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DAP and MCA fight over Chinese schools

“DAP has subtly turned Chinese primary schools into their dumping ground where they spread all sorts of malicious messages to incite the Chinese community against the government,” MCA Publicity Bureau chairman Senator Chai Kim Sen said in a press statement today.

It is due to this campaign of malice by the DAP that Chinese youngsters “start to make irrational actions such as stomping on pictures and holding mock funerals of our nation’s leaders”, Chai added.

Bersih girl step Najib pijak

Agreeing with his colleague Ti Lian Ker – whose joint press conference with Gerakan two days ago on the topic was blacked out by The J-Star – Senator Chai suggested that Bersih 4.0 would not have had an 85 percent Chinese turnout had it not been for DAP’s provocation.

“And as such, they must bear the responsibility of our worsening racial tensions!” he chided.

DAP smack Chong Sin Woon

DAP immediately hit back by making an unfounded accusation against Deputy Education Minister cum MCA Youth chief Chong Sin Woon (pix)  – see above. Chong did no such thing.

It is the DAP up to its usual “simply accuse” by putar-belit tactic. In this case, the DAP’s Anthony Loke betoi-betoi dok tipu.

Loke fitnah Chong through use of crafty syllogism and a cunning sleight of hand.

What Chong actually said was that DAP politicians “are all from Sekolah Kebangsaan and not from SJK (C)”. (This is largely true.) Presumably Chong does reckon that some of the DAP leaders, who come from Sekolah Kebangsaan, are indeed racists.

Although DAP evangelistas mostly come from national school, some nonetheless are from a Chinese school background.

To retaliate, Anthony Loke cooked up a 2+2=5 dirty trick.

Anthony accused Chong of indirectly implying that national schools breed racism, i.e. because

  • Chong said DAP leaders come from Sekolah Kebangsaan
  • Chong believes DAP leaders are racist
  • and therefore (according to the Anthony illogic) Chong is saying that Sekolah Kebangsaan teaches its pupils to be racists

The DAP people are sick beyond words. And that’s also why MCA is in the doldrums. Nobody can match the DAP sneaky bastards in the dirty tricks department.

This is why I strongly maintain that DAP is dangerous. Their artful duplicity, contohnya nih kenakan si Timbalan Menteri Pendidikan di atas, is second nature to the DAP politicians who are so full of guile. (Chong had earlier revealed that almost all the MCA leaders attended Chinese schools “and they are not racists”.)

I’m not anti-MCA. I just want MCA out of the way so that Umno can deal with the DAP one-on-one. And I want MCA to be hands off so that Umno can do whatever necessary to check the Nest of Evangelistas who have hijacked the MCA media empire.

Umno is the only power in Malaysia able to put a stop to the DAP juggernaut.

Among the DAP evangelistas, their bigotry is more veered towards religious supremism, i.e. Christian triumphalism. After all, they are constantly declaring how they’re “beyond race”, i.e. not guilty of racism. But they certainly are guilty of religious bigotry.

It’s up to you whether you want to believe or not that the self-proclaimed “colour blind” DAP leaders really hold no prejudice against people with darker skin. But what cannot be disputed is their utter and incomparable sneakiness.


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28 thoughts on “DAP and MCA fight over Chinese schools

  1. Its too late for MCA or Gerakan or even UMNO to do anything about racial politic played well by DAP .
    All this years MCA and Gerakan like abang /adik with DAP why things go sour now .

    1. Yup depa dua kali lima. Harap UMNO buka mata dan jangan layan depa lagi. Kerusi majoriti Melayu patut ditandingi UMNO. MCA boleh mati macam Gerakan!

  2. Its too late for MCA or Gerakan or even UMNO to do anything about racial politic played well by DAP .
    All this years MCA and Gerakan like abang /adik with DAP why things go sour now .

    Helen all this years ,your “gunting dalam lipatan ” called to MCA sudah terkeluar .

  3. Helen,

    The politics of hatred is very dangerous. It will destroy the very fabric of the nation.

    Having successfully indoctrinates Chinese to believe that nobody(even UMNO ) can stop them(the Chinese) , DAP turns its attention to the only force that stands on its way :UMNO.

    All this while MCA could not be bothered to attack DAP. Only when they witnessed how Malays too can react( and react with full force) then it dawns upon them( MCA) that DAP has crossed the line. And crossing the line means Chinese in general are crossing sword with Malays. No two way about it.

    UMNO should learn too from Himpunan Merah. The Himpunan Merah shows that Malays are prepared to act even if UMNO leaders namely Najib hesitates to act.

    What UMNO should learn( if it still struggling to understand) that the only language DAP understands is language of firmness and no mercy.

    1. ‘language of firmness and no mercy’

      You’ve said it. AK47 also did the same. Tun M and LKY understand it all too well. But will jho low’s bff take a heed from it??

      1. Islam1st,

        No. He will not.

        But he is not the Prophet. as such there is no sin to “dethrone” him. Himpunan Merah is a timely reminder to him. He took the easy way out of not supporting Hi mpunan Merah. Yet he did not forbid UMNO members to join in.

        If he hesitates, others will do the job.

      2. Saudara2. Actually Malaysia can be governed without the Chinese a’la the Britiish. But if there is to be a Nation, there has to be a full complement of citizens. With a beautiful hindsight, the fault actually lies with the MCA through the decades when the UMNO leadership was understanding and willing to accommodate. But the weak Chinese leadership since 1957 failed to respond and assist UMNO what could have been easily done long long ago. And in time, the MCA leadership became OUT-DATED. like now with no depth in its leadership. Every other leader looks like a small boy ! I was a keen observer in the mid-1970s when the Mandarin small town boys got power in MCA. What did they do ? They used my 1972 concept and acquisition to control Sime Darby by the Malays as the excuse for MCA and themselves to make tons of money which eventually Multi-Purpose Holdings had to be sold. And Tun Ghafar Baba became the leader of MCA. Such was the mess these very rich once very poor Mandarin speaking small town boys created. And the politcs ? What politics they may ask ? 17 of these MCA a complete list retired multi-millionaires or multi-billionaires. By 1982, one very poor MCA leader could remit S$ 100 millions from Singapore to Hong Kong. This is a fact. MONEY MONEY MONEY has brought down the tiny isle of Singapore eg their early General Elections and weakening economy. MONEY MONEY MONEY has brought down the MCA as well. The rest is self-explanatory.

        1. re: “But the weak Chinese leadership since 1957 failed to respond and assist UMNO what could have been easily done long long ago.”

          Uncle, if you consider Chinese leadership post-1957 to be weak, then can you pls tell us which period/year MCA was at its strongest and why?

          1. Ms H. The MCA was at its strongest when Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Tun H.S. Lee, Tun Leong Yew Koh, Dato Lau Pak Chuan etc were there at its inception. Do you realize only Tan Sri Lee Loy Seng stood out amongst my many friends ? There has never been any serious and factual study of Malaysian Politics. Can you imagine that we do not know the Political Systems of Malaysia and Singapore which are diametrically opposed ? .

            1. Aside from the force of personality of those leaders you named, what were the factors in the 1950s that made MCA strong?

              1. Ms H. It is the 1st Generation zeal which came naturally with the original lot of leaders. The followers thereafter behaved like 3rd Generation rich men’s sons. At the material time, Communist insurgency was at its height plus the collapse of Generalissimo Chiang Kai Shek’s Kuomintang (KMT) which these leaders a sense of urgency, probably with some British gentle coercion. Tun H.S. Lee and Dato Lau Pak Khuan were KMT members.

              2. Hs H. Apart from Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Tun H.S. Lee were link men with the British authorities. Tun Omar Yoke Lin Ong was an aide to Tun H.S Lee at the material time.

            2. Ms H. It was the MONEY MONEY MONEY which seeped into MCA soon after Merdeka in 1957 and reached a high crescendo during the reign of the very poor Mandarin speaking small town boys who became very very rich and thereafter collapsed with the sale of the Multi-Purpose Holdings. In UMNO’s case, this came much later !

              1. But it was also money that cemented the MCA-Umno sweetheart years because during that early time Umno was still poor and MCA helped with Umno’s funding.

                1. Ms H. The first Alliance participation in the General Elections of 1954 cost the Alliance Straits Dollars 440,000 donated by the Chinese towkays. UMNO grew increasingly uncomfortable thereafter. Fast trek to 2013 ?

        2. ‘the fault actually lies with the MCA’

          I’m mad at the MCA , partly their baling batu sembunyi act, for failing to explain to the Cinas, the quid pro quo that is the Perlembagaan Persekutuan. Otherwise the DAP hate politics won’t bercambah biak sampai teruk macam ni.

          MCA is part of the Cina problem!

          1. islam1st. I agree with your comment. But I believe I have the answers to all the political conundrums which are actually inter-linked in this small Nation.

  4. MCA and DAP nak bercakar pasai SJKC lantak le as long as they don’t kacau pembelajaran anak2 kami.

    18 million Bumiputras berbilang bangsa dari peringkat sekolah (11tahun) mereka sudah mampu menjalinkan pertalian persahabatan yang erat. Networking ma..sikalang networking very very important.

    ………By 2040, the Statistics Department projects that the number of Malays will increase to 27.1 million and the Chinese, 7.1 million.

    Kalau dah kalut sangat takmau anak2 bercampur..
    go ahead ikut suka la.
    Anak2 kami tak akan rugi apa2 pun.

      1. ……7.1 million is a strength, as they are always one..

        Jiran Apek saya sesama jiran2 Apek lain ego, jealousy, sikap dingin dan takmau kawan sesama mereka kuat tau.

        Yang menyatukan mereka adalah WANG. How they supported BN zaman TDM? Tsunami Cina Anwar, late Kalpal and TGNA got them really2 excited. Kalau tarak kasi untung no way. Tengok DAP dok buat apa to Hadi sikalang.

        Malangnya tsunami Cina tak menjadi. Tapi MCA tarik diri taknak apa2 jawatan dalam BN, apakah ada oghang2 lain ke yang telah menarik perhatian mereka?

        Anyway ayuh baca apa sedang berlaku antara yahoo, Alibaba dan Jack Ma. Hati2 ya nak melabur. Nanti harga saham turun, nilai ringgit turun lagi kasi pening kepala.

  5. Ms H. The Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP only gain credence with the uninformed Chinese against a weak MCA leadership which has no ideas or information. The matter on the Chinese schools within the context of a win-win situation for all in the general interests of our Sovereignty, National Interest and Self-esteem is just commonsense. I have the answers which have never been explored or discussed since 1951 !

  6. Confucianism and Liberal Education for a Global Era: Lectures with a Global Scholar

    “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall …. Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.” – Confucius

      1. Survivor, Apart from Confucianism, facts, the truth, the fakerism of the Dictator (1959-2015), corruption of power and money, proposed income tax on their money collection activities, etc will bring a rapid decline to these fakers. MONEY MONEY MONEY !

        1. Imam Shafi’i said: “Were this world to be sold on the market, I would not buy it even for a loaf of bread, because of all the troubles it contains.”

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