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Whichever Umno warlord can harness Merah will acquire a potent force

There will not be any riot in Chinatown tomorrow. Jamal Sekinchan cakap besar jer.

“We want the police to arrest Jamal because he has threatened traders in Petaling Street,” said MCA president Liow Tiong Lai yesterday. His deputy Wee Ka Siong echoed the call.

MCA past president Dr Chua Soi Lek went one step further and said MCA should have insisted on it.

MCA wants Jamal Sekinchan arrested

Job vacancy: Malay hero

The Malay masses deserve better leadership. Not Rani Kulup, not Ibrahim Ali and not poseurs of their piddling ilk. What a waste of Perkasa’s potential. Umno should get the movement a new president.

The disorganized Malay grassroots that turned up for Himpunan Merah desperately need leaders who are credible and have charisma (not the CGPA 3.85 fler).

They need someone to stop the country from falling into DAP hands.

BELOW: What a daffy pose!

Tell me, which ‘real’ cook would ever circumambulate cucumbers around the kuali like that, huh? Obviously Ahmad Maslan is someone who has never lifted a finger in the kitchen before, bleaeh


Umno needs leader who can read Malay pulse

Ahmad Maslan, the Umno Pontian deputy chief, was among the deputy federal ministers who showed up for the red rally on Sept 16. This is the guy who earlier got booed by the party rank-and-file at his own division meet recently.

A fellow Umno deputy minister who turned up at Padang Merbok was Tajuddin Abdul Rahman. He would, lah, he’s a hawk after all. But he’s not young or telegenic like, say, the three DAP Parliamentarians below.

DAP young MPs

The purportedly “handsome” Umno Youth chief tak nampak kelibat pun.

Among the cabinet ministers, another Umno right winger Ismail Sabri made an appearance at the Himpunan Merah – pix below. Ali Rustam and Annuar Musa were present too but they’re not holding any ministerial portfolio.

And that’s about it, unless I missed any Umno luminary’s name from the roll-call.

Ismail Sabri
Ismail Sabri
Ahmad Maslan
Ahmad Maslan
Tajuddin Abdul Rahman
Tajuddin Abdul Rahman

Merah is a latent force waiting to be harnessed

Generally the Bersih 4.0 crowd was younger, more well-to-do and they made their own way to the rally.

The Merah crowd was similarly a grassroots movement. As mentioned earlier, hoity-toity Umno Baru leadership like KJ preferred to have nothing to do with this uncool endeavour.

The Reds were given a T-shirt and ferried to the venue by those division chiefs who took a personal initiative to do so. Unfortunately though, Umno leadership at divisional level also produces characters the calibre of Jamal Sekinchan whose Sungai Besar division lies in a rural Selangor constituency.

Merah deserves better leadership than Jamal.

The raw energy contained in Merah is clear to see. Only there’s nobody savvy enough in Umno to grab this red bull by the horns. The man able to marshall this red tide will make himself a powerful warlord indeed.

Merah older crowd

Bersih 4 young Chinese

Rural vs urban

Let’s not be disingenuous. Merah is to Umno as what Bersih 4.0 is to the DAP. Both colours are proxies of either political party.

DAP have got the younger Malaysians brainwashed while Umno is hanging on to the older ones. Ageism is Umno’s major shortcoming and acute problem.

DOPPELGANGERS … Azira & Azrul below could almost be fraternal twins.

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - 2015/08/01: A protester was detained by Malaysian police during the

Melayu baka Azirara

These days, DAP have got the Azirara (Azira + Rara) type urban Malays to visibly support Bersih because it is trendy.

Umno however is unable to get segments of the Malay urban middle ground to support Merah. These are the apologists for the Bangsa Malaysia ideology and many are apologetic for fear of being labelled racists and bigots. The Azirara Malay would rather be caught dead than at a red rally.

The prototype Azirara is of course Azira Aziz herself (pix above) – the young aide to Hannah Yeoh who marched in Bersih carrying the placard “Siapa takut Bersih memang kotor”.

Azira is an Anak Bangsa Malaysia and actually looks a lot like Azrul Mohd Khalib, the uber Malaysian Firster who distributed flowers to the Christians in Taman Medan at the height of the cross controversy.

BELOW: DAP’s Rara (Syefura Othman) shares a makeshift platform during Bersih 4.0 with Maria Chin, Bersih secretariat’s Mandeep Singh and Bersih special committee member Jerald Joseph

Young Syefura Othman

Most M’sians will be living in town and cities in near future

As I’ve also blogged earlier, DAP has got the city slickers while Umno is hanging on to the rural folks.

By the year 2020 (only five years down the road), the country’s population in the peninsula is projected to be three-quarters urban dwellers. So clearly Umno is in trouble. You can see from the chart below.

Without Sabah and Sarawak, BN can kiss goodbye to Putrajaya unless the Umno-PAS unity move comes to fruition.

In the long term, Umno has no choice but to reclaim urban Malaysia should BN wish to remain in power.

Merah is people’s power.


MCA wants Najib to stop to any further rallies

The red shirt rally is rocking the foundation of MCA or in the Chinese party’s more expansive words, “threatening to tear the fabric of our nation apart”.

The party released a statement after its emergency meeting yesterday that “MCA strongly condemns all illegal rallies”.

MCA also said “the clear animosity shown towards the Chinese community [at the red rally] is unacceptable and cannot be condoned”.

“MCA is adamant that all mass rallies must be stopped,” insisted Liow in his statement.

MCA is worried that the upcoming Umno general assembly will witness more anti-Chinese race-baiting. I’m quite certain that MCA’s nightmare will come true.

BELOW: MCA’s media empire is a nest of vipers that are rabidly pro-DAP and chief promoters of the evangelista personality cult

Hannah mocking Jamal Najib

MCA is nothing but a hindrance

It looks like MCA wants Umno to do this, MCA demands for Umno to do that, MCA forbids Umno from doing this and that … and MCA just refuses to leave the ruling coalition.

Looking at the backlash suffered by MCA from red rally 1.0 though, it’s quite conceivable that a red rally 2.0 in Penang would exert enough pressure to compel MCA to quit BN.

Umno would be able to operate with better effectiveness in GE14 without the hindrance of the MCA which is clearly unable or unwilling to help the BN election campaign.

Watch the video below for tips on how to get rid of the other half who is no longer wanted.

Cat rant



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50 thoughts on “Whichever Umno warlord can harness Merah will acquire a potent force

      1. And as suggested, the next best thing besides a very crispy roti canai, kuah kari kambing banjir, is when MCA quits BN.

        Makes life easy for everyone. Their Ketua Pemuda would love that, and he can forever officially support the Bersih series.

        1. One less punching bag for the DAP.

          Sekarang pandai-pandai DAP create havoc like Bersih 4.0 and then pushing it to MCA to clean up their mess, i.e. repair race relations.

          1. Helen,

            Himpunan Merah, though not sanctioned by UMNO, is actually helping UMNO.

            It manages to tell Chinese that UMNO though battered is not without supports. Himpunan merah manages to make Chinese realise that Malays too can react . Such realisation by chinese actually makes them understand that vast majority of Malays though are upset with UMNO, ARE NOT KEEN WITH DAP EITHER.

            Actually there are quite a number of dashing UMNO leaders too. Mohd Hassan of NS, though in 50s is dashing (at least from my wife’s viewpoint). Triviality aside, he is a good leader. He understands the Malays.

            What UMNO needs are for its leaders at bahagian level to speak up. What UMNO needs is to take charge: to take bull by its horn. What UMNO needs is for Mukhriz, or any MB from UMNO side to tweet that they cant stand racist Hannah Yeoh. What UMNO needs is for Najib to pronounce that the days of UMNO letting MCA to contest in Malay areas is coming to its end.

            What UMNO needs is use biometric in next election. what UMNO needs is to tell all races that they must support BN if they want Ministerial post. There is no such thing as appointing a Chinese Minister when almost entire community rejects BN.

            What UMNO needs is to understand that it must concentrate on the very people who defend it(UMNO). What UMNO needs is to act like a Supremo in local politics AS IT IS THE SUPREMO.

            Dont get mad at DAP. Get even. Jamal managed to get even. And his ability to get even rattles DAP (and MCA too). They(including marina, STAR) try very hard to mock him but to Malays, he is a brave guy if not a hero.

            PAS also learns something with this Baju Kuning and Baju Merah. It now realises how cruel DAP is.that certainly helps PAS to soften its stance towards UMNO.

            1. Tuan Shamsul

              UMNO could have done that earlier, but its leaders are all softies and too concern over the Chinese votes. Along the way it is frustrating its grassroots and by extension, its supporters.

              Where is the Datuk Harun of yesteryears. Its Ketua Pemuda once was more concern on the runway and all things fashion. Even someone did remark that Azlina O would be a better Ketua Pemuda than whoever it was then.

              And till today, no one in its current lineup is worth anything. Jamal came at the right moment, if only he could harness the restlessness in UMNO well enough to form a pressure group. So don’t blame him.

              And by the way, my family’s votes will not go to BN for sure.

              1. re: “Azlina O would be a better Ketua Pemuda”

                I think so too. But she’s already 51 otherwise it’s a fantastic idea.

            2. hahaha, shamsul you so called hero, jamal babi had a string of ikan bakar stores. and you should be aware that almost all of it are our of business now….that the impact work of people’s power….next on the list is his Sekin resort….which has a bad update on TripAdvisor….

  1. Jamal is nothing but Najib’s despatch boy. Too many apple polishers wont be of any good to the Malays. I totally agree with Shamsul Anuar on “dont get mad. Get even”. Trash away that ‘tak apa-apa attitude. Be a go getter. But please, please don’t ‘get even’ with those bastards by organizing rallies. Aint that too childish. People will respect you better when the Malays have the economic power, not just the political power. But now, with the ‘tak-apa’ attitude even the political power may very well be wrestled from the dumb-ass Malays.


    1. Zbk,

      Though malays are “handicapped” as there are no better alternatives than UMNO , they can initiate changes.

      The choice is in their hand. Why lock themselves with useless Malay Mps be they from UMNO, PAS or PKR? All of these MPs do not receive divine blessing. They are mere elected officials.

      So if malays feel they cant stand Khairi, Nazri, Najib or Rafizi, by a ll mean do not vote for them.

      As for strengthening economy, in all fairness I believe UMNO has delivered. But the malays need to be responsive. Be genuine traders.

    1. I thought you all Bangsa Malaysia all Malaysians “zero Chinese”.

      DAP says MCA is “racist” because it is a race-based party.

      So why you so teruja dengan duta besar negara Tiongkok?

        1. Do you think the special relationship with China was cultivated by MCA or by DAP?

          Are Najib’s special envoys to China MCA men or DAP men?

            1. Watch your fucking mouth you little fu man chew. Confucius never taught us to stand our ground with obscenities.

              1. When Bankei held his seclusion- weeks of meditation – pupils from many parts of Japan came to attend. During one of these gatherings a pupil was caught stealing. The matter was reported to Bankei with the request that the culprit be expelled. Bankei ignored the case.

                Later the pupil was caught in a similar act, and again Bankei disregarded the matter. This angered the other pupils, who drew up a petition asking for the dismissal of the thief, stating that otherwise they would leave in a body.

                When Bankei had read the petition he called everyone before him. “You are wise brothers,” he told them. “You know what is right and what is not right. You may go somewhere else to study if you wish, but this poor brother does not even know right from wrong. Who will teach him if I do not? I am going to keep him here even if all the rest of you leave.”

                A torrent of tears cleansed the face of the brother who had stolen. All desire to steal had vanished.

                “By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.”

                – Confucius

            2. Haiyaaa, kawasan ni ramai Cina doll kot so payah juga nanti business akan terjejas. Very lucrative and easy money owh.. mana boleh kacau2 like this wan! Anyway difficult to differentiate these “dirty diseased dolls” whether they are Malaysian Chinese or Mainland Chinese.

              And this Duta fella may be confused. Banglas, Pinos, Mynmmars there he may assume are Malaysians too?.

              Haiyaa…kawasan jijik macam tu mana Melayu Islam ingin nak buka business? Cari penyakit asyik dok kena samak tiap hari. Flesh trade tawar menawar dikaki lima terang2 tanpa malu, with dirty looking bapa dan ibu ayam dok atas kerusi kipas2..

              Maaf ya.. Very2 dirty and I have WA to all family and friends to keep out of these sleazy looking areas.

              PS: Saw one Chinese looking lady, possibly a junkie prostitute even pointing her fingers “down under” to promote her product to passing potential customers…

              Haiyaaaa, This Duta should visit from 11pm onwards, Pasar karat pun ada, like cendawan after rain..chipsmore also, now you see now you don’t.

              1. Why, Rina – you seem to have an unhealthy fixation with “China dolls”. You are not scared of the “competition”, are you? Or are you envious about their feminine assets or their ability to go about uncovered?

                Why don’t you have a go at the Immigration folks as to how these people are allowed into Malaysia?

                Or is that a “no go” area for you? That you can “hantam” the “China dolls”, but not the loopholes that allow them entry into the country?

                Or maybe you are just scared of competition. Period.

                Which is why you seem to be mouthing off about Singapore.

                It must be galling to realise that Singaporeans (Malays, Chinese, Indians, Eurasians etc) aren’t bothered in the least about your mouthing off.

                I suppose a strong Singapore Dollar allows them to feel a tad superior. And well deserved too.

                Right, Helen?


                1. Haiyaaa..
                  Strong SGD what for? You earn SGD6K there is merely kais pagi makan pagi ma.. Tua sampai bongkok badan must work wan to survive.

                  Segalanya tak mampu. One of and I think is the most expensive city to live in the world.

                  Nevermind. Just cross over Johore and spend all your money wokay. Everyday the better.

                2. Fulamak, protective and sensitip nampaknya on Cina dolls? Are you, parents or siblings involved in this trade? No wonder so easy to become rich…haiyaaa

                  Immigration folks? Lepot la why hint hint here only? Lepot now…. Scared will also affect your periok nasi ke?

                  1. No worries, Rina. I am glad that you are of one mind with the “Cina dolls”.

                    I suppose that doesn’t involve an extemporaneous demonstration of your talents now, does it?

                    At least, the “Cina dolls” have a very simple agenda.

                    Unlike, say, certain people who masquerade under the cloak with a holier-than-thou persona.

                    I am chuffed that you are making excuses for lapses in immigration procedures that allow the “Cina dolls” entry into the country. Of course you wouldn’t want to make a report about that because you can comment, but you can’t do #%*#-all about it. Not brave enough, is it?

            3. Cina,
              Yeah good reaction from them for once. Minta2 mereka dapat permudahkan remigration and citizenships apprivals to thise who wish ti return to their motherland.

              Like my jiran Ahso, a Singaporean married to Malaysian. When hubby died, reapply to get back Singapore citizenship but rejected.

              Tak bagi izin balik kasi hentam not to Singapore authorities but Malaysian gomen. Haiyaaa itak sewel punya olang..

  2. OSTB:

    The Chinese government rarely speaks out of the corners of their mouth. They usually say what they mean and mean what they say.

    The Ambassador would have received the approval of his government before venturing out to Petaling Street.

    Pendek kata its like this – kalau kita bodoh dan berlagak macam budak-budak then other people will come and teach us how to behave.


    Chinese Ambassador Dr Huang Huikang (in red batik shirt) along with his wife made an impromptu visit to Petaling Street to handover mooncakes to various traders. Accompanying them was Hawkers and Petty Traders Association president Datuk Ang Say Tee.

    Dr Huang WARNED that Beijing would not fear voicing out against incidents which threatened the interests of its citizens in doing business here or disrupt the relationship between Malaysia and China.

    I am proud to see Chinese traders working closely with Malay and Indian traders in harmony in developing this area,” he said.
    sad if the peaceful environment was destroyed by those with questionable intentions referring to the planned red-shirt rally on Saturday.

    Dr Huang said he was confident that the police would ensure public order. “We will MONITOR the situation closely,” Dr Huang added.

    @ Shamsul-the-idiot: no la. We are not scared la. Sorry to disappoint you hor.

    1. So you admit you’re bangsa Cina deserving special attention dan perlindungan/pembelaan/keprihatinan duta besar negara Tiongkok lah. If you were Bangladeshi or Nepali, the ambassador from China wouldn’t be hinting diplomatically, right?

      Got special relationship between Chinese diaspora and the motherland, kan?

      So your party evangelista leader was pure bullshitting when she said “zero Chinese”, bangsa anak Malaysia, all Malaysians lah. DAP is a party of bloddy bullshitters.

      1. So, Helen – are you going to hold a “one woman” protest in front of the Chinese Embassy in KL and call on the Chinese Ambassador to butt out of Malaysia’s domestic affairs?

        Or call on the “potent force” of red shirts to support you in this noble and patriotic exercise?

        Or, at the very least, ask Wisma Putra to issue a stiff protest note to the China and to summon the Chinese Ambassador for “consultations”?

        What’s stopping you?

    2. Bolan,

      One characteristics of DAP worshipper is that all of them are rude. Aptly described by Malays as “macam orang tak ada mak bapa”.

  3. Kerajaan hegemony the chinese dream XI mengarah Doktot Huang campur tangan dalam urusan domestik dalam negeri Malaysia.Dr Huang keluar kenyattaan selepas lawatan beliau selaku duta besar PRC ke Petaling Street,di iringingi olih Datuk Tay.
    Wah Hebat betul campur tangan PRC, tak cukup nak gaasak kepulauan , dan tak cukup dengan ceroboh perairaan Sarawak,80 kilometer dari pantai.
    Petaling Street nak juga.
    Maruah Melayu = sama dengan 2 ekor beruang.
    arjuna waspada
    changkat lobak.

  4. Helen, interesting discussion people are having here. It’s like alphabet soup having a good time playing off one another.

  5. Kak Helen,
    I don’t think you should be so disdainful of Jamal. Yes, he does not have the polish and the finesse. But he speaks the truth and he truly represents what we feel. Thus far, he has hit the nail on the head. If he were in a position of power, we could see some change that will be better for the country.

    1. OMG…you have a vision of jamal babi being in a better position of power….you know, this jamal babi used to sell burgers plus ***** in taman dato senu, before becoming noh omar’s proxy. Are you sure you want this kind of a leader, salim??

      And why don’t you try being your true self, for a change? why bother with “kak helen” thingy, when you see her as a “good pendatang”?

      1. Surrhead,

        I’ve censored one word. Don’t think you can provide a court conviction link (can you?) despite the flying rumours.

        1. Thank you Helen for censoring. appreciate it. bad of me not producing link, and i don’t have one either….i am just saying on grounds growing up around Sentul, thus the knowledge on sentul thugs. well, you can always sell ****** without getting caught, or you may close cases with cash.

  6. I rarely agree with you, but I’m on you with Jamal ( you prob already know this from my previous postings about him). Mamat in Ada long history…tak boleh pakai….even in this I view him as an opportunist ja….

    Pasal Duta Cina tu…well it IS interference…..but then ahjibgor could have done something to intervene…but nooooo…dia ingat nak ride the wave laaaa…..

    We are not an economic power. China is a trade partner ….paling kuat pun hatntar Surat bantahan ……itupun a big IF….😀

  7. And here is where we know we got it really wrong…………..for this pendatang MCA apek to say that “he should be hauled up”……………The fact is that we have allowed the pendatang so much room that they think they can say such things about a Bumiputera!!! How dare he? Helen is right… throw MCA out of the BN….

    1. Ooh, another guy waving the “pendatang” banner? Is that to be met with meek and abject subjection?

      How did you get it “really wrong”?

      It will be an interesting economic thesis if you can expound on your views.

      Or are you a believer in the “go it alone” philosophy because we don’t need trade and investments to survive, breathe clean air (courtesy of Indonesia) and have 3 square meals a day?

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