Ambassador settles the question – we ARE Chinese, hooray!

Thank you so very much, Your Excellency.

After the years of rabid harassment and attempted ethnic cleansing by the DAP to deny us of our roots, cultural heritage and blood ties to our motherland, at last the envoy from China has anointed us as bona fide Chinese.

Hannah Racist Ugly Mouth Hodoh

Reams and reams of adamant comments in the social media responding to the ambassador-of-China-to-Malaysia’s recent symbolic gesture attest to, and cement this fact.

The ambassador (pix below) Huang Huikang looks like he could be a second cousin of Tan Sri Francis Yeoh (below, on the right), doesn’t he?

As well His Excellency Dr Huang (below, on the left) even looks like he could be a first cousin of this senior advocate (below, on the right) in the Malaysian Bar Council.

China nationals could pass off as Malaysian Chinese and we too are able to pass off as China Chinese in terms of our appearance.

Below is a photograph of the China ambassador during his walkabout in Malaysia’s Chinatown a couple of days ago. He is chaperoned by Malaysians on his tour of Petaling Street.

The guy on the left has an uncanny resemblance to Hong Kong aka Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China superstar Andy Lau (pix inset).

Petaling Stree walkabout

See, we are Chinese. Our ‘relatives’ who look like us (and we who look like them) are those people in China.

I am Chinese.

Furthermore, we certainly look more like the folks in China than we do our fellow peninsular Malaysians – the Malays and the Indians.

Below is another photo of the ambassador. He doesn’t bear any resemblance to an Indian – whether India Indian or Malaysian Indian. The man in the photo on the right is G. Palanivel – the recently deposed MIC president.

So once and for all, get this straight – We are not some fictional “anak” ~ “bangsa” artificially constructed by the DAP sneaky bastards.

WE. ARE. CHINESE. You can tag on ‘Malaysian’ in front or at the back of the ‘C’ word – ikut suka hati you.

I hope that after this the DAP does not attempt to usik our race and our racial identity anymore.

So bugger off Big Mama and take your frigging “racist” ranting with you.

Hannah Yeoh Ugly Pendatang



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  1. Helen Helen that pen of yours. I love it. It took the Ambassador of China to expose the Anak Bangsa hypocrites for what they are. I love the Palanivel comparison. There is a build up in this article that explodes finally in Hannah Yeoh’s face.

    1. Well, the Singapore Straits Times has a different take on the subject (“China defends actions of its envoy to Malaysia”, Sept 29, 2015). I am sure that Helen can provide the link to this report.

      Quote from the ST report:

      “Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said yesterday that Ambassador Huang Huikiang’s visit to Petaling Street for the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival was a “normal” activity.

      “Mr Hong pointed out that China “adheres to principles of peace coexistence” and “does not interfere in other countries’ domestic politics or intervene in other countries’ internal affairs”.

      “”China and Malaysia are friendly neighbours, we hope that Malaysia can maintain national unity and stability and ethnic harmony,” he said at a daily news briefing”.

      Note that this is the stand taken by the Chinese Foreign Ministry, which implies (unless specifically countermanded) that it is the stand of the Chinese government.

      Note also the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman’s mention specifically of the maintenance of “national unity and stability and ethnic harmony”.

      That doesn’t leave Wisma Putra much “wiggle room”, does it?

      The question is just how far both governments are prepared to pursue this matter.

      And who is going to blink first.

      1. Would that implies China will allow Najib to visit Xinjiang and distribute Hari Raya cookies while talking about being against oppression, tolerance, harmony, fair treatment of minorities and peace to the Uighur community?

        1. You are assuming that Msia and China are equals in terms of political and economical clout, which we know they are not. China is way more powerful than Msia. So, Chinese Ambassador can tour around Petaling Street and make statements to interfere with our national affairs. Wisma Putra can summon him. But at the end of the day, no action will be taken.

          In contrast, our Ambassador to China and the Special Envoy, Ong Ka Ting will never dare to visit Xinjiang and talk about the oppression on Uighur community.

          1. Typical Cina behaviour, kata dulang paku serpih! Apa Huang ingat with the help of Mandarin-ony-speaking China citizens, Beijing mahu jajah tanah ini? Mr Huang dah hilang akal ke? Cer baca annals Cina balik.

            Anyway drinho happy tak Huang dah buka pintu for Cina to balik China seluas-luasnya? Ramai Cina kat sosial media happy? Cina DAP, all 90% of Cinas kat Malaysia ni, pun senyap semacam. Happy la tu!

            You leh?

          2. So you justify the action of Huang by saying might is right. Would the same logic also apply locally since the Muslims are the majority and should get away with their actions – for example by the Red Shirt rally-goers ?

            1. Yes, might is right. Big numbers will overwhelm small numbers. Whether in economy or politics. That is why Malay/Bumi have special rights. Due to their population size relative to non-Bumis. Same reason for the Chinese having financial strength. Due to their dominance in local economy. Sad to say that in Malaysia, while the Malay/Bumi have Ketuanan Politik Melayu and Chinese have Ketuanan Ekonomi Cina the Indian have no Ketuanan/Dominance in any area.

              In relation to Red Shirt, they are in fact getting scot-free. Contrast with Bersih, police are still arresting people for wearing Yellow shirts. Even 2.6 bil from a foreign party can be taken as donation. If the Oppo parties received e.g. 2.6 mil from a foreign party, PDRM will investigate under the pretext of ‘corruption received from foreign party detrimental to democracy’. This happens because UMNO/BN (i.e the majority in Parliament) controls the government. Yeah, so might is right.

        2. Ah, yes – the Uighurs. And the Rohingya. Let’s also not forget the Chechens.

          Have there been any overt official interventions on the above? Is “non-interference in domestic affairs” being used as an excuse?

          Yet we are willing to take up cudgels (figuratively, not literally) on behalf of the Palestinians, even though Israel is a sovereign independent state (albeit not recognised by Malaysia).

          Where’s the logic in that?

          With regard to your question, has the PM or the Malaysian Ambassador in Beijing asked to visit Xinjiang?

          1. Did I missed any news about anyone or diplomats from Malaysia walking the in streets of Tel Aviv contributing lemang and rendang to the Muslim there…….???

            Write and protest yes….that norm in diplomatic relation but getting physically involve as its complete no…no…

    1. then why chinese leader angry when muhyideen said he is malay first! What I can say, chinese are all hypocrite

      1. Solzamri,

        There is nothing wrong for Muhyiddin or any Malay to say that he/she is Malay first. That is “fitrah”, meaning law of human nature.

        As an example, no Malay will get upset if MIC President says he is Indian first. It is a norm. Definitely , he has soft spot for Indians .

        Denying one’s root is tantamount to asking one person to stop breathing. It is in us. All Malays know DAP cares for Lim Dynasty first, then Chinese. Only morons would want to believe that DAP cares for non Chinese Mlaaysians.

        At least UMNO is not hypocrite. IT looks for Malay interest without challenging non Malay rights. That is total opposite from DAP. DAP seeks to destroy Malays interest .

        One Chinese lamented to me that he can feel malays are not that friendly to Chinrse anymore. I told him that is the truth. After all, Chinese are supporting DAP that wages war against malays.

        1. ‘One Chinese lamented to me that he can feel malays are not that friendly to Chinrse anymore.’

          Thank you DAP!

          Our society used to jaga our mulut lidah and tingkah laku, but not anymore. Again thank you DAP. Cina, at least the 90% of them, must be proud of it!

        2. Umno not hypocrite? Allow me to compare. 2.6 bil donation vs China Ambassador Petaling Street tour. Umno justified the former as political donation and label the latter as foreign inteference. I say both are foreign interference.

          Description: Former / Latter

          1. Identity of interferer: Unknown / China
          2. Motive: Political funding but no known reason (too many reasons given) / Stop Red Shirt rally
          3. Manner: Hidden until exposed by WSJ / Done openly via street tour
          4. Quantum: 2.6 bil / Cannot be quantified (but let say via diplomacy)
          5. Breach of laws: Manipulated as donation to avoid corruption / diplomatic rules
          6. Action taken: MACC used to ‘clear’ Najib / Ambassador summoned to explain.
          7. Impact: Any giver and recipient of bribes will rebrand it as donation to circumvent laws / Any foreign ambassadors in Malaysia will be mindful so as not be summoned

          Based on the above, the former is a much dangerous form of foreign inteference than the latter. Please comment. Helen, feel free to contribute.

  2. My daughter-in-law is Chinese (Shanghai gal).
    I’m proud of her and proud of it. She’s intelligent, talented, generous, kind and civilized.

  3. Helen,

    Dengan pengiktirafan oleh duta China bahawa cina di Malaysia adalah bangsa Cina China, maka seperti apa yang diperkatakan oleh Melayu bahawa cina di Malaysia ini adalah penumpang adalah betul sekali.

    Jadi kenapa orang2 cina masih tidak berpuashati terhadap kerajaan yang telah banyak memberi mereka peluang hidup di Malaysia dengan kerakyatan percuma sedangkan mereka secara langsung seperti yang dikatakan oleh duta China adalah bangsa Cina China.

    Memandangkan Malaysia tidak mengiktiraf dua kerakyatan maka saya cadangkan kerakyatan yang diberi percuma oleh Tunku tu ditarik balik. Begitu juga hak untuk berpolitik dan memerintah juga ditarik balik.

    Bagi mereka yang masih tak berpuashati dan selalu pertikai itu/ini, mereka boleh lah berhijrah balik ke Tanah Besar. Negara China perlukan otak dan kerajinan mereka untuk memajukan China.

    Kita orang Melayu boleh hidup cara mana kita suka tanpa ganggu gugat oleh lain2 bangsa.

    1. Hello, you tarak baca undang2 ka? Kerakyatan orang cina di Malaysia tidak boleh ditarik balik oleh kerajaan kecuali orang cina mendapat kerakyatan di negara lain. Tak kira apa label you bagi seperti pendatang, penumpang etc., orang cina tetap adalah warganegara sah di Malaysia.

      1. OK, apa kata kau buang kerakyatan kau, sebab negara ini dah terbukti tak sesuai dengan kau. Taliban country kut!!!

        Koyak Passport boleh kan???

        1. Saya tak akan buat. Apa yang awak boleh buat sekarang ini? Atau apa yang kerajaan boleh buat?

          Ini adalah realiti. Saya ulang: orang cina tetap adalah warganegara sah di Malaysia tak kira sekuat mana pun laungan ‘Cina pendatang. Cina balik Cina, Cina penumpang, Cina babi’. Terimalah hakikat ini dan orang Cina akan terus berada di Malaysia.

          1. Lu memang tatak malu punya olang. Typical of your breed. But, there is a saying in Malay Language, ‘langit tidak selalu cerah”. Then, the natives won’t even have to chase you out.

            The economic situation is planned to be seen to be down-trodden just to confuse the pendatang to quit the country. Money is hidden somewhere, so the ecomony is made to be seen to be in turmoil, so the pendatang will be made to be restless. The property prices will go down, so that the property market will go bonker. Everywhere property owners are mortgaging their assets with no takers. I notice the labels everywhere…Let us start afresh.

            We have better plans in the future. See…! Everybody can speak out now?

            1. Ok. I shall wait and see when your prediction of economic doom will materialise and the impact on the Chinese. Stop beating around the bush. Dare to put your theory to test? List down the following:

              1. When you think “property prices will go down”?
              2. What is the impact on the Chinese as a result of no. 1 above?
              3. When the Chinese will leave Malaysia en masse?

              Dare to put it down in writing here and let Helen be witness? Give your timeline as well on when the above will happen.

              1. Ohh, sorrryy. It’s our hidden agenda. We are not revealing anything yet. You are not one of us…hihi…macam bbudak!

                1. Ok. You have yours. We have mine. Not sure of your age. But don’t be offended till the day of your death, you will not see any en masse Chinese being compelled to ‘balik cina’ irrespective of the political or economical circumstances. Msia already merdeka for 58 years and we have not seen mass ‘balik cina’. I dare to bet with you that in another 58 years to come, there will be no mass ‘balik cina’.

          2. Tau takut tapi jika diberi pilihan untuk berhijrah ke Kanada atau New Zealand dah tentu anda akan koyakkan passport Malaysia..tapi jika diberi peluang berhijrah ke China tentu anda meraung dan menangis mengatakan anda warganegara Malaysia..tipikal cina..shame on you.

    2. la kalau betul lagu tu, maka kenalah cina2 yang punya tinggi sanjung kat huang tu ikut dia balik china. kalau setuju dengan dia maka kenala setuju jugak dengan kenyataan dia iaitu korang adalah cina china, bukan cina Malaysia. jadi kalo da betul rasa china citizen, cepat2 la angkut harta-reta pindah sana. takpa kami kat sini tak kejam pun nak sita harta korang walaupun dah banyak buat duit dan perah tenaga orang melayu/bumi. manakala cina2 yang masih rasa malaysian bolehlah menjauhkan diri dari beliau.

      1. ‘cepat2 la angkut harta-reta pindah sana. takpa kami kat sini tak kejam pun nak sita harta korang’

        Betoi2! Sokong2! China superpower kut, 1st world pulak tu. Malaysia is Taliban country. More than 70% Muslims wor nanti, how to live like that???

          1. Takkan kut Helen. Mustahil. Makin teruk aku tengok. Makin kurang ajar. Makin menjadi-menjadi perangai dajal depa. Biaq pi la kat depa Helen. Aku dah berpatah arang. Cuma aku harap Huang, boleh hantar Jong Cina nak angkut China citizens yang melambak buat menyemak kat tanahair ni! Banyak Jong nak kena hantaq tu!

  4. The only mistake the Malaysian Chinese is the let those “born-again” Evangelical Christian “bananas” have too much power and influence in this country. Today they are at war with Malay Muslims(both UMNO and PAS) and Buddhist, Confucian, Taoist and “traditional beliefs” Chinese will be next.

  5. Ms H. Big Mama with the pimply face due to eating to much curries is a Lao not a Han. All Hainanese are Laos related to the hill tribes of Vietnam and Yunnan. Hence, some of them like Big Mama behave quaintly to us the Hans who are the real Chinese. For want of a Malaysian Chinese hero and the disappointing performance of the MCA leadership, the naive, gullible, hospitable and friendly Malaysian Chinese voted for the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP hoping to get Lee Kuan Yew. Little do they know that they were jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Their ignorance of Malaysian politics is based on the weak political leaderships of the Malaysian Chinese. Hence, political charlatans abound and are running wild.

    1. Ms H. The British specially brought in the Hainanese to serve them in the plantations and the tin mines. Lee Kuan Yew with his Anglophile mentality loved them because they were good butlers. Hainanese are employed as butlers and secretaries by my rich Malay friends because they can keep their mouths shut. The British were particularly careful with the Chinese. They sent their Police cadres to Swatow, Canton and Xiamen for 6 months to study the dialects. In the British colonial forms, all Chinese were made to declare their dialects because different clansmen behaved differently.

      1. Dong Jia Zong suruh depa caka Mandarin. Asal Bukan Bahasa Melayu. And all of them did. Now comes one Huang, (Wang, Wang, Ang??) kata depa semua anak China. No wonder the bahaviour is very the pendatangs one!

        Thank you Huang!

  6. The Chinese ambassador should have said this a long time ago. Well, better late than never as they say. Now we Chinese, the real Han Chinese can say loudly and with pride that we are indeed Han Chinese.

    The DAP is now cooked. Cooked at last. Where are the Bangsa Malaysia hypocrites ? Where are they now ? Now come on. Show yourselves.

    Where is the fat liar now ? Where is she ? Where is that other fat liar now lording all over Penang ? You lot have been exposed for what you truly are.

    1. The Dictator. Well-said Sir. Both the political parties showed how weak their leaderships are as I always said. Be proud all Han Chinese. The greatest corporate crooks in Malaysia and Singapore, sorry to say, were not Hans but Laos ! And these felons each have a RM2 incorporate church. No shame.

    2. The Dictator, Sir, I say once again that you are really great by speaking the truth about these Lao troublemakers in business and politics.- Malaysia and Singapore. I was told in Hainan, the men dont work. The women worked in the fields. Hence, there is a high rate of birth defects amongst these folksdue to incest according to medical circles. But I also know some Lao friends who were very good people. But I do no understand why this younger lot behave like this. Go crazy. The Cantonese say out of 10 Laos, 9 are crazy and 1 is mad like our subject in question.

  7. Malays dare not meddle on this issue, lest we’ll be labelled racist, again by dapstress. Congrats Helen for standing up for your right against the manipulators from dap.

    1. The Malays should be thankful to Mr Huang, kerana bercakap benar. LGE pun selalu balik China. Kebudayaan 5000 tahun tu mana nak sama dengan Kesultanan Melaka yang baru 500 tahun saja…tentulah inferior berbanding dengan ‘teng langs’

  8. All the DAP bastards, headed by their DAP “Pening” CM, the braggart LGE are hypocrites. They bark and howled that they are Malaysian first but they supported the China ambassador’s statement than to defend Malaysia sovereignty, the country that have given their generations shelter. FUCK THOSE DAP BASTARDS!

  9. Helen

    All these talk about pendatang (non-Malays) born on this land vs the oh so generous bumis who consented to the initial citizenship of early pendatangs have been debated for ages.

    Can I once and for all clarify certain facts?

    1. If X is of Indian descent and converted to Islam in 1970, will his children be accorded bumi status? Grandchildren?

    2. Do children or grandchildren of Muslims who migrated to Malaysia post independence have bumi status?

    I hope I can get some answers.


    1. In theory (in practice it could well be different) and to the best of my understanding, the answer is No and No.

      (1) He has to be Muslim in or before 1957. But Indian Muslims can become members of Umno. So if they can get benefits from their party membership, then in substance they do enjoy bumiputera perks in substance if not as a formality.

      (2) Most people are aware of the conditions to fulfill the constitutional requirement of being Malay, i.e.

      (a) be Muslim
      (b) speak Malay
      (c) practise Malay culture

      But the public forget or are not aware that there is a fourth condition (d), i.e. place of birth within the Federation and cut-off year.

      1. Thank you for your prompt response.

        Let’s say the purchasing of bumi lots, are there some kind of genealogy tracking system in place to ensure the purchaser actually fulfills his/her bumi status?

        1. I really wouldn’t know. I’d assume it depends – as do other matters – on the officers on duty.

          There is what’s written on paper and what’s actually practiced or transpiring.

          If we look at the Red Shirts, they have ostensibly the 1st class citizenship. If we look at the Yellow Shirts sipping Starbucks coffee, they’re not doing all that badly whatever class they consider their own citizenship.

    2. HH…
      “oh so generous bumis”

      Sat lagi Hang cuba send application for citizenship to Mr Ambassador, nak tengok sikit how generous he will be? Then keep us all informed of the progress.


      1. Rina

        No need lah..

        Mr Ambassador kan sudah cakap he’ll lookout for us wherever we are? Dah ada bond… jauh or dekat does not matter.

              1. ‘Bonded’ to mother China.

                Contoh satu

                ‘Given our full strategic partnership with China, the ambassador’s remarks during a visit to Petaling Street should not be reason for the recent diplomatic hiccup. – See more at:

                Contoh dua


                Second, third, fourth class citizens despite bigger everything. Your general thoughts on everything Malaysiana. The list goes on and on.

                1. Lucky I ask.

                  One would have never guess you apply such complex connotation to the word.

                  So, ‘coolie mentalty’ meant strong affliation to fatherland.


                  And that’s supposed to be a bad thing?

                  Thought filial piety is a prized Asian virtue?

                  1. You’re Malaysian. Your loyalty should be to the state and none other. If you still have a fetish for your motherland, then you cannot be Malaysian.

                    Just like how Malays in Singapore are looked upon in suspicion and deprived of lucrative and strategic positions in the military due to LKY’s doubts about their loyalty in case of war,

                    so too can you expect the majority to doubt yours in case of a Chinese invasion or military aggression in the South China Sea, that happens to be south of China.

    3. HH,
      Satu lagi question, curious tak terhingga. Hope for quick answer from you.

      China is projected to be the biggest economic power come 2030. Even with the recent Black Monday fiasco China is still very strong. Military power tak payah cerita, memang hebat.

      China with 5000yrs of history. Beautiful country, adat budaya pun tersendiri dan amat memoersona oghang seperti saya bila baca sejarah dan tengok movie2.

      There are nearly 2billion Chinese, so for business the sky is the limit. Itupun China dah terokai beyond into the outer space. I commented earlier they have many well planned cities left idle as ghost cities, abandoned and deserted.

      Pasai apa you choose to be so depressed and live so unhappily here and don’t make any attempt to return to your kampung ibunda? What is so special about Malaysia?

      1. My first country of choice is France.

        But I giess Montenegró is more viable because I am nowhere on the Forbes list.

        I love its weather.

        China is too populated and competitive.

        What is so special about Msia?

        Well, I was born here. My old man made that decision for me though he could have easily gotten US greencard then but he chose not to.

        My mother never quite forgave him after that. Hahaha

        Any other question?

        1. Then why are you still here suffering and moaning? Free to go anywhere anytime.

          Just a suitcase and cheap air asia ticket will bring you all the happiness, kenapa bodoh sangat and kasi kepala pening hari2.

          1. Suffering and moaning?

            Nay, not me.

            I’m not the one moaning at the impeding onslaught of global competitiveness and pining for further entitlements.

            1. Tu la maksud RINA tentu la, HH letih dengan the natives with their never ending tongkat! Kan HH? What more soon to be more than 70% Muslims pula tu. Taliban country kut! Takkan HH ingat dapat enjoy hidup macam kat US atau France kut??

              SO APA TUNGGU LAGI???!

              1. So you are concurring with the sentiment Malaysia becoming taliban country is not a matter of if but when?


                Any insight into our foreign relations with US and China then?

                You know how those 2 pantang religious extremism…..

                1. Haiyaa, itu apa yang lu olang selalu tuduh maa. I ony state the obvious to make it easier for some of you to angkat kaki. Bendera terbalik kakis are not welcome here.

        2. I think #RINA is feeling a tad “deprived” (I wanted to write “jealous”, but decided to give her benefit of the doubt) that she is stuck in Malaysia with no opportunity to sell her expertise and work experience in a multinational global setting (think MNCs or even GLCs) locally or overseas.

          So, like all who are looking for excuses for underperforming or for not being able to nail down that high value-add job, she resorts to cheap throwaway racist-tinged comments.

          I dare say that if she were to interview for a reasonable level post in a GLC or MNC, her capabilities, such as they are, would be put under the microscope and to the test.

          After all, you can’t claim “discrimination” and “unfairness” in a job interview, can you? Or invite the interview panel to up and go elsewhere where there is no “suffering and moaning”.

          There must be a reason, in retrospect, why she is always b******g about her “Apek” neighbours. Simply put, they could be doing better in whatever they do than she is doing in her own little niche.

          So, yup, “deprivation”. With a smidgen of “jealousy” mixed in…

          1. Platea480
            I don’t need to go anywhere, semua ada dah lengkap. Kerja pun tak payah grandpa, papa and hubby provide for everything. Sorry chum. .nothing for me to be jealous of.

            Therefore I am fortunate to have time at my disposal to peghati perangai oghang2 yang terhegeh2 tak tentu arah tujuan hidup, memang rasa kesian.

            See HH.. He(r) answers clearly showed us (s)he kaw kaw satu acuan jiran Apek saya (also Lim clan but his kampung ibunda jauh sikit from Penang Lims). …thats why they behaved and think alike.

            1. Ooh, we should be so lucky!

              But, alas, we lesser beings have to study and work in order to cari makan for ourselves and our families. Don’t want to be a burden on the state, don’t want to go on welfare, don’t want to benefit from privileges etc.

              And if the GLCs and MNCs prefer us, that’s the rules of the game.

              So, you have time to “kaypoh”. Good for you.

              But that doesn’t give you the licence to make asinine and racist remarks which seem to be tinged with a fair bit of envy.

              1. Envy?
                Many Malays are working overseas nowadays with the intention to bring back some money, amongst other intentions. Two children from a family even stayed back there due to a family dispute. There is no question of which community is better or acceptable in glcs or whatnot. It is anybody’s choice where they want to be.

            2. Rina

              Satu acuan with your jiran Apek?

              Quite possibly the acuan is made in China, as with most things nowadays. hahahaha

              By the way, for someone who is purportedly the heir of the NEP success story, you sure sound bitter and resentful.

              Perhaps the sanctuary provided by the men in your family has rendered you ill prepared and fearful of what lies beyond the walls.

          2. ‘that she is stuck in Malaysia’

            Ya lor, while your 5000 years mother China unifying, RINA dan nenek moyang dia dah stuck kat sini dah. RINA subscribed to Hujan Emas Di Negeri China, Hujan Batu Di Negeri Melayu, lebih baik lagi Negeri Melayu!

            She is staying, no matter what. Faham Platea480?

            I’m sure you won’t. Your keturunan decided to tinggalkan mother China sebab tak tahan dengan Hujan Batu!


            ‘she is stuck in Malaysia with no opportunity to sell her expertise and work experience in a multinational global setting (think MNCs or even GLCs) locally or overseas.’

            And you are saying all this, just because she is a Melayu? And she’s the one with ‘racist-tinged comments’?? Hahaha. You Cina are so funny indeed!

            1. Islam1st

              Quote: RINA subscribed to Hujan Emas Di Negeri China, Hujan Batu Di Negeri Melayu, lebih baik lagi Negeri Melayu!

              I know you pride yourself being Rina’s spokesperson and all, perhaps you ought to read up more on your subject (Rina) before you spin…

              Your romanticism of ‘hujan emas and hujan batu’ is inapplicable. It seems Rina leads a sheltered existence that virtually spared her from whatever hujan and storm analogy you are trying to peddle.

              You know, much like Liang Liang the Malaysian panda and her climate controlled enclosure?

              Oh, I did not make this up.

              It’s straight from the horse’s mouth.

              1. ‘I know you pride yourself being Rina’s spokesperson and all, perhaps you ought to read up more on your subject (Rina) before you spin…’

                Here we go again. A Malay is so stupid, he is merely a ‘spokesperson’, whenever he speaks. And he is so stupid, ho does not even know what he is talking about!

                Welldone HH!

                1. And, again, you said it!

                  A belated acknowledgement of realities?

                  Or a futile railing against the unfairness of it all?

                    1. That’s encouraging….that you have acknowledged realities.

                      There’s hope for you yet!

                    2. Maybe, maybe….

                      But why would you want to do that in a land of “milk and honey” where everything is provided for?

                      Or is that another manifestation of the “perpetual weakness” syndrome?

                    3. “milk and honey”

                      The British and the European colonizer before them, came just for that. Your ancestors included. And me begging from you for food is just to satisfy your ultimate wet dreams. Satisfied?

    4. HH,
      Lagi satu question.

      Pasai apa kalut sangat pasai Bumi lot? Kat Singapore fkat HDB senang ke you nak beli? Macam2 criteria you kena kalui kan? Panjang klo I nak senaraikan kat sini.

      BTW dah kena retrench ke you ni? Banyak factories sana retrenchment exercise on weekly basis even Singapore citizens are not spared apatah lagi foreigners. China Black Monday has created lots of havoc esp slowdown dalam bidang IT. Penang pun tak lama lagi industries sama pasti akan tenat. Takde order coming in macam mana?

      1. Thank you for your concern about my welfare.

        I’m doing just fine.

        It seems the “Cina DNA” embedded in us Chinese will always revert to its default resilient mode when the going gets tough.

        As for the bumi questions,

        Just wanna make sure the next time some smart aleck call the Chinese pendatangs, he/she better has the right right geneology to prove it.

        1. correction:

          Just wanna make sure the next time some smart aleck call the Chinese pendatangs, he/she better has the right geneology to voice up.

        2. If you think highly of your dna, why did you flee your own country and membangsat at a faraway land to punggah the treasures of the native? btw, punggah here means rob, steal..

          1. Wawe

            And why do you chose to be so disparaging about your DNA?

            Have some faith lah.

            Disheartening to see how easily you concede to your inability to safeguard your ‘treasure’ from being plundered.

            On a side note, you might want to read up Stephen Covey’s motivation books.

            1. ‘On a side note, you might want to read up Stephen Covey’s motivation books.’

              Ya lor, the Malays just don’t read enough do they? I bet you must be thinking that they don’t even know who the hell the guy is?! So typical la you Cina! What else is new/s??

      2. Jumping all over the place trying to score a point? And yet that knockout punch just doesn’t seem to find it’s target. Kesian….

        HDB fkat (sic)? Factories in Singapore retrenching staff? China Black Monday?

        What else? The on-off vacillating of the US Fed on raising interest rates? The drop of the MYR against the USD? The slowdown in the IT sector?

        So, what is your point?

            1. Noobies nak cari glamour, kena la tumpang org glamour mcm HH. Better shut up since u got no point of your own.

                1. ‘Platea480’

                  Nick ni baru kluar kut, tapi ye tak ye jugak, geng baling batu sembunyi tangan ultrakiasu selalu menyamar one. Kadang2 Melayu. Kadangs orang borneo. What else is new/s?

                  1. Nothing really.

                    But one can’t be happy with the status quo, can one?

                    Hence the need for reforms, restructurings etc.

                    But you wouldn’t know about that would you, seeing as how you are comfortable with the status quo and all.

                    1. ‘But you wouldn’t know about that would you’

                      Yup being Malay and all. Keep the perpetual weakness theory coming will ya. What else is new?

          1. Rina

            Get out of here!!!!! lol

            I was going to ask the same thing about you and Islam1st being the same entity!!!


      3. ‘Penang pun tak lama lagi industries sama pasti akan tenat.’

        Patut la LGE kalut bagi pangkat Datuk kat dua Cina Mainland (apa bezanya?) masa birthday YDP PP lepas! Tup2 ada plan nak balik China!

    5. Haiyaaa why use X for Indians?

      Use X for Zairil Khir Johari kan senang?

      He is in DAP. Go check his documents.

  10. Helen, apasal duta china tu menyibuk aje….? jaga negara kau dari sibuk pasal negara kita.. ini seorang lagi..perempuan jerusubang tu…buat sampah kat twitter aje..

  11. I dah kata. Mana boleh UBAH DNA?
    Mana ada DNA Malaysians? Apala DAP ni?

    Kalau DNA Chinese masakan nak kelentong darah caucasion, belagak macam mana pun, buat le plastic surgery macam mana pon, tak boleh tipu DNA tau!

    1. And yet the 90% Cina DAP diam. Pakat kata depa Malaysian First la, lagi first than the rest. Pakat kutuk Malay1st Muhyiddin masa tu. Tup2 Huang kata depa China citizens, seronok pulak. Dan mimpi basah nak balik China, darah komunis kan ada, quite natural la benda tu, balik China, apa nak heran.

      Tapi tahap talam dua muka depa, memang tak siapa pun tak boleh nak lawan!

  12. Helen,
    I think we should united “TERAJANG” dap next ge14, then malaysia will be quite peacefull again like before. Back then before dap**** gots little bits power, malaysians much more united.
    Do you agree to “TERAJANG” DAP**** in GE14?

    1. Agree that “before dap**** gots little bits power”, our country more peaceful and enjoyed more goodwill and mutual trust.

      Also agree with Jabatan Agama Islam Pahang’s stand that the DAP is anti-Islam.

      I hope that the Islamic departments in other states, especially MAIS and JAIS, will look into the activities of the DAP evangelistas in the mosques and suraus.

      Terbaik kalau si munafik-si munafik itu ditendang keluar agar tempat ibadah orang Islam tidak dicemari.

    2. I agree to terajang DAP. DAP is also anti-life (dog killer specialist) . If I vote for them, I certainly will end up in hell. What ever kebaikan I do on earth certainly terpadam if I vote for them.

  13. Just see that jamal babi or his likes do not start a may13 show, and China won’t have a reason to interfere

    1. Rasanya he won’t interfere.

      Mohon facilitate citizenship application for those who want to return to China pun they make donno only?

    2. Ehhh???? Ada orang Cina marah kat Jamal tu?

      Tau laa pulak marah ekk… pijak gambar orang, hina caci orang, tak pulak ingat orang marah ek?

      1. ya, org marahkan jb kerana jb nak mulakan ketegangan antara kaum tuk alihkan pandangan rakyat dari isu 1mdb dsbnya….kalo ko nak pijak gambar ahli2 dap, silakan…dia org tak kesah….

          1. bersih 4 itu hak rakyat untuk berkumpul dan meluahkan perasaan terhadap kerajaan shj…..adakah bersih pi gegar kawasan uptown/downtown mintak tmpt meniaga?

            1. Takde orang dicederakan si Baju Merah dan jauh sekali timbul kejadian pertumpahan darah (merujuk kepada 16 Sept).

              1. Tapi Baju Merah nak demo lagi di Petaling Street. Tak pasti apa niat. Mungkin nak minta tempat berniaga. Kalau itu macam, pergi demo di pejabat DBKL. Bukan Petaling Street. Apa niat sebenar demo di Petaling Street?

                1. Before the ambassador’s visit and before Jamal Sekinchan’s arrest, I had already predicted,

                  “I doubt that there will be a rally in Chinatown lah.

                  “No objective, no purpose.”

                  See my comment @ Submitted on 2015/09/25 at 4:20 pm | In reply to qwert.

                  I also replied to AK47 @ 2015/09/25 at 4:12 pm

                  So you see, I was never convinced that the demo at Petaling Street was going to even take place.

                  “No riot lah Uncle.”

                  1. Good that you saw it in advance. But again, the facts remains that threat to demo was made by Jamal. He has mala fide intention. If he is really looking for trading lots, go and demo at DBKL Office. If he wants to eradicate vice activities there like prostitution, selling fake goods etc, lodge a report with the police or trade ministry. Obviously, he is trying to pick fights with the Chinese traders there. If any race can demand to trade at any location, can the Chinese demand to trade in Little India Klang or Kampung Baru KL?

                  2. Why you pertahan Petaling Street tempat jual sampah barang tiruan. Bila bershit buat havoc kat Jalan TAR,dah 4 kali, ko tak bisng pon. Nampak sangat bias.Tu tempat orang Melayu membeli belah dan berniaga.

                    1. Bila pulak I pertahan Bersih? Lagipun, bukan hanya Petaling Street jual barang tiruan. Banyak lagi tempat buat benda sama. Mengapa Baju Merah tak pergi ke tempat2 ini dan demo? Lot berniaga Petaling Street di kawal oleh DBKL. Kalau ada jual barang tiruan, ini bermakna DBKL tidak mengawal peniaga. Mengapa tak dibatalkan terus lesen peniaga ini? DBKL biarkan sahaja.

        1. Ooo.. mempersoal dan nak hapuskan hak2 istimewa satu bangsa tu bukan laa penyebab ketegangan kaum, yek?

          Mahu ambil kalimah nama Tuhan dalam satu bahasa yang selama ni kamu tak pernah endahkan, bukan laa penyebab ketegangan kaum ek?

          Begitu rupanya…

          Pijak gambar DAPshitters? Apa kelas.

          1. Depa memang setan. Namewee, Alvin Tan buat apa pun tak pa. Tup2 si Jamal jugak babi. Memang haramjadah depa ni! Keep on behaving like pendatangs ye, kengkawan!

  14. Sdri Helen , Terima kasih atas pencerahan anda.
    Pandangan dan ulasan anda sememang konsistan.
    Semoga semua ulasan begini rupa.
    arjuna waspada
    changkat lobak

  15. The Zionist regime of Adolph Lim is really scared about the evils they are doing. They are so scared of their photos taken, so that will threaten police action (like a certain person who would make a police report for saying he/she has adopted a new religion).
    Berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah.

    I will continue to report these cases and shame them until the atrocities stop. Is this Penang an intelligent city with heritage status? I believe cave man heritage.


    Murderer alert!

  16. Breaking news: MBPP even kills dogs with a dog licence. This is a violation of Undang-undang Kecil Kawalan Anjing MPSP 1982 or Undang-Undang Kecil (Anjing-Anjing) Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang 1977.

    The MBPP has acted outside their jurisdiction. This is Teoh Beng Hock of dogs!

  17. Wondering why people are upset with the ‘interference’ of Chinese ambassador? This interference is considered small and petty if you compare with other bigger interference like gifting of Panda and Xiamen University Malaysia. Not to mention the biggest threat on our sovereignty is the claim of China on the entire South China Sea and our James Shoal/Beting Serupai. Why the silence on these issues?

    1. ‘Wondering why people are upset with the ‘interference’ of Chinese ambassador?’

      Ngak aah, aku suka kok, memang udah dasar pendatang. Kok ngak bisa diulangin? Nah skarang udah ngaku! Ya udah. Aku jadi happy banget.

      Makasih sama tuan duta Huang!

      China citizen ramai sih sini, makanya bahasa Melayu-nya ngak pas. Skarang aku lagi faham kok!

      1. So you agree that Msia should accept the Panda (despite the high cost to maintain them) and allow China to claim South China Sea (which will affect our territories and petroleum reserves in the sea)?

  18. ‘This might also provide ammunition to the Ultra Malays that this is ‘proof’ that the Chinese Malaysians have divided allegiances and therefore they should ‘go back to China – See more at:

    Haiyaa, can we blame ’em Farida? The Mandarin-ony-speaking China citizens suka what? These Cina are not even complaining malah welcomed the remark made, why Farida nak sakit buntot pulak?? Nyanyuk ke?

    1. Nenek Farida kata …..may well be used by the ‘ultra Malays’ to fuel calls on the Chinese community here to “go back to China”….

      Some fussy babies kalau tak “go sleep in own buaian” payah nak pujuk dia tidoq atas katil. Boleh tantrum nanggis melalak dan deman lagi tak dapat buaian dia.

      Kalau atok nenek I dulu bawa mai cuti Cyberjaya tak payah suruh “go back to Kampung”, dok satu hari pun dah rindu teramat and so unhappy asyik merayu minta hantaq dia “balik kampung”.

      Stork, the turtle, the swift, the crane, penguin even kucing dan anjing pun apa kurangnya.

      Nenek Farida should take this into considerations. Cuba bawa sembang dan bincang dengan Mr Ambassador, apakah mungkin ramai yang sebenarnya rindu teramat sangat nak balik sana? Kalau masalah sebenarnya berbangkit sabit jiwa gelora depa, jangan tak pasai2 kaitkan dengan oghang Melayu!

    2. Haiyaa, let whoever shout ‘Balik Cina’. Go and shout as loud and as many times you want. All they can do is only shout and carry banner of ‘Balik Cina’. But for sure, no Chinese will actually ‘Balik Cina’. Not even the government can force them. They may go and melancong at China. Then they return to Msia. The Chinese will always remain as citizen of Msia and stay here.

      1. It amazes me when you people glorify in everything china but refuse to go back there? the vast land, the empty houses..aren’t they attractive still? Or, you are sulking with them who have abandoned you?away from the mainland. If you are angry with somebody, don’t vent your frustration on somebody else.

            1. Poke? You mean questioning? Not all questions raised by the Chinese are tantamount to ‘poking’. Calling to abolish Malay rights or questioning the sanctity of Islam are ‘poking’. But calling for Najib to resign over 2.6 bil donation and 1MBD scandal is not ‘poking’. Same as calling for free and fair election.

              Problem is UMNO equates all questions raised by the Chinese as ‘mencabar Malayu dan Islam’. Looks like Umno cannot be question. UMNO – U Must Not Object.

      2. ‘The Chinese will always remain as citizen of Msia and stay here’

        So start behaving like one. And start contributing to the country, boleh?

  19. And so Helen. You are really pissed off by hannah (anak malaysia) yeoh. It is really a political gimmick by dap to show that they are not racist. Unfortunately they are racist, provocateur of the highest order. Get rid of them from malaysia’s political landscape.

    1. Get rid of them? Yeah, an opportunity lost in 1969. A lot could have been done to the Cina community by the then Umno government if they had wanted to and if they were mean spirited.

      Looking forward, we need to find a middle ground where we can live together without all this friction under the surface. But like Helen pointed out (and also the Gerakan & MCA on the news just now) the minorities have been carried away by empty promises of the Dap and since GE13 it has been building with the Blackout, Bersih, upside down flag, stepping on pics, funeral wreathes on PM and wife’s posters, not to mention all the rude, uncivilized comments and postings on the online portals and social media.

      If all those acts were supposed to endear the Cina to the majority, then obviously DAP have chosen the wrong strategy. You can’t turn back the clock, even if there are some among the majority who would like to tear up the documents on jus soli and send off everyone originating from that agreement.

      So how now, brown/yellow cow?

      1. ‘jus soli’

        Cina starts questioning my rights and I will do the same. 153 protects both the Malays and non Malays. Tapi the citizenship these bloody Cina nak simpan, while nak special position abolished! Memang kurang ajar these ultrakiasus!

        1. Ah, so – an acknowledgement of “perpetual weakness” then?

          Even babies get weaned from their mothers’ milk, grow up, start eating by themselves and stand on their own two feet.

          As the Almighty planned it.

          Is “perpetual weakness” a part of a Divinely-ordained scheme of things?

          It would be interesting to learn about the views of the major religions on this subject.

            1. Please elaborate….

              You are talking about “perpetual weakness”, aren’t you?

              Can you quote chapter and verse from the teachings of the major religions to support whatever point you are trying to make?

              And try not to act “surprised”, please! It kind of ruins the suspense.


                1. Oh, is that an admission of abject defeat?

                  Or a retreat into stuttering incoherence?

                  And “kafirin”? My, my – the depths of your “logic” knows no bounds.


  20. Let’s establish something here, we are happy for you the pendatangs to leave. Lots of Malays are now highly qualified. This is not 1970. We DO NOT NEED you…….however, you are right that we can’t evict you. But, as I keep reiterating, in the long run, your population will dwindle while ours grows. In the meantime, we must keep up the pressure to make things uncomfortable so that they will leave of their own volition.God willing, in a 100 years the racial mix will be 90/10 and all of this will be a footnote. This is important because I want to be fair. I think it is in human nature to want to be “equal”. For example, the Banglas today are a lot more feisty than the first crop and in 20 years, if there are enough of them, they will start asking for “rights” too. Therefore, it is not unexpected that the pendatangs who are making these noises today are so different from their forefathers. They don’t feel that they need to be grateful and you can’t change that. So the best thing is to part ways so that we can all go about our business. The good pendatangs like Helen et al have no problem following the rules and we are happy to have them.

    1. The good pendatangs like Helen? Haha. Helen, don’t you feel offended/insulted by that label?

      BTW, prominent historian Professor Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim clarified on the term ‘pendatang’. People with citizenship is not pendatang. If anyone would like to dispute his definition, make sure you have a Phd, Tan Sri title and higher reputation than him

      1. re: “Helen, don’t you feel offended/insulted by that label?”

        Yes I do. And this Mohd Salim keeping doing this.

        1. Apologies Kak Helen. I do not mean to insult you. You are the kind of non Bumiputera that we like.

            1. Use the arguments of Prof Khoo. Unless this Mohd Salim has an equal Tan Sri title, Phd and same league as Prof Khoo, don’t think he can rebut Prof Khoo. Hehe.

            2. How you are going to rebut him depends on why ‘pendatang’ is offensive to you, as Mohd Salim perceives the word as an accurate description of your ancestors. I thought this would be within your capabilities as you have done for others you have crossed swords with.

              It would be nice if your supporters here (Mulan, Rina, islam 1st, calvinsankaran, indian, grkumar, Norlin Arshad etc etc…….) could help our host here ….

      2. And the prof is correct. But you also can’t deny that the Chinese and Indian are keturunan pendatang which I don’t think is offensive since these same people would proudly acknowledge their genealogy if they were living anywhere else other than in this country.

        1. If ‘immigrants’ (code word) can be a political pivot to benefit the DAP, i.e. claiming that Malaysia is a ‘Land of Immigrants’ and hence not Tanah Melayu, and if they believe can win this particualr polemical narrative, then I believe that the Chinese will embrace the word.

          See, John Kennedy son of Irish immigrants,

          Lexicon and taboos are really all a matter of ‘what political mileage and gain can I obtain from this?’

          ‘Pendatang’ (immigrant) in and of itself can actually be regarded as a neutral word. It depends on what meaning a society, at that point in time, choose to imbues the word with.

          For example, ‘mamak’ to me is a neutral word.

          For those who might have missed it, Isma vice president Fauzi Asmuni wrote a good explanation on perantau and adat merantau, see

          1. Are the Orang Asli also “pendatangs” and “penumpangs”?

            What about the Orang Asli who have converted to Christianity? Are they beyond the pale?

            And who exactly are the “Firsters”? Those who first settled in a land in prehistoric times or those who came later in successive waves of migration?

            1. Platea480,

              The word “Melayu” was mentioned 34 times in Constitution. also mentioned are “orang asli, Orang sungai..”

              Apa masalah sebenarnya?

              There is no such thing as “firsters’. Malays are recognised as native of the land. At times when “Mat Salleh” landed on our shore, they found that the land was already had a systematic governance.

              All treaties , war ultimatums were done and done only with Raja Raja Melayu. Not with Kapitan Cina.

        2. Keturunan pendatang vs pendatang. 2 different matters. No doubt Chinese in Msia is ‘Keturunan pendatang’. If anyone care to trace his ancestor/origin, he will know his lineage of ‘Keturunan pendatang’. I dare to say the same applies to Malays as well. Either came from Arab, Bugis, Jawa, India etc. If not at father level, it could be grandfather or great grandfather or………….

          But the current generation of Chinese is not ‘pendatang’. They are rightful citizen of Malaysia.

          1. Brader, I taktau you graduate mana, tapi Malays bukan pendatangs. Nusantara was known The Malay Archipelago not for nothing. Malays yang ada darah, India, Arab, Parsi, Cina tu banyak. Kami panggil peranakan atau jawi pekan. Cer belajar sikit sejarah bangsa, baru bercakap, boleh??

      3. ‘prominent historian Professor Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim’

        What do you think of his Sekolah Satu Aliran call made countless time? I mean with PHD., Tan Sri et al, we all should be listening to him, no?

        1. Yes. We should. But bear in mind, his advocacy for single stream school came with observations. He said single stream schools must upgrade its quality (syllabus, teachers etc) and accommodate the language and culture of non-Malay/non-Islam students prior to abolishing vernacular schools. I agree with him.

          Do you agree with him?

          1. ……He said single stream schools must upgrade its quality (syllabus, teachers etc)..

            4 of my siblings and their kids exSJKC. Upgrade quality?

            Tolong senaraikan sikit kat sini dgn lebih terperinci quality apa sangat yang perlu sangat di upgrade?

            1. My personal opinion:

              1. Teach Science and Maths in English.
              2. Improve quality of teachers for the subjects above (if possible all subjects).
              3. Remove rote learning and encourage critical thinking.
              4. Improve the subjects of Sejarah (during my time, the subject is full of Malaysian and Islamic history with little exposure on the histroy of other civilisations).
              5. Streamline pre-U courses. Too diverse right now with STPM, matrikulasi, diploma, asasi etc with different levels of difficulty and timeline.
              6. Ensure entry into public universities are based on meritocracy under a streamlined pre-U exam.

              1. Here we go again…mengantuk la drinho dengan alasan ni being peddled countless time to deny sekolah satu aliran. Seriously dah bosan dah. Tak nak cakap tak nak. Senang kita pun dah kenal perangai ultra kiasu macam korang!

                ‘He said single stream schools must upgrade its quality (syllabus, teachers etc) and accommodate the language and culture of non-Malay/non-Islam students prior to abolishing vernacular schools.’

                I agree. Why not?! And lets do it together then. The cikgus in SJKC are so good, teach la the stupid Malay teachers to be better. That also cannot aah? Or don’t want?!

                And without significant numbers of non-Malay/non-Muslim students, how la the school want to accommodate their needs and wants?

                Stop bagi alasan already will ya?

              2. #1 + #2
                My kids, nephews and nieces went to national schools xcept one, attended a private Agama school (kindergarden right thru SPM) and 2 fm SJKC (Thn1-6)

                All had no problems and their choice of studies overseas;

                2 ..Medicines (Jordan + India)
                2 ..Phsychology (UK and AUS)
                5…. Accountancy (ACCA – UK), Statistic (UK), Business (AUS), Corporate Finance (UK)
                2 …Mass Comm (UK)
                1 ..Law (UK) – fm Agama school
                1… Engineering (Germany)

                Oberseas studies all in ENGLISH. Mana boleh pi sana kalau tak cekap or fasih BI?

                Teach science and Maths in English or Malay did not really matter to them.

                None of them attended any additional English classes, tak ada masa nak gi tiusyen pasai aft school kena attend sekolah Agama, malam mengaji pula.

                So I have to assume they had excellent teachers. How we as parents discipline our kids is very important ya. Jgn ponteng kelas, attentive, interact well with the teachers, join all activities bla2 etc2…..

                Critical thinking… starts from home. Skrg zaman IT.. supervise them. Get them involved with community activities in your area. Activities kat sekolah mencukupi.

                ….school holidays send them to camps macam2 jenis programs ade. Murah2 saja.

                # 4
                Sejarah. Sebagai warga Malaysia kena fasih mengenai Sejarah Negara ini. Civilisation yang lain google anytime and we as parents can help them at home. Mak ayah jangan malas le.

                #5 + 6
                I don’t see anything wrong with the existing system. IPTA places are very limited, selection very stiff, paper qualification is not enough must +++ extras pasai interview very competitive.

                My nephew from Agama school, with 12As asked to recite a para from the Quran.. answer questions in English, BM and Arabic then asked to sing lagu omputih lagi.

                Nothing is easy tau..

                Tak dapat IPTA (UPU), IPTS berlambak. Semua yg tak mampu ada kemudahan pinjaman pendidikan.

                1. My niece 5A pun tak dapat masuk MRSM Agama. And had to settled for Sekolah Agama Sains instead. And these Cina suka-suka nak minta masuk MRSM. Top Malay students pun tak dapat kut!

          2. Drinho,

            Nobody is stopping Chinese to learn mandarin. By all mean, go learn and practise it.

            The issue is one school system.

            Some force is needed here. but i do not think it will be a big problem. Vernacular schools are funded by the very government that chinese hate (BN). so, stop the funding.

            Oh stop the worry on Chinese would not support BN. After all, they already rejected BN.

    2. “We DO NOT NEED you…”


      For starters, why don’t you push the government to do the following:

      – expropriate/nationalise all the businesses established by the pendatangs?

      – stop collecting taxes from the pendatangs because they “are not needed”?

      – make it mandatory for all MNCs operating in the country and for all foreign investors considering Malaysia as an investment destination that pendatangs should not be employed or promoted because they “are not needed”?

      – tell foreign governments that they have to take their own ethnic pendatangs back because, again, they “are not needed”?

      Simple enough, isn’t it?

      Let’s see if you have the courage of your convictions or whether you are simply mouthing off because the government has more commonsense than you.

      Put it to the test, brudder. There’s nothing like empirical evidence to prove or disprove your opinions.

      1. Speaks like a bona fide pendatang!

        ‘stop collecting taxes from the pendatangs because they “are not needed”?’

        Brudder stop behaving like a typical coolie, your tax money is not your money la. Cina and ultrakiasu berpisah tiada!

        1. And there speaks a bona fide tax expert!

          Why don’t you ask the Finance Minister if he agrees with your views and whether he is prepared to implement them?

          Go on, brudder. You might even get those views implemented in Budget 2016.

          Or, as normal, will you “wiggle” away from this challenge?

          1. What, me wiggle away from your stupid challenge?? Why would I waste time on that. I’ve had enough talking to people like you haven’t I?

            Stop being ultra kiasu for once, it won’t make you less Cina, or would it??!

            Your tax money is no more your money. Any civilised person knows this. Stop having a coolie mentality will you. It does not do you or your clan any good!

            1. “Your tax money is no more your money. ”

              Don’t understand basic English, Islam1st? What he’s trying to say is a large chunk of the government’s tax revenue is generated by the Chinese. Remove the pendatangs and the the country will be FUBAR.

              Nice to see you guys standing up for kak Helen when under constant attack by ultra racist, Mohd Salim btw. How decent of you all.

      2. Believe me, that is what I would want the government to do. Unfortunately, we have yet to see a leader to emerge with a truly ketuanan mindset who is not afraid to say these things out loud. However, there has been progress. Today you can see umno behave in a way that is far more right wing then ever. Najib has been able to make statements that no previous prime minister could ever make. It will take some time, but we will get there. The first step is to expel MCA.

  21. Ms H, The Dictator, islam 1st etc. Finally, the Petaling Street Show exposed the whole gang of DAP fakes who could not be found in this caper ! Where were you big-mouths and big-pretenders ?

  22. Bahawa penduduk negara kita ini majmuk sudah menjadi ketentuan. Perlembagaan selepas merdeka meletakkan orang bukan Melayu sebagai rakyat Malaysia. Kalau dulu mereka “orang asing” dan “pendatang” tetapi selepas persetujuan (baiah) sesama kita, ungkapan begitu tidak wajar lagi. Kenyataan ini sangat pahit bagi sesetengah orang, namun perlu diterima. Artikel yang sering dipertikaikan telah dimasukkan kedalam perlambagaan dengan kata sepakat. Ia mengambil kira perkara yang sangat serius ketika itu iaitu kebimbangan (kan ceong yang teramat) tentang kelangsungan hidup (survival, cari makan hidup aman). Orang Melayu bimbang mengenai masa depan mereka, satu perasaan yang wajar memandangkan kelemahan ekonomi mereka dan pengalaman pahit tindakan Bintang Tiga dan Gerombolan Komunis. Orang bukan Melayu cintakan negara ini dan hendak terus tinggal disini sambil mengekalkan budaya mereka. Persetujuan ini dibuat secara demokratik kerana mereka yang menolong merangka perlembangan diberi kepercayaan dalam pilihanraya (1955). Kita yang tidak hidup ketika itu usahlah menyoal semula kebijksanaan rakyat dan pemimpin ketika itu. (Masa saya bersekolah, gambar Queen tergantung didinding).
    DAP muncul diarena politik agak lewat. Kita boleh memaafkan kebebalan mereka. Penyokong mereka perlu diberi tunjuk ajar dengan tenang. Ia akan mengambil masa. Kita yang faham jangan pula melenting tak tentu arah.
    p.s. dulu kalu sya melawat rumah kawan Cina, ibu bapa mereka memanggil saya “Hana/hona Lang”. Sehingga sekarang saya kurang pasti maknya. Kawan saya kata ia bermaksud “orang asing”.

      1. Alah, Helen. Maksud saya orang bukan Melayu semasa perjuangan merdeka. Yang dalam gambar itu (dan budak Melayu kawan mereka seperti anak saya) tak tahu apa apa sangat. Subjek yang mereka paling tak suka ialah sejarah.

        1. re: “orang bukan Melayu semasa perjuangan merdeka …” yang “cintakan negara ini dan hendak terus tinggal di sini”

          Waktu kerakyatan dibuka kepada bukan-Melayu atas syarat liberal, orang Cina tak berminat pun nak pohon untuk jadi warga. Hanya sekerat kecil sahaja yang menerima tawaran Malayan Union.

          “Victor Purcell, a pioneer in the study of the Malayan Chinese community wrote, ‘Altogether there was apathy among the Chinese to the Malayan Union… The Chinese press still showed very little interest, though their columns were filled with China news. Many other researchers concurred with Purcell.”

          Sumber: Malayan Chinese and China: Conversion in Identity Consciousness, 1945-1957, Google Books

          1. Betul ketika itu impian besar mereka ialah “Balik Tongsan”. Akhir 60an pula hijrah ke Australia, Kanada dan US. Sekarang, (harapan saya) nampaknya ramai selesa menjadi rakyat Malaysia. Semalam saya fremkan gambar ikan koi di Selayang. Kemudian baiki komputer dan beli cincin perak untuk kawan di Bangi. Minggu lepas beli lampu hiasan, bahan kek (untuk isteri) dan tukar empat tayar di Seri Putera Semua khidmat dan barang dari peniaga Cina. Semua senyum gembira dan bersopan santun. Khidmat mereka sungguh memuaskan. Semua cakap Melayu “macam air”. Saya masih percaya dan berharap.

            1. Dr Abdollah Salleh,
              Kalau nak beli cincin perak boleh contact saya anytime. Nak handmade ikut pesyen citarasa sendiri pun bole.

              Workshop dengan peralatan terkini dan tercanggih pun bole contact saya. Layanan special harga berpatutan. Apek2 pun ramai dan puas hati dengan layanan kami.

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