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  1. And finally, Melayus will have their own REAL Hero.
    Move aside, Najib, KJ and all the UMNO and PERKASA people. Make way for Jamal

          1. if you want to ryc so early, why did you even bother to come here. it is not the place for you in the first place. bodho punya cin.

  2. China ambassador statement ,during visit to Petaling Streets does sounds alarming, and sign interference in Malaysia internal affair .

    Does this shows shows a good diplomatic ?.

  3. Oh, my motherland Malaysia. Why they call you Malaysia when they live on your land and call themselves Malaysian but have Malay, Chinese, Indian, English names etc etc. Why not only Malaysian names for Malaysian citizens?

    DAP is right for wanting all to be called Malaysians without referring to races. No problem. Therefore only Malaysian names are to be used. Example Adolph Lim should be Tanju Rambuta or Tokon Broncon. Hannah Mama should be Fato Bigoneh…etc etc

    No more separatist schools. Only a Truly Malaysian school where Bahasa Malaysia and English are compulsory and to be used as main medium of instruction. Of course, Mandarin, Tamil.. etc.. etc.. are allow as side languages, consider as extra languages since your colour cannot be changed and you love to speak your “colour tongue” at home. Mother tongue is Bahasa Malaysia.

    All young children of Malaysia will then grow up appreciating integration of colourful Malaysians, understanding and respecting Negara Ku and the Rukun Negara.

    If a Malaysian fail Bahasa Malaysia or English at Form 5 level, he/she will not be allowed to join Govt Services or become a State Assembly man nor an MP.

    Cannot accept it ah? Then why call yourself a Malaysian???

    1. “No more separatist schools”? Ask why from the late 80’s non-Malays began to abandon national schools in favour of vernacular schools. Ask why more than 70,000 Malays are studying in Chinese schools. If one single stream of education then shut off also religious schools exclusive to one religion.

      Some give the reason that in Singapore there are no longer any Chinese schools. But the fail to see the commitment of the government to vernacular eduction and the raising of the education standard to a world class standard.

      In Malaysia, teaching is a last choice profession where teachers are more interested in preparing life in the hereafter and concerned with “kalau tak potong bulu kemaluan lepas 40 hari, jembalang datang duduk dalam”, “jual kismis doa and air mineral doa” and “jangan pandang salib, nanti jadi buta” and lastly trying to convert school children just as it was done sometime ago.

      Maybe the government should see how it can bring back the non-Malays back to sekolah kebangsaan.

      1. there is a chinese girl in this school who puasa during ramadan, knows how to solat and what not. she calls hr indonesian maid ummi. she helps a malay aunt to sell kuih at the bazaar. elok jerrr, okay jerr…she even becomes polite like a malay.

        1. The gomen schools have been producing entrants to world class universities. If you cannot perform, do not blame the system. blame it on yourselves. Do not twist the fact that the system is wrong, rather ask what is wrong with yourselves.

          Some Chinese students cannot behave themselves in gomen schools since they are not used to it. They are rude. I wonder who influence them. That is why they are often reprimanded.

          Their culture is rough, eg. they put their legs on the chair and table. Only their chinese sinsey can teach them..usually by also using vulgar words which they are familiar with.

          When they go to Form 6, their spoken English makes them the laughing stock of the school community. It is not a wonder the SMK teachers have a hard time achieving even Band 3 for them.. This is not even ielts, mind you.
          By the time they are forced to take up muet, 2 years is too short to brush up their English.

          You may want to boast about their Maths prowess. But that subject is a practised subject…drill, drill, drill, till they become inhumane.

          1. Actually wawe

            let me ask you: do you have children?

            I have 2 kids in SK.

            And i can tell u this: it IS the system yg tunggang terbalik. no2, im not referring to our time ( our time meaning, Gen X period). of cpurse have produced world class entrants…tapi…and its a big tapi..berapa byk….again…jgn compare zaman Gen X…compare the last 10 years….please

            And also this: SRJK pun not faring any better. because why? kita punya education system have gone through many abrupt changes….

            kesian cikgu..kesian budak2….

            1. Sorry, if I disappoint you… 2 kids studied overseas, one staying back to get some working experience. another one hopefully will go too soon. I am very much in the system as well. I don’t like to complain, I guess. Just make do the best with whatever we have. Thank you, Allah. Ameen.
              Btw, do not start accusing a Bumi like mine go by using the ‘cable’ since the girl was a national top Unlike some who bark when not offered their prefered course, some people would just accept their fate and leave everything to God, again.
              If anyone does not perform, I guess we have a lot to reflect upon ourselves. Anyway, there is no such thing as a perfect system, we need to strive for something better There is always room for improvement. But, that does not mean we have to abandon everything. In the meantime, best wishes to everybody

      2. norman fernandez,

        ……..raising of the education standard to a world class standard…

        Memang classy to produce students like the Alvivi couple ke? Wonder how such potential student boleh turn into a sex maniac, balang pendek FOC for the world to view and so proud of it?

  4. Duta China lawat Petaling Street. Ini petunjuk yang tidak bagus bagi seorang duta yang negaranya menindas masyarat xianjiang sampai merebak ke Thailand. Dikatakan bom di Thailand dilakukan oleh orang Uighur yang memberontak kerana kerajaan Thai menghantar pulang beberapa orang Uighur kerana mengikut arahan China.
    Ini juga merupakan campurtangan kerajaan China dalam urusan dalaman kerajaan Malaysia.

    1. And what do you propose to do about it? Organise a red shirts rally/demo outside the Chinese Embassy in KL? Get retired servicemen to do exercises outside the Embassy?

      Or better yet, why not organise a flotilla of sampans to take the red shirts to occupy the disputed islets and reefs in the South China Sea where the Chinese are busy reclaiming land from the sea, building airstrips etc?

      Or tell the government not to have any more joint military exercises between the MAF and the PLA?

      Or tell China that Chinese investors and investments are not welcome in Malaysia?

      So many things you can do? What’s stopping you from executing them?

      1. Haiyaaa no need to ask for so many things from China.

        Just ask them to facilitate and invite all Chinese diasporas yang terhegeh2 sangat nak return to their motherland.

        Offer them perks and incentives.. tanah sana kan banyak to help resettle these diasporas. Kesian pula dok biaq depa mengayap satu dunia.

    2. “Ini juga merupakan campurtangan kerajaan China dalam urusan dalaman kerajaan Malaysia.”

      tak begitu, kalu rusuhan betul berlaku, I dun think tis jamal fella dapat bezakan a dap chinese or a mca chinese, a helen chinese or a hannan chinese, a mainland china chinese or a taiwan chinese or a msia chinese, apabila perkara buruk menimpa warga negara cina (people’s republic of china) semasa rusuhan, masa depan dan kerjaya duta cina ni sebagai pegawai mesti terjejas. dia hanya jaga diri sendiri.

      tapi bila u comment pasal penindasan di xinjiang dan orang uighur, I rasa ulasan engkau ni merupakan satu jenis “campurtangan” dalam pasal negara lain yg u have little understanding.

  5. Ok duta China kata “our citizens”. Apa maksud dia “our citizens” masa bercakap di Petaling Street? Apa maksud dia Cina yang ada di Malaysia dan dah jadi warganegara Malaysia sebagai rakyat dia? Saya ingat Beijing dah buat kenyataan yang orang Cina di luar China adalah rakyat negara di tempat mereka tinggal dan bukan tanggungjawab Beijing lagi. Or something like that.

    1. No la, we don’t want to go back. We want to stay here and piss off chibai Melayu like you. Wanna job as my driver?

      1. Enough with the ‘c’ word lah. Tolong jaga standard sikit or the next one I spike your comment outright.

        1. Ms H. One last rejoinder. My Seychelles Chinese Hakka friend who was a top surgeon in Seychelles had a useful role to play when he was not in his operating theatre. He was always called upon by either the President or the ex-President to arbitrate when they fought over a girl friend. We Chinese, Malaysian Chinese all over the World are hard-working, useful and law-abiding.

      2. Ughur,
        You dont want to go back or they don’t want you back there?

        When British hoarded you people naik Tongkang baqa jadi coolie, did they do anything to help? Owh..maybe because you fleely flee to escape whatever flom your motherland, so they could not be bothered then?

        Haiyaaa, no need to perasan too much. They dont bother about you la…they are only interested that you make money for them ma! Now you become their coolies.

        Malaysia even sent their navy to rescue kidnapped crews and bring them safely back home. See the difference how Maaysia protects our citizens?

  6. ak47, sounds like an air asia fleet.
    no matter what you and your kin are, your real place is in the original place where you came from. Australia had started to sense the unsuitability of this migrant on their soil, in spite of they themselves originating from a faraway land. the whole world will find out soon and join forces to oust these ungrateful migrants.

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