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DAP creeping out the Red Shirts

Is that like saying, ‘I don’t hate Germans but I hate Nazis’?

Himpunan Rakyat Bersatu yesterday presented a 14-point resolution that was read out at Padang Merbok.

According to Bernama, item No.4 in the Red Shirts’ laundry list of demands says, “Rakyat bersatu menolak cauvinis ala DAP”see below.

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Resolusi Red Shirts Bernama

Spot on.

Not only are DAP chauvinists, they’re real creepy too.

Hannah Yeoh Ugly Pendatang

Astro Awani however translated the demand to read, “Rejecting DAP’s alleged chauvinist racism”.

Hullo! The DAP’s chauvinism is very real lah. It is not something “allegedly”, okay.

Why is Astro Awani so busybody as to insert the modifier ‘alleged’ when the Bernama copy tells us that the demand – in its original BM – reads, “Rakyat bersatu menolak cauvinis ala DAP”.

Now lemme ask the Red Shirts this.

Their memo is endorsed by xy,000 (whatever estimate) number of rally participants in the crowd.

So, apparently the Umno Melayus are in collective agreement that the DAP’s chauvinism is freaking out Malays.

And then what, huh?

Red Shirts Yeah


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35 thoughts on “DAP creeping out the Red Shirts

  1. ‘Why is Astro Awani so busybody as to insert the modifier ‘alleged’ when the Bernama copy tells us that the demand – in its original BN – reads, “Rakyat bersatu menolak cauvinis ala DAP”.’

    Let me try, err, Zan Azlee aka aku Melayu campur Cina thus more Malaysians than the rest of the allegedly non campur, is there to prove his Cina worth??

    1. I noticed lately Astro Awani is more inclined to support opposition. High time govt break the monopoly on tv content.

      1. Or perhaps maybe, no more monopoly of the gov on TV content? ;)

        Not sure how old are you, tapi zaman Pak Rahmat et al, dulu mana ada bad news tentang kerajaan pun …satu pun takdak…

  2. Red Shirts was sabotaged or at least got poor media coverage from non-Malay media. Red Shirt rally was not a political rally(unlike Bersih which was clearly supported and sponsored by DAP) but failed to get good media coverage and instead we were told that Red Shirt is a racist rally by racist people.

  3. Astro Awani is similar to The Star, leaning towards the opposition and PKR symphatizers. Is it worth following and watching?

    Not really, even if there was not much to watch on telly.

    News are often days late and come on as “current”…

    Pity the rich urbane followers as compared to us country bumpkins

  4. G25 now starting to talk like Bersih. And strangely the Sultan of Johor too following the suit. When DAP says they are against UMNO Malays who benefitted from NEP, it is not considered as racism. But when Red Shirts denounce DAP Chinese it is seen as naked racism.

    1. ‘And strangely the Sultan of Johor too following the suit.’

      CS perhaps Sultan is telling the Gelang Patah constituents (and the rest of Johor, of course) to drop someone comes GE14?

  5. This is from Boo Su-Lyn the ex-MKini reporter now at the MM.

    A female ethnic Chinese journalist was heckled and called “Cina gila babi (Crazy Chinese pig)” by the crowd at the “Red Shirt” rally while trying to interview protesters in Petaling Street before being chased away.

    The police were also forced to extricate two male ethnic Chinese journalists who were similarly called “babi” from another rally gathering point when demonstrators became angry when asked to provide examples of Malays being insulted.

    Note that she doesn’t mention why the MKini reporter was heckled. Also note that nobody talked about racial divisions when Bersih was hijacked by the Chinese.

        1. Maybe her Malay is so fucked up or non-functioning (ikut term Mr Hannah Yeoh), the baju merah ingat dia mencarut kat depa! Tu yang kena balik tu?

  6. Saya langgan The Star untuk baca berita ekonomi, metro dan berita dunia. Tapi bila baca headlines betul-betul sakit hati.. Sungguh musang berbulu ayam.. tak sorok-sorok lagi dah.. Bila lah MCA nak insaf..

  7. Hi Helen,

    I can’t say I’m surprised that the non-Malay media aren’t covering this. In fact, it was fully expected.

    Well, it really is up to them whether to cover the event or not. But, should they continue to do that, they’re really setting up the Bersih crowd for.. let’s call it an unpleasant surprise.

    Despite some people saying that the Red Shirt rally has got the DAP quaking in their boots, in my opinion the biggest impact of 16Sep2015 was on the Malays. Whether they attended the rally or not, more Malays are gonna say, “Hey, that’s my people. We didn’t even try, and we pulled in 200k. Wow. I wonder…”

    Even if you say the actual number of participants is only 25% of 200k, 50k people is a lot, and, going by sentiment, future rallies will be even bigger.

    So if the DAP continues their hatred-fanning and the non-Malay media continues not covering Red Shirt rallies, the Chinese people of Bersih 4 will be in the dark to the flaring sentiments of the Malays. If Bersih 5 ever comes around, they won’t be the only ones taking to the streets.

    As I said, they might be in for an unpleasant surprise.

    1. re: “should they continue to do that, they’re really setting up the Bersih crowd for.. let’s call it an unpleasant surprise.”


      re: “we pulled in 200k”

      Pls share the link (source of info).

      re: “going by sentiment, future rallies will be even bigger”

      Yes. Bersih has had four rallies. No reason why Red Shirts should not go for 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 in the name of equality.

      re: “So if the DAP continues their hatred-fanning”

      Yes. In church, this Sunday.

      re: “and the non-Malay media continues not covering Red Shirt rallies, the Chinese people of Bersih 4 will be in the dark to the flaring sentiments of the Malays”

      As has been the case all along.

      re: “If Bersih 5 ever comes around, they won’t be the only ones taking to the streets.”

      Kumbayah. Can exchange red carnations and yellow chrysanthemums.


        The article had this one para, “Padang berkenaan yang sekadar mampu menampung kehadiran 80,000 orang itu turut menyaksikan peserta lain terpaksa memenuhi kawasan berhampiran padang seperti di tepi jalan dan ruang tempat letak kereta berhampiran padang tersebut.”

        So more than 80k people attended the rally.

        If you go through the articles about the rally on Utusan, you will find that the tone of the articles tend to deviate from that of neutral observer – which is how a journalistic article should read, in theory – to one that is actually cheering on the Red Shirts.

        DAP really should take note of this. The Malays are really pissed right now. Among many other things, people are asking, “Why were Bersih people allowed to walk in front of and force Malay shops to close, but the Red Shirts were denied to walk past Low Yat and Petaling Street?”

        But, of course the DAP will gloss over this. Their future loss.

              1. If 68k, add 25% for people off-camera, so about 85k.

                So basically, every Bersih 4 participant had at least one Red Shirt to play Oo-Som! with.

                Unpleasant surprise, indeed.

    2. Hi Heff, I concur with your findings.

      The Melayu is in the dazed with the participation of this perhimpunan. The Chinese, is in-denial mode.

      For all the bashing that this red shirt rally has accumulated and the blue-black punches that they have received; they actually did well.

      If the organizer is smart this is the time to “swell the ground”.

      Mini red-shirt event country-wide. It must be people-eccentric, cheap skate, fun-filled recreational activities.

      The sentiment is positive. It would be such a waste of effort if they did not mobilized this sentiment to the next phase – wave of people power at the micro level.

      Boleh menang pilihanraya – warfare strategy.

  8. Did you note that the Dapters been spreading pics that showed small crowd of Red Shirts via social media and hiding the true size of the crowd?

    They have been sending pics comparing Red vs Yellow Shirt rallies and mocking how small the Red Shirt rally was. Again, they are up to the old tricks of fitnah.

    DAP is 3 D – Dirty, Destructive and Divisive.

      1. Helen,
        I have to disagree with you here. While the Cina leaders may be ‘showing the way’, takanlah 90% Apek semua tak bersalah by following? The Chinese are showing their true colours now.

  9. this is our awakening. Lepas ni, tak payah kita bermuka-muka lagi. Ini MALAYsia!!!! Actually the red shirts have achieved something that all our political parties have failed to do. Unite us as a race. Now that the govt can see we are steadily behind them, it is time for strong action against the pendatangs.

    1. Sejak bila kita bermuka-muka? Apakah kita selama ni bermuka-muka apabila kita menerima bangsa lain masuk tinggal secara aman di negara kita? Kerana ‘Ini MALAYsia’ bukan ‘Ini Melacindia’ jadi kita bermuka-muka?

      I don’t know but somehow, you sound like you are not belong to any race knwon in this country when you said ‘Unite us as a race’. Dude, it sounds empty and fake.

      But if you are really a Malay, then you have a dangerous mind detached from the Malay community. You need to be among the community more often.

  10. TS Annuar Musa has shown real courage and honesty by stating what we all feel. Perhaps this will embolden the rest to come and say it like it is!

    1. Considering the recent fate of Tony Abbott, I’d say courage might be springing up in odd places in Malaysia.

  11. Those whose seeing first hand really surprised by the turned out. You see, for a couple of weeks now the tunes in the FB was no smart Malay will attend this Himpunan Merah. 1001 reasons was given.

    Then a week before suddenly majority Malay suddenly stop posting what they thinks of Himpunan Merah. It’s like they wanted to see what will happen.

    At the same time, the posting turned ugly. MK, MD, The Star On line, TMI , MM and even SSTM posting an article how the turned out will be poor. How HM will fail compared to B4.

    The funniest things about all this for me is that the reasons why this HM need to be stop. It’s all the reasons why B4 should be stop given by a lot’s of people’s. Demo not our culture. It’s effecting biz. It will effect tourism. It will effect the people’s lives. Talk about hijacking others reasons.

    I think all those negative reports really provoke the Malay. I sense the changes when few posting in a reply comment how they’re not supporting government but the attitude of B4 really hit their nerves. They joint just to prove the point and remind the ultra kiasu to stop stabbing their sensibility.

    I don’t like it when my sense about the shifting of Malay attitudes and perception comes true. But if this people’s continues provoke the Malay, it can become uglier.


    1. Betul tu Sarah, tengok Dina Zaman pun dah naik meluat dengan geng2 liberal tak sedar diri…

      ‘I may enjoy researching about Muslims and Malays in Malaysia, but I felt quite drained after attending a few too many gatherings to discuss about Malays/Muslims in all aspects.’

      ‘Yet as all these roundtables proceeded, I wondered to myself as to whether such gatherings would always revolve around the same topics, attended and participated by the same people, and observed by the same audience. – See more at:

      Depa ingat Melayu akar umbi kisah dengan apa yang depa bincang sesama mereka selagi tak menghina Melayu dan Islam. Tapi kalau asyik2 kerja nak kutuk Melayu, dekonstruk konsep Melayu, hina kerukunan Melayu, tu yang baju merah nak rempuh Petaling Street tu, jangan buat2 heran pulak.

      Selama ni, Melayu sabar, tapi Melayu tak lupa, Melayu saja buat2 bodo, namun, Cina macam, Namewee, Patrick Teoh, Alvin Tan, Teresa Kok, OKM, Eric Paulsen, Lim Kit Siang dan banyak lagi yang selalu mempersenda Islam dan Melayu akan selalu berada dalam ingatan Melayu.

  12. Sarah,
    Nothing ugly about us standing up. As I have said before, this is MALAYsia. We do not need the pendatangs anymore. I never had a hatred for Chinese until I started to learn more about them through Kak Helen’s blog {Helen, I don’t hate you – you are a Chinese who knows her place). All the examples of their behaviour from around the world, from China to Singapore. It’s time to reclaim our country. Hidup Melayu! And guess what, we will be better off.

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