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84% J-Star readers “annoyed”, “amused” with Najib’s speech at UN summit

Below is the feedback by J-Star readers to the Prime Minister’s Sept 29 speech on “countering and preventing the spread of violent extremism”. Najib Razak was speaking at a leaders’ summit on countering the terrorists in the Middle East war zone.

The summit was held on the margins of the UN general assembly debate and opened by President Obama.

A total of 28 percent of the J-Star readers who gave their feedback on the article ‘PM: Take the fight against IS online‘ were “Annoyed” while 56 percent were “Amused”.

Only 5 percent of J-Star readers were “Inspired” by PM Najib’s speech in New York.

Another 6 percent were “Angry” at him.

Sigh … when will Umno do something about The Gunting?

By the way, screencaptured below is the full text of Najib’s speech. I am only the eleventh person to read it on the PMO website.

Screenshot below taken just now at 10.39am

Take the fight against IS online Najib Star emoticons

Screenshot taken at 10.38am, click to enlarge

Take the fight against IS online Najib Star

PMO web page below



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13 thoughts on “84% J-Star readers “annoyed”, “amused” with Najib’s speech at UN summit

    1. I see. More than a quarter of J-Star readers (who provided feedback) were “Happy” that 717 Muslim pilgrims died in the stampede while another 10 percent were “Amused”.

      No ambiguity about their feelings over the tragedy. The responses accurately reflect the EvangeliSTAR demography, I would say.

      The sentiments of the reporters in The Nest are similarly identical when it comes to contentious issues.

      Recall, J-Star reporter @ Taman Medan: “Who gives you the right to claim this land as Muslim land”?’

  1. I’m not paticularly concerned with his speech at the UN assembly. I’m more worried about his stand on TPPA that he acknowledged as something that he strongly supports at some business group function he spoke at.

    1. TPPA – a de facto choice between picking China or Uncle Sam as BFF?

      I hope it is China rather than USA that is Malaysia’s ‘BFF’.

      1. I’m quite certain the PM prefers the US.

        I wanted to share with you the news I read from a foreign source but can’t seem to find. Unfortunately my Google search on “PM Najib meet investors” returned pages of articles which seemed to be mainly from MChronicle, MK and also almost all the articles are negative rantings on the PM.

        1. Chronicle is undeservedly (b’cos they don’t generate original articles but mostly copypaste) turning up prominently in Google search. Google should refine its search metrics.

          re: “negative rantings on the PM”

          Not many people seem to be seriously taking in the extent of the evangelista danger and their nests which clean up their shit – like the J-Star blacking out news of the press conference where MCA and Gerakan condemned DAP for what happened at Bersih 4.0.

          I mean with the hundreds of demolished churches in Zhejiang alone, it’s certainly clear that China sure takes it most seriously.

          Also it’s a matter of us (Chinese) understanding the Chinese psyche, e.g. why the Chinese in Yulin don’t blanch when they blowtorch dogs alive and how the Butcher of Betelham (Penang’s version of Bethlehem) can order the culling of thousands of dogs – sentenced to die gruesome deaths – without blinking an eye.

          It’s how the Malaysian Chinese community can produce an arsehole like this individual with the Bintang Tiga/Lima temperament – see,

          Comparing the psychological make-up of Malays (example below) vs these evangelistas, what happens is Belanda minta tanah.

          1. Since he mentioned cleanliness and hygiene, I wonder if he was one of those who boiced out against pets in supermarkets particularly the produce section.

            On the Star blacking out the Gerakan-MCA pc, that I totally blame MCA. They own the Star. MCA owns the Star! MCA owns the Star and should remind the Star’s editors of that fact.

            1. re: “They own the Star. MCA owns the Star! MCA owns the Star and should remind the Star’s editors of that fact.”

              Can you pls do me a favour and doublecheck? I’d just like confirmation that my claim is correct.

              I believe this matter should be pursued further.

                1. Oh, my apology. I did not express myself clearly.

                  What I meant was, could you pls double check for me that The J-Star did indeed blackout the news on Thurs. as I had claimed.

                  I couldn’t find any mention of it in Star Online.

                  1. ‘like the J-Star blacking out news of the press conference where MCA and Gerakan condemned DAP for what happened at Bersih 4.0.’

                    Helen benda besar macam ni, tak front paged, memang ‘blackout’ la tu! Siap channeling Shuzeng lagi dengan gambar tiga pemuda Melayu ‘ISIS’! Licik the sneaky bastards!

                  2. The one you posted is the only one published on the subject by Star. Even MI (or MKini) had a longer posting on the Dap censure.

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