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Nice guys don’t win wars

Lim Kit Siang complains that the international media is portraying the Red Shirts rally as an anti-Chinese demo.

It’s not true, Grandpapa Dapster chides, claiming that there is no conflict between Chinese and Malays.

Yeah, perhaps there isn’t any acute racial conflict. The conflict is religious – with rivalry between the Religion of Love and the Religion of the Federation coming to a head. Continue reading “Nice guys don’t win wars”

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All you Tun supporters, read this!

It’s an article by Matthias Chang who is Tun’s former political secretary.

Chang has been photographed in the European capitals with Khairuddin Abu Hassan recently making police reports against 1MDB.

Now what do you think Tun is up to – what the ex-premier is up to wrt the sitting PM is public knowledge but what are his other plots – and more specifically, what are Tun’s future plans for Umno?

Read Matthias Chang to find out. Click on PDF below.