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Uses of political Christianity to the evangelical party

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The Butcher of Betelham and his excuses, excuses, excuses

By Mulan

Adolph Lim knows that the church is the best way to halalkan the killing of dogs. No Buddhist, Taoist or Hindu temple will endorse and halalkan his actions because of the fear of karma.

Political Christianity has its use. Use a case of a churchgoer who was bitten by a dog and sell his point to obliterate dogs. Is the dog a rabid dog or just a dog? The point is halalkan the kill. Amen.

Mulan’s comment originally @ 2015/09/28 at 11:08 am 


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4 thoughts on “Uses of political Christianity to the evangelical party

  1. Another dog dies.

    Google Translate
    “This is my friend just gave me the photo shoot – My friend witnessed the killings of their process ~
    They circled the dog, the dog with something stab throat to make it bleed, and then strangled it. With a black plastic bag – means extremely cruel ~”

  2. The Butcher of Betelham and his excuses, excuses, excuses

    Now Utusan salah pulak.
    “In its analysis, Utusan commented that Lim’s stand, which opposed the calls by animal welfare groups to stop killing strays, was regrettable.

    The daily said Lim should not be emotional by saying that he was willing to lose personal support or votes from the NGOs.

    Utusan said Lim should have been more rational on the matter because animal welfare groups would never be able to accept the decision to kill the dogs, and called on the state and federal authorities to consider the calls by the NGOs to achieve a win-win solution to the rabies situation.

    And the woman who was bitten by a dog
    “Lim said the dog bite victim he visited, Mangaleswari Dhanabalan, 28, told him she had previously disagreed with the culling but after falling victim, she saw the rationale behind the decision. ”

    Oh so kill lor.

  3. Ever the opportunist.

    Tokong now attacks Alliscia Tan on his official FaceBook page.

    All she did is to complain that the RBA attacked her but now looks like the biggest taikor also officially highlights this to attack her further on his official FaceBook page.

    ‘Wonder why @cmlimguaneng can’t argue based on facts. Instead he sent a troop of cybertroopers to bully me…’

    Unfettered, Allisica went on to write: “I love doggies… so what’s wrong with voicing out against the dogs the administration of @cmlimguaneng has culled?

    A leader who can’t accept criticism will never ever be able to represent the people he seeks to represent!”

  4. It seems the use of political Christianity is not restricted to Hannah Yeoh alone. In Kerela India Justice Kurian has addressed a similar growing problem there. And the Hindus being hypocrites here like Ambiga and her kind try to make the problem of Christianity as the Malays complain of to be something unique to Malaysia and the BN government alone.

    Christian right wing politics is a menace in China and in India in the middle east, in Africa and in Europe too where the vast majority although calling themselves Christians do not practice leaving their magnificent structures they call churches for tourists to gape at. What a waste of money and space I hear most of them say.

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