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The mother of all questions: Do the Chinese want to grab political power?

Lim Guan Eng’s Twitter handle is @cmlimguaneng. His Facebook is

Both his social media accounts are prefixed with “cm” – chief minister.


Najib Razak’s Twitter is @NajibRazak. Unlike Guan Eng’s self-reverential egomania, it is not @pmnajibrazak. His Facebook is It is not prefixed ‘pm’ either.

Compare the behaviour of CM and PM.

Does Papa Dapster look like he is relishing his position as Chief Minister and the trappings of power? Did his predecessor Gerakan’s Koh Tsu Koon ever inflate the power of his position like Guan Eng is doing?

Najib has just visited Tuan Guru Haron Din at the IJN hospital. The PAS Tok Gurus feel comfortable with him. They, on the other hand, think that Guan Eng (seated below) and the DAP are takbur.

Guan Eng taikor

Okay, now let’s compare the genesis of the two parties.

Umno’s first president Onn Jaafar (below) was the Home Minister during the time of British rule. He looks a distinguished gentleman and is our country’s greatest statesman.

Dato’ Onn quit his Johor Menteri Besar post in order to devote his time and energy to Umno, the party he founded.

Dato' Onn, pemimpin Melayu paling berwibawa

These days it is the other way around. Ambitious men and women join Umno (and the evangelical DAP) in order to get the posts like MP, MB and Speaker.

Some of them are nobodies – or daughters and sons-in-law – who enter politics in order to attain high positions and be somebody. Nurul Izzah, for example, has never held a proper job prior to politics. From her coronation as Puteri Reformasi, she was parachuted to become PKR vice president at a time when her mother was party president.

Dato’ Onn Jaafar was already a somebody who quit his big job as Johor Menteri Besar in order to build up a fledging political party that had very little money. In their salad days, Umno was bankrolled by MCA.

A story about Dato Onn’ during the war years of the Japanese occupation,

Dato Onn’s heroic ride on his basikal buruk in Batu Pahat

This handsome fella – see photo below – is Dato’ Abdullah Jaafar (Dato’ Onn’s older brother). He became Menteri Besar of Johor in 1923.

Abdullah Jaafar

Their father Dato’ Jaafar Muhammad was Johor’s very first Menteri Besar was who held office from 1886 to 1919.

Dato’ Onn himself was the seventh Johor Menteri Besar (1947 – 1950).

Onn Jaafar grew up with royalty. He was seven years old in the photograph below, pictured with the Johor princes and their mothers – the consorts of the Sultan of Johor. The Englishwoman was their governess-tutor.

Onn’s mother was the pretty lady yang ada iras Aung San Suu Kyi – you can easily spot which one I mean.

Keturunan bangsawan: Dato’ Onn semasa berusia 7 tahun bersama ayah (bersongkok) & ibunya (yang cantik mirip Aung San Suu Kyi). Di depan ialah isteri-isteri Sultan Ibrahim & putera-putera mereka. Wanita Inggeris ialah guru bahasa kepada putera-putera tersebut

The Razak family is closely related to the Jaafar family. Najib and Hishamuddin Hussein are first cousins. They’re both sons of Malaysian prime ministers.

Najib’s classy mom Tun Rahah Noah – pix below – is the daughter of Mohammad Noah Omar who was the first Speaker of the Dewan Rakyat.

Tun Razak was a Datuk Orang Kaya Indera Shahbandar, one of the four hereditary noble houses close to the Sultan of Pahang.

You can trace their pedigree and the nature of Umno’s inherited political power. Meanwhile, the DAP inherited the slogan ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ from Lee Kuan Yew’s PAP.

Tun Rahah Noah wanita moden tahun 1960-an

Now what about DAP leaders? Lim Kit Siang’s father was a Chinese immigrant who worked in a farm castrating pigs and poultry.

Hannah Yeoh’s maternal grandfather was an immigrant who came to Malaya and drove a bus while her grandmother sold char kuey teow along Old Klang Road. There must be some subconscious motivation that drives Hannah to keep labelling her political opponents as “low class”.

Some of Umno’s ruling dynasties have had power fed to them with silver spoons. DAP fights tooth and nail in the gutter in order to acquire power … and Pradas.

BELOW: Wearing tudung was a ‘custom’ among early Chinese immigrants and this is why Hannah Yeoh wears it when visiting mosques – or so some Lim Family bloggers claim

Recently in the aftermath of the Kajang Move, the DAP tried to rob PAS of the post of Selangor Deputy Speaker. They had a vote among the Aduns which PAS won because the PAS candidate got his own party votes plus the votes of the YBs from PKR.

The DAP candidate Ng Suee Lim – below, flanked by Tony Pua and Hannah – failed to snag Selangor Deputy Speaker because he only got the DAP votes.

Ng Suee Lim

Isn’t the DAP greedy in attempting to rob PAS of the Selangor Deputy Speaker post?

Worse still, after losing the Adun popular vote to PAS for the job, DAP refused to concede graciously.

Instead DAP Selangor demanded that Azmin Ali create a totally new Deputy Speaker (II) post, just so that their man could pocket the salary and enjoy the perks courtesy of taxpayers – whom they claim are mainly Chinese.


Is Hannah Yeoh power crazy?

In earlier times, @hannahyeoh’s Twitter profile read (screenshot above):

“Lives for God. Wife of Ram & Mother of Shay Adora. State Assemblyman for Subang Jaya.”

In order of precedence, she self-identified as Lamb of God, then a wife and mother, followed by her job description.

However when she was appointed Puan Speaker, her Twitter profile was quickly updated to read:

“Speaker of the Selangor State Legislative Assembly. ADUN for Subang Jaya since 2008. Lives for God. Ram’s wife. Mommy to Shay Adora & Kayleigh Imani.”

With the status elevation, Hannah’s new order of precedence becomes Speaker, Adun and then only God-fearing Christian woman, wife and mother.

Do any of the other state Speakers or even the Speakers of Parliament ever aggrandize their positions like Hannah Yoeh does? Can you see what kind of people are leading the DAP?

Now try to imagine what they’re willing to do to keep the power they already hold as well as to obtain the greater power that they hunger for.

Above is Hannah Yeoh’s accusation that there are phantom voters in Subang Jaya. Giler babi!

YB Jerusubang won her constituency with a majority of 28,069 votes in the last election and 13,851 votes in the election before that.

Why in the world would BN waste (just saying for the sake of argument) ‘phantom voters’ on her Subang Jaya DUN seat that’s rabidly DAP and where the personality cult idol has an unassailable lead?

If BN really had phantom voters to spare, better to send them to Bukit Katil, Batu Pahat, Bentong, Labis or Cameron Highlands where the winning majority was wafer thin for the BN incumbents or where the Umno big names were toppled.

Hannah has continuously been making accusations of ‘phantom voters’ – here and here.

Personality type – very toxic

BELOW: Hannah is reminded by Kelana Jaya MCA Youth chief Lee You Hin not to simply accuse, and likewise MCA exco Ti Lian Ker similarly reminded Hannah not to make false allegations

The evangelista’s tools of the trade are Tipu, Bohong, Putar-Belit and Fitnah. But tragically for Malaysia, the DAP is winning the battle of perception. They relentless paint the BN as wicked.

See Hannah’s tweet below. But does she really care about the Rohingya? When was the last time she even remembered them in her Twitter timeline?

These DAP evangelista politicians are the most opportunistic and manipulative sneaky bastards.

Soalan cepu emas: What is the DAP leader’s one ‘special’ trait that stands out the most?

Answer: They are Born Again Christians.

Papa Dapster Lim Guan Eng is a Born Again Christian. Mama Dapster Hannah Yeoh is a Born Again Christian. Evangelistas all … even MCA dah sedar dah – see Datuk Ti’s tweet below.

Hannah evangelista Ti Lian Ker

Now think seriously about the poser contained in the title of this post: Do the Chinese want to grab political power?

MCA shared power with Umno under the aegis of the BN. The Chinese party did not try to usurp Umno’s power.

The opposition today is led by the DAP. There’s no doubt about the DAP’s dominance and control of the oppo pact.

Compare the behaviour of MCA politicians and DAP politicians. The most essential difference between them is that the former belong to the traditional Chinese religions while the latter are evangelistas.

BELOW: Just a small reminder

Hannah Yeoh Ugly Pendatang

There’s no racism or anti-Chinese sentiment involved here.

Malaysians who dislike the DAP do not harbour a grudge against the world’s 1.2 billion Han Chinese; it is only DAP they fear and particularly the party’s evangelical politicians and how these unbridled hypocrites operate.

(As I’ve been mentioning, Beijing and the state governments in the China provinces are freaked out by their own creepy Chinese converts.)

Click to see the results of the poll I uploaded yesterday morning. You still have five more days to vote, if you haven’t already.

One of the ways the DAP is shaping public perception is through the most brazen impersonation.

Begitu rimas sekali rasanya when cyberspace is flooded with the RBA operatives masquerading as Malays and Muslims (check out their Facebook identity – accounts newly created, no or few friends, no social history/networks, fake profiles photos where the imposter ‘Malays’ are Latino- and Arab-looking dudes).

Hate disguised as Love poster

They’re dajjal – deceivers

DAP stock in trade are vicious Lies and malicious Deception – all sugarcoated with words of Love-Love-Love and saccharine expressions of Peace & Harmony.

We know how Umno acquired power. It was a smooth transition from the British and handed over to the keluarga-keluarga bangsawan.

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Our race and religious tensions today are owed to DAP – the ‘ubah’ party where their evangelista leadership have abandoned the religion they were born in, and where these shape-shifters can craftily change everything else (such as wearing tudung and songkok) if expedient for them to attract the votes.

If the DAP succeed in coming to power, it will be through Tipu, Bohong, Putar-belit and Fitnah. Think of how these kind of venomous toothed-and-poisonous claw people will kenakan you if ever you get into their crosshairs.

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Amanat Dato’ Onn, Mac 1946, hayati lah



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32 thoughts on “The mother of all questions: Do the Chinese want to grab political power?

  1. Helen,

    Once I watched a “Mat salleh” documentary on Singapore.

    Naturally, the documentary features Lee Kuan Yew. He said that Tunku loved to portray himself as the supremo. Wherever Tunku went, he would be accompanied by motorcade.

    Is that not the practice in this planet to accord such respect tothe head of a government ? why Lee Kuan Yew need to mention it? To show that he “tak tahan” to see a Malay in power?

    as for Malays in Malaysia, we realize that powers are not permanent. In fact , we are often reminded that Allah SWT can bequeth power and more importantly take away power in matter of split second.

    The throne hall in Istana Negara( old and the new Istana) is decorated with such verses from Al Quran.

    What we cant stomach is that DAP is in never ending of slandering UMNO as racist . In today”s STAR, the MD Wong lamented that Himpunan Merah chose Sept 16 to demonstrate.He portrayed that UMNO gave tacit approval to racial attitude.


    He sees no problem in Baju Kuning demonstrated on eve of Merdeka bash. He said nothing of provocative attitude of DAP worshippers during Baju Kuning demonstration.

    whenever my Chinese friends lamented that they are unfairly treated ( by UMNO ,a Malay led government), I often destroy their argument by saying why on earth UMNO agreed to let MCA contested in Kulim, Alor Gajah, Tanjung Piai, all are ,Malay majority areas.

    My confidence on how firmness is the only way to deal with DAP is strengthened with Himpunan baju merah success. Jamal managed to rattle DAP which means he is able to penetrated their defence.

    As For Guan Eng, the more suitable post for him is Emperor of China,. He certainly cant take criticism despite he is criticising anybody that refuses to submit to him.

    1. I never like to speak ill of the dead, but LKY is a classic example of one who speaks ill of others in order to make himself look good. He was always sniping at Malaysia whenever he could. Far from the image he portrayed or was portrayed by his PR team, he was never humble. He was arrogant, and his dislike (understatement) of Malaysia was very obvious.
      All credit to him for making Singapore what it is today (good and bad), but he could have done it without the bitchiness or the bitterness.

      1. Garrett. You are right. I have been against the ABNORMAL behaviour of Lee Kuan Yew for decades. I met him once in England in 1956 when he was in the David Marshall delegation to Whitehall to begin talks on Singapore as a self-governing Colony. Thereafter, I avoided to meet him at the Straits Chinese Jewellery Exhibition, National Museum, Singapore sponsored by me in 1992 and two family wedding dinners sitting next to him. The reason is that Lee Kuan Yew claimed to achieved the Double Star First Law degree from the University of Cambridge. The fact is he turned out to be a ROGUE ALUMNUS from a University which ennobled the FREEDOM OF THOUGHT, the FREEDOM OF SPEECH and the FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. These were the principles on which the great University of Cambridge was founded in the 15th century when a group of monks decamped from Oxford and established the Universtiy in th fens of East Anglia because they were obstructed from these freedoms. When Lee Kuan Yew took over power democratically in 1959 he insiduously changed the original democratic political format into the Godless Ultra Communist Policital and Social System imposed on the citizens without informing them by his Apparatchiks aka Meritocrats bolstered by the CPF-HDB-Quit Rent & Assessment-Income Tax-GST-COE-Traffic Fines-Water Conservation Tax-Free Water from Malaysia because of the Ringgit’s depreciation-Public Utilities-Civil Service-the foreign manned Military-General Revenue Taxes etc. Only inside Singapore and Malaysia we do not know that this Political System was recognised and in collusion with the West. It was known as the Singapore Model or the authoritarian capitalism or benign dictatorship (all dictatorships are cruel) or rich Cuba without the havanas but the bananas. Dictator Lee Kuan Yew colluded with the West and copied the GLCs from China and Russia. Our 1MDB is just a copy without study or due consideration which has caused us much grief and anguish. We have 100 GLCs since 2003. The life history of Lee Kuan Yew showed only two things eg. His thirst to maintain his power which can only be sustained by turning our beloved Malaysia into Singapore’s LIEBENSRAUM and his self-glorification. The TPPA is Lee Kuan Yew’s creation to enslave our free and beloved Malaysia. Without Malaysia signing the TPPA, within 25 years or less, Singapore has to consider the following 5 Options :-
        1. Merge with the United States as the 53rd State of the Union. Our venerable Johor Straits become a monsoon drain with a chain-link fence. We may say,” Selamat pagi, Amerika ” to our friends across the border !
        2. Become a British Colony again, even the Scots want out.
        3. Re-merge with Malaysia. But the ancients forbid because a good horse does not return to old pastures.
        4. Confederate with Scotland to form a super kiasu Confederation of Scotsmen and Chinamen with a Jewish President !
        5. Remain status quo with an Indian Prime Minister and the highest cost of living in the World and a humongous foreign manned military against friendly neighbours who love to play 19 holes of golf every day and will not die to defend an inch of their land in the interest of Soverignty, National Interest, Self-esteem unlike India, China, South Korea and japan ! They prefer to give away MSA software free, the steel rails free, the islet rocks free, ocean blocks free, water free, etc instead of fighting.
        There were 3 other graduates of the University of Cambridge, Blunt, Burgess and Maclean who were ROGUES AND TRAITORS. They spied for Soviet Russian during World War II and the Cold War.
        I only present the facts on Lee Kuan Yew which may be checked.
        Finally, the finest Indian Nobel Prize winner of Mother India, Amartya Sen who topped everything academic in the West and TJS George the renown journalist of India have commented against the BLUFFOLOGY OF LEE KUAN YEW, thus.

        and TJS George said in his Blogspot of June 2010
        “The West has spread the impression that Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew is Asia’s outstanding economic miracle man while Malaysia’s Mahathir as a cankankeroud ogre, hater of white people and dictator to boot. Both are dressed up portraits. What makes Mahathir special is that while pursuing economic progress, he neve lost sight of the larger picture of human values. That cannot be said of Lee Kuan Yew and certainly not of Indonesia’s Suharto or Thailand’s Thaksin Shinawatra.” TJS George published ” Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore.” in 1973 in which he highlighted the Dictator’s methods that long ago.

        I admire and respect the Indians of Mother India , the largest Democracy in the World !

        We Malaysians practise our Free Malaysian Style Democracy with Open Capitalist Characteristics and a Malay Bias with out loyalty and devotion towards the Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans and our cherished Constitution which safeguards Islam and all the other religions.

        It is important that our political leaderships are strong and firm to guide us, the Rakyat.

        1. Garrett. The Political Systems of Malaysia and Singapore are diametrically opposed to each other. It is just like chalk and cheese. Hence, when we adopedt the GLCs of Singapore without study into our Political System which is democratic and depends on checks and balances, we are asking for trouble like the 1MDB now because we do not have a Dictator which counted every cent in the Government’s coffers and was honest, frugal and hard-working and did not play golf. He seldom travelled. But when he did it was always with his wife on SIA ! He did not trust MONEY with his underlings. And he had a penchant to know the private lives and sexual PECCADILOES of his underlings and full-blooded Malaysians. Vide. Wikileaks.

        2. Ms H. A typo error.”……..and a Malay Bias with OUR loyalty and deovtion towards the Yang Di Pertuan Agong……..” My typo error is much regretted. Maybe it’s time I get a new computer.

          1. Garrett. Sir. Lee Kuan Yew being an intelligent person was definitely involved in covering the eyes and thoughts of all of us with his brainwashing which came out of the Ministry of Information, Singapore – The Big Cover-up of his and our Political Systems. I have yet to find out whether there were other players on the Peninsula. These folks do not seem to be aware of our Free Malaysian Style Democracy with Open Capitalist Characteristics and a Malay Bias with our loyalty and devotion towards the Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans and our cherished Constitution which safeguards Islam and all the other religions. You would have seen the folks ran to consult the Constitution all the time. I think this is wrong. In all the countries except Singapore and Malaysia, they work through their political parties ! So, something is wrong, somewhere in Malaysia ! From my perspective on Malaysian Politics there should be no differences between the Malays, the Chinese, the Indians and all if based on our Political System and the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP is the party for the Dictator’s Godless Ultra Communist Political and Social System which is diametrically opposed to the Malaysian Political System. The DAP leadership should know about this and had a good laugh with LKY ! Hence, the 90% Chinese who voted for DAP, are they prepared to go under the sword of the LKY’s Godless Ultra Communistic Political and Social System as explained by me previously ? Garrett. Politics is no laughing matter as expressed by those RM2 incorporated church types ! There can be profound differences in politics. So, we have so many failed accountants and lawyers amongst the throng, Do they understand what they represent to talk about ? Gift of the gab ?

            1. Singapore’s government creates the perception that they are democratic. So successful are they that many idiotic Malaysians believe in that hype and compare them to us. Little do they know…
              The opposition – especially the DAP, are masters of perception and deception. They are very careful to always appear politically-correct. In other words, they are hypocrites who do not practice what they preach…the proverbial pot calling the kettle black. And this is a very scary thought because the same idiots who are fooled by Singapore are fooled by DAP.
              UMNO loses the battle of perception because they are not sophisticated and/or sneaky enough.

  2. Very true to the sense. I have the opportunity to experience tertiary education in the east and the west. When I say easy, I don’t mean Malaysia, but some middle eastern country.

    In the west, I was under one of the top professors in my department. We address him as Peter and everyone does. In fact I was very embarrassed with my first email to him where I put all his salutations when addressing him. This is what coming from a first class nation.

    Fast forward, I am in a Middle eastern uni where many of their lecturers are predominantly from 3rd world like P, I, E, J as well as their local lecturers. All I saw was obsession with title. Never in my life I saw someone introduce themselves as Dr. xyz. what more in an unofficial event. But here in the 3rd world, 3rd class environment you will see that. While most of them has so and so achievement as academician, but when it comes to title, they are the most advanced. Whereas those from the west as immeasurable achievement, they remain so simple and humble.

    What resembles between these 3rd class and 1st class working culture is very well illustrated by Helen in this blog post.

  3. quote,”Malaysians who dislike the DAP do not harbour a grudge against the world’s 1.2 billion Han Chinese; it is only DAP they fear and particularly the party’s evangelical politicians and how these unbridled hypocrites operate.”unquote.

    I beg to differ, I don’t fear DAP. I just loathe the hypocrites DAP.

  4. Of course Dap wants political power. Even before the Dap was formed, even before they were granted citizenship, LKS and gang wanted to rule Persekutuan Tanah Melayu. After more than 50 years in the background, they seem really impatient and can’t wait to takeover. Maybe Mr. LKS is feeling his age and counting his time?

    Fact is I don’t think that many Cina knows what our democracy is all about. From what I have observed most Cina (and some new Malays) actually look to the US system of government as their standard and not Britain. That’s where you get that popular votes nonsense and a few other comparisons. As a side note the government really need to introduce a study on our Perlembagaan into the curriculum.

    The US system is probably more palatable to the Dapsters because let’s face it everyone in the US is pendatang (and proud of it) except the Red skins. The Malays with all their ceremonial adat must be torturous for them.

  5. Kak Helen
    I hope you will publish this. The culling case in Penang is atrocious and very cruel. I remember you postings about Yulin and the bashing of the dog of the homeless man in China. Please look and share this photos from Facebook. If it is fine with you I will share in parts exchanges between the activists and the CM. Please note this posting is very graphic. The Star has whitewashed the culling by showing a very mild photo in the front cover. If it is OK I will also share with you postings in the Chinese papers which are very graphic and not Penang government friendly at times.
    Please help us.

    1. Mulan,

      It is a bad omen that Papa Dapster is causing innocent blood to be spilled on the streets of Penang.

      Karma will be returned four-fold to the evangelistas.

  6. And this will be the way DAP will behave once they have nothing intelligent to do, say and think.

    For the Melayus who are so easily seduced by DAP, there are many examples and once your duty and function as a dog is done, you will be “culled” too.

    It is already happening. So those big mouths who thought LGE was God-send, exceedingly clever CM, continue your support for this party, and your fate is sealed, by your own choice.

    Stupid people vote in stupid leaders and stupid leaders do stupid things. Don’t blame anybody but yourselves dear folks.

  7. Back in the Republic of Penang, the Dapsters here get extremely offended if you refer to the Cheap Minister asLGE, It is either CM or YAB.

    BTW, did you also notice the uber biawakism of the Dapsters in the case of Muyhiddin the ex-DPM? They used to accuse him as the arch-racist and the embodiment of UMNO’s communalism for declaring “I am Malay first”. They called him Mooyiddin. But now the love of DAP Cina is overflowing for him.

    Being axed from his post has turned Muhyiddin Yassin into a celebrity amongst the Chinese community.

    “I feel like a celebrity now. Like a popular Chinese singer. Everywhere I go, people say ‘Tan Sri, wa sokong lu’ (I support you Tan Sri).

    “When I ask them why, they say it is because I am brave,” he said during a function with the Chinese community in Pagoh today.


    This is a classic example where the hypocrisy of the Dapsters is clear for all to see. The only reason why the Chinese loooooove him now because he’s willing to bring down the BN govt so the DAP can grab the power via street demo which they failed to achieve through the ballot box.

    1. ‘Chinese loooooove him’

      Despite that. Comes GE14 nanti, I’m pretty sure they will give their votes to a Cina and Cina ony! A Melayu with a menantu Cina simply won’t do!

  8. I’m no expert on the matter but right or wrong, this is what I think.

    The Chinese, especially the kiasu, greedy Dapster type, who now constitute the majority of Malaysian Chinese and whom for a long time, owned and controlled the Malaysian economy and benefitted immensely from it are now feeling threatened with the rise of Malay economic clout.

    The only way to regain that ownership or at least a large part of it is through political positioning and power, and even dominance (as far as possible).

    This is perceived by most of these fools as being possible only with a Chinese supremacist party like DAP, an idea that also appeals to the Chinese psyche.

    Hence the blind loyalty and undying support.

    The motivation is essentially about financial superiority and dominance because power brings in the money and money keeps you in power.

    There’s also the added ego boost that comes with being in a position of (financially induced) chauvinistic dominance over other races – a trait the Chinese are generally known for.

    So the answer is an unequivocal yes. The Chinese are out to grab political power – through DAP, IMHO.

    It’s just too bad that many Malay and Indian imbeciles have bought into DAP’S well disguised lie of an egalitarian society, replete with human rights and social justice for all races.

    1. If LGE is a politician because he’s a “failed accountant”, then is it possible that HY is a politician back here in Malaysia because the Australia immigration authorities failed to be impressed by her, and did not consider the piddling Tasmania law grad useful enough for permanent residency?

      So like that can say HY is a “failed lawyer” or not?

      1. MS H. It is like this in our Malayan/Malaysian parental mindset. If one cannot become a doctor, then become a dentist. If cannot be a doctor or dentist, then become a lawyer. I have yet to meet a Malaysian lawyer who was inspired by God to be one. A real successful lawyer is the one in YELLOW. A fine example of the Creation of Money Without Money. From a set of humble rooms in my friend’s menara, she became a Datuk and a leader of thousands in YELLOW with international recognition. I admire and respect the Indians of Mother India. Engineers were those who like to tinkle their Dinky toys in puberty. An architect is one who has an artist under his skin and wants to leap out because the parents forbid their children to waste their time drawing straight lines and circles.

      2. Ms H. The World is such a wonderful place for the younger folks these days. Tertiary education galore with universities galore including the one by the unqualified cartoonist. If the Dad of the failed accountant had consulted me, I would have recommended that his son, should have taken the ONE year PPE or Politics, Philosophy and Etiquette course at Oxford. I believe there is one such person around in these parts. It is still not too late for the unqualified chip of the old block. There are so many willing Foundations to lend a hand. As we know, an Academic year is only 7 months at Oxbridge. If this rising son fails, he is only one of the 99% of those who attend this course to be PLAYBOYS. The other 1% who passed, enter the Mother of Parliaments at Westminster. LUCKY MALAYSIA !

      3. You know the Australians generally look down upon Tasmanians and these people are often the victims of jokes and generally considered as idiots. So it is no wonder that our Patron Saint of Evangelistas decided to pursue her education in such world-class university situated in a state known for high intelligence.

  9. It depends. If you ask a Chinese when he is a relatively calm state of mind, he’d likely say no; given the reality of the monarchy, majority population of Malays etc.

    But if you trigger him with some of the key words like Najib, NEP, 7% discount or 2.6 billion – then stand back and watch the eruption of incoherent rage. As you observe, you will see that it is not about grabbing power (to the ordinary people) but the desire to have either a resolution to perceived hurts or revenge. The Opposition (not just DAP but also their Pied Piper, the one cooling his heels up Bamboo River) is riding and goading this wave of discontent.

    Don’t know what is up with most Chinese nowadays , so schizophrenic. One minute you’re having a normal dim sum lunch with them and suddenly, “Najib must go!!!!” … haiz .. as if lah if he goes, your life going to improve meh? Still a loser anyway. ..

  10. How to grab political power? Politics is always a numbers game. The majority (read Malay and Bumi) will always dominate the parliament/adun and Cabinet/Excos by head count. Not to mention the dominance in federal/state civil service and GLCs. Plus the protection of the royalty, Islam and Bahasa under the Constitution.

    Assume that 90% Chinese voted for DAP in election 2013 resulting in DAP having 38 parliament seats. MCA contested 37 but won only 7 with 10% Chinese votes. If Chinese is really power hungry, they would have voted 90% on BN. MCA might will all the 37 seats it contested. Even Gerakan might win 10 parliament seats. Total will come to 47 seats. More cabinet posts will be offered to Chinese. If Chinese really want to grab power, they would have voted 90% for BN. But they didn’t.

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