold to far flung empire.

      So she prepared to leave. But Britain is lot smarter than other empires. She knows the maxim of “never overstay your welcome”. She was preparing for a dignified exit while Portuegese, France, Holland fought the unwinnable war against their respective colonies.

      Tanah Melayu was unfortunately a complicated case and AT THE SAME TIME the most prized jewel of the crown second only to India.

      Tanah Melayu was an exciting experience. There were 12 states , nine of which were protectorates .and each one of the nine had Sultans who were globally recognised. the other three, Penang, Melaka, Singapore were crown colonies.

      To add to complexities, there are sizable immigrants who were of different races(Chinese, Indians) and practises different religions than that of the natives Malays.

      A solution need to be found. A Constitution must be made for the inevitable that when Britain to renounce authority. And the constitution must take into consideration of the reality in Tanah Melayu.

      The Raja raja Melayu were anxious too. They insisted that their royal position recognised. They simply did not want to end up like the 5 Malay sultans in Sumatera . These 5 Malay sultans were murdered in 1946. and one of them was forced to witness the rape of his own princess.

      The Malays were anxious too. They want to control politics upon British departure. To them independence is meaningless if Chinese took over. The cruelty of Communist raging on malay heartland was too much to bear.

      The non Malays were worried about their status. They were immigrants and they want the new status of Tanah Melayu to cater to their welfare.

      The colonial power , Britain, too has some concerns. They wanted a graceful exit . They too wanted legitimate interests of European community to be protected.

      AT THIS MOST DEFINING MOMENT of Tanah melayu history, many overlook the fact that the Malays had no qualm in agreeing to Raja Raja Melayu decision to grant citizenships in scale that altered the outlook of Tanah melayu.


      I often mention this mass citizenship conferment to the point that many asked why on earth I have been repeating it. MY ANSWER would be that had the Malays been unfair (as DAP never stop saying it) , they would have simply objected to such generosity.

      Bear in mind NO OTHER COUNTRIES did that. No other countries were willing to offer citizenship to people of other races, religion to the point it dilutes the character of the nation.

      One Chinese asked me whether I want him to be obligated or feel guilty when i remind him of such Malay generosity. I told him that is not the intention. What I meant was once a while do remember the starting point.

      Kit Siang or Hannah Yeoh obviously could not be bothered to remember the starting point. And in their zeal to wrest control, they resort to slandering and pitting Chinese against malays.

      Which is why I often hear Malay saying things like “Haram jadah punya Cina”.

      My advice to Chinese is “back off when you still have time”.

      1. re: “No other countries were willing to offer citizenship to people of other races, religion to the point it dilutes the character of the nation.”

        Very, very pertinent point.

      2. Dear Uncle Shamshul Anuar,

        In my father’s talks about racial harmony, he always quote our great forefathers’ words that describe the Malays and should be respected by all Malaysian. A lot of Malaysian do not understand this part of history. MCA must educate the Chinese to respect the wise words spoken by its great leader, Tun Tan Siew Sin:

        “The Malays, through UMNO, were generous enough to relax the citizenship laws of this country to such extent that within 12 months of independence, 90 percent of the non-Malays became citizens. This was different to the situation before Merdeka whereas 90 percent of the non-Malays were still non-citizens after nearly 100 years of colonial rule in the Malay States. In return for this major concession. the MCA and the MIC agreed to continue the policy of preserving the special position of the Malays while at the same time upholding the legitimate interest of other communities.”

        Tun V.T. Sambanthan said:

        “If we look around in Asia and East Asia, particularly, you will find that my race the Indian race, is not welcomed in Ceylon, is not welcomed in Burma. Look at my brother Chinese race, it is not welcomed in Thailand, in Vietnam, in Cambodia, in all the other areas. What help do they get for citizenship in all these territories? In Burma, as we know, Indian have been send packing, in Ceylon they refused them citizenship and in Burma it is likewise. I know it, you know it. And yet in Malaya what happened? Here we found that the Malay leadership said, “We shall take them unto ourselves as brothers, we shall give them full opportunity to live in this country, we shall give them every opportunity to become citizens.” And so, in 1957, for the whole year, we waived language qualifications, and tens of thousand of Indians, Chinese, Ceylonese and others became citizens.

        As I said, it has been my great good fortune to have born in this country. Where else can you find a more charitable, a more polite, a more decent race than Malay race? Where else can you get such politically decent treatment for any immigrant race? Where else in the history of the world? I ask you. These are the facts. Who are you to safeguards us?”

        Mahathir should say, “DAP jangan pura-pura lupa”.

        1. Ahmadalikarim,


          Which is why I often urge Malays to speak up. whenever some Chinese after being incited by DAP talk being treated unfairly( by Malay led government of course), they must be reminded of Malay ruler generosity.

          In crude language, make them realise what nonsense they are talking.

          The habit of not speaking up just not to create a scene MUST STOP. Speak up and remind chinese how FORTUNATE they are under the benign UMNO rule.

          And I must take RTM, UMNO to task.

          why not air some documentary on independence whenever we approach Independence celebration. I watched a 40 minute something documentary starting on the arrival of foreign delegates, deremony to lower Union Jack, official ceremony at Stadium Merdeka with arrival of the Raja Raja Melayu, Duke, coronation of Yang Dipertuan Agung, departure of last colonial High Commisioner and appointment of first PrimE Minister.

          TUNJUK LAH kat rakyat.

            1. Ahmadalikarim,


              Do not worry. They represent themselves and nobody else.

              These G25 are what I call “melayu tak sedar diri”.

  5. Guess they really fail to stop the Malay from attending even though they bombarded FB with the negativity of attending such racist gathering.

    Shows that their propaganda fail to push the Malay not to attend.

    By the way, now the posting and comments cycling around the FB now is how the one who attending the Bersih 4 was a younger generation while Himpunan Melayu was an older stupid generation.


      1. Ramai juga Melayu yang sudah lupa….

        much respected but recently……
        tak sampai hati nak cakap as he was one of our better PM……

        just let him enjoy his retirement….the evening ray of lights seems so much serene….golden rays into the deep of the night….

  6. Quote: In 1959, we had our first post-Independence national polls and the Chinese and Indians voted mostly for the opposition even though it was MCA and MIC that were responsible for wrangling them their citizenship

    Has it ever occur to you the Chinese and Indians would have a better acceptance of the purported ‘deal’ had community representatives that command the communities’ respect actually sealed the deal?

    If the Chinese had always supported the opposition, then is MCA in any position to call themselves the voice of the Chinese and proceed to sign off on their fate (Chinese) and their generations to come?

    Isn’t that the crux of the whole social contract thing?

    1. Tunku would never have dealt with PAP or Labour in 1957. He had a phobia of LKY and socialists/communists.

      If MCA hadn’t signed, we may not have gotten citizenship.

      Chinese Malayans furthermore had rejected Dato’ Onn’s multiracial party.

      1. Had Tunku refused and citizenship to the masses not ‘generously’ granted with expectations of perpetual kowtowing and gratitude in return, then let the British come up with a solution. The Brits were afterall the mass importer of foreign labours into Malaya.

        Yes, the nons may not get citizenship, but at least there is some kind of closure.

        1. The Malay rulers could have just marked time like Brunei. Or be strict, like Brunei.

          re: “citizenship to the masses not ‘generously’ granted with expectations of perpetual kowtowing and gratitude in return”

          I do not think that the Sultans or the Malay elite demand “perpetual kowtowing”.

          Instead the Chinese, such as the Dapster evangelistas, are a nightmare minority to be inflicted on any country.

          1. Quote:I do not think that the Sultans or the Malay elite demand “perpetual kowtowing”.


            But the general Malays demand so. They talk about respect and pride but at the same time chose to be ignorant of the fact respect is earned. Not something to be dispensed upon demand.

            Even the young kid who comments on this blog opined the nons ought to be ‘grateful’.

            1. re: “Even the young kid who comments on this blog opined the nons ought to be ‘grateful’.”

              The Dapsters are even freaking out a young kid.

              1. DAP may be brash but they know why the Chinese are fed up.

                MCA? Too comfy basking in their cocoon in lux. They had everything handed to them on a silver platter and had only recently started to work for it.

                MCA can count themselves lucky getting as far as they did kowtowing to UMNO and living off on their mercy. True peace is not defined as the absence of will to speak up. That is just fear.

                Seriously when was there a prominent ministerial position ‘offered’ to a Chinese since Tan Siew Sin’s Finance Minister post?

                So, how many more denied victories are in store for the young Chinese and Indians so they don’t freak out the Malays? The rules are easy, feel free to participate, just understand you will never get to hold the trophy….not on this soil.

                So, don’t tell the Chinese to support MCA because they are taking a beating from DAP.

                Tell MCA to fight their own battle and learn to pay their dues.

                I am no fan of the Lims but I do respect their resilience, a virtue the Chinese are known for.

                The MCA should learn how DAP got through decades of rejection and loss and still stand fighting.

                    1. Singapore non Cina PM, if ever happen la yer, considering everything in SG lies in the famiLEE*, is Sirih Pulang Ke Gagang. Nothing new.

                      As for Malaysia, why would you want to force something that is never there in the first place. Kata all for meritocracy, let it happen when it did.

                      ‘So it’s now OK to compare with tiny dot?’

                      HH, aku bagi kau contoh Amerika kut, apasal tak cakap pasal Obama being half kulit putih and speaks English like the native does?

                      HH nak tengok Lim Guan Eng dengan BM berterabur jadi PM ke??

                      Nota kaki*

                    2. Islam1st

                      Quote: As for Malaysia, why would you want to force something that is never there in the first place. Kata all for meritocracy, let it happen when it did.

                      Ha, I wasn’t the one who first embark on the ‘let’s emulate Singapore’ charade.

                      Someone sneakily asked can a Malay be the Defense Minister in Singapore.

                      So I merely one up the dare since Singapore DPM said YES.

            2. 1. melayu tak minta ‘respect & be grateful’ dari lain2. itu hanya persepsi. cuma mahu jangan sombong & kurang ajar.
              2. tidak ada trofi utk dimenangi.
              3. jika semua sanggup tolak ansur utk berkongsi kehidupan, observing each other’s limits, aman & makmur adanya.

            1. Why don’t you tell us if prosperity gospel teaches demand of entitlements from fellow mortal beings?

              If not, what CHC followers chose to believe are hardly any of your concern.

              1. Exactly, if they would keep their innovations to themselves: Jesus is not Allah … for all your theological sophistry.

                1. So, anybody attempting to push for an overhaul of our legislation by opting for the mandatory implementation of Prosperity Gospel for everyone?

                  Uh wait, dang, why a sudden sense of deja vu?

                  Ah yes, been there, done that.

                  Not initiatives from the proponents of Prosperity Gospel and their ilks it seems….

                  So what’s that about keeping innovations to themselves again?

        2. Haiya HH, if you are not happy with the citizenship granted, tak payah cakap banyak maa, strip yourself from it. Do it in the name of choosing not to kowtowing!

        3. HH,

          The citizenships were granted by Raj raja melayus, not Tunku.

          Many did not realise that the Instrument of independence was signed between Raja Raja and British colonial authority.

          1. Quote: Many did not realise that the Instrument of independence was signed between Raja Raja and British colonial authority.

            Ok. Point taken.

            But it is no coincidence such prominence are downplayed for the political interests of certain quarters.

            1. HH,

              More of “ambil mudah” attitude.

              Actually there was one “peristiwa” that of utmost importance taken place in Kuala Lumpur just few weeks before August 31, 1957.

              It was the signing ceremony on Instrument of independence. Britain was represented by the Hugh Commisioner while Raja Raja Melayu represented each of 9 malay states.

              1. kerakyatan adalah anugerah dari sultan2 melayu & ianya ikhlas. (in fact i read somewhere that the jus soli was initiated by them & not proposed or dipaksa oleh british). sebab itu raja2 melayu sekarang tidak pernah ungkit akan perkara ini. siapa yg cerdik akan faham & menerima apa yg diucapkan oleh sultan johor tentang bangsa johor.

                sekiranya mereka yg masih berbangga dgn tamadun 5,000 tahun itu, kenapa tidak boleh acknowldege fakta yg tidak sampai pun 100 tahun. institusi raja2 will continue to exist for a very long time. cheers everyone!

  7. Helen MCA ni memang bodoh ke atau kaki penipu??

    ‘It was reported that a banner with the words “Hapuskan SJKC” (abolish national-type Chinese schools) was among those held up at the rally.

    MCA Youth has lodged a police report over the banner which they claimed was seditious.
    – See more at:

    ‘Contrary to what is being touted by some political parties, vernacular schools are not protected by the Federal Constitution, said an eminent law professor.’

    And Cina think UMNO buli MCA??

    1. MCA is reactive and knee-jerk. They should leave it to the DAP to champion Chinese issues.

      Actually, MCA should just leave BN, period.

      1. ‘DAP to champion Chinese issues.’

        Helen, tengok ini Projek Dialog punya ‘boss’ pun sudah ‘meluat’ dengan cara evangelistas spin issues.

        ‘Too many urban-liberals, in either trying to understand or vilify the “red shirts”’ somehow assume that they represent the anger of rural and working class Malays. – See more at:

        1. DAP is getting 90 percent of the Chinese votes but not even doing 10 percent of the work defending Chinese issues. Alih-alih masih ia MCA yang bertungkus lumus.

          BN should take a step back so that when the Chinese have issues, they have no choice but to turn to DAP to provide the solutions. Let DAP buat kerja sikit daripada asyik jual air liur. Speaker gaji hampir sama dengan PM, wor.

          1. ‘DAP is getting 90 percent of the Chinese votes but not even doing 10 percent of the work defending Chinese issues.’

            Terima Kasih WCW and gangs kat the Nest!

    2. Islam1st,

      Betul la. Mana ada Perlembagaan sebut untuk kekalkan Sekolah Cina.

      YG DIJAMIN adalah hak belajar, meggunakan bahasa ibunda tanpa paksaan. Tak ada sebut Sekolah Cina pun

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