Fellow Christian Paul Low’s recent reminder that Malaysians should be grateful for our country’s peace and harmony got Hannah Yeoh’s panties all in a twist.

Aunty Hannah retorted for Uncle Paul to “stop living in denial”.

She hectored, “Real peace and harmony can only be achieved when the top leadership of this country does not spew hatred and sow discord amongst Malaysians.”

She really can’t get away from her habit of making allegations and throwing accusations 24/7, can she? Mama Dapster is insistent that it is Umno that’s spewing the hatred and sowing the discord.

Hannah stupid mouth

Madame Speaker points to the presence of Umno ministers at Himpunan Merah as evidence of their party endorsing “a racially charged cause”.

She barked at Uncle Paul, “How can Malaysians be grateful for peace and harmony when fellow Malaysians had to hide at home on Malaysia Day and businesses had to shut down in Kuala Lumpur for fear of violence caused by the red shirt rally?”

Okay. Truthfully, there was indeed a genuine “fear of violence” among the Chinese. And we did opt for discretion as the better part of valour by electing to stay at home.

Well, did Madame and Mr Hannah Yeoh also stay at home and triple lock their door on Sept 16?

Hannah Speaker scary mouth z

In the run up to the ‘fateful’ day, the DAP fear-and-anger mongers had worked overtime to cement the perception held by the Chinese of Malays having violent tendencies and possibly running amok. Or why else would the Chinese have “had to hide at home … for fear of violence caused by the red shirt rally” (Hannah’s words).

Yet at the end of the day, nobody was injured during the Red rally after all.

So who was it, or which side was it that spewed hatred and sowed discord by making the Chinese fear “violence” (Hannah’s word) from Malays who wear red T-shirts?

Was not Hannah’s own Grandpapa Dapster the shrillest voice warning and demanding that the Red rally must be aborted?

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

And more recently, we heard a prominent evangelista publicly warn that Umno is unleashing its “red terror” on the hapless public.

It is not the Buddhists or the Hindus who are pushing this narrative of the “wicked BN” (Hannah’s word), “evil Umno”, and nor are the Buddhists and Hindus controlling this negative public perception of violent Umno Malays.

Like a reader Garrett comment in this blog @ 2015/09/22 at 8:59 pm, “Umno loses the battle of perception because they are not sophisticated and/or sneaky enough”.

Please don’t forget that the Red Shirts took to the streets as a reaction and response to the “half a million (500,000)” Yellow Shirts taking over the streets of KL on Merdeka eve.