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China knows what she is doing

The ambassador of China’s visit to Chinatown KL the other day would certainly have gotten the silent nod from Beijing. Such a sensitive move could not have been done without being given official green light.

In a follow-up development, China defended the action of His Excellency Huang Huikang – see ‘ “China does not interfere in other countries’ politics”: Foreign Ministry defends ambassador to Malaysia after “racism” comments ‘ (South China Morning Post, 28 Sept 2015).

Just as Ambassador Huang receives the tacit approval of China’s Foreign Ministry, so too the state government of Zhejiang has the tacit approval of Beijing in its crackdown on evangelists in this affluent China province with a prosperous Christian community.

BELOW: Map of Chinese Christians by percentage in the provinces

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Global Mapping International
Global Mapping International

Evangelistas freaking out Zhejiang

Cities along the coast are usually more cosmopolitan because they are exposed to the influence of foreign traders – think Los Angeles and New York compared to the American heartland and Bible Belt.

Zhejiang, whose port city Wenzhou is dubbed the “Jerusalem of the East”, has one of the largest evangelical Christian populations in China. Wenzhou has 13 percent or 1.2 million Christians out of a population of nine million.

The Zhejiang state government’s serial destruction of churches and campaign to remove crosses from their rooftops has been in the international news the last couple of years.

Below is a headline by UK top newspaper The Guardian typically reflective of the general situation:

Evangelistas freaking out Beijing

As a communist country, China is wary of religions. It suppresses the Muslim Uighurs in Xinjiang and the Buddhists in Tibet. But China’s biggest fear by far is the Christian evangelists in its own densely populated and advanced coastal cities.

As recently as this week, China is continuing and intensifying its arrest of evangelical Christian activists in Zhejiang and several other Christian-saturated provinces amidst the visit of President Xi Jinping to Washington.

“There are now estimated to be as many as 100 million Christians in China, a reality the 85 million-member Communist party appears to find increasingly concerning,” says The Guardian in a Sept 4 report earlier this month.

Hence the politburo’s understandable grave worry.

Ironically (for Putrajaya), the United States envoy to China was blocked last month from meeting the evangelical Christian activists and lawyers acting for the many pastors who have been detained by the Chinese authorities.

Ahead of Xi Jinping’s call on the White House, the Christians even petitioned President Obama to cancel his counterpart’s state visit last week (Sept 24-25) for the reason of China’s alleged “human rights abuses”.

The Chinese police have also been increasingly taking harsher action against the evangelistas.

BELOW: Malaysia features in the Christian world map, centred in Jerusubang

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Christianity pewforum 2011

Creepy Christians not crawling but leaping in bounds

“Christianity is growing rapidly in China. Evangelicals, estimated at between 60 and 90 million, are now the largest single civil society group, and their profile is shifting from rural and elderly to young and urban,” reported the Christian Science Monitor.

Similarly, Christianity is growing rapidly in Malaysia. Evangelicals are now the most prominent single civil society group in Malaysia and they were the ones who drove Bersih 4.0. Their profile is young, urban, savvy. And they proliferate in the DAP.

This scenario is in keeping with the worldwide trend. According to the Pew Research Center, the global percentage of Christians in the Asia-Pacific region has tripled over the last century – see comparative pie charts below.

In 1910, Asia-Pacific had 27.5 million Christians. By 2010, Asia-Pacific had 285 million Christians – a more than ten-fold jump in absolute numbers.

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pewforum Christianity distribution

Pew Report global christianity

Who are the evangelistas?

Catholics are the old Christians. Evangelicals are the Kristian Baru.

Evangelicals are defined as Born Again Christians, i.e. those who convert into the religion like Hannah Yeoh at age 19 rather than being originally born in the faith.

Or the evangelicals may be lapsed Christians who momentously recover their faith and fervour in – speaking figuratively – a miraculous ‘rebirth’.

According to the New Catholic Encyclopedia (vol. 5, p.472), the origins of modern evangelicalism is often traced to Germany’s pious Lutherans as well as Methodism in England … think Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC).

Evangelicals are also described as those evangelize, i.e. spread the gospel (dakwah) such as the actively proselytizing lay preacher Hannah Yeoh.

Hannah preach 5

Hannah preach 1

Hannah preach 2

Hannah preach 3

Hannah preach 4

Main objective of evangelistas is to compel change

Not all Christians are evangelistas. Those with an evangelical bent are a minority among Christians in many countries. However, they are the majority among Christians in some countries – Malaysia being one example.

Evangelicals are “one of the few such [fundamentalist] religious groups whose members are determined to have an impact on the society in which they live,” said a Gallup poll report cited by Wheaton College’s ISAE (Institute for the Study of American Evangelicals).

Christians are strongly evangelical in the United States, sub-Saharan Africa and Asia-Pacific. They are however not strongly evangelical in Europe.

Asian evangelicals are some 21 percent of the world Christian evangelical population, according to the Pew Forum in its 2011 global research report.

As an interesting side note, Indonesian Christians are almost identically “nine percent” (magic number!) of the country’s population. Indonesia has 8.8 percentage of its population that are Christian, and the current Governor of Jakarta is a Chinese Christian.

One day soon, the President of Indonesia will be a Chinese Christian.

Armies of God fire

Evangelistas freaking out India too

Academic Iain Buchanan – author of the book The Armies Of God: A Study In Militant Christianity – spoke to DNA, an English-language broadsheet daily in India (interview here), about how some of the powerful evangelical outfits operate in Asian target countries.

Buchanan said that Christian evangelism’s “local impact can be hugely destructive — precisely because of its ability to draw upon a vast global network of forces (including powerful secular ones), and its ability to penetrate and shape local forces, whether they be ethnic, religious, political, or social, according to alien priorities”.

evangelism IndiaOver the last decade, “Christian missionary activity has seen a massive spike” said a separate report titled ‘Evangelist modus operandi in India’.

As one example, it is claimed that Christian evangelism was promoted “in a big way” in Andhra Pradesh under the state’s late leader Y.S.R. Reddy.

“As a result, there has been a sea change in demographics in large parts of Andhra Pradesh” – says a research  commissioned by India Facts which noted the “… very sophisticated methods to evangelise Hindus and broadly, non-Christians.”

See mapping of Christianity in India at top of page – Tamil Nadu and Kerala are two of the country’s most Christian states.

Public perception among the Hindu majority is that Christians are an “unpatriotic, communal force”, reported India’s national newspaper The Hindu‘Indian Christians must be faithful to Constitution: Justice Kurian’ (28 Sept 2015).

Wenzhou authorities remove the cross of a 'Chinese Jerusalem' church in Dongyang on 30 May 2014
Scene at a church in Dongyang, Wenzhou on 30 May 2014

Fear of the cross must be taken seriously

China’s aversion to the crucifix is so acute that as of late July this year, crosses had been removed from one third of all the churches in Zhejiang province.

The sight of cranes and enforcement officers wielding hacksaws has come to characterize the government’s pilot programme for containment of the evangelistas.

China Christian Council complained to the international community how 1,200 crosses had been removed from Zhejiang churches over the past year-and-a-half alone – see the New York Times’ 10 Aug 2015 article.

The government countered that more than half of the nearly 4,000 churches in Zhejiang “lack a license to operate, including a property ownership certificate”, the Xinhua news agency reported (story link via Global Times).

Beijing’s concern over evangelical Christianity is not to be taken lightly. The Chinese communist leadership holds the mandate over 1,357,000,000 China nationals. When you rule over this humongous mass of humanity, your political decisions are not simply made ikut suka-suka.

It’s a big responsibility.

Look at the size of the Sanjiang cathedral-like church in Wenzhou – below – that was demolished in April last year.

Sanjiang churcn Wenzhou demolish

Sanjiang churcn Wenzhou demolish 2
Twitpic by China Aid founder pastor Bob Fu

The Sanjiang mega church in Wenzhou

ABOVE: Mega church comes tumbling down and is flattened

The rise and rise and rise of the evangelistas

China considers evangelical Christianity to be an existential threat.

Pundits view China president Xi Jinping as a hardliner when it comes to cracking down on religions that pose a danger to the political integrity of his country.

The Washington Post recently weighed in with an editorial titled ‘China’s anti-Christian crusade‘ (5 Sept 2015). Reminding readers that “China will have the world’s biggest Christian population by 2030”, the renowned paper said “the profusion of churches seems to have unnerved some Chinese authorities”.

In addition to taking the cross out from public view, unnerved Chinese authorities have, in many cases, further sent the wrecking ball to knock down entire church buildings. Such drastic action is certainly not undertaken for no rhyme or reason.

wenzhou_guantou_cross crop

Wenzhou cross
Standoff between Christian faithful and the riot police in Guantou, Wenzhou

Umno the Parti Pahlawan knows no fear

The truth is that the “big, bad” government in China is afraid – very afraid – of the meek and mild Lamb of God. But nonetheless Beijing is strategizing to protect China’s “blue ocean” (sheeple ripe for conversion) as well as preserve the country’s national identity from the threat of evangelical Christianization.

China’s act in Zhejiang is deliberate as was her ambassador here’s walkabout in Petaling Street. Read Singapore-based Chinese Indonesian sinologist Leo Suryadinata’s appraisal of China’s evolved policy on huaren and the “new role” for overseas Chinese in The Straits Times (2 Sept 2015).

Yet despite the evident fear of evangelistas in China and India, most people in Malaysia are still oblivious to the clear and present danger.

Malaysia is another country where the proportion of the evangelicals among the larger Christian population is very high and in fact, among the highest in the world percentage-wise.

Author on the trend of militant Christianity, Iain Buchanan, estimates evangelicals to comprise close to two-thirds of the Christians in Malaysia.

This fearlessness on the part of the majority population stems from a colossal tidak apa attitude and ignorant naivety. Despite indications of how brutal the DAP regime can be – ask the thousands of stray dogs tortured to death in Penang – the Umno warrior caste remains clueless still.

BELOW: Jerusubang Weltanschauung

Church in Green Lane, Penang
Church in Green Lane, the Christian hub of Penang


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47 thoughts on “China knows what she is doing

  1. No wonder the Chinese Envoy was accompanied by a somewhat moderate-Buddhist-MCA guy during the Petaling Street walk. That itself should be telling. I don’t think Beijing would cherish the thought of ‘making-friends’ or lending-a-hand’ to an Evangelist infested DAP which resembles those of their rebellious brethren in Hong Kong and Taiwan R.O.C.

    1. You’re right.

      Brainwashing, such as that relentlessly carried out by the evangelical cult, indoctrinates the Chinese masses far more successfully than the atheism of China’s communist party.

      I’m afraid that in the longer term, the Communist Party of China will lose to the evangelistas perpetually high on J-Juice and “lurrrve”.

      For us, it’s clear that MCA can never recover from the stunning blow dealt it by the DAP. Hannah Yeoh is in the second pix below.

      1. So are you implying that some men do start churches to be rich? If so, then how do you differentiate them?

        1. Mad Hatter

          People make intellectual discernment everyday.

          From handphone OS, banking rates, best data plans, to the make of their cars.

          Why should then spiritual discernment be the exception?

          1. Aye, but how do you intellectually discern that your church is not trying to just make money out of you?

            In other words, If church A and church B both requires you to pay, how do you tell which one is the good church and which one is the bad church?

            1. Mad Hatter

              Churches should

              1. allow their financials to be perused by its members.

              2. practice no compulsion when it comes to giving.

              Btw you are obviously no stranger to the concept of judgment calls.

              From your earlier comment in another thread:


              Quote Mad Hatter: “The strategies they (churches) deploy are not so different at all from modern day sales and marketing strategies. “

              Perhaps you should share how you apply your rationale to arrive at your above conclusion.

              1. Ah I see you following my posts. Good.

                You mention that churches ‘should’, so meaning currently they don’t or haven’t implemented what you proposed 1. and 2. Do you think they will?

                re: “Perhaps you should share how you apply your rationale to arrive at your above conclusion.”

                Off the top of my head I would say City Harvest Church Singapore. I read they invented cell groups of young people to go out and befriend other young people in order to convert them.

                The church also allows payment/donation via credit card. The founder of the church is currently on trial for reasons associated with ……money.

                1. Mad Hatter

                  ’Should’ is the appropriate word because I am surely not going out on a limb to say ALL churches adhere to the rules without exception.

                  There will always be some who don’t.

                  Church members usually are not in the habit of scrutinizing church accounts, unless they have good reason to.

                  That brings us back to the fundamental question why Christians give in the first place.

                  Giving is supposed to be a test of faith and in return, the giver experiences the joy of giving. If giving causes someone to be overwhelmed with doubts and distress, then it is better not to give at all.

                  When the giver does not experience the joy of giving, then it defeats the purpose of giving in the Christian context altogether.
                  Bottomline, nobody is under any compulsion to part with their money, unless they are truly ready to.

                  As for recruiting and converting new followers, my personal take is as long as no newbie is under duress or has their liberty curtailed, then I don’t see why it should offend any 3rd party.

                  Sure, people are entitled to their world-view and opinions about ‘evangelism’ drives.

                  But being overly impassioned and repulsive on the subject denotes underlying factor or biases that go beyond mere POV.

                  1. Well said.

                    Now if you’ll be so kind as to forward our little dialogue to your churches I’m sure all would be well.

                    As for proselytizing, conversion of minors is a big nono. Trust me you don’t want them to go home and start calling their parents idolaters would you?

                    1. g

                      Pleez, you can lose your sarcasm.

                      Christianity does not believe in compulsion, so, followers are free to seek out churches that is biblically sound. Plenty around.

                      Quote: “As for proselytizing, conversion of minors is a big nono.”

                      I don’t speak for the Catholics, if you are talking about the Protestants, you might be interested to know minors are not baptised without parental consent.

                      Anyway, look around, there are plenty of non practising ‘baptised Christians’ happily doing their thing. If your concern is the fear individuals being entrapped by their early decisions in life, you can look elsewhere. You’ll be hard pressed finding trapped souls compelled to live out their holy obligation in Christian churches.

                      Or perhaps you are of the opinion the young impressionable mind ought to be kept clean like a sheet of white paper when it comes to spiritual matters? Until they are old enough to make sound decisions?

                      If so then you might want to have a word with parents who tell minors to burn hell notes to appease the hungry spirits, offer joss sticks to Kuan Yin for protection or 4 faced buddha so daddy strikes 4 ekor.

                      Ya, know, just so the young mind is kept pristine and their religious neutrality not compromised before they reach consenting age.

  2. So Kak Helen, what can we do? How do we crush this Christian threat in Malaysia? Monitor the churches? Report them to the police?

        1. China has sent monitors to infiltrate church congregations. Malaysia cannot do this because the female volunteers will not be able to take off their hijab whereas the men will find it difficult to pass themselves off as non-Muslim.

          However what the Muslims can do is copy some of the evangelista tactics. For example, the evangelistas and their pro-Christian media constantly monitor the khutbah Jumaat prepared by Jakim, MAIS and JAIP.

          Muslims can return the favour by monitoring the evangelista activities that are public, such as the launch of Denison Jayasooria’s book not too long ago in DUMC by Khairy Jamaluddin.

          The evangelistas are also very trigger happy in making police reports – most recently against the Jabatan Agama Islam Pahang and earlier against the speakers at the beware Christianization forum held in UiTM.

          I wonder how the evangelistas will react when their deeds are reciprocated. They can do, but other people do the same, the latter are labelled Taliban.

          1. Oh Helen, good to know that you have finally accepted Mohd Salim into your fold, to be your sidekick in your noble crusade…

          2. Oh Helen, good to know that you have finally accepted Mohd Salim into your fold, to be your sidekick in your noble crusade …

          3. Helen,

            Just like Arabs who were under the protections of Ottoman sultans mocked anyone who reminded them of the danger of over ambitious Jewish, Malays too develop “tidak apa ” attitude when they are reminded the cruelty that DAP can inflict on them.

            The reason is quite simple actually. DAP’s true colour will only be revealed upon it assuming total power.

    1. Embrace it and love it. The most developed countries in the world are largely Christian. Maybe God prefers and favours them and has clearly blessed them with a lot more wealth, ability and prosperity in comparison to the others. So it might not be a bad thing…

      On a serious note, don’t let the loon aka Helen get in your head. She’s just a hatemonger and is trying to stir up racial sentiment. I much rather spend my days enjoying what life has to offer then to spend it like her, so full of hate. Perhaps she’s getting compensated well for it, after all this does seem to be a 24/7 gig for her.

      What threat, my racist friend? Have you ever had an evangelical come up to you personally to preach the word? I haven’t, and neither has anyone I know. Even if they did pose a threat, what’s there to worry about? Islam is a religion of compulsion in Malaysia and there is zero chance of Muslims being allowed to leave the faith. So why worry?

      1. Unlike evangelical preachers, I do not collect 10 percent of my readers’ income as tithe (zakat).

        Unlike the DAP anger mongers – see below – such as Hannah Yeoh, I do not need to make voters angry so that my political party (I’m not and have never been a member of any) can win seats in the election.

        Unlike the Gospel of Prosperity greedy cultists, I’ve never shown any signs of materialism in my close to five years blogging on this platform. No reader will be able to recall me having boasted about branded things or chasing after possessions.

        Unlike the Hanana hate race mongers, I don’t preach ‘ethnic cleansing’ to wipe out an entire community into “zero Chinese”.

        Unlike you evangelistas, I do not do drive-by shooting to spew one-line putdowns like “what rubbish”, “nonsense”, “gibberish” and “how absurd”, .

        The whole article above is backed by research data, statistics, quotes from academics like Suryadinata, Buchanan and even an encyclopedia citation as well as many and various news clippings/reports all with the relevant url linked.

        BELOW: MCA exco reminded “@hannahyeoh shld not make ‘false’ allegations” while Kelana Jaya Youth chief chided “@hannahyeoh, do not simply accuse!”

        Unlike you twittering lot, I do not sleep so yes, I am doing a 24/7 gig 48 hours a day. I shall take a rest when dajjals no longer menace my country.

        Earlier you called me a “nutjob” in @hannahyeoh timeline. Now here you’re calling me “the loon”.

        It’s beginning to be very clear that many of the 118,000 @hannahyeoh Twitter followers are the abusive trolls who bully others online.

      2. ‘blessed them with a lot more wealth’

        yup via looting and colonization that is!

        ‘I much rather spend my days enjoying what life has to offer’


        1. “yup via looting and colonization that is!”

          No different to what the Malays have done to the Orang Asli, if you want to get technical about it., but the westerners don’t claim to be the bumis of their land. At least now, the western countries have moved on from an entitlement based society. Truly just!


          I’m bored atm, off day at the Rugby World Cup. Plus it’s always nice to come here every now and again to see if you’re still an angry little man. You clearly are!

          1. ‘No different to what the Malays have done to the Orang Asli, if you want to get technical about it’

            Lets be technical about it starting by you EXPLAINING IN DETAILS?

            ‘but the westerners don’t claim to be the bumis of their land. At least now, the western countries have moved on from an entitlement based society. Truly just!’

            Funny. Your concept of just makes me wonder when was the last time you are sober again?

            ‘I’m bored atm, off day at the Rugby World Cup.’

            Beer finish already aah? Any beer jokes for us to spare while waiting for you to be bored again??

  3. Had a Cina friend. Friends for years, celebrated weddings, raya, Chinese new year, was there at the birth of their first child, watched her grow and then one day they invited me for Christmas dinner. That was about 10 years ago.

    Being friends, I went. Spent a very awkward time listening to them praising their new church in Singapore and Subang, where they were “born again”. They even invited me to church so I can learn how great their newfound Christian religion was.

    Long story short: not keeping in touch anymore. So when Helen writes on the proselytising evangelical churches, I buy it because I have seen how they can change people.

    1. Orangkampung

      Of course religion changes people. That’s the whole idea about faiths and the concept of redemption.

      You can choose not to interact with your friend again, That is your prerogative.

      As zealously on fire about her religion as your friend may be, she is not actually kicking down doors, rounding up her Christian brethens, threatening hostilities, is she?

      Real life stories of husbands/wives converting to Islam mid stream and their children whisked away by authorities from their estranged partners with no definite recourse in sight are plenty.

      So, pardon the sense of irony and incredulity when Muslims talked how ‘threatened’ they are by proselytising Christianity.


      That makes both of is.

      1. ‘kicking down doors, rounding up her Christian brethens, threatening hostilities, is she?’

        HH, bela lawbreakers are we? Very classy indeed!

        ‘Real life stories of husbands/wives converting to Islam mid stream and their children whisked away by authorities from their estranged partners with no definite recourse in sight are plenty.’

        HH, dear, you can always leave. Why would a kafir like yourself be bothered with Muslims affairs? Berambus lagi baik!

        Huang dah buka pintu for a Cina like you to find better resting place. Nak airasia tiket ke brader?

            1. Whatever, dude.

              Nothing is more fulfilling than the satsfaction of cutting short your usual ‘cari pasal’ mission.

              Tra la la

  4. Bak kata perpatah melayu ,Cacing dah naik kemata , begitulah akibat kalau tidak dibendung dari awal ,and we had a government which failed to identified the possible threat early , we the rakyat are facing the outcome and consequences .

    I dont blamed DAP or the Chinese extremist ,they are just opportunist who taking advantage of a weaker government ,for their goal .

    People won’t just unite by slogan or propaganda ,a serious steps should be taken ,though how unpopular it will be .
    I am sure we don’t want to see another Chinese ambassador in Petaling street ,or could be Indian ambassador in little India to tell us how to run our country .

    Why blame DAP then ,it’s not DAP wo accompany the ambassador to China Town

    1. You are right. Serious steps must be taken. Enough of shouting slogans and carry banners. Eg. tutup SJKC. Gomen must really go and shut down these schools.Eg. balik Cina. Gomen must start to revoke citizenships of Chinese and deport them balik Cina.

      If no action is taken, no one will take you seriously. You are wasting saliva in shouting slogan and money in printing banners. People will ask “Sudah demo sini sana, what next?”

      Anyone dare to translate your slogans/banners into real action?

  5. I was fm a convent where all our teachers and our Reverend Mother were Catholic nuns from Europe (kecuali sorang Ustazah Melayu). You know nuns yang wore habits 24/7, soft spoken, beautiful and kind.

    Both my SIL are Catholic Christian converts also from Europe, rupa, cara hidup, lemah lembut, loving and also very kind personalities.

    This evangelical Christianity here today is something quite new and strange to me as many here are either of Chinese and of Indians origins..cara mereka chengei, garang, mulut celopar dan jarang jumpa yang manis, lemah lembut and kind.

    Pasai apa beza sangat penampilan depa2 ni compared to the nuns I grew up with? Depa ikut ajaran Church dari mana dan rujuk bible lain ke?

    1. So, in your world view, Catholics are ok, as are the mainstream Protestant churches (Church of England/Anglicans and Methodists), while the “evangelical Christian churches” are not ok?

  6. Dunno where to put this, so I put here lah :)

    ‘It is my impression that many young Malaysian Chinese have forgotten the lessons of May 13, 1969. They naively believe that the system built around the principle of Malay dominance can be changed. That may be why they abandoned MCA for the DAP. They are delusional. Malay dominance will be defended by any means.’

    An interesting read: Singapore is not an island by Bilahari Kausikan @

    1. Methinks this link would also do well to contribute to the debate ongoing @ ‘Once MCA is dead, Chinese schools can be shut down’.

      Would much appreciate if you could drop a line there at my latest posting.

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