Ambassadors don’t do this kind of thing

Update (9.54pm): “Dr Mahathir also accused the government of encouraging racist sentiments, although Malaysians were getting on well together.” – see FMT‘s ‘Dr M flays government, Najib for red-shirts rally

Ambassadors “don’t do that,” said Wong Chin Huat, who is a fellow at the Penang Institute.

“I find it extraordinary because ambassadors don’t do things in public. You go make a call, you don’t leave a trace,” Wong was quoted as saying today by the Asia Sentinel.

Furthermore, the China ambassador didn’t make a clear distinction whether he was speaking for Chinese nationals or Malaysia’s ethnic Chinese as well, Wong pointed out.

“Some ethnic Malays feel uncomfortable with the idea that a Chinese ambassador is acting in a way that he appears to be representing the Chinese here,” said Wong to Asia Sentinel reporter John Berthelsen.

“Zero Chinese, only Malaysians” – Hannah Yeoh

I suppose we have MCA to thank for the China ambassador visiting Chinatown yesterday. It is the Malaysian CHINESE Assocation after all that has been cultivating ties with our motherland.

It begs the question – If the Anak Bangsa Malaysia cultivated by the DAP are raceless, then why the special interest shown in the country’s Chinese minority by the ambassador?

DAP, on the other hand, is purportedly “colour blind” and “beyond race” in addition to being Malaysian First.

Our patriotic Nasi Lemak-loving DAP would have surely no truck with China officials, if only on account of their ‘race’ (sharing a mutual ethnicity) alone. That would be “racist”!

Heck, Hannah ‘Hysterical’ Yeoh even finds our “extreme” weather to be racist – see her tweet below.

Twitter - hannahyeoh- the weather

The Azirara Malay is the only good Malay

Interestingly – in my observation – for DAP, the only non-racist Malay is the Azirara Malay.

Who is Azirara? It’s Azira + Rara.

On the left, photo below, is Lady Miss Azira who is Hannah Yeoh’s Malay aide. On Azira’s right is flower-power NGO activist Azrul Mohd Khalib – an uber Malaysian Firster.

Meanwhile, Rara is the nickname for Syefura Othman, the DAP’s Impian programme coordinator in the East Coast states.

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - 2015/08/01: A protester was detained by Malaysian police during the
Fraternal twins, almost

What is DAP’s understanding of racism and a racist?

DAP dibuatnya mandi tak basah, tidur tak lena oleh parti-parti BN yang dituduh bersifat “perkauman” beserta “rasis” oleh parti evangelis tersebut.

Di sini saya tidak sebut “makan tak kenyang” kerana jarang kita akan nampak Yang Berhormat-Yang Berhormat DAP (gambar bawah) kehilangan selera.

hannah Her Royal Roundness1

Racist! Racist! Racist!

Berating MCA, Hannah Yeoh once asked, “But do u expect a race based party to speak up against racism? No.”

Aunty Hannah has a very apparent phobia against against anything race-based.

She was heard to declare, “we have explained it clearly in the beginning, no point educating racist parties”. The Jerusubang idol is, however, more forgiving of individual racists whom she feels “must be taught how to love”.

Below is one example of the Firster / evangelistas teaching Malaysians how not to be racist. The screenshot of the most popular article of the day in the Malay Mail – regarding Marina Mahathir’s anti-racism stance – was snapped a fortnight ago.

‘Take that, all you racists!’ Marina says after MMO video goes viral – here.

Marina MMO racists

The video clip given a delirious thumbs up by Marina Mahathir is a 5-and-½ minute offering by The Malay Mail that has garnered 665,961 views on YouTube. It is uploaded at the bottom of this page.

Below is Azmi Arshad’s critique of the Malay Mail video. I’m copypasting his write-up on race polemics in its entirety because I know that my blog readers are rather malas to click on links.

Cynicism is indeed most necessary where sneaky bastards are concerned


By Azmi Arshad

“I wouldn’t blame any of you for calling me a cynic. Sorry to pour cold water down your pants but the Are-Malaysians-Racist video is Opposition propaganda playing on sentiments as usual. I tried to squeeze a tear from my eye just like I tried to do when Lim Kit Siang burst into tears (when he claimed DAP were not allowed to use the Rocket logo for the elections), when Lim Guan Eng gave a comforting hug to a lady family member of a PPS member detained by Police and seeing a huge photo of Wan Azizah feeling ‘hurt’ by Hj Hadi Awang.

Azmi you racist, why the hell are you so cynical? Why can’t you just see the positive side regardless of who made the video? *sighhhh *

First of all, I commend all those in front of the camera. Syabas to them. Nobody in their right mind would utter derogatory remarks towards another race when requested by a stranger in a room and even more so when suspiciously offered money for it. (The nasty and racist comments we see in FMT, TMI, MKini and FB are a different story of course).

Well, let me just highlight some of the clues:

1. Marina Mahathir is excited by the video. Note: Marina is a Bersih supporter, Comango supporter and a pro-LBGT activist.

2. Marina Mahathir says “Take that all you racists!” (Actually who is she talking to specifically?) Note: That’s Opposition speak. Liberals and anti Malay institutions tend to shout out ‘racists’ to (supposedly) ‘racists’ (even to those who are not racists). Lim Guan Eng and other DAP leaders talk the same way.

3. The title of the video is “Are Malaysians racist?”. Note: ‘Malaysians’. I’ll come back to this later.

4. Participants reject money offers to utter racist remarks – Really… Would you have accepted the offer?

5. Malays are lazy / bodoh, Chinese are pendatang and Indians are pemabuk / smelly – Really seriously? ‘Lazy’ and ‘smelly’ are everyday words and are obviously not attributed to their heritage. They are however trying to make ‘pendatang’ taboo. Back to this later also.

6. PKR communications director Fahmi Fadzil tweeted that he cried at the 3 minute mark. MMO even showed a screenshot of his tweet. Another attempt to make you reach for tissue. Note: PKR.

7. DAP Bukit Mertajam MP Steven Sim said he loved the video. Note: DAP.

8. The video is publicised by Malay Mail Online with all the accolades. MMO is of course another pro Opposition TMI. (MMO’s anti malay Sacred Cowlumnist Erna Mahyuni has blocked me on Twitter and Facebook).

Yes the video smells (pardon the pun) of Opposition. Then you tell me in the words of PPS chief Phee Boon Boh: SO WHAT? SO WHAT?

Sabar. Sabar. Don’t get emotional. Remember that Lim Guan Eng’s ‘touching’ speech in the last elections was also a tear jerker and I didn’t fall for it. I don’t know about you guys but whenever the Opposition comes up with anything touching I feel like I’m being touched in the wrong places.

Okay, my take on this Dappywood drama:

(a) Notice that they are trying to portray that Malaysian individuals are not racists. Why? Well, if the man on the street is not uttering racist remarks then who needs the SEDITION ACT / AKTA HASUTAN? Repeal it! (The timing of the release of this video is also pretty uncanny). Don’t even dream of bringing back the ISA of course.

(b) One other thing then… if the people are not racist then WHO is racist? After all, Opposition leaders and supporters are wailing racism all over the media. If not Malaysian citizens on the street, who then are they accusing of being racist? Siapa lagi… the Government, UMNO, ISMA, PERKASA, JAKIM, JAIS, UiTM and PDRM lahhhh. The Opposition have never dared to say that Malays are racists (and indeed we are not). Whenever the Malays voice out strongly against DAP provocation, DAP leaders and supporters will falsely attribute the dissenting voices to the Malay/Islamic institutions (Radicals! Extremists!). They refuse to acknowledge that these Malay institutions are the voices of the Malay population (save those ultra supporters of DAP, PKR and PASMA of course).

(c) They want ‘PENDATANG’ to be eradicated from our vocabulary because of its historical truth. I would not call a fellow Chinese friend pendatang to agitate him or to insult him. My great great grandfather was a pendatang. That doesn’t mean, however, that I should not be allowed to use the word ‘pendatang’ in the right historical context (as did the ISMA president, who was then wrongly charged for sedition). Using the word should not automatically make me a racist. I won’t accuse you of being racist if you call me bodoh and lazy although I can’t guarantee my good friend Ramesh Rao Krishnan Naidu won’t punch you in the face if you call him smelly. In fact I’ll punch you too to defend the integrity of my Indian friend but we won’t call you racist.

(d) By the way, it’s not okay to utter derogatory remarks (bodoh, lazy, smelly, pemabuk) but why should it be okay to utter expletives? Maybe they want the youth to have greater freedom of speech or maybe it’s just to add drama. One day a policeman may no longer be allowed to arrest a traffic offender for the latter saying “Eff you” to him after being handed a speeding ticket. (Some of you have read about bro Hassan Melayu‘s reaction towards a bangsat who swore at a policeman recently and ended up in an ambulance. One chap was also penalised for writing ‘Pu..mak’ on his summons for the benefit of the policeman who cited him).

Also don’t be surprised if the next video is a bunch of DAP Chinese selected at random expressing their love for Raja-Raja Melayu. Even I would have to grab a tissue. (If the producers want to impress me, have a video asking the Malays in Penang and Selangor whether DAP leaders and supporters are racist).”

(P/S – Since some people like to take things literally I have to qualify to say that I do have a few DAP friends who are not racist. A few also are merely misinformed or misled by DAP leaders).” – Source: Facebook


MMO racists


Ambassador settles the question – we ARE Chinese, hooray!

Did MCA send a distress call to our motherland?


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

47 thoughts on “Ambassadors don’t do this kind of thing

  1. Azmi – why don’t you just come out and say that you and your ilk are scared of competition – with all that term implies.

    Save the verbal diarrhoea for the more credulous and easily-duped.

    What better way to control people than to convince them of their perpetual victimisation because the global forces are arrayed against them in a passel of Zionist-inspired Neo-con plots to keep them in continued serfdom and economic thrall?

    1. AA had commented in his Facebook specific to the video clip. Why don’t you address his arguments rather than accusing him of being “scared of competition”?

      And on what basis do you make your accusation that he’s scared of competition? On account of his being Malay, is it?

      wrt your claim of his “verbal diarrhoea”, on the contrary, I found it to be an interesting read. I’m glad he took the trouble to rebut the opposition’s Cry Wolf (cry “racism”) racket. And AA did his write-up with elan.

      As for which group of people that are convinced “of their perpetual victimisation”, that would be the whingy “we’re so meek and mild and look at how the big, bad gomen is persecuting us!” nine percent of the population.

      1. His whole “treatise” is an elaborate mishmash of excuses.

        Like it is everyone else’s fault except the community he tries to champion.

        Is he doing them any favours?


        Is he giving good well-paid jobs, the means to fit into a globalised environment where skills and talent far outweigh race, skin colour and religion.

        But Azmi doesn’t want to analyse such areas, does he?

        Because that will definitively show up the crappiness of his views.

          1. No need, your own bias is plain for all to see. It must really hurt to have to constantly reconcile all the illogical statements that you’ve posted in what’s left of your brain tissue… if you can even call it that…

            1. My own “bias”?

              That’s risible. Do you mean to say that Azmi is not “biased”? That the Jamal guy is not “biased”? Or Helen, for that matter?

              Kindly point out my “illogical statements”, if you can.

              Starting with “excuses”…..

        1. Okay, have re-read twice. I maintain that it’s an intelligent and insightful write-up.

          What’s your problem wit it? Quote the specific lines that you disagree with.

  2. And so Wisma Putra summons the Chinese Ambassador. And then what? Is it going to follow up by declaring the Ambassador “persona non grata” and expelling him from the country?

    Will we see a round of diplomatic tit-for-tat?

    The fact of the matter is that China doesn’t need Malaysia. Does Malaysia need China? Who knows?

    But an expansionist and increasingly nationalistic China isn’t going to back off. That comes with being a “superpower”.

    So, who are you gonna call? Uncle Sam, that’s who.

    Roll on the TPP…..

    1. The ambassador just visiting his subject ,he can see clearly many of the Chinese want to remain Chinese ,not Malaysian .

      The ambassador has clearly said this ,or was he being misquoted.

  3. That video gives me a feeling of dé·jà vu. Didn’t we “celebrate” this video when it first came out last year? Haven’t we gone through the same debate then? And isn’t that debate on racist (Umno) an on-going theme perpetuated by Dap and taken up by their associates?

    Azmi Arshad is not saying anything new. It’s the same points, different words, different writers whenever this issue is raised and it’s raised more frequently during election year.

    The first part of your article gave a quote from the Penang Institute and I agree with what he said. In fact I’m still waiting for Zahid and/or Anifah to sound off the Ambassador. I’m not pinning any hopes on Najib, especially since he is away.

    And if the walkabout was organized by MCA then they also should be taken to task. And it also begs the question what the hell were the MCA thinking? The Merah event was basically against Dapsters. Bringing the China diplomat to help Dapsters make a stand against the Merah makes MCA looks like the DAP stooge.

    1. Sorry, my fault.

      I should have made it clear that AA’s write-up I pinched was written last year when the video originally came out.

      The vid got a new lease of life recently when the Marina Mahathir story trended – recycled for Round Two.

    2. re: “Azmi Arshad is not saying anything new. It’s the same points, different words, different writers whenever this issue is raised and it’s raised more frequently during election year.”

      I’m not on social media so I’ve probably missed out but I haven’t seen effective rebuttals from the BN / Umno / Malay camp to what I’m calling the Cry Wolf (cry “racism”) racket perpetrated by the Firsters.

      And it doesn’t hurt either to keep repeating the same points in different words or even in the same words, whether by different writers (or not), and furthermore to keep raising the issue.

      It’s what Tun does on 1MDB – he keeps hammering away at it and he has got some traction and so really devoted followers, no?

      The reason the Firsters have successfully brainwashed the urban population is because the clueless government has not effectively countered their race propaganda.

      Without enough writers and speakers to stop the DAP-Firster juggernaut, the momentum simply snowballs.

      Below is a screenshot of @hannahyeoh’s Twitter at around mid-August 2011. She had 29,440 followers then. Today, in the mere span of four years, her following has quadrupled to 118,000 and there are no signs that she’s slowing down or can in any way be derailed.

      She is daily enrolling kids, teenagers and young adults including Malays into her Firster cult.

      AA’s Facebook entry is one of the rare attempts to tackle the Anak Bangsa Malaysia crap. If you’ve come across another piece that debunks the Malay Mail video, do pls lemme know.


      1. Not saying the arguments shouldn’t be repeated. Everyone’s seen how effective repetition can be, just take a look at how the Dapsters do it. In fact BN specifically Umno must be in”attack” mode and not continously be on the defensive. (And that is also why Umno politicians should not be heading the football club!)

        1. re: “In fact BN specifically Umno must be in ‘attack’ mode and not continously be on the defensive.”


          Again I miss out due to not tweeting but I should imagine Rahman Dahlan is in his element.

          Salleh Said Keruak is tenacious but come on, he’s a Minister, so doesn’t he have government platforms that have a wide reach rather than writing in his blog?

          1. This two person ministers are from east Malaysia and laudable to najib only and forgeting about name calling not ajibgor that’s the mistake the clueless gov forgeting to counter attack the dipsters of their race propaganda

            1. Sorry, but ARD is better than all Umno leaders in countering everyone on twitter land. So sometimes his mouth overshoots his brain but that’s understandable considering he is one man against the whole opposition on twitterland. Most probably only started noticing him when the 1MDB started, but he was one of, if not the first, Umno leader to join twitter and has been active ever since. ARD cannot suddenly be a bad person just because he disagrees with TDM.

              SSK, well he is tenacious but so far mostly prominent when countering TDM. He doesn’t just have the government platforms, he owns them considering the ministry he’s in charge of. He should be more vocal against the Pakatan Dap. Pakatan said they still want Anwar as PM. Go after them for that. They are tearing the fabric of the constitution, making a mockery of kedaulatan undang-undang. But so far silence from the BN side.

    3. Been wondering why the Red Shirts as Malaysians were not allowed to walk through Petaling Street? Yet the Chinese Ambassador, a non citizen was even given a tour there?

      Things sold in Petaling Street one can buy anytime at pasar malam or rows of stalls along the wet market. So why is this Ambassador so jittery wan? Why is he so protective?. The only business he won’t find in pasar malam or wet markets are these kind of products;

      1. It seems you have a fixation with the vice trade.

        Why, I wonder?

        As for Geylang in Singapore, it is a “tolerated” red light area in the city-state. Well-policed and subject to frequent raids by the Singapore Immigration authorities.

        And Singaporeans (of all races) are pretty relaxed about Geylang and it’s “sleazy” image as well as the good food available there.

        And Geylang is not plagued by wannabe demonstrators. Unlike, say, certain areas in KL…..

        As for the Chinese Ambassador in Malaysia, let’s wait and see how hard Wisma Putra comes down on him.

  4. Helen, maka benarlah disangka, kat Petaling Street tu manyak simpan ayam Cina yang duduk haram kat Malaysia ni?

    Atau dia maksudkan semua peniaga Cina kat situ anak motherland China? Ambasador dah bawa Jong Cina ke Helen nak angkut balik motherland?? Patut la Mandarin 1st all the while…

    ‘“But with regard to the infringement on China’s national interests, violations of legal rights and interests of Chinese citizens and businesses which may damage the friendly relationship between China and the host country, we will not sit by idly,” he was quoted by Malaysiakini as saying in his statement. – See more at:

    Kalau tak sendiri baca, tentu tak caya punya! Betullah kata RINA selama ni, kat sini manyak PRC rupanya! Ish3x! Berambus lagi baik, buat menyemak saja!

    1. PRC citizens can enter Malaysia with VOA. don’t you ever wonder how many overstayed their visas and how many disappeared into the system? I think we should pressure KDN or is Tourism not give VOA to people who are from PRC, the Indian subcontinent and Phillippines and Indonesia. After all, they all can pass off as Malaysians.

    2. P/s kalau hari duta tu turun PetalingSt ada HimpunanMerah, he would have been most welcome. Cantik baju merah dia.

  5. You go make a call, you don’t leave a trace,”

    How eloquently put by WCW, spoken like a true master.

    The “”invisible scissorati”‘ at work .

    Chinaman must be yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmseeng with their XO and Martell

    1. But it can buy warships, submarines, fighter aircraft, missiles, nuclear technology and other fun stuff.

      Guess they trump “class” most times.

      Wouldn’t you know?

  6. Mr Ambassador,

    What a waste. Really2 a waste. THEREFORE

    Contact Talentcorp and learn of their programmes and efforts to lure home our people. Can also create many ‘Petaling Streets and Bukit Bintangs’ in those places to make returnees more comfortable tak perlu mereka cry “UBAH” nonstop.

    Why let those who yearns endlessly wanting to return to their homeland of origin become unhappy citizens of their host countries when China being so rich can offer WONDERS to them? As is BERSIH4 already half a million I am surr can bring so much to these abandoned ghost towns.

    1. …..As is BERSIH4 already half a million I am sure can bring prosperity and progress to these abandoned ghost towns.

      Really sayang, everything in these ghost towns all ready they just need to bring their suitcases and cash all settle wan. Nothing for them to “UBAH” if they go back and live there wan..

      Mr Ambassador,

      They all very2 rich, clever and hardworking people owh. Many attend SJKC so PRC national language oso no problem for them wan. Culture and customs oso same, food oso same, religions oso same wan.

      1. Why don’t you ask Wisma Putra to politely tell China to get the **** out of the South China Sea?

        That also cannot, ah?

        Why don’t you tell MIDA and Miti not to canvass for investments from China?

        Easy enough, isn’t it?

        Better yet, open all our naval bases to the US Navy. That will put them damn Chinese PLA forces in their place.

        1. Haiyaaa
          I’m trying to give my support to many unhappy Malaysia Malaysians who just cannot UBAH their ways because in their hearts yearns to be where they originally beling maaaa.

          Good like that oso Navy nearby, faster2 approve citizenships applications and use this vessel to bring home all those unhappy diasporas.

          Go back there no need to UBAH anything wan.

          1. Your kindness and magnanimity is much appreciated. Especially by the diasporas.

            Btw, which Navy are you referring to? The US Seventh Fleet (haram – they have men and women serving in close proximity on their ships and they don’t discriminate against LGBTs) – or the PLA Navy?

            Oh, let’s not forget the Indian Navy. In case a future Indian government gets uppity and nationalistic and decides to “look out” for the Indian diaspora, wherever they may be.

            Plenty of UBAH-ing to do, don’t you think?

            But must know where to start, mah….

            1. Platea480
              Like HY’s doter mine was shocked looking at the abandoned ghost cities in China and asked, puzzled some more;

              ….Mummy mummy the ghost cities empty yet why the Malaysian Chinese donwan to go back there and many choose to even live here in crowded ‘slumlike’ Chinese new villages? There they no need to sob sob RACIST, oppresed, discriminated, bullied as everyone there sure all are Chinese wan?

              They always talk about US, West white men countries, do they still miss being coolies or want to UBAH and become caucasion race?…..

              1. Ooh, “ghost cities”….

                I suppose that the air strips and land reclamation activities in the South China Sea are all “ghosts” too?

                So, there is no point in organising a flotilla of sampans to protest these nefarious activities in the South China Sea because it’s all “ghosts” anyway?

                So, I repeat – which Navy are you referring to?

                That also you cannot faham, eh?

                And if you want to talk about “UBAH”, why don’t you start by asking why Malaysia is still kawan-kawan with the PRC? Can “UBAH” that meaningless relationship into a more fruitful relationship with the US, yah?

  7. Quote: It begs the question – If the Anak Bangsa Malaysia cultivated by the DAP are raceless, then why the special interest shown in the country’s Chinese minority by the ambassador?

    Because it is in tandem with Premier Li’s earlier initiative to reach out to the overseas Chinese…

    Quote Li : ““To realize the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation, we have to win the strong support and active participation of Chinese people overseas,” Li told the first global overseas Chinese industry and commerce convention in Beijing.”

    Another opinion piece …

    Quote” Addressing the conference held in Beijing in July, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang urged overseas Chinese businessmen to put China first. This appeared to be despite the fact that many participants, although of Chinese descent, were citizens of another country.”

    1. So Beijing considers us to be ‘Chinese’ race-wise although we’re not China nationals.

      Hannah Yeoh and the DAP Malaysian First ideology and the Firster hypocrites want to Clorox away our racial identity. They also label MCA “racist”.

      1. Why are you surprised about Beijing’s agenda?

        I would have thought that their activities in the South China Sea would have given you a heads up? Or maybe current affairs and political manoeuverings aren’t your cup of tea?

        Was there a commentary by Leo Suryadinata about this a few weeks ago? See “Why have two world Chinese entrepreneur conferences” that was published in the Singapore Straits Times on Sep 2, 2015. Especially with the reference to “huaqiao” and “huaren”.

        If that is the trend of thinking in the Chinese government these days, coupled with increased nationalism in China, why should you be surprised about China’s increased assertiveness in the region and on the international stage?

        Or perhaps you want to ignore realities in the fond hope they will disappear of their own accord.

        1. Platea480

          No need to think so far ahead.

          Faster send in your citizenship application. I am sure theres greener pastures back there. Got ghost abandoned township some more waiting. Grab this golden opportunity.

          Imagine if you goreng kuehteow there are 2billion potential customers, each plate make USD1 profit also can become very very rich fast wan..

          1. Sure thing, Kak. U wanna join me? U know, greener pastures and all!

            Oh, btw – there’s the small matter of who is the bigger/biggest fish in the sea? Usually the big fish lord it over the small fish. Betul?

            And if u wanna remain here, let me know how with no trade and no investments.

            But itu small problem, lah – got plenty of green trees, rubber, palm oil and LNG to go around….

            Can become very rich very fast with licences and monopolies.

            That also u dunno, ah?

            1. Individual Apek and Apek related Corporations tax payers berapa % sangat contribute to Malaysian budget?

              Kasi nampak semak and kalut saja lebih.

              1. I am sure that the Income Tax blokes have all the details in their databases.

                Ask them if there is still a need to collect taxes from “individual Apek and Apek related Corporations”? Cannot balance the budget without them, ah?

                And how “shameful” is that?

        2. Platea is right. We know the pendatangs are sneaky. Imagine what the original is like. This is China looking for a chance to reinforce its big brother positioning in Asia. Najib needs to stand up to them. Imagine if our ambassador were to make a speech at Tianenmen talking about human rights. Would the Chinese take it sitting down??!!! It’s time to take on these sneaky bastards head on.

          1. How? By shouting from the rooftops as someone in the Big Dog blog posted? By confronting the PLA militarily? By boycotting all things PRC? By calling on the UN Security Council to sanction China (ok, the last one cannot because China has veto power in the Security Council).

            So, how do you propose to “take them head on”?

            1. Punish them by sending back the unhappy Chinese here who desperately want to return to their motherland.

              That should give them 50years of headache.

              1. Why don’t you push Umno to include that in their manifesto for the next GE?

                Like put it to the test?

                Or are you simply blowing hot air because your job and your livelihood doesn’t depend on investments from China and elsewhere?

                Headaches have a funny habit of rebounding where you least expect it.

                Like in the Ringgit and the capital markets…

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