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      1. Salam, the quran says Islam is ad-diin (god’s system of life) and it is not a RELIGION. in fact, Islam (since Abraham till Muhammad) came to crush religions. As the saying go : no money, no religion [religions are full of extra-quranic/holy scriptures rituals are lucrative business] & religion is form when a liar met a fool. Remember agama is not the same as ad-diin. Pls understand the quran. Peace

        1. MCA.8481
          Islam IS a religion. You should understand the Qur’an instead. It doesn’t mean that Islam is not a religion. Islam is NOT JUST a religion but is also a way of life. Not Islam is not a religion.

  1. Helen, what a stupid deduction made the blogger Ahmad to deduce literally what Dr M is singing. He might as well implied that Dr M is also promoting ‘tripping’and ‘drug taking’activties!!

    1. I think Ahmad is one too. Never read such a childish article written by some one who is trying very hard to ‘spin’ for Ah Jib Kangkong!!

      But then again,anything coming from Ah Jib’s boyz its no surprise,just see Rahman Dahlan ‘work’in trying to spin Ah Jib Gor image,its like PM sending a boy with a knife to a gunfight, to combat the foreign media on slaught!!!

      1. re: “Never read such a childish article written by some one who is trying very hard to ‘spin’ for Ah Jib Kangkong!!”

        Ahmad Ali Karim is 11 years old but he’s not childish. His thoughts and writings are far more mature than adults twice his age.


        re: “trying very hard to ‘spin’ for Ah Jib Kangkong!! … But then again,anything coming from Ah Jib’s boyz”

        Why are you accusing an 11-year-old ‘boy’ (age-wise, an accurate description) of being the Prime Minister’s spinmaster?

        1. It has come to this now, exploiting childrens essay to garner back support for Ah Jib Gor’s image. Thought the instigation of the semangat Melayu which Ah jIb gave up earlier when he come up with his satu malaysia was scrapping the barrel !!!! Hahahaha!!!!

          1. It is you all Tun supporters who are being unreasonable and illogical.

            I hope that the lot of you will be one day be given enough self-awareness to see how you’re turning into Dapsters through this intense hate that you harbour for Najib.

  2. It’s just a song. You can’t read meanings into everything that is done by TDM or any other person. Not everything carries a political or some other deep meaning. What was the function? Maybe it’s a Beatles fans get together.

    1. re: “It’s just a song.”

      Sometimes it’s just a song, and sometimes it’s more. Lady Gaga’s song Born This Way is the anthem for LGBT. Scott McKenzie’s song San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair) was the anthem for the hippies.

      re: “You can’t read meanings into everything that is done by TDM or any other person.”

      Tun did not deliberately choose to sing Imagine although sometimes he gives in to the popular requests for him to belt out My Way.

      Personally, Imagine irritates me in the way that the Firster’s kumbayah “peace and harmony”, “bruders and sistas” talk does.

      Like Ali, I find the song (this particular song Imagine) to be incongruous with Tun’s image inasmuch as a lot of people were shocked when he turned up for Bersih twice but on the other hand, tried to deter Malays from joining the red rally.

      re: “Not everything carries a political or some other deep meaning.”

      Yet Tun, like Hannah, can politicize almost anything. The Bersih people claimed they were rallying for ‘Good Governance’. Then Tun turned up, stole the show and said his display of solidarity was because he agreed with their message for Najib to step down.

      I’m not imbuing his singing of Imagine with any deep political meaning but I do see it as one in a series of missteps he has been making, where The Maverick is butting heads with entrenched Malay values, e.g. Imagine asks us to imagine a world where there is no religion and hence Ali’s concern.

      Actually, I’m saddened that of late Tun keeps ‘getting it wrong’ (so to speak) seolah-olah telah ditutup hidayah.

      Do you remember an earlier episode where Tun melenting kat Lim Kok Wing when his old friend advised him that his legacy was at risk? Tun took it that LKW was sent as Najib’s emissary to convey a veiled threat.

      I did not see it that way (at that time that the incident transpired). I simply thought that LKW was giving sincere advice based on a shrewd assessment of how future events would unfold. Note: One does not become a multi-millionaire (or is it billionaire?) Tan Sri by being naive or stupid.

      I’m sad for Tun that he’s destroying his own legacy, just as LKW had foreseen.

      re: “What was the function? Maybe it’s a Beatles fans get together.”

      1. Right. I finally looked it up. The event is called The Story featuring TDM, Kamaruddin Meranun of Air Asia and Siti. “The format will be a suite of short, carefully prepared talks, demonstrations, and performances on a wide range of subjects chosen to foster learning, spark ideas, inspiration and wonder. Interactive activities will be used to provoke conversations that matter.”

        In that respect I do not see anything political about Imagine. “Imagine” to me is a song about opening up your minds to ideas and possibilities. That’s probably my liberal arts education coming out. See the thing about songs, unless specifically said so by the composer as in the Lady Gaga song, they can be interpeted in anyway you want.

        I love and support TDM. Tun inspires. There’s no middle of the road when it comes to him, you either love him or hate him. Najib does not inspire great feelings, just meh. I can honestly say I can separate how I feel about Najib as the failing PM and the nice person that he is.

        Having said that, I’m sane enough not to suffer from blind loyalty unlike some Dapsters. While I’m all for Tun pursuing his efforts to get Najib to step down, I do not agree bringing in foreign authorities to meddle in the affairs of this nation. In that respect, I support the PDRM’s recent arrest and investigation into Dato Khairuddin.

        To the person attacking Ahmad, let me just say I find the young man to be very current on current affairs. He’s been writing for a while and I do not see his opinions as parroting but rather seems to have come from some broad reading and forming his own personal opinions. Just because he supports the government does not mean that he is being exploited. He thinks, therefore he is, which is more than can be said about some of the mouthpieces out there.

        1. (Sorry Aunty Helen… I misspelled affect)

          Dear Orangkampung,
          Thank you for being very kind. I do not see “Imagine” as political, but about value. Imagine is a song that calls people to think of a world that is free from everything like the idea if liberalism which is against Islam. Muslims must be very careful about everything we write, do and speak including the lyrics of the songs we sing because those things can affect our akidah. Tun is a Muslim leader and he can influence people easily whether it is good or bad, so he must be very careful. Why must Tun sang Imagine when there are lots of other songs with lyrics that promote good values?

          1. Akidah ? You won’t find a single akidah word in the quran.

            Ali, you are too young to understand it now. 30 years from now, you would probably remember what i wrote today as well as the quran verse below :
            “Setelah dia besar sampai ke peringkat matang yang sempurna dan sampai ke peringkat umur **empat puluh tahun**, maka dia berdoa: “Wahai Tuhanku, ilhamkanlah daku supaya tetap bersyukur akan nikmatMu yang Engkau kurniakan kepadaku dan kepada ibu bapaku, dan supaya aku tetap mengerjakan amal soleh yang Engkau redhai; dan jadikanlah untuk kebaikan dalam zuriat keturunanku. Sesungguhnya aku bertaubat kepadaMu, dan sesungguhnya aku dari orang-orang Islam (yang menyerah kepadaMu)” (Surah al-Ahqaf: 15)”

            ** ** added by me

          2. Ahh… to be young again. It’s good you’re thinking about akidah and all. I can’t tell you why Tun chose this song. But here’s an opinion from someone who’s old enough to be your grandmother (if I were a teenage mom). Imagine is a song dreaming for utopia.

            Or you can look it also as a song that requires you to think. You know people have religions so believing there’s no heaven and hell is not going to happen. Imagining an equal society is nice but you know that’s not natural. So what if this song is asking you to think what you can do or contribute to a better society? To set some goals and work towards making this world a better place.
            No greed, no hunger, aren’t those noble goals that humankind can work towards?

            We can debate this song forever and still come to differing conclusions depending on where you are coming from. In that respect, Lennon has done a great job in starting a conversation.

            On that note, I wish everyone a good holiday. Saya minta maaf jika terkasar bahasa dan jika komen-komen saya selama ini menyinggung perasaan sesiapa. Saya mengucapkan Selamat menyambut Aidil Adha, semoga diberkati Allah sentiasa.

  3. It’s amusing Tun M cause imagine falls fray to and AK remained unperturbed if 1mdb ends it’s way which Malaysian have the right to know Zeti said ringgit will revive to its days when all are over

  4. LOL, what a genius you are. Yes, Tun is an evangelist. The song proves it mahhhh

    Actually, I heard that he followed it up with an encore of “Highway Star” by Deep Purple – proving he’s Jewish because it’s a hidden reference to the Star Of David.

    No, really: he’s Jewish.

    Ahhhh, Helen, Helen, Helen.

    What a sad, pudgy little failure you are. Invariably.

  5. On a more positive note, I love what you’ve done with your blog page.

    One cartoon, one dead dog, one ugly dog.

    “Chantek”, like we spelled it in the 60s.

    Cheers : )

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