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DAP dah tolak Umno kena ansur lah

Orangkampung replies to my 10 questions for Umno. I hope that someone in the PMO will take note of the answer to Q.7.

1. Is Umno even the least interested in “spearheading and galvanizing” the Malays to combat DAP which Jabatan Agama Islam Pahang and a substantial number of other religious figures believe to be anti-Islam?

No, let’s leave DAP to MCA & Gerakan. Nanti Umno kena tuduh ‘racists’, hilang semua undi bukan Melayu.


2. Is Umno taking the evangelical party DAP “very seriously indeed” atau masih lagi bersikap paling tidak apa?

Tak apa.

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3. Will Umno give those evangelistas in DAP “a clear choice” ultimatum? – “Renounce your virulent creed” (of hate and extremism) and “be guided back towards the righteous path, or face the consequences”.

Huh? Don’t understand the big words.


4. Will the Umno-led government “strengthen the administrative and operational capacities of the relevant law enforcement authorities” to deal with the rapid radicalisation of DAP evangelistas?

Yes to the first part, the DAP part wait and see.


5. Will Umno prevent the Dapsters from inflicting “their barbarity” on Malaysians who do not support the DAP and in the process ruining whatever racial goodwill that’s left between the various ethnic communities?

No lah cannot do that. Umno ni dari dulu bertolak ansur. DAP dah tolak Umno kena ansur la.

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6. It is known that DAP “has harnessed a highly effective approach to communications and messaging. The so-called online terrorists have been deployed to devastating effect, inspiring too many of the impressionable, the vulnerable and the excluded to join their ranks” in Jerusubang. Will Umno work with “police and cyber security to deal with this insidious threat” from the Dapster-evangelistas?

Of course. The police will investigate and recommend further action. Full stop.

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7. Presumably Umno has by now realised that a “focused attempt to counter the narrative and online presence of [DAP] is required”. Is Umno addressing this severe lack of “an overarching programme” to fight the Dapster-evangelistas?

Umno is trying, you know. Tapi susah sikit, can’t even get positive news on PM on front page of any search engine.

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8. What can Umno do to shore up any “important bulwark at the forefront of [nation]wide efforts” that can block the DAP messaging from being amplified?

Susah lah soalan ni. Kita dah tukar internet minister berapa kali dah tapi semuanya macam buntu saja bab ni.


9. Umno is fully aware “the lies that [DAP] employs are insidious”. Is Umno able to help the Malay ground be aware that “humbleness, compassion and love for our fellow man … are noble virtues that [DAP evangelistas] and their fellow extremists are lack totally”.

Yes to the first Q. Second part, pass.

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10. Is Umno ever going to do anything about the Nest of Evangelistas?



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7 thoughts on “DAP dah tolak Umno kena ansur lah

  1. Answering to all your 10 question ,Helen ! which I missed earlier . Dalam dasar transformasi UMNO our main objective is to secured our dear leader and we should’t waste time dealt with all the political nonsense of DAP ,MCA or even Gerakan.

    Secured our dear leader ,and UMNO and Malay will be secured forever , selagi ada bulan dan matahari .

  2. Wow, you made a posting of it. I’m flattered. Love the pictures, so appropriate especially the last one.

    Just to clarify on 3. I think the PM seems to have caught the Anwar/LKS syndrome of using long winded sentences and big-mouthful words. Sometimes when I listened to him I just want to shout KISS!

    1. Mulan,

      Because of Najib’s refusal to be firm, several UMNO leaders who are rooted in reality emerge to defend UMNO, Malays. Jamal, though insinuated non stop by DAP and those Malays worshipping DAP, earns Malay respect by organising HImpunan Baju Merah, thus demolishing DAP’s lies that Malays are abandoning UMNO.

      Jamal manages to get even . and for the first time some Chinese start to realize that demonstrations are not good for business.

  3. Helen, you read Najib’s speech and came up with 10 Qs for Umno.
    Umno read the same speech and cheered because the PM was speaking at the UN on big worldly issues. Of course they failed to see that his words were also relevant in relation to Umno’s fight against Dap.

    Dap on the other hand saw an opportunity to push their agenda. Grandpapa Dapster read the same speech and came up with his challenge:

    You think Umno will tolak balik atau beransur lagi?

    1. Thanks for the LKS link. My follow-up views on the way – in my next post.

      Meanwhile the shooting in Oregon should push Malaysians to ponder on the gun culture and violence in Christian Amerikah. More on this too.

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