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Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad

Fellow Christian Paul Low’s recent reminder that Malaysians should be grateful for our country’s peace and harmony got Hannah Yeoh’s panties all in a twist.

Aunty Hannah retorted for Uncle Paul to “stop living in denial”.

She hectored, “Real peace and harmony can only be achieved when the top leadership of this country does not spew hatred and sow discord amongst Malaysians.”

She really can’t get away from her habit of making allegations and throwing accusations 24/7, can she? Mama Dapster is insistent that it is Umno that’s spewing the hatred and sowing the discord.

Hannah stupid mouth

Madame Speaker points to the presence of Umno ministers at Himpunan Merah as evidence of their party endorsing “a racially charged cause”.

She barked at Uncle Paul, “How can Malaysians be grateful for peace and harmony when fellow Malaysians had to hide at home on Malaysia Day and businesses had to shut down in Kuala Lumpur for fear of violence caused by the red shirt rally?”

Okay. Truthfully, there was indeed a genuine “fear of violence” among the Chinese. And we did opt for discretion as the better part of valour by electing to stay at home.

Well, did Madame and Mr Hannah Yeoh also stay at home and triple lock their door on Sept 16?

Hannah Speaker scary mouth z

In the run up to the ‘fateful’ day, the DAP fear-and-anger mongers had worked overtime to cement the perception held by the Chinese of Malays having violent tendencies and possibly running amok. Or why else would the Chinese have “had to hide at home … for fear of violence caused by the red shirt rally” (Hannah’s words).

Yet at the end of the day, nobody was injured during the Red rally after all.

So who was it, or which side was it that spewed hatred and sowed discord by making the Chinese fear “violence” (Hannah’s word) from Malays who wear red T-shirts?

Was not Hannah’s own Grandpapa Dapster the shrillest voice warning and demanding that the Red rally must be aborted?

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

And more recently, we heard a prominent evangelista publicly warn that Umno is unleashing its “red terror” on the hapless public.

It is not the Buddhists or the Hindus who are pushing this narrative of the “wicked BN” (Hannah’s word), “evil Umno”, and nor are the Buddhists and Hindus controlling this negative public perception of violent Umno Malays.

Like a reader Garrett comment in this blog @ 2015/09/22 at 8:59 pm, “Umno loses the battle of perception because they are not sophisticated and/or sneaky enough”.

Please don’t forget that the Red Shirts took to the streets as a reaction and response to the “half a million (500,000)” Yellow Shirts taking over the streets of KL on Merdeka eve.

If Hannah Yeoh wants to accuse the red rally of being “racially charged”, then let’s not forget that the yellow rally is similarly perceived as being racial too – see results of ongoing poll above.

The role of Umno to the red rally is only what the role of DAP was to the yellow rally.

And these days, mind you, the DAP has quite a lot of money to splash albeit the war chest of the evangelical party may not be as big as Umno’s … yet.

And these days furthermore, a large number of operatives answer to the DAP as their political masters. The presence of Red Beanies in every nook and cranny is suffocating.

Which is not to say that the DAP shock troops comprise Chinese alone. Syefura Othman, as one example, is the coordinator of the DAP’s Impian project in the East Coast. Meanwhile, the placard-carrying, street speaker Azira is a member of Hannah Yeoh’s staff (seen in yellow below).

Azira soapbox
Photo credit: Michelle Yesudas


KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - 2015/08/01: A protester was detained by Malaysian police during the
Azira arrested by police while her political master remains safe and snug at home

What a bloody hypocrite

Hannah Yeoh is blithely applying her party’s modus operandi of double standards to this matter of Yellow vs Red.

Aunty Preacher lectures in her most Christian preachy tone how it is “most shameful” that Uncle Paul can somehow “paint both the yellow and red rally with the same brush [when] One demands for good governance while the other sows racial discord”.

If you’re persuaded that Bersih 4.0 was “a demand for a moral act” and accountability, rather than just a naked grab at power, then you’re the type to believe the short and dumpy Jerusubang YB possesses the delicious curves of Jessica Rabbit (below).

Reporting on the Pakatan personality cult machine, whistleblower blog Gelagat Anwar wrote on 10 Dec 2012 how “ratusan ribu [telah] dibelanjakan untuk menaikkan imej Hannah Yeoh, dan beberapa calon Pemuda DAP”.

All that money pumped into the campaign to brainwash Pakatan supporters has borne fruit, looking at how delusional the sheeple have become today.

Jessica Rabbit

Aside from Paul Low, the purportedly colour blind and beyond race Hannah Firster Yeoh also picked on cabinet ministers Liow Tiong Lai and Mah Siew Keong – lecturing them to “stop living in denial”.

Hannah said until these ministers are able to face up to reality, “peace and harmony remain a far-fetched fairytale”. Is it Pakatan (now called ‘Harapan’) or is it BN supporters who are more susceptible to believing in fairy tales?

Is it DAP-Harapan or Umno-BN politicians who have “gone mad”? (Hannah Yeoh’s words – see her tweet below)

Well, it is not the BN states of Johor or Pahang that are bashing thousands of dogs to death. Memang perbuatan keji, ganas dan giler tu. It is the animal-abusing DAP state of Penang that is rabidly spilling blood on the streets.


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12 thoughts on “Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad

  1. Once our hatred for dap was kept under control. Now, we do not care if it is out in the open. We were not even aware whether we were racist or not until dap accused us so. In fact, personally I was accused so by a Chinese herself for reprimanding a rude person.

    So, it does not matter now whether we are really racist or not. Moreover, their definition of the word is just the opposite of our definition. The word itself is actually ambiguous, susceptible to abuse depending on one’s interest and intention.

    1. wawe, DAP has gone above the racist or not issue. Now the DAP leader wants to play executioner with real blood. Issue kill order arrogantly, refuse help, blame BN, call experts stupid, even refuse to listen to the Health Minister (who is a doctor).

      Think of the bigger picture. If DAP and the rest of the Pakatan Harapan would rule this country, we would not be able protect ourselves from non animal diseases. If cholera were to break out, in the same logic, the Pakatan would not accept help from other countries for medical aid to safe face, blame BN, call the medical profession stupid.

      Ada harapan ke?

  2. Hehehe
    Kan I dah kata, TOXIC personality.

    They create something. Then bebel on things they created.
    Dah naik bosan, loya tahap nak muntah (My jiran Aney said that, not me).

    Just go thru the lists on how to identify a TOXIC personality. Semua points jelas ada kat AhsoAci ni… Haiyaaa Ama Apa.

  3. Helen

    Mama Dumpster is not to be blamed wholly. It is the people who voted her in that is the real culprit. Knowing how Mama Dumpster behaves yet still voted her in give our nation the creeps.

    She can’t see the peace and harmony that Malaysia is. If she is blinded to that fact then where does her voter parked their grey matters during the PRU?

    And she is happy with the financial rewards bestowed upon her by the Selangor Assembly. And continue bad-mouthing others to keep her relevant. The Ozzies saw this and that was why she did not qualify to settle in the land down under…

    And still she gets voted in by so called intelligent and learned voters, her flock, and get the brown skinned fuzzy haired gal to “fight” Madame Dumpster’s caused.

    1. In a world where people are sensible & logical, the voters of Subang Jaya won’t vote for Hannah Yeoh as much as the voters of Pontian won’t vote for Ahmad Maslan

      1. Voters in Subang Jaya are deemed to be more educated, thinking professional than their counter parts in the rural areas (not only in Pontian) who are rubber tappers, small time farmers and other menial jobs..and sad to say, again, they park their grey matters in the dump.

        I would have thought, their reps should also be right up there when it comes to social grace and but no, they chose a national disgrace…. and disaster….

        And not an animal lover either. Madame couldn’t care less about the culling

        1. “And not an animal lover either. Madame couldn’t care less about the culling”

          Actually her fat ass is telling her mouth to shut it.
          a. If Madame says she loves animals, Papa will banish her.
          b. If Madame says she agrees that animals must die, the people of Subang Jaya will banish her.

          That is why her mouth is shut and so are her tear-ducts.

  4. Mai kita mula list her favourite TOXIC words/sentence;
    ……BN has gone mad. Ridiculous. Thank you Taylor’s Uni for taking a stand against red rally….

    1. gone mad
    2. Ridiculous
    3. stand against red rally
    4. Living in denial
    5. Most shameful
    6. racially charged
    7. had to hide at home …
    8. for fear of violence caused by
    9. spew hatred
    10. sow discord
    11. How can Malaysians be grateful for peace and harmony


    1. Consistently evangelista, some examples:

      (1) Calling other people’s statement/writing “ridiculous”, “nonsense”, “gibberish”

      (2) Calling other people “shameless” and their behaviour “shameful”/”disgraceful”

      (3) Saying other people are “spewing hatred”, being “divisive”

    2. Madame Dumpster is actually describing herself. Who knows her better than herself.

      In the quiet of the night, after her anak Bangsa Malaysia has gone to sleep, she would look in the mirror and all those that listed would appear .

      Need we say more?

  5. “BN has gone mad. Ridiculous. Thank you Taylor’s Uni for taking a stand against red rally”

    Can someone test that woman for rabies?
    Did you also realize that woman has stopped crying? No more tears in the eyes since Adolph Lim’s cruel move. Is it because of an infection in her tear ducts that stopped her from crying or the repercussion she will receive from the public and party (especially one person) if she support the pro/con cull lobby. In fact OKM, the two cousins…. all very very very quiet.

    More like saving her fat ass.

    You would also see the silence of Ambiga, Paulsen etc who pounce at any chance of “injustice”. The church (who claims to be Bersih upholders) is also eerily quiet on the culling issue.

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