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Syabas @IsmailSabri60 hentikan tajaan budak Mara ke Taylor’s

Keputusan Kementerian Kemajuan Luar Bandar menghentikan penajaan bagi pelajar baru untuk melanjutkan pengajian ke Taylor’s adalah wajar.

Langkah terbaik ini demi melindungi penuntut Melayu dari terdedah kepada pengaruh evangelista.

Tiap-tiap tahun acara Subang Rally akan mengumpulkan remaja Kristian beserta bukan-Melayu peringkat kolej dan sekolah menengah bagi tarbiah Kristian evangelis. Kampus ‘tepi tasik’ (lakeside) Taylor’s University adalah antara lokasi di mana Subang Rally diadakan.

Taylor’s University juga menjadi tuanrumah bagi program ‘Suara Moderat’ anjuran J-Star Sarang Evangelista yang mahu membentuk minda orang muda mengikut acuan Firster – lihat poster iklan bawah.

Moderation Campus

Subang Rally 2015
Subang Rally 2015

Perhatian: Acara Subang Rally dijalankan di Taylor’s University College (kiri)


Edward Ling (Hannah Yeoh's pol-sec), speaker at Subang Rally

ATAS: Selain Hannah Yeoh, setiausaha politik beliau Edward Ling juga penceramah di Subang Rally

Evangelista giat memurtadkan belia keluar agama asal

Budak-budak bukan-Kristian didakwah untuk masuk Kristian menerusi Subang Rally – tengok di bawah ulasan tentang kegiatan-kegiatan tatkala ‘fellowship’ Kristian, yang mana Taylor’s University juga merupakan di antara tuanrumah.

Hannah Yeoh berucap di acara Kristian evangelis tersebut di Taylor’s University – lihat gambar bawah.

Gejala Kristianisasi di kalangan remaja Cina sebenarnya adalah amat mengerunkan. Fenomena perkembangan ini boleh diteliti di media sosial.

Mungkin Umno pada masa ini masih kurang prihatin terhadap ancaman Kristianisasi gara-gara dakwah ke atas orang Melayu digerakkan secara berselindung (underground).

Untuk butir-butir lebih terperinci, sila baca ‘Converting minors to another religion‘.

From the Subang Rally website
Hannah Yeoh Taylor's
Hannah berucap di acara evangelis di Taylor’s University College
Hannah Yeoh banyak mencuci otak golongan muda
Hannah Yeoh banyak mencuci otak golongan muda

Hannah Yeoh Ugly Pendatang


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20 thoughts on “Syabas @IsmailSabri60 hentikan tajaan budak Mara ke Taylor’s

  1. Hey, young men and women, join us for moderation but remember to pay your dues, 10% of what you earn every month for service to god. This was never disclosed until they were madly brainwashed to the extent that some of them quarrelled and cursed their parents for praying to stones and woods.

    To end the story, 10% every month to their “church”.
    0% ” ” to the aggrieved parents.

    Bravo, this is their type of moderation. Either you are with me or against me.

    1. Equalizer

      Is your disdain for tithing directed at all religious institutions or just limited to the Church?

      I sure don’t hear any zealous condemnation coming from you with regards to the concept of religious giving in faiths other than Christianity, but of course I’m not dismissing the possibility I might miss out on such rants.

      So, are you anti religion, anti Christianity or just kaypoh?

      1. Christians from european tribes killed natives all over the world for the the jew Jesus Christ and gold for the King and Queen. Just saying….

      2. He might well be a christian to abhor such greedy scheme of religious taxation. 10% on gross income is a real burden to anyone. Even 6% GST is not as tyrannical since it is 6% and base on consumption. Islamic zakat can also be define as religious tax and to perform it is an act of piety same as your tithe. The difference is what it was based on, net savings. This means your income minus all the expenditure, your food, transport, house loan, children expenses, fun expenses, toiletries, maintenance of every aspect of your life and last but not least, spendings to care for your elderly parents and the rate is 1/40 of what is left. No anak derhaka scenario there. I will leave it to a buddhist and a hindu to explain about their own religious giving in faith since i absolutely have no knowledge on them.

        There is no zealotry in condemning a greedy body of religion that tax 10% of what the adherent makes. More so if the requirement is hidden until after you commit. Very MLM indeed. Islam’s zakat is a prominent facet of the faith that no one reverts without knowlegde of it.

        It would seem Equalizer got his facts right, so what are you HH? Anti truth? Anti Equalizer? Or simply kaypoh?

        1. AE

          Quote: It would seem Equalizer got his facts right, so what are you HH? Anti truth? Anti Equalizer? Or simply kaypoh?

          What facts are we tallking about?

          Allegations of some church sanctioned ploy to keep new followers in the dark about the 10% tithing?

          Sure….so he said.

          You may have no problem buying into your own biases, but others do opined the veracity of such claim an utmost importance.

          1. So are you refuting what he said about the keeping in the dark ploy? Is there any requirement before “accepting Christ” such as having in depth knowledge of what you are getting into other than these love love love kumbayah? I don’t think so.

            When a person wants to revert to islam, we would teach him how to pray, how to fast, how to pay zakat and how to read quran, at least the important parts needed to pray, general knowledge on haj and other knowledge on how to be a muslim. Only after all that they can commit by announcing their syahadah in front of witnesses. Does christian evangelist have such vigourous requirement upon prosetylizing new member? Again i do not think so.

            Can you refute the veracity of my claim of how MLM evangelist is now HH? Or will you just deflect?

            1. AE

              Quote: Can you refute the veracity of my claim of how MLM evangelist is now HH? Or will you just deflect?

              Unless you are speaking from experience, you cannot claim to be on the side of truth when repeating a hearsay.

              Just saying.

              There are guidelines and procedures to follow before a new convert is baptised by the church.

              Quite standard for churches under the umbrella of Assembly of God.

              New believers who profess to accept Christ, like some did in those rallies, are asked to give their names and telephone numbers. The church will contact them and send somebody to guide and disciple them.

              New converts are required to attend bible classes.

              There are criterias to be fulfilled prior to baptism.

              1. Now this is better. I dont know everything and you dont know everything also. Between us we can resolve this.
                Q1. Is there any where in your scripture that specify this 10% religious tax?
                Q2. Is the bible class done before or after being born again?
                Q3. Could you please elaborate or point to a reliable link on these guidelines/procedure/criteria to follow prior to baptism.

                Just so we know you aren’t blowing hot air or/and deflecting. Just saying, you know….

                1. AE

                  1. The 10% tax is called tithes. Tithing predates Jesus and is a Judaistic practice.

                  Before Jesus, priests/holy men who perform ritualistic rites in the holy temple can only be ordained from the tribe of Levi. The Levites are not allowed to own properties, livestocks or trade. Their core duties are to take care of the temple and perform blood sacrifice (of animals) to atone for the sins of everyone.

                  In return, a tax of 10% is collected from the people to help sustain the livelihood of the Levites who are without worldly wealth.

                  If one were to go strictly by the old Testament, various taxes imposed on the faithfuls are around 30%. But 10% seems to be the number adopted by the Christians.

                  After Jesus died on the cross, the Christians (Christ followers) deemed the temple null and no longer sacred. The church applied the same principle of shared responsibility by upholding the 10% rule to provide for the ministry and ministry workers ( e.g. pastors ) as they did to the Levites.

                  It is the norm for Christians to pay what they can afford. Some pay less, while others in better financial standing would pay more. It’s a give and take thing. There is no compulsion when it comes to giving and money is not the only form. Some would sacrifice their time to serve in the ministry.

                  It is NOT mainstream practice for churches to demand to look at payslips or income tax returns of their congregation. In honesty, I did hear of one such church in Singapore who did that. It’s hearsay but I have no reason to doubt my source who had since left that church.

                  2. Basic bible classes are given before baptism. The syllabes and teaching materials do vary from church to church.

                  3. There is no SOP guidelines or manual when it comes to preaching or converting. The central beliefs and the common denominator among the various denominations (Methodist, Anglican, Pentecostal etc) are encompassed in the Apostle Creed.


                  I know many are confused with the different Chistian denominations and question their differences. The rule of thumb is simply, any church denomination who agrees with the beliefs stated in the Apostle Creed, is embraced as part of the Christian church.

    2. Fact is the kongsi kuasa idea mooted by Perikatan (later BN) showed that the Malays thru umno had practiced moderation before merdeka till today. Go read your history book

      1. MCA8481

        Yes, to a certain extent I do agree with you UMNO being more religiously moderate.

        The problem is, UMNO is a Malay raced-based party.

        In this country there is an overlapping tendency between Islam and Malays. How long do you think can UMNO set the distinction between the two amidst the onslaught of political zealots coming forth in the name of God?

        Fact is, the race card is so convenient and nobody wants to give up on it.

        UMNO, MCA and MIC could have dissolved into a bona fide multi racial party in the form of BN back then. Why not?

        Race baiting had always been their game. (MCA and MIC included)

        Problem for UMNO is Malays now see themselves as Muslim first.

        1. ‘UMNO, MCA and MIC could have dissolved into a bona fide multi racial party in the form of BN back then. Why not?’

          Perhaps DAP and the rest of the Harapan Baru could lead the way?? Abang Anwar PM in waiting, dari dalam penjara that is, sudi ke??

  2. Breaking News: Tengok ini. selepas seminggu membunuh anjing dengan kejam, CM Adolph Lim pula keluar mesej sayang anjing.

    Kak Helen dan kawan2… ini orang Islam pangiil munafik kan?

    MBPP = Munafik Bengis Pemimpin Penang
    MPSP = Munafik Pilihan Setia Penang

    1. re: “Kak Helen dan kawan2… ini orang Islam pangiil munafik kan?”

      Has Hannah ‘Munafiq’ Yeoh shed her crocodile tears yet?

      Btw, can anybody ascertain if the young man in bermuda shorts – pix below – is Howard Lee?

      Pix 1: The man circled is Howard Lee’s father who bullied Uncle Simon.

      Pix 2: Howard Lee’s father can be seen on the right of this photo accosting Uncle Simon’s car.

      Pix 3: Who is this young man also accosting Uncle Simon’s car?



      1. Incident of bullying and assault above was in Taman Kaya, Ipoh.

        Simon Thong Wee Hing’s case was mentioned in the newspapers as well as in court.

        Howard Lee’s father is Lee Chee Seng. He is a DAP taiko.

      2. Has Hannah ‘Munafiq’ Yeoh shed her crocodile tears yet?

        Eye infection. No tears. Get well soon.

        Apa khabar Ambiga, OKM… so quiet. Sore throat infection epidemic in JSubang ke?

  3. So, when are they going to shut down Taylor’s College?

    Because the College’s finances will go haywire if Mara pulls out its students.

    That’s the prevailing theory, isn’t it?

    1. Pulling your sponsored students from a college does not mean shutting down the particular college. It may imply that the college derive a sizeable chunk of its income from these sponsored students.

      So if the sponsors want to place them at another college, it is the sponsors choice. No need to get upset. Taylor will still run with or without the MARA students. Just that another college will benefit.

      Taylor is business, so they must know the game well. Betul tak

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