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Nice guys don’t win wars

Lim Kit Siang complains that the international media is portraying the Red Shirts rally as an anti-Chinese demo.

It’s not true, Grandpapa Dapster chides, claiming that there is no conflict between Chinese and Malays.

Yeah, perhaps there isn’t any acute racial conflict. The conflict is religious – with rivalry between the Religion of Love and the Religion of the Federation coming to a head.


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Umno survives

Here is my take on the exchange between readers islam1st and Surrhead – their conversation thread screencapped above.

Umno vs DAP

It is true that Umno politics is about Race and Religion. They keep yelling that all the time anyway – “Hidup Melayu!”, “Demi Bangsa, Agama dan Negara”.

Umno’s path to power was paved via 1946 and through its founder Dato’ Onn Jaafar’s opposition to the Malayan Union which led to the British backing down and abandoning the MacMichael gambit.

The union was replaced with the Persekutuan Tanah Melayu of 1948 whose constitution formed the backbone of our Malayan constitution of 1957 that was later amended to incorporate the inclusion of Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore in 1963.

Racist! Racist! Racist!

Do you agree with Rafidah Aziz when she says Tanah Melayu is no more?

The name change from Tanah Melayu 1957 to Malaysia 1963 does not negate the Malay foundations of this country.

e.g. The samseng-looking fella below is Jamal Mohd Yunos but I’m calling him Jamal Sekinchan because I do not wish to extend my bad vibes tak pasal-pasal to his poor father and the older man’s name, Mohd Yunos.


So I bestow the moniker Jamal Sekinchan, in the mould as how Abdullah Ahmad is called Dollah Kok Lanas.

Even though I refer to this Taiko Baju Merah as ‘Jamal Sekinchan’ and by not his proper name ‘Jamal Mohd Yunos’, it’s nonetheless not within my power to change who he is. Jamal is still Jamal.

Likewise the progress of Tanah Melayu to Malaysia did not change the nature of land but merely expanded our sovereign territory across the South China Sea to the far reaches of Sabah and Sarawak.

If you were to compare the constitutions of 1948, 1957 and 1963, you will find that at their fundamental level, they’re the essentially same. The Federal Constitution of 1963 is an expansion of the 1957 FedCon which in turn is taken from the template of the 1948 Tanah Melayu version.

Furthermore, our country name is MALAY-sia and doesn’t its core word tell you anything?

Kesinambungan warisan Nusantara

There are the ‘stan’ countries – Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, for example. They’re relatives.

Then there are the ‘sia’ countries – Malaysia and Indonesia with relatives in the Melanesia region (Fiji, Papua New Guinea), Polynesia (Hawaii, Samoa) and Micronesia (Kiribati, Nauru, Palau). Well, generally brown-skinned islanders lah.

Below are the flags (from left) of Indonesia, Singapore and Umno. Their basic design is the red stripe on top and white stripe underneath. It is the Sang Saka.

Personally speaking, I prefer a design based on the Sang Saka as our national flag rather than it looking like Uncle Sam’s Stars and Stripes.

What kind of Patriotism First citizens are the Dapsters?

Although Japan and other countries (say Thailand, Sweden, etc) may not have something akin to Article 153 in their national constitutions, that doesn’t mean the aforementioned countries do not have Ketuanan Jepun, Ketuanan Thai and Ketuanan Swede.

It simply means Japanese people speak the Japanese language, Thai people speak the Thai language, Swedes speak Swedish and etc.

The Japanese practise Japanese culture, the Thais practise Thai culture, etc. If you were a Japanese, you respected the Japanese emperor and if you were a Thai, you respected the Thai monarch, etc.

So why is it all that difficult for the Dapsters to speak the national language of Malaysia, respect the local culture and customs as well as refrain from being rude about our Raja-Raja Melayu – whether you call this adherence by the name of Ketuanan Melayu or not?

BELOW: A reader’s comment @

Cina babi not racial slur TMI

Or why can’t the Dapsters just be civil? Is plain decency too much to ask of them? Even if they dislike the individual holding the office, they still need to be mindful of the stature of the Prime Minister.

And be mindful similarly of the outward representations related to Islam, such as the serban and the person wearing one who also happens to be the president of an Islamist party in Malaysia with over one million members.

hannah blank

Dapster family sneaky bastards

Disliking the DAP is not racist.

What’s there at all to like about the DAP with its unscrupulous leadership and their unhinged supporters behaving the way they do?

DAP leaders such as anger monger Hannah Yeoh are perpetually inciting and their whingy supporters wallow in the cult of victimhood.

Hannah Kevin Morais innuendo

Four horsemen and war

My blog reader Surrhead comments that “Umno survives using race and religion as tool”.

I say that the tools employed by the DAP are tipu, bohong, putar-belit and fitnah.

I find Jamal Sekinchan brushing off the “Cina babi” slur to be offensive. But then again, I’ve reminded myself time and again to be careful what I wish for.

I was hankering for Najib to be a war general and for him to appoint a war cabinet capable of putting the BN/government on a war footing against the opposition.

Well war is not perpetrated by Mr Nice Guy. So we get soldiers of fortune like Jamal Sekinchan fighting Najib’s war. Deal with it.

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

And besides, how can BN play by Queensbury rules when up against Dapster Gangsters whose political masters, the evangelistas, deploy WMD – Weapons of Mass Deception.

The Bintang Tiga used rifles and bayonets to kill. The Bintang Lima’s instruments of murder (character assassination) and torture are the keyboard and keypad.

Tipu, Bohong, Putar-Belit and Fitnah are synonymous with the DAP. This is the reason the DAP is disliked. Not necessarily because they’re Chinese.

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13 thoughts on “Nice guys don’t win wars

  1. “Disliking the DAP is not racist.” Very true that.

    According to the First Family of Dap, Dap is not based on race, no Malay, no Cina, no Indian. If they believe that then surely they will realise that it’s not about disliking the race, it’s just disliking the party itself, as surely as they do not dislike Malay, just Umno.

  2. So true Helen. I dont hate Chinese. I hate those sneaky lying hate mongering DAPsters. I chance upon Lim Guan Eng opening speech during one of the penang festival that got featured in asian TV channel… my god he sounded so Apek.. i thot he was educated in the west!! Cara cakap langsung takde class. Seriously if DAP change the way they behave they would be able to attract more non chinese members. Their fight for a cleaner transparent government is just but the way they do it turn off lots of people. Cuba tengok what has reared now from their arrogant stupid antics.. the ugly heads of Malay have started to rise…

    1. ‘the ugly heads of Malay have started to rise…’

      Tu la, Melayu memang pun buat-buat tak faham. Tak suka buat benda2 macam ni. Tapi bila senyap depa kata Melayu bodoh. Kan dah ugly jadinya…

    1. re: “Malays have broken the social contract by depriving the Chinese of their economic dominance”

      Cute take :) :) :)

      1. Helen,

        UMNO as the name dictates is a political party that fight for Malay interests. Whether UMNO leaders really fight for Malays or not is another issue. But UMNo was established at the most defining moment of Tanah Melayu history:that was when Britain tried to change Malay states into perpetual outright colonies.

        Even until today, malays, UMNO, and all who claimed to be Malays and professing islam as their faith WHEN ASKED never say they are against Chinese.

        Malays do not hate Chinese for being Chinese. We ( except Rafizi or Mohd sabu) just cant stand Kit siang’s hypocrisy.

        Whatever nasty things said about Jamal, I must admit i salute him for making Himpunan Merah a success. There were many detractors. UMNO leaders are not keen on this Himpunan. Tun whacked the Hinpunan from the start.

        But malays participated to tell DAP that we have enough of its antics. Malays knew we cant expect Khairi to be there.

        The HImpunan has one tellling effect. It is successful to tell DAP that though malays are upset with Najib, UMNO, they are not prepared to vote for DAP and whatever its allies( notably PKR).

        I believe NOW after the Himpunan Merah, DAP or any chinese would not be that eager for another BERSIH. Tjey now Malays can match any of their demonstration.

        MORE IMPORTANTLY, Himpunan Merah too shows that Malays are prepared to go along EVEN without UMNO’s endorsement. UMNO should take note.

        Just as Prophet HAS “mukjizat” to lend credence to his Prophecy(May Allah SWT bless his soul), the people in power once a while must exercise show of power NOT TO INTIMIDATE but to ensure that DAP is not “lupa diri”.

        And I believe the message is understood though they pretend otherwise.

  3. Hi Helen.

    The Malaysian Flag Jalur Gemilang contains the Sang Saka Flag … the Red and White stripes ….

    But they are superimposed by other elements. That’s why most people think it doesn’t exist. I may be wrong but that’s how I see it,

    1. You’re right. We do indeed have red and white stripes.

      But I still like Indonesia and Singapore’s two broad bands design more. It’s quite cosy to be in the regional club.

      The Scandinavian countries have flags along one common theme of the cross. We should be familiar with Sweden’s flag ‘cos IKEA uses its national colours.

  4. Helen, Kua Kia Soong ni betul ke seorang intelektual? Ke poser je? Apa yang dia merepek ni??

    ‘“while the constitution permits the learning of other languages, it does not say that the medium of instruction must also be in mother tongue languages.” – See more at:

    Apa yang Shad Faruqi cakap tu betul.

    Apa yang Kua Kia Soong nak kencing Cina lagi kali ni? Cina kerap tipu Cina dengan benda2 ni. Thus Cina pandang Melayu juga yang jahat. How to berbaik kalau macam tu?

    Haiya Kua Kia Soong. Sudah-sudah lah menipu Cina, cer baca ni. Dah letih lah orang cakap pasal ni. Dah beres. Vernakular sekolah tu Melayu baik hati saja bagi. Konsensus. Tapi since Cina tak suka konsensus. Semua nak meritocracy. Vernakular sekolah tak patut diberikan langsung!

    Satu sekolah untuk semua. Mandarin and Tamil boleh belajar kat sekolah tu! No masalah to face China and India later, kan?

    ‘UiTM is constitutional, vernacular schools are not — Faidhur Rahman Abdul Hadi – See more at:

  5. A traitor to my religion and race if I supports bersih 4 ?
    A Malay supremacist if I endorse “red shirt” Himpunan Rakyat ((Maruah Melayu) Bersatu rally recently .

    The best of both world ?

    What about a third option a strong (no nonsense) , competence , highly trusted , much respected government administration and leaders .
    Looking at the present leaderships it is reminiscent to Jonestown Guyana decades ago ( harap takan berlaku) .

    God only knows my contempt’s toward people using religion for their self interests , ie , PAS (ulama/ahli) somehow I am getting the impression that this sorts of people who will stabs you from behind , in front and sideways after they gets what they wants .
    Their demeanour and things coming out of their mouths make you thinks really hard “ya ke tidak” , like the childhood story “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”.
    Then to the Malays who said “ah tak apa sedikit makan rasuah asalkan Melayu yg memerintah” , serupa tak “alahi apa lah sangat zina di Malaysia , anak haram lagi banyak nun di negara-negara barat .

    The same people fighting for the honour (kesucian) of Islam ?

    Of cause I am speaking through my experiences and as a Malay . As for you Helen it’s possible for your suspicions and ill feelings with the
    DAP/ evangelists the reason be is , as a Chinese you knows best what makes your “bangsa tick” .

    PM Najib

    The term of “lions being led by a sheep” came into mind , although he is flanks by lackeys who will “die” for him , in military terms is a good thing when this so call “kahaks” ( the expendable) is used for confronting a formidable enemy .
    For being a “War General” I think it’s to little to late . From this day onwards when we hear one utters the words “never used money ( apa-apa saja) for personal gains” generations to come will remember the Malaysian PM who hold a “gun” to the heads UMNO/BN in one hand and a “bomb” in the other with his sympathetic looks and ruby lip smile and says , “are you with or against me” ?
    Marc Anthony makes a small crucial mistake when left his men’s to a certain doom , those men’s who otherwise sacrifice themselves for his honour ,instated thinking of a general running with a tail between his legs chasing after his lover Cleopatra .

    You see to a “War General” trust and respect is precious commodity.

    Tun Mahathir .

    What can we say about a 90 years old man (lebih dulu dan banyak makan garam) of witch 22 years of those sitting on a top of a
    “mountain” with almost “all seeing” , the inner working of the nation
    and his understandings what makes the “world goes round” .
    The man is a “bastard” ( macam ibu kucing) he will fight with his tooth and nails for the things he believe is right and just, he’s seldom
    wrong .

    For those us believes he is senile and decrepit “orang tua” thinks
    again .

    So Helen you are correct ,”Nice Guys Won’t Win Wars” .

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