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The issue is the brutality of it all

Disclaimer: No gory photos, I promise

I have a dog and a cat.

The dog is adopted from PAWS. The cat is picked up from the divider in the middle of a busy road.

Wrt the dog, it was a conscious decision I made to provide a home for a shelter animal rather than buy one from the pet shop or breeder.

BELOW: My dog


Wrt the cat, I believe she – a small kitten at the time I found her – was abandoned. There was no sign of the mother cat nor the rest of the litter around.

At first sight, I did not think that she (a predominantly splotchy black calico) was pretty. So my reckoning is that she was probably – I suspect – thrown out of a car window because she is female and not pretty.

BELOW: A calico cat’s typical colouring

calico oval

People are partly responsible for the problem of strays

I’ve also been bitten by a stray dog before. This incident happened when I was living in Penang.

I had taken my dog out for a walk early in the morning and we were set upon by a pack of semi-stray dogs on the beach. (I refer to them as “semi-stray” because they were not wearing a collar nor licence tag.) They had an ‘owner’ who called them off me.

I got bitten when I tried to shield/rescue my dog that was being attacked.

My brother drove me to the clinic. As per standard precaution, the doctor gave me an anti-rabies jab aside from dressing the wound on my arm.

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bulldog sniff flower

It is canine genocide on #killdogisland

I also used to take my dog jungle trekking. The footpath we took into the woods was adjacent to a fruit farm guarded by dogs that barked fiercely when we passed.

There was one time when my dog and I had to lie low for between half and one hour or more on the riverbank (ready to plunge into the water in case we were attacked; my dog can swim btw) because the aforementioned guard dogs had broken out from the farm perimeter and were roaming/sniffing us out.

So I confess that I am wary of stray dogs. Although I’m not afraid of dogs in general, I do fear ones that might bite especially if they’re wild and running in a pack.

Nonetheless I do not wish to see strays wantonly killed en masse, in a brutal manner and dying in pain.

VIDEO BELOW: Umno berating MCA

Cat rant

The matter of Dapsters defending Guan Eng

We all know how they are puak yang selalu menegakkan benang basah.

We’ve seen and heard them give excuses for DAP in 101 creative ways, including for example the claim by Lim Family bloggers that early Chinese immigrant women wore tudung too – see photo below – and thus Hannah Yeoh wearing tudung is within Chinese custom.

Meaning, critics shouldn’t be calling Madame a munafiq.

How they treat dogs is most revealing

As you can well imagine, the Dapsters have been busy fending off the criticisms by animal lovers of the DAP and the Guan Eng administration.

Furthermore as you know, Dapsters are loud and aggressive. Hence they’re spluttering a lot of saliva to express why Papa Dapster made the right decision (his followers are so taksub) and why the lives of dogs are dirt cheap.

I’ve always held that the Dapsters, i.e. the Bintang Lima cyber terrorists, are vicious just like their communist guerrilla forefathers – the cruel Bintang Tiga.

Such things they’ve been saying online and in the social media over this dog culling in Penang reveals a brutal outlook that can only come from the brutality of their nature.

BELOW: This dog is only playing dead (not really dead) since I promised no gory pictures

dog play dead

Personality cult in Dapster Central & Jerusubang

The bottomline is that some of us are troubled by the massacre of the dogs in Penang. The authorities can term the operation a “culling” or even euthanasia but the outcome is nonetheless blood literally flowing in the streets.

I wince when I moderated Mulan’s comments these past few days and ask myself ‘Do I have to see this? (the Facebook links she has been providing).

The piles and piles of dog carcasses do not trouble the Dapsters.

The fact that their Dapster demi-god gave the order to destroy thousands of innocent dogs does not bother the Dapsters either. For them everything is rocket-rocket-rocket, ABU-ABU-ABU and all about protecting their Dear Leader or Dear Spiritual Leader.

hannah hideous mouth

Malays, especially those who took part or supported Himpunan Merah, complain that Cina DAP are kurang ajar.

I agree that Dapsters have an attitude problem. A big one.

When the Malays lament they are besieged and pushed to the wall, I can easily credit that. Why do the 90 percent Chinese find it so hard to believe the Malays really and truly feel that they’re under siege?

guan eng huru hara islam

MCA exco: RBAs are most uncouth abusive trolls

After an emergency central committee meeting yesterday, party president Liow Tiong Lai issued a press statement titled ‘MCA strongly condemns racially-charged actions; stop seditious and racist actions and statements before it is too late’.

MCA has been pushing the panic button since the announcement of Himpunan Merah and now wants a freeze on hostilities “before it is too late”.

I think it is already too late. MCA has lost the Chinese community irrevocably. MCA even let slip the media company it owns into the hands of the evangelistas.

There is no dialing back the ‘zombiefication’ of Chinese oppo supporters that makes us ask “What is wrong with these people?!”

Click below to read Ti Lian Ker’s Facebook entry. Datuk Ti is the MCA Religious Harmony Bureau chairman as well as party exco.

Please read  –


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6 thoughts on “The issue is the brutality of it all

  1. It is very dangerous for the truth to reveal itself ahead of its time, this is especially so for the messengers. Unfortunately this is the case in Malaysia. We have a very intoxicated group of people who can be provoked into a frenzy just by a single word like ‘Najib’. That’s how intoxicated they have become. What is more disturbing is that the Chinese educated Chinese are the most susceptible, most vulnerable to this ‘virus’.

    There is no need for the Malay nationalists to shout out loud, calling for the closure of vernacular schools. The DAP will do it for them. Remember the Tan Yimin incident ? That serves as a cautionary tale of what will happen to vernacular education once the DAP gets to Putrajaya. The DAP’s very accommodation if Islamic ideology speaks volume of how they will accommodate Malay nationalism once they are in power, thus it would not be surprising if they do what Malay nationalists demand of them.

    For those who think the DAP is Chinese, they have got it terribly wrong. The DAP is not Chinese. It is missionary in nature and practice, a white man party whose very conduct is purely ideological. How else would you explain the way they insult the Chinese with their Chinese New Year video featuring Teresa Kok ? Would Kok do a similar stunt during Hari Raya or Christmas ?

    Ti Lian Ker is wasting his time talking about these people.

  2. Now from Mr So What PPS fame.

    Google Translate – excerpt.

    “(24th Penang Bernama) – Penang Welfare, Caring Society and Environment Committee Chairman Peng Wen Bao revealed that the state government has issued instructions to the Veterinary Authority, only to capture stray dogs rabies infected area within a radius of one kilometer, and does not capture workflow allows the use of shot, strangled injected poison or on the spot the way.
    PENG Wen Bao stressed that the Guangming Daily interview visit today, all from the affected areas captured stray dogs, the proven, those already confirmed to have contracted rabies, other diseases or skin diseases stray dogs, only to euthanasia death.
    “As there is no prevalence of stray dogs, Veterinary Bureau will isolate asylum process, and will not face encounter shoot to kill.”
    He said, do not belong to the affected areas to kill stray dogs will not suffer, but the state government hopes to obtain rabies vaccine as soon as possible, so that in a short time for the injection of stray dogs in the state, to avoid the spread of the virus.”

    Oh so all the NGOs Chinese press, BN semua lies, lies, lies…

    So kind-nya Penang gomen
    Chameleon memang. Pandai jaga back side boss.

  3. Sorry Helen, out of topik sikit but you guys have to read this:

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