Apa DAP mau? … Mahu Merah 2.0 kot

I’m copypasting below a commentary today by MCA Religious Harmony Bureau chairman Ti Lian Ker. He asks “Apa DAP mau ????”

From the way they’re behaving, I think DAP is asking for a second Merah rally.

Ti Lian Ker wrote:

“For decades Mca had served tirelessly for the Chinese community and walked the moderate path. Chauvinist wanted Mca to be dominant. Communist called Mca “traitors” or Umno running dogs.

“Mca had obtained and negotiated on behalf of the Chinese leverages and compromises from the British and later Umno or Malay rulers. From stopping or assisting Chinese from being sent back to mainland to setting up new villages ; obtaining and helping to register citizenship for Chinese etc

“In the 70s and 80s etc Mca fought for against nationalist policies in education, commerce, culture etc that causes lots of hardship to Non-Bumiputra etc Mca ploughed on to serve the political welfare of Non-Bumiputra and the formation of TAR College etc are physical examples of the assistance and help rendered to the community.

“Suddenly DAP through their Red Bean Army said we don’t want racist party like Mca who cannot bring the Chinese to be on par [politically] with Malays. On the other hand they said what has Mca done for the Chinese? Apa DAP mau ????”


CNA: “Atmosphere of festering resentment and uncertainty”

Channel News Asia (CNA) asked a Chinese interviewee what he wants.

See minute 8:20 onwards (video link here):

“58-year-old businessman Tan Tai Tong has been yearning for the day when someone belonging to a minority group as he does will be given equal rights as a citizen in the country. Although he was born and raised in Malaysia, he feels he has suffered discrimination at the hands of his own government. Over the years he has grown tired of the race-based policies which he feels only favour the indigenous communities while other races like the Chinese and Indians are left out.”

Mr Tan however spoke entirely in Mandarin.


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7 thoughts on “Apa DAP mau? … Mahu Merah 2.0 kot

  1. Some people can never ever know the word THANKFUL. Everything is ME, I and MINE.

    Melayus, mostly Islam, whether superficial or deeply, knows the word SYUKUR, no matter what the hardship involves and go thru it with patience and tolerance.

    But patience has its limits, after all we are all human beings.

    1. There is the MCA world view and there is the DAP world view.

      Unfortunately 90 percent of the Chinese have been won over to the DAP evangelical world view. There are several main reasons for this but one of my bugbears is that MCA has allowed its media empire to promote the DAP ‘Firster’ ideology.

      1. If the Chinese want the Malaysian First ideology so much then it’s their business. There is nothing much we can do about it. Just don’t tell them that in order to become Malaysian First they will have to do a Hannah Y First. Then again I doubt they know who Hannah really is.

  2. Ms H. There are reports of some rioting in Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur by some fellows with coloured shirts on 26 September 2015.

    1. I am not against legal rioting if endorsed by the Police.

    2. The rioters should not embarass our Distiguished and Honourable YAB Dato Seri Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak who may be giving a speech like MODERATION IN THIS CIVILISED WORLD in the United Nations at the very moment his supporters, the rioters go on a rampage. The Prime Minister would receive the selfies in a moment in the UN. It’s the 21st Century.

    3. All holistic democratic countries have policies which are implemented to realise ideas into goodies for the Rakyat. No digit can just say he or she want to change this or that. This is anarchy. The Dewan Rakyat is the place for democratic approvals.

    4. Petaling Street is the traditional and historical place for the Malaysian Chinese to trade. Our beloved Malaysia has plenty of land. Why not build a couple of platforms over the Sungei Klang and Sungei Gombak for the new traders who will occupy free stalls. All hotels are linked to these spots by shuttle bus. This would not cost a RM 1 Billion ?

    5. I note that the leader of a Malaysian Chinese party locking horns with a mere politician. It should be different strokes for different folks, dear Sir !

  3. Cik Helen apa DAP mau tajuk menarik tetapi mana satu jawapan
    Soalan: LKS call for kerajaan perpaduan untuk najib digulingkan
    dan ; Tun M mahu supaya BN kekalkan kuasa sebalik nya RBA tolak kedua-dua nya awak hanya pukul tin kosong saja walaupun pandangan amat baik dan pedas right sampai ke tulang hitam

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