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Who fancies a meal of panda paws?

Warning: This posting contains a graphic image that may upset some readers

Brothers Wang Wenlin and Wang Wencai who shot a wild giant panda in Yunnan, China have been prosecuted, Chinese authorities said yesterday. A third man Li Kequan was also prosecuted for trading the panda’s meat and paws.

The Wang brothers had shot the animal last December in the hills outside their village, said Xinhua news agency. The killing took place 5km south of Tongluoba National Forest Park.

The panda, an adult female, likely strayed from the nature reserve.

BELOW: The pelt of the panda

panda kunming

The Wangs had tracked the panda to her hiding place.

After she was injured by the first shot, the panda tried to escape by climbing a tree. Wong then shot it again causing the dead panda to fall out of the tree which was her hiding place.


The panda was skinned for her pelt while the kill yielded total of 35kg of meat. Her four paws were sold for 4,800 yuan (RM3,300).

Bear paws are a delicacy in Chinese cuisine – pix below.

(Sources: Bernama and other news agencies)



The Chinese eat dog meat too.

Dogs are burned alive with blowtorch or boiled alive during the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in Shaanxi, China.

I’m not surprised by the summary decision of the Guan Eng administration to cull Penang stray dogs rather than vaccinate them.

Nor am I shocked by the callousness displayed by Penangites who are DAP staunch supporters in disregarding the cruelty inflicted on the cornered and culled animals.

Stop Yulin

The DAP-led regime has no compassion for animals and nor for political animals. ABU (Asal Bukan Umno) is the campaign to kill / cull Umno.

A chapter of the campaign had unfolded on Aug 29-30 recently. Umno halal meat will make for a tasty dish, yum, yum.

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  1. This set of photos of today’s banjir at Paya Terubong (DUN Air Puteh – Adolph Lim puny tempat) was circulating on Facebook.

    Translation: This morning at Paya Terubong the flow of mud scene I saw a strange picture ! You see it?

  2. Minta jasa baik Helen berilah amaran sikit jika dipaparkan gambar-gambar yang menyedihkan supaya pembaca boleh elak dari terus membaca. Bukan semua orang “hati kering”. Gambar yang sudah tertengok payah nak “Unseen” balik. Terimakasih.

  3. Gambar-gambar anjing dibunuh oleh MBPP dengan kejam. Inilah cara regim Zionis Adoph Lim.

    Tengok kucing pun ketakutan

    Di hari bulan baik, diharapkan kawan2 pressure kerajaan Zionis Adolph Lim untuk menghentikan kekejaman ini. Susah saya nak buat ucapan Hari Raya kali ini, seban tetlalu sedih dan marah.

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