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“The shooter was lining people up and asking if they were Christian,” she wrote. “If they said yes, then they were shot in the head. If they said no, or didn’t answer, they were shot in the legs.”

‘Oregon gunman singled out Christians during rampage’ – story reported by New York Post.

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  1. And your point is…..?

    ISIS also targetted Christians in the territories they “conquered”, according to published reports.

    1. re: “And your point is…..?”

      Gun culture.

      As for the Christian angle, still waiting for details.

  2. Helen

    As much as I know your distaste for DAP evangelist, i dont think this is the right case study to use against them ( if that is your intention).

    Shooting cases in the USA is not related to one specific goal ( see recent live on air journalist shooting)

    1. It’s an anatomy of yet another shooting spree in Amerikah – Land of the Christian Fundamentalists. Let’s see what details of the incident emerge over the next 48 hours. We don’t know the shooter’s motive.

      1. And also an increasing number of Muslims and Asian immigrants.

        Strange, isn’t it, that in spite of the “gun culture”, gay marriages, LGBT rights etc, they still flock to get into the US.

        Of course, the right-wing Christian churches in the US look askance at the Muslims there and treat them with suspicion, if not outright condemnation.

        But that hasn’t prevented Muslims in the US for pushing for their rights, has it? With the protection of US laws and the US courts.

        Including freedom of religion, including conversions.

        Not so in other countries, though.

            1. When women wear tudung to work, she is discriminate against or is pressured to leave. But if Sikhs wear turbans ….

              1. Same here, when a Malay defended his rights as stipulated in the Federal Constitution, then he is a racist and a bigot to the core. He must be vilified and shamed.

                But when a Cina challenges the Federal Constitution with his race segregating vernacular schooling (segregation via languages is way bigger than physical segregation, way more dividing), he is upholding his minority rights, his freedom to choose and must be supported by all. What a joke!

        1. ………And also an increasing number of Muslims and Asian immigrants.Strange, isn’t it, that in spite of the “gun culture”, gay marriages, LGBT rights etc, they still flock to get into the US…..

          Obama kata
          ……That does not mean that there were no Muslims in America at the founding — many African slaves were originally Muslim, and were forcibly converted from that faith…….

          Muslims dah lama bertapak in US. Yang baru2 dok pi Apek2 Asian Immigrants macam you la Platea480.

  3. Itu pasai many times saya query itu HY and hubby going to churches to preach… Just about anyone is allowed to preach their religion ke?

    That boy.. dari mana agaknya dia dapat idea to comment “good, because you’re a Christian, you are going to see God in just about one second”.

    This incident reminds me of Jim Jones;


    “Evangelicals flock to Jerusalem for Israel love fest

    Christian pilgrims from around world, including some countries hostile to Israel, join parade in the capital’s streets on Thursday”

    “AP — Thousands of evangelical Christians from more than 80 countries descended upon Jerusalem this week to show their support for the Jewish state, including pilgrims and politicians from countries with a history of hostility toward Israel.

    The celebratory summit reflects evangelical Christianity’s dramatic growth worldwide and gives a boost to Israel at a time when the country is increasingly isolated internationally. It reaches its apex on Thursday, when the pilgrims walk in the Jerusalem Parade, an annual event during which many of the capital’s streets are closed to vehicular traffic.

    Also in attendance was Rev. Mosy Madugba of Nigeria, head of a network of Christian ministers, who said his close ties to Nigerian leaders helped change the country’s traditional pro-Palestinian stance at the UN. In recent years, Nigeria has abstained from supporting UN resolutions supporting Palestinian statehood.

    1. Dear Mulan Malaysia,
      Thanks for sharing the link… An interesting piece to be read with open mind and ability to read the lines and between them….

      Dear Helen,
      The link has proven what you have been tirelessly try to tell us about the born again Christians in Malaysia… I think they really believe that they are in need of saving…though certain learders of theirs have other agendas…..

      Nenek Kampung

  5. Kak Helen, it sad that you a non Muslim, has to lead this battle against the Christians. You have done a lot in raising our awareness about their evil agenda. I wish more Muslim leaders will see this and take up the mantle. Perhaps it is time that you take the fight beyond cyberspace? Reach out to Muslims everywhere in the country so that we know the enemy in our midst.

    1. MS, Muslim leaders pun ramai yang buat kerja, masing2 do their part. Ada yang political, thus boleh nampak, dan ada yang tidak, thus tak nampak. Semua orang buat part masing2.

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