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Are the Firsters loyal to Malaysia?

They are cheerleading the China ambassador.

Plus, look at some of the things they’ve been saying in the comments section of international publications. Below are reader comments to the Sept 24 story ‘Playing with fire‘ in The Economist.

The renowned London-based business newspaper/magazine article on the Red Shirts’ attempted incursion into Petaling Street-Chinatown reported that a “floundering government risks igniting ethnic tensions” in our country.

Firster readers responded, “Send those anti-Chinese Malays into Stone Age” and “American should send in ‘peacekeeping’ forces to show the Muslims that America does not believe Muslims can self govern” – see below.

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stone age www_economist_com_node_21667969_comments#comments

China send forces www_economist_com_node_21667969_comments#comments

More reader comments can be read at

PDF of the full page captured here @ www_economist_com_node_21667969_comments#comments

The article in The Economist had reported:

“Critics say that state-sponsored favouritism has hooked Malays on handouts and government jobs, and helped to enrich the country’s elites—at the same time as enraging ethnic-Chinese citizens, and driving some of the most talented of them abroad.”

According to the dictionary, the word ‘enrage’ means “anger, infuriate, incense, madden, inflame”.

Chinese, oops, I mean Anak Bangsa Malaysia are a bunch of bananas (yellow-shirted) who are angered, infuriated, incensed, maddened and inflamed by — what? The passage above in The Economist implies that they are enraged by Article 153 and the NEP.

But just like crafty chameleons, some sneaky bastards in the evangelical party are cunning enough to hide their angry and inflamed feelings behind a pious camouflage …

… except when they’re pricked into threatening to make police reports due to the risk of their seemingly devout ‘skin’ (apparel, head covering) being peeled off.

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10 thoughts on “Are the Firsters loyal to Malaysia?

  1. The firsters, they are all anti-Malay, Muslim idiots. They bully anyone who cannot stand up to them, but when called out they’ll hide behind the Malays-are-racists card and run to the likes of Grandpapa, Papa and Mama Dapster for cover.

    In a Malaysian world gone mad, if any foreign forces should step on this land, do you foresee any of this firsters raising arms to protect the nation or would they be on the first transport out?

    If they think that they would remain unscathed should there be civil unrest and foreign troops enter this country, they are seriously out of touch with reality. When MH370 went missing, did the people of China differentiate between the Malays and Cina when they vent their grief laden anger towards Malaysia?

    The firsters should make up their mind. If they want to remain in this country as Malaysians then behave like a citizen. You do not like the government, then campaign yourselves into the ground to change the government at the next GE. Do not think of taking a short cut by inviting foreign interference in the running of the country.

    The firsters should open their eyes. The American talk a good game on democracy that they can influence the youth to organise Arab Spring. But do you see them following through? No, almost every Arab nation whose nationals bought into the idea of democracy American style are in shambles right now. Afghan, Iraq, Libya, all of them have been suffering for over a decade. Do they see what happened in Bahrain, Jordan? The Spring was quashed and the governments there became more authoritarian.

    Do the firsters really want to welcome calamity and destruction into this nation? That’s a saying, be careful what you wish for …

  2. No need to comment or talk much from today. Waste time, energy and effort only. Opportunities aplenty waiting in their tanah ibunda. Go meet Mr Ambassador, plead or kasi minum teh so he can help recommend a better future for those unhappy Chinese diasporas.

    See, everything all ready wan, so cantik and canggih….please facilitate relocation and settlement, sure so many excited to go back wan;

    1. Like that wan more easy.

      Mr Ambassador can learn little bit about Felda oso on resettlement exercises. Took Felda over 60yrs to be where the Feldans are today.

      Last time they are among the very poors. BERSIH4 many look rich rich and educated wan. So I guarantee they will bring wonders to those abandoned deserted towns in China within the next 60yrs. but not compassionate what for? Western countries all jammed already with influx of millions of citizens and assylum seekers from Commenwealth and war torn nations. Kesian sama lia olang having to consider applications from assylum seekers like Alvin Tan some more.

      Help out la Mr Ambassador. No need to give headache to the world or the Malays. Petaling Street so tiny wan is just like a pebble in the sand compared to the abandoned deserted cities in your country. Take home all those who are unhappy, depressed, oppressed, discriminated Chinese back to their motherland can or not. Sure will make them very2 happy wan.

  3. What is wrong with these people?Dog hating stunts are so important.

    Warn:http://gory.Dog bite victim in Penang,relative of church member.receivin anti-rabies treatment in GH :(

    Dog hating church goer.

    1. Mulan Malaysia. It is time to for the Government to tax all RM2 denominated and incorporated churches retrospectively. Why the Government cannot see these churches are money making concerns I do not understand ? I had a hair rinser sister-in-law from Bentong who set up her own Church and made tonnes of money which she invested in Marble Arch properties in London and made tonnes of money again. Another relative, a chief abbess rides around in a chauffered driven golden Mercedes Benz. What is the Government doing at this time of need ?

    2. Mulan Malaysia. If the Government taxes these money gouging folks, I guarantee that the Firsters and the Lasters will not make so much noise.

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