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Tinjauan pendapat: Adakah Bersih 4.0 bersifat perkauman?

In your opinion, was the Bersih 4.0 rally racial?

Note: “Racial” is not the same as “racist”.


Istilah ‘perkauman’ ikut kamus bererti “yang berkaitan dengan puak/suku bangsa”.

‘Perkauman’ diterjemahkan ke bahasa Inggeris adalah “tribal” atau “clannish” (BI ‘clan’ = BM ‘suku’)

Maksud ‘racial’ ikut Kamus Diwbahasa terbitan DBP ialah “berkaitan dengan bangsa/ras”


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12 thoughts on “Tinjauan pendapat: Adakah Bersih 4.0 bersifat perkauman?

  1. Dah ada bendera2 negeri Pulau Pinang dikibarkan di perhimpunan BERSIH4, makna Cina lah tu, Cina nak tunjuk kuasa la.

    Kan dah Kim Guan Eng dah kata dia kini nombor satu di Pulau Pinang, meningkat maju dari banduan ke jawatan Ketua Menteri?

    Yang ada sekoq dua Melayu dan India tu, tumpang kuasa saja; bukan ada bisa pun.

    1. Quote: Even caught on camera with this kind of behaviour they still consider Singaporeans are not racist.


      Unlikely and improbable for me to be so negligent to make such generalized claim and open the floodgates for you and your ilks to declare open season on me.

      Doesn’t jell.

      The end.

  2. As much as I hate the opposition, bersih and those hypocrites, but I have to be honest to say that Bersih 4.0 is not perkauman. The only problem is that it is dominated by the Chinese political sentiment and champion the cause of DAP.

    It is not perkauman, but its is an exercise for DAP political expediency.

    1. I beg to differ. It didn’t start out as a racial event. It was then hijacked by the Dap who went on some serious campaigning to their supporters and even the very young who probably didn’t have a clue what Bersih was all about. Hence the schoolgirl who steppec on the poster. And if you noticed much of the campaigning was through social media and quite a fair bit in their language. In the end all the people who were there, were only There to bring down Najib and indirectly BN government, which should have made Bersih an unlawful event

      Bersih was dominated by the Dap and was predominently Chinese and in the end it became a racial event.

      1. Yes. That is exactly the case. It is basically a DAP event which indirectly a Chinese affairs for their political expediency against UMNO (and PAS) which directly or indirectly a Malay based party.

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