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Evangelistas meeting their match in Jamal Sekinchan

The Baju Merah taiko was quoted by the media as saying “Cina babi” is not a slur since after all, the Chinese love eating pork.

Jamal Sekinchan is doing what the sneaky bastards did when they claimed that Bak Kut Teh is not pork. Of course any Chinese would be well aware that BKT is pork just as Jamal is equally aware how offensive the taunt “Cina babi” is.red_shirt_kamal Allah for Muslim

But then, recall that the Chinese did pakat-pakat to pretend Alvin Tan’s invitation for Muslims to buka puasa with Bak Kut Teh was not a deliberate insult.

They even went to the extent of pretending the BKT dish could be yummy chicken. Or wait! It could even have been organic vegetarian Bak Kut Teh.

So now we have this Jamal Sekinchan enter frame and pretending with an equal amount of insouciance that “Cina babi” is as inoffensive as Alvin’s Bak Kut Teh invite.

Like they say, what goes around comes around.

The man showing the Thumbs Up sign above is not Jamal. His photo is uploaded here for illustrative purpose only – his red T-shirt says “Allah for Muslim, fight no fear”.

Bak Kut Teh lover Hannah Yeoh has to diet, kesiannya

You get what you give in ample returns

The opposition gave us the Bersih Yellow Shirts a total of four times already. For Najib Razak, “empat kali tampar sudah melampaui batas”.

So the Red Shirts are now giving back. The first salvo was on Sept 16. The second volley is planned for Oct 10.


It would indeed be tempting for Jamal Sekinchan (above) to serve the revenge dish red piping hot to the ultra kiasu Penang Chief Minister in his own state. Beard the lion in its den, so to speak.

Red rally 1.0 message: 'DAP Pulau Pinang jangan halau orang Melayu balik kampung'
Red rally 1.0 message: ‘DAP Pulau Pinang jangan halau orang Melayu balik kampung’
Buku bertemu ruas

BELOW: 16 Sept 2015 … the day the Red rally 1.0 struck back at Bersih 4.0. The Reds have to stage three more rallies though in order to catch up with the Yellows but never mind, Oct 10 is only three weeks away

Red Shirts pix by sumisha naidu
First edition Red rally in KL (Pix by Sumisha Naidu)

Melayu pantang dicabar dan tak akan berundur

Some sections of the rally look like a rather rough crowd. Plus the Reds have explicitly warned, “Jangan cabar kami orang Melayu”.

Guan Eng the pale, flabby “failed accountant” is probably scared chickenshit they would really descend upon his state and hooking up with the Penang mamaks on top of that.

jangan cabar melayu

Melayu pantang dicabar2

Grandpapa Dapster said Red rally reeked of race politics

In his blog commentary today,  Lim Kit Siang said the Red rally “represents the past of race politics which could only end up with Malaysia as a failed state and a basket-case in international society”.

Grandpapa Dapster predicts that Malaysia is a potential “basket case” which will go rogue soon and becoming a “failed state”.

Kit Siang similarly deemed the Red rally to be “a failure”.

BELOW: DAP legislators have made police reports against the rally goers for linking Kit Siang to May 13

Melayu pantang dicabar

My rally better and longer than your rally

While the Bersih overnight rally was “a carnival of democracy and human rights”, Kit Siang considers that the Red rally, on the other hand, has failed to bring Malaysians together by transcending race, religion, region, age, gender and politics.

Furthermore, unlike Bersih 4.0 he added, the Red rally was not conducted for a common national cause to promote good governance, accountability and integrity.

(Funny how the Dapsters are not asking the past-his-shelf-life Kit Siang to ‘undur’ from politics as well.)

Red Shirts ini tanah melayu

Kiasu betoi

According to Kit Siang, it has been estimated that on

  • 10 Nov 2007 for Bersih 1.0, there were 80% Malays and 15% Chinese
  • 9 July 2011 for Bersih 2.0,  there were 70% Malays and 25% Chinese
  • 28 April 2012 for Bersih 3.0, there were 60% Malays and 35% Chinese

Nonetheless for Bersih 4.0, where the Chinese predominated, a record was set for the longest lasting rally spread over 34 hours. In comparison, the Red Shirts rally dispersed after only less than five hours although it was bruited as a 10-hour event, scoffed Kit Siang.


Najib no more Mr Nice Guy

It’s been close to five decades since May 13 but Kit Siang has not matured in his outlook and deportment.

poster rally Sept 16His son Guan Eng Papa Dapster and their protege Hannah Mama Dapster are not much different from the DAP spiritual leader. The fruit does not fall far from the tree.

It is the DAP that caused the Red Shirts backlash – note the keris motif in the rally announcement poster right. If not for the doings of the DAP, the Malays would not be this angry.

BELOW: The rakyat are asked to tolak fitnah terhadap pemimpin – see banner

red_shirt elak fitnah pemimpin
Pix by Choo Choy May, MMO

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Nice guys don’t win wars

Biar putih tulang, jangan putih mata

Najib spoke to some 15,000 of Ali Rustam’s silat boys last night in an event at Dataran Merdeka. Delivering what news portal Agenda Daily called a “garang” speech, Najib warned the opposition supaya “jangan carik-carik orang Melayu”.

The Malays are fragmented at the moment and this disunity within the community has lent a misplaced confidence as well as giving rise to a false bravado among the Chinese.

Reacting to circumstances, Najib has ratcheted up his rhetoric several fiery notches. Last night, he proclaimed, “Kita berani mati bukan sebagai pengebom berani mati … tapi berani mati kerana inilah kerajaan yang berhak mendokong negara kita.”

He doesn’t sound like the benign Ah Jib Gor anymore now, does he? Well that’s what the Chinese get when they balas madu with tuba.

Hannah Yeoh Ugly Pendatang

Keris cross

The keris was a popular design on the red T-shirts – see below.

Alongside the slogans “Bangkitlah Melayu” and placards saying, “DAP, jangan hina dan pandang rendah kepada orang Melayu Islam” are other expressions of loathing against the evangelical party both on the streets and in blogosphere and social media.

The Chinese really fail to realise the extent to which the DAP is hated, and lately due to the party’s Christian supremism.

Pity the Chinese for making enemies out of the Malay majority, all because of the overweening greed of the power hungry evangelistas whom the Dapsters have entrusted to lead.

DAP jangan pijak kepala

Keris Red Shirts

keris cross

RED_SHIRT_tshirts sale

Keris Melayu Bersatu

Himpunan RAkyat Bersatu Keris


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20 thoughts on “Evangelistas meeting their match in Jamal Sekinchan

  1. When it comes to Malaysian politics and Malay politics in particular – most Chinese (ie the private sector types and small time business folks who hardly interact with the government) are woefully delusional. They are too direct and confrontational, unable to discern the subtle hints given all these long years.

    Hence, we have come to this juncture.

    1. Shamshul Anuar made a very apt comment about sifat bersabar dan jaga batasan orang Melayu @ 2015/09/18 at 2:39 pm.

      He said:

      “…these notions of “limits……..”

      Yes sir. These traits do not matter to you UNTIL the very people (or the very race) that holds the power discard the much taunted traits. Then you will appreciate the values of such traits.”

      About the Chinese living in their ethnic silos who are “too direct and confrontational”, there is also the orang Melayu yang lebih suka cakap berlapis-lapis dan berkias. The hint is not taken until someone like Jamal Sekinchan comes along.

      Remember how I used to say that Najib sabar tahap malaikat. He’s reached his limit, it would seem.

      The Agenda Daily front page headline is ‘Amaran PM… orang Melayu juga ada hadnya‘ @

      1. Helen,

        Quite a number of Malay politician (after benefiting as they represented UMNO) chided the Himpunan Merah. Rafidah, Dr Rais criticized the Himpunan Merah.

        They looked down on these protesters as the Himpunan Baju Merah have no qualm in admitting that they are for Malay rights, dignity.


        Has she forgotten that she won many times in elections on UMNO ticket?. And UMNO represents Malay interests.

        DAP on the other hand tries very hard to make as if UMNO, Najib organises Hiimpunan Merah just to play racial card. The truth is far from it. The Himpunan Merah is a success as Malays too have had enough with these “Cina haram jadah”. I mean DAP and ots worshippers.

        Jamal actually hit the right button. Malays are restless as UMNO leaders simply refuse to act DESPITE HAVING POWER TO DO SO.

        Malays are asking why on earth UMNO as party in power refuses to strip the citizenship of “kurang ajar” Namawee and Alvin. Malays are asking why UMNO let go Tian Chua for slandering that UMNO engineered Lahad Datu incident.

        JAMAL simply helped UMNO. He just did the natural thing: take bull by its horn. He simply act the way DAP acts . He simply sent the message to the Chinese when all major UMNO politicians takes the attitude of avoiding the issue.

        Whether he serves his own interest or defending Malays will be debated by many. But he managed to rattle DAP. He managed to shock the Chinese into realizing that they (the Chinese) are way out of line.


          1. Helen,

            Betul tu.

            It is not difficult to face off with DAP actually.

            What is difficult is make who’s who in UMNO to understand that they are actually letting DAP to “tikam Melayu” non stop.

            I once told off my Chinese friends that no way DAP will survive in Europe, USA, Australia, or Indonesia. The powers to be in those countries would simply deal with DAP in no nonsense manner.

            Tuan Chua, Kit siang would end up in Guantanamo Bay for inciting Chinese or playing with racial card.

  2. Hi Helen.

    I now it’s padan muka for the DAP chinese closeted chauvinist racists. But in the same breath, my Malay conscience tells me its wrong to do the same to people who hurt us.

    Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    But at the same time, I am also surprised by the hypocrite response by the same people who justified the Bah Kut Teh ramadhan scandal as something not racist.

    Both are wrong. But one is even worse than the other.

  3. ‘Jamal Sekinchan is doing what the sneaky bastards did when they claimed that Bak Kut Teh is not pork.’ And Zairil Khir Johari is a Malay.

    1. Islam1st,

      Jamal managed to rattle DAP. That shows the Himpunan baju merah is a success.

      No need to get mad at DAP. GET EVEN.

  4. Apa parti Amanah TIDAK AMANAH SEKALI LAGI!

    ‘Malacca Amanah Youth tendered an effusive open apology to the former Asian Playboy Bunny on her Facebook page today for using an image her clad in a tudung for a promotional political poster — without her permission or it appears, her knowledge. – See more at:

    Mat Sabu, apa Allah SWT nak tunjuk ni kulit hampa??? Dah la logo tiru dan ciplak. Poster pun buat guna selebriti tanpa kebenaran dan pengetahuannya? Islam la sangat!

      1. I don’t understand why the red shirts were not allowed into areas like Petaling Street, Lowyat and BkBintang etc.

        Are they trying to advice the Malays to “keep away from these areas like forever? Dok sembunyi apa bawah2 katil dan atas bumbung bangunan2 situ?

        Once around 4am we lost our way and had to use the back lanes of BBintang areas, there were police checks.. many drunkards and prostitutes..lots of them.. really gave me goosebumps tak caya such dirty activities going on in Malaysia, itu kawasan maksiat ke?

  5. Jocelyn’s latest writing on Red Shirt rally nicely sums up the outcome of the rally:

    quote,”…….Their anger over the hate campaign against their party and leaders has been building up. But they had held back because they did not want to alienate whatever Chinese support there was left for the ruling coalition.

    All that changed after Bersih 4. They could see that the Chinese mood had not softened and the community is still dead set against Umno. The rally was their way of saying enough is enough and to show that Umno has the numbers to survive……”unquote.

    1. She is ikhlas with her view, sebab tu dia mudah faham. WCW suka main politik. Benci Melayu sama. Benci UMNO juga. Tu yang selalu keluar merepek tu. Sebab hati tek bersih, ikhlas, mana nak nampak kebenaran?!

      1. Me think Jocelyn is one of the few senior editors who still remains neutral. Most of the other editors had jumped to the dark side of DAP hypocrite politics, WCW included.

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