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Did MCA send a distress call to our motherland?

Can you tell which one in the photo below is China’s ambassador to Malaysia, Huang Hui Kang?

He is pictured with a group of Malaysian Chinese in Petaling Street.

moon-cake_pjstreet_China ambassador

His Excellency Dr Huang distributed mooncakes yesterday during his visit to KL’s Chinatown. Yup, there are towns named after China dotting various parts of the globe.

Needless to say, we overseas Chinese are called after China (China/Chinese) in our ethnicity. Malaysia has the second biggest Chinese diaspora in the world – see table below.

There are some seven million Chinese in Malaysia’s total population of 30 million compared with less than three million Chinese in Indonesia’s total population of 250 million.


Ubah selling like hot cakes – thank you J-Star for your promo

Mooncake is a pastry eaten to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and Malaysian Chinese love eating mooncake even though Malaysia is a tropical country that does not have the autumn season.

We eat mooncake according to the Chinese calendar and the festival is held on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month (equivalent to period between early September and early October).

Ambassador Huang distributed mooncakes in Malaysia’s Chinatown yesterday packaged in a classy red box. A popular item this year is the DAP mooncake. In the photo above, you can see the Ubah hornbill mascot on the box cover.

The J-Star is promoting this mooncake sale by Johor DAP – the YBs seen above. Ubah mooncakes are going for RM50 per box and the DAP Aduns hope to sell 30,000 boxes before the festival begins.

BELOW: A close-up of the DAP mooncake embossed with the Ubah campaign’s hornbill mascot


Symbol of rebellion

A popular folklore connected with the mooncake is about uprising against a cruel government.

Legend of Zhu Yuanzhang and Mooncake Uprising

“The custom of eating mooncakes on Mid-Autumn Festival is said to have begun in the end of Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368). At that time,the general populace, faced with the unbearably cruel governing, rose up against the Yuan Government in succession. Under such circumstances, Zhu Yuanzhang, the first emperor of the later Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), set out to organize an uprising by uniting the various resisting forces. However, due to the oppressive presence the governmental officials (which included many searches of people and their property), it was extremely hard to deliver messages.

“One day, Zhu’s military counselor, Liu Bowen, came upon an idea, and ordered his subordinates to hide paper slips with ‘Uprising on August 15’ on them in mooncakes. Then, the moon cakes were distributed among insurrectionary armies in different places, asking them to support the uprising on the night of August 15. When the day came, all insurrectionary armies converged to participate in the uprising. Soon, Dadu (Beijing), capital of the Yuan Dynasty, was captured.”

Source: ‘Mid-Autumm Festival’ @

Chinese all around the world celebrate the mooncake festival.

BELOW: The J-Star promoting handicraft that’s a nice yellow lantern for the mid-autumn festival (the traditional Chinese lantern is red)

Pineapple lantern

Expansionist China flexing her clout and muscle

This year China is the world’s largest economy.

China’s GDP is $17.6 trillion compared to the USA’s at $17.4 trillion, according to the IMF’s World Economic Outlook released in December 2014.

Chinese everywhere in the world are thrilled to learn that by 2030, China is projected overtake and leave Uncle Sam far behind. China is anticipated to control 18 percent share of global economic power against the United States’ 10 percent – see chart below.

Dari The Economist
Source: The Economist

Small, weak and powerless minority

‘Chinese’ in the list below denotes Chinese descent.

Top 10 richest men in Thailand in 2015 as ranked by Forbes:

  1. Dhanin Chearavanont – Chinese
  2. Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi – Chinese
  3. Chirathivat family – Chinese
  4. Chalerm Yoovidhya – Chinese
  5. Krit Ratanarak – Chinese
  6. Vanich Chaiyawan – Chinese
  7. Santi Bhirombhakdi – Thai
  8. Prasert Prasarttong-Osoth – Chinese
  9. Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha – Chinese
  10. Thaksin Shinawatra – Chinese
Siamese Cat song
SING ALONG  – We are Chinese Siamese if you please’ – a Disney song about the “poor innocent little angels”

We are Chinese Siamese if you please
We are Chinese Siamese if you don’t please
Now we’re looking over our new domicile
If we like we stay for maybe quite a while

BELOW: From left, Indonesia’s billionaires Mochtar Riady and Boenjamin Setiawan, the Philippine’s richest man Henry Sy & family, and Thailand’s No.1 tycoon Dhanin Chearavanont

Richest billionaires

Top 10 richest men in Indonesia last year as ranked by Forbes:

  1. Robert Budi Hartono & Michael Hartono – Chinese
  2. Eka Tjipta Widjaja & family – Chinese
  3. Anthoni Salim & family – Chinese
  4. Susilo Wonowidjojo & family – Chinese
  5. Chairul Tanjung – pribumi
  6. Sri Prakash Lohia – Indian descent
  7. Boenjamin Setiawan & family – Chinese
  8. Peter Sondakh – Chinese
  9. Mochtar Riady & family – Chinese
  10. Sukanto Tanoto – Chinese
  11. Dhanin Chearavanont – Chinese

Top 10 richest men in the Philippines last year as ranked by Forbes:

  1. Henry Sy – Chinese
  2. Lucio Tan – Chinese
  3. Andrew Tan – Chinese
  4. Enrique Razon, Jr. – Spanish descent
  5. John Gokongwei, Jr. – Chinese
  6. David Consunji – Chinese
  7. George Ty – Chinese
  8. Tony Tan Caktiong – Chinese
  9. Robert Coyiuto, Jr.  – Chinese
  10. Andrew Gotianun – Chinese


Would they have done the same to Tun?

“The Chinese rejected [Ah jib Gor] totally despite his declaring himself to be their brother.” – said Tun Mahathir Mohamad in his blog Chedet yesterday.

Ostensibly the Chinese at Bersih 4.0 were against Najib Razak because of the RM2.6 billion donation.

Do you think that the slap-with-shoe treatment is only reserved for Najib personally because of the lack of transparency over 1MDB?

The Chinese want “love” to be given a chance – see placard in photo below

If it was instead Tun Mahahtir or Dollah Badawi or Zahid Hamidi or Hisham Hussein holding the reins of power at this very moment, do you think any of these Umno bigwigs would escape being similarly subject to the same kind of abuse?

Slap Najib because Chinese are against corruption … konon

Najib hit with shoe

Kick Najib because Chinese want a clean government … konon

punching bag

Punch Najib because Chinese demand accountability … konon

boxing najib

Was Bersih really nothing at all to do with race?

Is the behaviour at Bersih 4.0 really due to Najib’s blemished reputation and unpopularity?

Or is Najib just a convenient excuse for the Dapsters to vent? Do you think if Dato’ Onn Jaafar were the president of Umno today he would be treated with respect by the DAP Chinese?

Oh but wait! There’s no such thing as “Chinese” in Malaysia.

There are “zero Chinese” in Malaysia. We’re all Malaysians, says the politician below whose face is rounder than the roundest mooncake.

The gesture by the Chinese ambassador in visiting Chinatown is significant and pregnant with meaning. Would he have sent the signal yesterday if there were “zero Chinese” in this country as the DAP is harping?


Ambassador settles the question – we ARE Chinese, hooray!

Ambassadors don’t do this kind of thing



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43 thoughts on “Did MCA send a distress call to our motherland?

  1. Kak Helen,
    Thank you for opening my eyes to the kind of threat Chinese can pose. All these years I was wearing blinkers. Looks like the pendatangs are so scared they have to go “running to mama”. How dare this Apek interfere in our country’s affairs! And the irony of is is we r getting a lesson from that bastion of human rights and freedom – China. Wonder what the Tibetans might think……..

  2. Where are the voices of G25 moderates, MCA, Gerakan, DAP, menteri dalam/luar negeri? Taknak protes ke campurtangan asing dalam urusan dalam negara?

  3. Well, you can always organize a rally and try forcefully to enter the Chinese Embassy and capture the ambassador.

    The People’s Liberation Army will roll out the red carpet for you.

    Why no sound now?

    This is typical Melayu for you.
    Face against a weaker force, they will puff up their chest, wave the kris, and threaten blood bath. You can see that plenty during the red shirt rally.

    Now if KJ were to lead that rally, I would have been worried. But Ali Rustam and Ikan Bakar? Please la dey. Actually that was the shame of the whoe Melayu community isn’t it? Like is that it?

    Why didn’t anyone inside of UMNO say, “excuse me, do we really want that Sekinchan idiot as our front man?” Where are all the PR consultants? Who is UMNO’s campaign strategist? Semua tidok?

    Face against an overwhelming force, like the mighty PRC, they act like a bunch of asshole hiding under the skirt of their mama.

    All the fucking Melayu cyber troopers, no matter what they say, cannot spin this fact away.

    So, behave. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.

    1. DAP dog barking here again. You have been warned by your DAP father of all dogs that he will culled you anytime.

    2. Tak perlu warning2.

      Buat saja macam Malaysia… attract and bawa balik talents.

      Lure Chinese back to their tanah ibunda asal. Bagi mereka all the benefits etc macam Malaysia dok buat for Malaysians overseas. Buka special booth to facilitate citizenships application.

      I am sure ramai nak return to China.

      1. Pls write a formal letter to prc. tell them we cannot handle these hooligans. only prc can handle these dogs. it is their kin, they know best how to cull their own breed. the melayu soft method is not effective against these barbaric moron.

    3. Jutono,

      Just because a useless then Emperor of China agreed to a suggestion that the British envoy be caught does not mean that we (Malaysians or Malaysian govt) will be as moronic as him.

      There are protocols to be involved. We can protest like any others but certainly not capturing the Ambassador.

      as for PLAs, simply sending its war ship will invite war , something that no country is happy to hear that.

      The ambassador’s visit no doubt is loaded with message. It is a subtle warning to Malaysia or more precisely the malay led government. Everybody understands the meaning of such visit. It is simply not a social visit.

      The visit also reaffirms the belief among Malays that Chinese cant be trusted( no intention to insult).

  4. ambassador

    Anak jiran Apek saya SJKC all the way and graduated from one prestigous Beijing Uni. He writes perfect English but when it comes to “sembang2 mulut” he stutters like a 4yr old child, tak teguih and not able to express even a straight sentence.

    Anyway Mr Ambassador if you are reading this… anak jiran Apek saya is taking up Tamil lessons. He is hoping to find a job in INDIA?????? When I asked him why not China? Katanya;

    “I will never ever go back to China not even for my holidays”.

    Tu yang pelik. China soon to become the world’s largest economy, almost 7m Chinese diasporas in Malaysia pasai apa depa tak hingin langsung berhijrah pulang keTanah ibunda asal mereka?

    Sanggup menyelit dok merata dunia..tapi takmau pi balik sana?

  5. you can condemn / denounce / bully the minority Chinese anyway u like..they r survivors..Nowadays PLA will not steamroll u..They will cripple u economically..Just watch it..!!!

    1. Cripple they will…everybody will be affected, unless those who claim to be rich will flee the country. In that case, it will achieve the result intended sooner. Then, the ‘aborigines’ will dig out their hidden treasures so that the peninsular wtll once again be the prosperous semenanjung emas.Stop crying wolf, by accusing being bullied by the majority. The whole world will soon realise who the real culprits are, starting with the Aussies.

  6. This nation cannot have a prime minister who lies habitually to his citizens and puts himself above the law of the constitution. Nor can the international community consider him legitimate. That he is a Malay is an accident of creation.

    1. re: “a prime minister who lies habitually to his citizens”

      Since you say he lies as a habit, can you cite three examples? Or else you’re slandering.

      1. re: Since you say he lies as a habit, can you cite three examples or else you’re slandering
        No. 1 bila dia berjanji dia mungkir
        No. 2 bila dia diberi amanah dia salahgunakan
        No. 3 bila dia disuruh sampaikan dia sembunyikan
        Does this three suits him or not

        1. :)

          I had in mind specifics, i.e. saying something but the detail of which isn’t true, e.g. when Tun blogged in Chedet:

          “Pelaburan ratusan juta untuk filem ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ oleh Riza Aziz, anak tiri Dato Sri Najib datang dari mana? Filem ini tidak memberi keuntungan. Tidak mungkin filem ini membiayai rumah mewah yang dibeli dengan ratusan juta Ringgit atau Dolar Amerika.”

          It is untrue for Tun to say The Wolf of Wall Street “tidak memberi keuntungan”.

          See, ‘Box-Office Milestone: ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Becomes Martin Scorsese’s Top-Grossing Film’ @

          The film raked in box office takings totaling more than $300 million worldwide.

          I haven’t been following 1MDB saga blow-by-blow but those who’ve been keeping abreast have compiled a list of the untruths uttered by Tun.

          If I provide the compilation, nanti I get accused pula of being Najib’s macai paid to buruk-burukkan Tun.

          Anyway, here’s one today by grandmarquis, an occassional commenter in my blog. His outing of Tun was made in Rocky’s blog @

          1. I believe Dr. Mahathir meant by his statement that the Reza funded film accrued no positive moral values for this country. Anyone heard of the Christina McDowell testament on the financial wolves of cultural derogation?


            “It’s been six years since McDowell lost her father. They’ve had contact only once, in a very public forum: In 2013, McDowell wrote an open letter to the makers of “The Wolf of Wall Street,” encouraging people not to see the movie and reward those con men — like her father — who victimized so many.”

            1. re: “I believe Dr. Mahathir meant by his statement that the Reza funded film accrued no positive moral values for this country.”

              I’m certain Dr Mahathir meant by his statement “Filem ini tidak memberi keuntungan” that the Reza-funded film accrued no monetary profits, period.

              How in the world did you tai chi “keuntungan” to mean nilai budiman dan akhlak mulia?

              Tun’s sentence immediately following “Filem ini tidak memberi keuntungan”, i.e. “Tidak mungkin filem ini membiayai rumah mewah yang dibeli dengan ratusan juta Ringgit atau Dolar Amerika” leaves no room for doubt that Tun was referring to money.

              1. I admit I fudged it up with Dr. Mahathir’s comments elsewhere …

                “This is because famous newspapers in Washington, New York and London has published long articles up to four pages about the scandal of 1MDB, Najib with his luxurious lifestyle, Jho Low his close friend and Riza Aziz his stepson who financed porn film “The Wolf of Wall Street”.”

                Memalukan Negara

                1. What justifies Tun to call The Wolf of Wall Street a “porn film”?

                  He watched it after all. So Tun is inadvertently admitting that he watches porn, is it?

                  Its main cast Leonardo di Caprio and Matthew McConaughey are Hollywood A-list actors while its director Martin Scorsese has won Oscar, Emmy, Palme d’Or (Cannes) and Bafta.

                  The Wolf of Wall Street is not rated ‘X’.

                  1. Commonsense media and parental groups rated it X for the vulgar script and overuse of profanities, just fyi.

                    1. It’s ‘officially’ (insofar as the film industry goes) rated ‘R’ with parental guidance advised for persons under-15, and in some countries under-16 or under-18.

                      The most widely held understanding of ‘porn’ is pertaining to explicit sex scenes.

                      As for vulgar script and overuse of profanities, no need to watch Wolf of Wall Street. Can get lots of vulgarities and expletives from the Dapsters and their comments. Go to Annie’s blog – the cybertroopers there like to slap the ‘F’ word on my name.

  7. Simple words, please balik kampong from where you come, then everything will be fine, 100% sure!

  8. Looks like we have won. But keen pantau orang ini please.

    Lim Guan Eng has issued one of the most bewildering press statements in recent memory.
    Under fire for ordering the mass killing of dogs in Penang to curb the spread of rabies in Penang, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng is finally appealing for help to vaccinate them instead.
    He is appealing to Putrajaya to ask NGOs, such as the World Veterinary Services (WVS), to help with the situation.
    However, with his appeal, he challenged Penangites to vote back Barisan Nasional to evaluate for themselves which was a better government, after expressing disappointment that Penang was being singled out.
    “Since we took over the Penang government in 2008, we did not conduct any culling of dogs like what was done under the previous BN administration.

    Ini lawan tetap lawan walaupun salah. No culling like BN…..

  9. ‘Chinese everywhere in the world are thrilled to learn that by 2030, China is projected overtake and leave Uncle Sam far behind. China is anticipated to control 18 percent share of global economic power against the United States’ 10 percent’

    Thus Mandarin kept intact? Balik China in droves ke lepas ni Helen??

    1. re: “Balik China in droves ke lepas ni Helen??”

      No lah. Evangelistas will take Malaysia for Christ, as well as taking China for Christ.

      British historian Arnold J. Toynbee made this famous quote: “A truly significant mark that the British Empire can leave in Malaya when she withdraws is the transformation’ of this country into the nineteenth province of China.”

      Onn Jaafar pula pernah menuduh Kerajaan Kebangsaan China di Taipeh mempunyai cita-cita hendak menjadikan Malaya jajahan China yang ke-20 dengan menggunakan MCA sebagai alat untuk mencapai tujuan itu. See,

  10. The man in the red shirt is China’s emissary to its colony Malaysia. Lets make no pretence of it. After having invaded the Spratley and the Paracel islands, and then unilaterally declaring an exclusion zone, the Chinese have invaded terrotiry that is not theirs. They are prepared to use force.

    The actions of the Chinese envoy and the supporters he has in the Chinese community locally is an unequivocal declaration of disloyalty by local Chinese and an equally unequivocal statement by China that Malaysia has no Malaysian Chinese but Chinese which it would defend in a retaliatory red shirts rally in Malaysia. Forget the violence bit. Thats a smoke screen. Bersih was violent up to 4.0. It has threatened violence.

    If Najib and Dr. Mahathir do not stand up now and shirt collar this ambassador demanding a retraction of his provocation, an unreserved apology from his country and from him, then neither Najib nor TDM deserve to claim any right to representation in government by a majority.

    The Chinese on the other hand must be called to unreservedly apologise for their support of the colonization of Malaysia by China which was a core issue in establishing diplomatic relations with Malaysia and other south east Asian states China claimed as its own.

    Malaysia’s Chinese must stand in unison with the rest of the right minded people in the country who denounce such “unrequited love” from the Chinese ambassador.

    1. Setuju! I find it aggravating when I read comments by the Dapsters gleefully cheering on the ambassador and also seeming to welcome interference from either China or the US along the line of padan muka Melayu Umno. These people fail in their national spirit. They should not call themselves Malaysians.

      1. These are Chinese whose loyalties are to China and whoe ambitions are to subjugate the Malays like the Chinese government who still claims Malaysia as its extended territory. If the Malays do not stand up for themsleves no one else will.

    2. ‘the supporters he has in the Chinese community locally is an unequivocal declaration of disloyalty by local Chinese and an equally unequivocal statement by China that Malaysia has no Malaysian Chinese but Chinese’

      ‘But to many Chinese Malaysians, me included, we are really in dilemma.’

      Really? Haha, I was right all along!

      ‘Can we and should we look to China to resolve our problems and calm the situation down?’

      Ask the ambassador to send in the tongkangs already to balik China! That’s a win-win!

      ‘If we read the comment columns of news portals, many Chinese Malaysians were indeed emboldened by the Chinese Ambassador’s action. – See more at:

      The Malays with their pepatah was spot on then with regards to these Cinas!

      Api dalam sekam, musuh dalam selimut, bagai melepaskan anjing tersepit, melukut di tepi gantang, baling batu sembunyi tangan, gunting dalam lipatan etc

      Apa lagi Cina mahu? Cina mahu balik China??!

      1. Malaysian chinese never wanted to go back to China…. unfortunately we’ve been told countless time by our fellow countrymen that we are not equals n we will never every be plus if we don’t like that fact then we need to get out from the country…despite being patriotic to our country despite cheering for Rashid sidek instead of chinese badminton players….despite cheering for Malaysian football team instead of Singapore….despite explaining Malaysian culture instead of chinese culture to foreigners…I can’t see why some of us would not start to look elsewhere for acceptance…

        1. re: “Malaysian chinese never wanted to go back to China….”

          Hannah Yeoh wanted to be a permanent resident of Tasmania, Australia.

          re: “I can’t see why some of us would not start to look elsewhere for acceptance…”

          But now that Hannah Yeoh is a successful politician getting a salary almost matching the prime minister’s, she has UBAH her tune and telling you all to stay back in Malaysia so that the DAP vote bank is secure.

  11. Here’s 2015 Forbes Top 50 richest men in M’sia (darn you guys only always feature top 10, so this is just for fun). Interesting to see Tony is now “less richer” than Kamarudin by about RM10mil; don’t see Liew Kee Sin in the list also.

    1, Robert Kuok, 91, $11.3B, diversified
    2, Ananda Krishnan, 77, $9.7B, telecom
    3, Quek Leng Chan, 74, $5.6B, banking & real estate
    4, Lim Kok Thay, 64, $5.5B, casinos
    5, Teh Hong Piow, 85, $5.4B, banking
    6, Lee Shin Cheng, 76, $4.6B, palm oil & real estate
    7, Yeoh Tiong Lay, 85, $3B, construction & real estate
    8, Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary, 63, $2.9B, diversified
    9, Goh Peng Ooi, 60, $1.6B, software
    10, Lee Oi Hian & Lee Hau Hian, -, $1.5B, palm oil/chemicals/real estate
    11, Tiong Hiew King, 80, $1.4B, timber/media
    12, Surin Upatkoon, 66, $1.3B, telecoms/lotteries/insurance
    13, Danny Tan Chee Sing, 60, $1.3B, real estate
    14, Vincent Tan, 63, $1.2B, diversified
    15, Lau Cho Kun, 80, $1.1B, palm oil/real estate
    16, Tan Heng Chew, 68, $1B, motor vehicles
    17, G. Gnanalingam, 71, $985M, ports
    18, Kuan Kam Hon, 67, $980M, synthetic gloves
    19, Jeffrey Cheah, 70, $950M, real estate
    20, Azman Hashim, 76, $865M, banking
    21, Shahril & Shahriman Shamsuddin, -, $860M, oil & gas
    22, Yaw Teck Seng & Yaw Chee Ming, -, $820M, forestry
    23, Desmond Lim Siew Choon, 54, $780M, real estate
    24, Chen Lip Keong, 68, $750M, casinos
    25, Syed Azman Ibrahim, 55, $740M, transport/motor vehicles
    26, Mokhzani Mahathir, 54, $700M, oil & gas services
    27, Lim Kang Hoo, 61, $650M, real estate
    28, Ahmayuddin bin Ahmad, 59, $600M, ports
    29, Chia Song Kun, 65, $560M, food production
    30, Ninian Mogan Lourdenadin, 61, $550M, real estate/retail
    31, Kamarudin Meranun, 54, $540M, airlines
    32, Ngau Boon Keat, 67, $535M, oil & gas
    33, Anthony Fernandes, 51, $530M, airlines
    34, Lim Kuang Sia, 63, $510M, rubber gloves
    35, Ong Leong Huat, 71, $435M, finance/real estate
    36, Chong Chook Yew, 92, $380M, real estate
    37, Ling Chiong Ho, 64, $350M, palm oil/ships
    38, Lim Han Weng, 63, $340M, oil & gas
    39, Loh Kian Chong, 39, $325M, motor vehicles/palm oil
    40, Leong Hoy Kum, 58, $320M, real estate
    41, Lim Wee Chai, 57, $315M, rubber gloves
    42, Gooi Seong Lim, 65, $310M, property/construction
    43, Kua Sian Kooi, 63, $305M, insurance
    44, Khoo Kay Peng, 76, $300M, retail/hotels
    45, Khoo Cheng Hai, 74, $285M, real estate
    46, Lim Teck Meng, 78, $280M, Manufacturing
    47, Ng Chin Heng, 66, $275M, real estate
    48, Tan Chin Nam, 89, $270M, real estate
    49, Abdul Hamed Sepawi, 66, $255M, timber
    50. Kong Chong Soon, 74, $240M, real estate

      1. Memang kesian.

        Discriminated and tak pernah dapat rasa tongkat, so corruptless and got to pay 6% GST some more. Stupid Malay Gomen so cruel non Malays want to do business also difficult in Malaysia.

        Like this how to become poor wan?

      2. To paraphrase HY: If you have to ask there were no Malays or Indians or Chinese in the Forbes list, they are all Malaysians.

        And Helen, since they are the oppressed minority, think how much more difficult it was for them to make the list. That Bukhari guy has it so easy, all the billions just fell into his lap. It’s just so unfair. ;)

        1. ‘That Bukhari guy has it so easy, all the billions just fell into his lap.’

          Ya lor, the Malays with their tongkat must not be jealous maa of the honest hardworking Cinas plying their goods to feed their families?!

          ‘Why the need to disturb these honest traders who want to make a simple living plying their goods to feed their families – See more at:

  12. ‘unfortunately we’ve been told countless time by our fellow countrymen that we are not equals n we will never every be’

    I know. Guan Eng of DAP can be so jahat one! Sneaky bastards! Kan??

    ‘despite being patriotic to our country’

    First things first. Is your Malay functioning to begin with?? Patriotic, cakap senang ler kan?

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