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Do you believe in karma, Guan Eng?

The number of dengue cases in Penang this year is 2,990. The number of deaths from dengue in Malaysia this year is 158.

Do Penangites freak out over aedes mosquitoes?

Do Malaysians freak out after they’ve been bitten by a mosquito?

dog paw handshake

Yet in Penang, thousands of dogs have been / are being killed because of TWO cases of rabies. Nobody died from rabies. Only the dogs are being mass murdered by the Guan Eng administration.

A 44-year-old man from Pokok Sena, Seberang Prai was treated on Sept 8 and an 11-year-old boy in Taman Nelayan in Balik Pulau was treated on Sept 14 for the rabid dog bite. Both have since been discharged from hospital.

More recently last week, a man in Penang was bitten by a dog suspected to be infected but has not shown any symptoms of rabies.

Photo shows a Penang dog, video shows an Italian dog

Penang dog

Italian dog

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s decision to go for the overkill is a reflection of the nature of the man. Remember this, Umno.

His Dapster horde coming out in the battalions to vociferously defend Papa reveal to us their cruelty and viciousness with regard to the sanctity of animal life.

Drawing first blood

These Cina DAP expose themselves to be cruel and vicious people who do not blink to see blood wantonly spilled on Penang streets when homeless dogs are senselessly murdered. My quintessential question – What kind of people are they? – has been amply answered.

Yesterday flash floods in Penang cleansed some of the blood from the streets. The sudden flood after a brief torrential downpour also caused mudslides in Paya Terubong, an area near Guan Eng’s DUN constituency.

Below is a photograph – thanks Mulan for the heads up – of a section of the mudslide. Actually, the shadow contours on left photo is more evocative of torture than the white outline drawing on the right photo … but we get the picture.

landslide Paya Terubong

Guan Eng once witnessed (video here):

“By the miracle of God, here I am and remember a phrase [in the Bible] where He said, ‘the last shall be first and the first shall be last’ and I was in prison and now I’m the Chief Minister – not of Sarawak but of Penang – praise God, for the first shall be last and the last shall be first”.

Karma is a bitch (pun intended), don’t forget ya, Guan Eng.

Yes, you’re first now, and as surely as the wheel of karma turns, you shall be last again.

The same goes for your destructive Dapster family – Mama and Grandpapa. Tick tock, tick tock.


Who fancies a meal of panda paws?


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5 thoughts on “Do you believe in karma, Guan Eng?

  1. re ; “Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s decision to go for the overkill is a reflection of the nature of the man” .

    No need laa , sending all this senseless and confusing “signals”, killing defenceless animals and chopping “batang pisang” down is easy,the ones whom is fighting back is a bit tricky .
    Besides thinks of the dosa it probably “consume” you for rest of your life ( itupun kalau ada “hati perut” ) and not to mention breaking the law .

    If memory serve me right , Tun Mahathir replied to the PAP Youth Wing that Singapore should engaged a full scale war on Malaysia , to me is quite poetic ,”sini hutan kalau kena bom adalah pokok getah yg kena , Singapore is a city state if we retaliate peoples will gets hurt ” and to Australian PM John Howard “if a preemptive strike is made toward Malaysia “he” will get what the (orang puteh) called a bloody nose “.
    TUn Abdulah to Indonesia “kalau mahu perang cakap” atau lebih tepat lagi tak usah cakap bedal terus .

    Kita kan orang Malaysia , mahu hidup dalam harmoni , bergembira bersama . cari duit utk diri , anak beranak dan cucu cicit . buat apa gaduh -gaduh maa .

    ps ; Jangan mulut “harum” tapi hati ada “ulat” .

    1. Helen,

      Guan Eng is a dangerous guy. But UMNO being so “tak apa” often underestimates Guan Eng and DAP.

      Without police and military, Guan eng is seen as “harmless’. But should UMNO be toppled, DAP will take over(meaning Guan eng will take over).

      Than we can witness his cruelty.

      1. Mama is as dangerous as Papa.

        For the sake of its own survival, Umno has to wake up from its stupor, inertia and lethargy. If Umno does not do something to deal with the DAP, then the party is really betraying bangsa, agama dan negara.


  2. Tokong’s got it coming for what he’s done to these innocent creations of God.

    What goes around WILL come around.

    Soon, I hope.

  3. Ms H. Do I believe in karma ?

    1. 6 years old – Stepped into a bucket of boiling water.
    2. 7 years old- Fought with a bully who used his pencil to pierce my left eye. He missed by 1/2 inch.
    3. 7 years old – Machine-gunned by a low flying Mitsubishi Betty.
    4. 7 years old – Left Singapore as the Japanese Imperial Army landed at mid-night.
    5. 7 years old – Our ship was bombed by 17 Mitsubishi Bettys.
    6. 8 years old – Endless infections till tonsils removed.
    7. 14 years old – Old man on bicycle crashed into me on the right side.
    8. 15 years old – a bullet pierced my desk when my classmate a Sutton auxillary policeman fiddled with his revolver behind me.
    9. University – Driving along the North Circular Road, London, a lorry missed me by inches. My friend’s face became deathly white.
    10. Adult – After checking out of my hotel in Milan, I walked across the street. A young Italian on a Vespa crashed headlong to me on the left. He felled off and was shaking like a leaf. I walked away unhurt. I returned to my room after buying the newspapers. I rang up my badminton partner in Kuala Lumpur. His secretary told me he died at 7.30 pm the previous night as my plane was taking off.

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