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Kantoi !

Sneaky, oh so sneaky.

Compare between Specimen (1) and Specimen (2).

The J-Star story today on the launch of the New Hope party is headlined Huge turnout at the launch of Amanah – see screenshot below.

The article first line said, “A huge crowd turned up here for the launch of Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah).”

Huge turnout Amanah

Talking about the launch, Si Gunting dalam Lipatan described in its article headline Amanah as having a huge turnout and using the phrase without any need for inverted commas.

Then in the first paragraph, the MCA-owned newspaper said a huge crowd turned up. Again the HUGE CROWD is credited to Amanah without any qualifying scepticism (through the use of inverted commas) of its actual size.

Amanah launch

Now contrast with how the EvangeliSTAR paper described the turnout at the the Red Shirts rally.

The J-Star headline is Himpun 16: “Big crowd” at Padang Merbok – see screenshot below.

When it comes to the Red Shirt rally, the J-Star had to say “big crowd” within inverted commas and signalling to readers, yeah right … ‘big crowd’ (snigger, snigger).

Huge turnout Amanah

Below is a screenshot taken at 11.45am this morning of the Top Stories-Nation in the EvangeliSTAR website.

The Amanah launch – which was yesterday – is given the follow-up treatment today. The J-Star however does not rehash its news coverage of the Red Shirts rally.

jStar top stories 11.45am

Dial_M_BlogMCA paper did not say Bersih speeches were ‘highly charged’, leh

The J-Star reports on the Red Shirt rally had a pejorative slant in some of their headlines.

Other headlines were reverse psychology innuendo (denial of racism, denial of connection to troublemakers) or hinting that the Malays are paranoid and takutkan bayang-bayang.

Referencing the tag ‘Himpun 16’, below is a compilation of the J-Star headlines reeking with negativity – see below.

Today’s news

Yesterday’s news

Utusan cover Red Shirts

Umno mouthpiece vs “MCA mouthpiece”

Note my use of inverted commas on the phrase “MCA mouthpiece” to denote that I believe the EvangeliSTAR is really DAP in disguise.

Utusan, on the other hand, is positively gung ho about the rally. Its front page today is a wraparound with a photo spread ‘bleeding’ (journalism jargon) into the back page.

The broadsheet even changed the colour of its masthead from the customary turquoise blue to the Maruah red (see above).

I hope that Utusan‘s enthusiasm for the rally – denounced as “racist” by Hannah and her Dapster family – will suitably cue the Chinese community to the strong sentiments prevalent among the Malay right at the present moment.

Sack MCA and neutralize its Nest of Evangelistas


Hannah Yeoh 10 tweets 24 hours Speaker Star

You’re racist / no you’re racist … no, you’re the racist / no, you are!

Meanwhile, the evangelistas and Perkasa trade barbs on “racism”.

Although there were reports earlier that Perkasa would not be joining the Red Shirts rally, the movement’s president did ultimately turn up to address the gathering.

Standing on the platform yesterday together with Umno’s Jamal Sekinchan, Ibrahim Ali (below) told the crowd that DAP is the “father of racism” and that the evangelical party has “destroyed the country’s unity”.

ABOVE: If looks could kill, Ibrahim Ali would be dead from Mama Dapster’s dagger eyes.

Hannah Yeoh accused the Sept 16 Malay rally of “racism” and hectored that a vote for BN is “a vote to further strengthen such racism“.

She also ranted at rally participant Ashikin Yunus who had ticked off Grandpapa Dapster. Following her lead, Mama’s rabid followers echoed the uber evangelista’s call and brayed for Ashikin to be charged by the police.


The fashion police though are in two minds about the costume worn by the attention-grabbing Rani Kulup, better known as Mr Sunshades-and-Beret.

With everybody in uniform red, why not wear flourescent green to stand out from the crowd (spotted by blogger Eddy Daud in Twitter).


Islam threatened by evangelical triumphalism

Among the demands made by the Red Shirts in their 14-point resolution are for the country’s Muslims to unite and defend Islam against insults and the threat to its position as the Religion of the Federation.

The biggest threat to Islam comes from DAP evangelistas. It was they who were the moving force behind Bersih 4.0.

Hannah Yeoh Ugly Pendatang

Malaysia’s Muslim community is indeed beleaguered. But amidst the cries “Melayu bangkit, Melayu bangkit!” roared at the rally, where are the Malay heroes? Ibrahim Ali? Rani Kulup?

The rudderless red shirts deserve better leadership. And more handsome heroes lah.

I Need A Hero


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19 thoughts on “Kantoi !

  1. I completely ignored this rally. Doesn’t affect me at all.
    2 weeks later, it’ll just be a curious footnote for the rest of the country.
    Yawn…. All that trouble of hiring 2,000 busses and paying RM100 per pax to get some piss-ass publicity. I guess there’s still a lot of money left from that RM2.6 billion.


      On the authority of Abu Hamzah Anas bin Malik (may Allah be pleased with him) – the servant of the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) – that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said :

      “None of you will believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself.”
      (related by Bukhari & Muslim)

      There is an authentic narration mentioned by Al Hakim where a companion asks the Prophet (pbuh), “Oh Messenger of Allah, you have seen the beauty that is bestowed upon me, and because of the beauty bestowed upon me, I don’t like anyone else to look better than me. Is that arrogance? Is that sinful?”

      The Prophet (pbuh) responded thus: “No, that is not transgression, that’s not arrogance. Arrogance or transgression is to the reject the truth that faces you, and to look down on other people.”

  2. Actually i dont really care about Rani Kulup or Ibrahim Ali….in my eyes these two are court jesters…

    But what really pissed me off is Si Annuar Musa punya quote…pasal Islam allows “racism”.

    My geng2 masjid yg bukan ahli politik pun geleng kepala baca pasal this…

    who made him a saviour???

    1. Perkasa claims to have a membership of half a million. It is a formidable if latent force.

      What a waste for such potential to be led by a court jester. Umno should get Perkasa a new and more effective president.

  3. Helen time for soul searching sudah bermula…DAP takes the lead

    ‘”Malaysians must conduct a national soul-searching as to what has gone wrong with over five decades of nation-building that there was a ‘red shirt’ Malay rally replete with racial slurs and provocations on Malaysia Day itself and with government approval,” Lim said in a statement. – See more at:

    ‘Instead, they seem to be making an attempt to emulate a “red-neck” mentality, endorsed by certain authorities, to grossly defeat everything our founding fathers had struggled to achieve, or to be more accurate, seeminglytry to threaten the weaving of our social fabric by implying the possibility of a repeat of May 13, 1969. – See more at:

    ‘Yesterday the “red-shirt” rally which was launched on the twin platforms of “anti-Bersih” and “defending the honour of the Malays” shows only one thing. That one thing may well be the most lasting legacy of Bersih 4. That one thing is the high-point, the climax of idiocy. – See more at:

    Syabas. Keep it coming guys!

    1. Kalau dah PALSU tu pasti akan terlihat juga KEPALSUAN mereka! Syabas AMANAH kerana telah MENCIPLAK, PLAGIAT dan BERSIKAP TIDAK AMANAH LANGSUNG dengan logo orang! Hidup mati balik pun aku takkan bagi undi kat ko, PENIPU!

  4. why no unity during PRU13 tru your votes? Himpunan aman shall not have any type of provocation..muslims should show good example first place..hurting other race wont make you better..thanks kak helen

      1. Very Malaysian group. Having their cake and eating it too, I see. Wait a minute. You can’t have dessert if you don’t finish your vegetables, everyone knows this.

        1. It’s okay for Azira to have calorie-laden desserts. She’s active and runs in the street a lot, and not to mention ‘wrestling’ with the police.

          Madame on the other hand should really watch her diet. She’s overtaxing her clunky platform heels.

          1. ‘Very Malaysian group.’

            Petaling Street not so!

            ‘Authorities should allow Malay traders to operate in Petaling Street to avoid claims of racial bias, #Merah169 leader Datuk Jamal Md Yunos said today.

            He asserted that Malay traders were being kept out of the tourist spot ostensibly due to resistance from Chinese business owners there.

            The Sungai Besar Umno chief added that he had applied for a spot in the area known as “Chinatown” a decade ago, but was unsuccessful.

            “We said we need to share. But they (Chinese) don’t want to. We only share ours,”
            – See more at:

            DAP should sokong his call!

            1. The concept of Chinatown in Malaysia is the biggest irony since all town centres are “cina town” with the exception of maybe Kota Baharu Kelantan. Then the government started the initiative for Little India; good for the Indian community, finally a leg up.

              So one Umno Minister pushed for Low Yat2 for Malays. No No, No! Racists!

              1. ‘The concept of Chinatown in Malaysia is the biggest irony since all town centres are “cina town” ‘

                Absolutely. And the biggest Chinatown of them all is Cinapura. Siap satu pulau kut, Melayu sudah bagi. So mahu apa lagi?

  5. There is this video going viral in our WA group.

    A ‘kurung tudung clad alien’ interviewing two Melayu Bersatu young boys. She cannot even piece and pronounce the word BERSATU. And her BI, Rithmatist may drop dead! Thise boys can hardly understand what she was asking.

    Was she among the chinese reporter escorted away by the Police? Not available in youtube so unable to post here.

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