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You think Umno will tolak balik atau beransur lagi?

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DAP dah tolak Umno kena ansur lah

Highlights of the PM’s speech – Najib Razak quotes within inverted commas – yesterday addressed to the UN general assembly, below.

[My comments in square brackets]

Prime Minister Najib Razak: “the old ways are proving inadequate to the challenges we face today” [Helen: Why is Umno still employing inadequate old ways when faced with the challenge of Christian evangelism?]

Our PM: “But new conflicts and threats imperilling our peace and security do not recognise borders. Non-state actors, such as the so-called Islamic State, threaten to destroy sovereign states.” [Helen: The DAP evangelistas do not recognise ethical boundaries. Their non-state actors, such as the NGOs, think-tanks and subversive media, threaten to destroy BN.]

Our PM: “They don’t confine their horrific acts of cruelty within official boundaries. Expert at using social media to recruit followers in faraway countries, they lure them with false promises, persuading many young people that their barbaric actions will bring them closer to God.” [Helen: Ditto the DAP evangelical leadership and its recruitment of young people.]

Our PM: “It is sickening, and there could be no greater a slur on Islam – a religion of peace, moderation and justice. But these extremists cannot be defeated by traditional military means alone.” [Helen: These DAP evangelical extremists cannot be defeated by traditional means alone. So what is Umno gonna do about it?]

Mr Prime Minister,

Our PM: “Five years ago I stood before this assembly and called for a Global Movement – of Moderates of all religions, of all countries – to marginalise extremists, reclaim the centre, and shape the agenda towards peace and pragmatism.” [Helen: You provided the expedient ideological vehicle for the empowerment of the EvangeliSTARs.]

Our PM: “We in Malaysia have followed up, both with practical action and by building intellectual capacity.” [Helen: You appointed Saifuddin Abdullah as CEO. Now your party members are waiting eagerly for him to be sacked from Umno.]

Our PM: “Central to this effort is reaffirming Islam’s true nature, as we must acknowledge that we are not winning the propaganda war against the so-called Islamic State.” [Helen: You’re badly losing the propaganda war against the so-called Love Tribe.]

Our PM: “Their twisted narrative is not being adequately countered to prevent many misguided people from joining or supporting from afar.” [Helen: So true. Some misguided Malays are even joining or supporting the DAP. What is Umno doing to adequately counter the twisted narrative of the evangelistas?]

Our PM: “So it is more important than ever that we spread awareness of authentic Islam.” [Helen: It is equally important, now more than ever, that you spread awareness of danger posed by DAP evangelism. Why do you say the ‘right’ things abroad but sit on your hands at home?]

Our PM: “Most especially when conflicts persist and people lose hope.” [Helen: Most especially when the siege on Malays strongly persists and your besieged vote bank lose hope and will possibly refuse to support BN in the next election.]

Our PM: “For it is there that extremism finds fertile soil. And those who fight for extremism – for a perversion of true Islam – are one of the main drivers of the current migration crisis from the Middle East.” [Helen: Ideological extremism finds fertile soil in opposition politics. And those who promote the Politics of Hate are one of the main drivers of the current race and religion tensions.]

Our PM: “The lies of IS include the claim that it is their duty to destroy historical sites …” [Helen: And the raison d’etre of DAP rabid supporters is ABU – a sacred duty to destroy Umno and the history of this country that makes them feel like “second class citizens”.]

Our PM: “We must combat IS’s warped ideology in this way: explaining why their path is un-Islamic; why their actions are evil, theologically incoherent and a travesty of Islam …” [Helen: You must combat the evangelista’s warped Firster ideology in this way: explaining why their ‘Love’ is rank hypocrisy; why their actions are evil, ideologically self-contradictory and a travesty of democratic freedoms.]

Mr Prime Minister,

Our PM: “An Islamic State must defend the different peoples under its rule, and preserve their religions, languages and historic sites – because God commands us: “Indeed, we have made you nations and tribes, that ye may know one another.” [Helen: The Malaysian State must defend the different peoples under its rule, and not allow us to be ‘ethnic cleansed’ into “zero Chinese” and “no Indians too” as well as to be zombified into the faux hallelujah Jerusubang cult.]

Our PM: “He could have created us as one religious community, but He did not do so … .” [Helen: All the more reason your government must take firm action against the evangelistas who are trying their darndest to usurp kalimah ‘Allah’ and lying to the gullible that we all pray to the same one Creator but which is their 3-in-1 God.]

Our PM: “And I call on the Umma to rise with one voice, and let the world ring when we say to IS: ‘You do not represent us’.” [Helen: When you get home, can you also please unite your party so that Umno can rise with one voice and say to the DAP: ‘You do not represent Bangsa Malaysia’.]

Mr Prime Minister,

Our PM: “Let no one doubt how seriously Malaysia regards the problem of militants: both those who wish to use Kuala Lumpur as a transit point, and those who wish to sow violence and destruction at home.” [Helen: Malaysia is however oblivious to the problem of Christian militancy.]

Our PM: “This may lead some to think that because Malaysia has not suffered from a successful terrorist attack, we do not have national security challenges. That is not the case.” [Helen: Umno may be led to think that because the evangelistas do not possess guns, they do not pose national security challenges. That is not the case because while the weapon of the Bintang Tiga was the bayonet, the weapon of the Bintang Lima is the keyboard/keypad to spread destructive fitnah.]

Our PM: “Our tireless, ever-vigilant security forces have intercepted many would-be IS recruits transiting through Kuala Lumpur.” [Helen: Where is your vigilant, counter cyber-terrorism forces? Where are your personnel to monitor the evangelista propaganda?]

Our PM: “It is because of our efforts that they have not fallen into the darkness that blights Syria and Iraq.” [Helen: Your lack of efforts caused BN to fall into the darkness of losing 2/3 Parliamentary majority in 2008 and losing the popular vote in 2013.]

Our PM: “We have identified 39 Malaysians who have travelled to join IS. And we have arrested over 100 of our citizens suspected of links to IS. These threats are real.” [Helen: You have identified Malaysians who are seditious. And you have arrested and investigated them but we do not hear any prominent name being sent to jail. You also let Alvin Tan get away.]

Our PM: “There are people who want to bring terror to our streets.” [Helen: The Bintang Lima are already terrorizing us. Why do you think the Malays feel that they’re being “pushed against the wall” as one of your cabinet ministers complained not too long ago?]

Our PM: “We will not stand for it, neither will they succeed.” [Helen: I’m not too sure about that. Tuns Mahathir and Daim plus more than a few Tan Sris seem to believe that the opposition will succeed in winning GE14.]

Our PM: “For Malaysia has been, and will always be, a land where many faiths and ethnicities freely prosper and thrive.” [Helen: 2018 … tick tock, tick tock …]


Our PM: “But we must strive harder to combat this threat together.”

[Helen: But first get your coalition partner to explain how it is that the subversive media owned by MCA – I’m talking about The J-Star – got away with blacking out news of a joint press conference by Gerakan and MCA to condemn the DAP over Bersih 4.0. This is a serious case of internal sabotage.]

Our PM: “Militaries and intelligence services need to share information, and countries need to collaborate more, daring to pre-emptively arrest as necessary.” [Helen: Despite a police report by the Penyimpan Mohor Besar Di-Raja, there is still no news of any action – much less detention – of TMI editors over their deliberate disinformation relating to the Rulers’ Council meeting.]

Our PM: “We have instituted legislation to allow this. When evidence is irrefutable, we will unhesitatingly take action.” [Helen: Why the NFA against TMI then?]

Our PM: “If our citizens’ lives are threatened by bombing a mall or a station, we would be negligent of their trust not to intervene before it is too late.”

[Helen: You have indeed been negligent. That’s why you’re plagued with the perception problem. It is now so late in the day when you should have tackled the slanderous evangelistas right from the very start. I had already pointed out the rise and rise of the evangelistas as early as August 2011 by highlighting @hannahyeoh’s Twitter following of 30k. Today she has 118,000 followers.]

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Mr Prime Minister,

Our PM: “But the problems of today require new and global solutions. … reforming the Security Council to better reflect 2015’s realities, not 1945’s, represents a good start towards building a new, adequately responsive global architecture.” [Helen: The problem of Dapster-evangelistas requires a new solution. Stop delegating the job to MCA because the 2015 reality is not only that the BN Chinese parties are impotent but also Gunting Dalam Lipatan whereby their Nest-of-Evangelistas scissorati have been stabbing BN in the back.]

Our PM: “We in Malaysia know how much that is needed. We were extremely disappointed that the proposed resolution to set up an international tribunal into the shooting down of flight MH17 did not go through because a veto was imposed.” [Helen: We pro-establishment voters know what is needed. We are extremely disappointed the BN is unresponsive to the extent that rag-tag bands of Umno members had to organize an ad hoc Himpunan Merah recently on Sept 16. If the BN had been fighting its political battle effectively, there would have been no need for Malays to take to the streets.]

Our PM: “We believe that moderation is key.” [Helen: Evangelistas believe in the gun culture. Neo-con Christian Zionists are ardent supporters of the American’s freedom and right to bear arms. This gun-toting culture dates back to their Pilgrim Fathers who picked off the Red Indians like flies. The  Apache’s bow and arrows was no match for the white settlers’ rifle and calvary’s cannon.]

Bersih broom RosmahOur PM: “Moderation is not about being weak. On the contrary, it is courageous and shows strength. The strength to push for peace and put the people first.” [Helen: Your political opponents do not understand that moderation shows strength. The only language they understand is force. Moderation is unappreciated and that’s why they’ve been emboldened to pijak kepala dan guna penyapu.]

Our PM: “Islam embodies it in the concept of ‘wasatiyyah’, Confucianism as chung yung – both of which mean ‘middle path’ or ‘the Golden Mean’.” [Helen: They have UBAH and converted to evangelical Christianity. They’re no longer Cina totok — “zero Chinese, all Malaysians” now.]

Mr Prime Minister,

Our PM: “As we cooperate to solve the scourges of poverty, hatred, war and man-made and natural disasters that have given us the refugee crises we see today, we must draw from our spiritual traditions…”. [Helen: The DAP Chinese have abandoned their Confucianist tradition. Today they’re evangelistas and their inheritance is the 3G Glory, Gold and Gospel tradition of the conquistadors who conquered pagan lands across the globe.]

Portugal, a small Christian country, once conquered faraway Malacca with only a few ships.

The Netherlands, a small Christian country, colonized Indonesia, a sprawling archipelago.

Britain, a Christian country not all that ‘Great’ in size (the whole UK can fit into North America’s Great Lakes), ruled over the Indian sub-continent and had an empire spanning the globe.

Christian country Spain commanded an overseas empire too.

Christian country Germany had colonial possessions in Ghana, Mauritania and Benin.

Christian country Italy colonized Libya, a country almost six times bigger than itself.

Christian country France ruled over North and West Africa and still has territories in the Caribbean – Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago, among other islands in the West Indies, were former French colonies.

Compare the humongous size of the areas previously under French domination with the actual size of France.

Belgium Congo

Even the very small Christian country Belgium maintained colonies in Africa – Congo, Rwanda and Burundi. See map above.

Christian Europeans subdued China by making the Chinese addicted to opium. (The DAP evangelistas have subdued the Jerusubang Chinese by making them addicted to J-Juice.)

Who catalyzed the turmoil in war-torn Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt and the rest of the Arab Spring countries?

LKS effigy burn

Our PM: “Don’t we stand partly responsible for any ensuing European hostility towards Islam, the faith we love, and towards our fellow Muslims?” [Helen: Well, what about the hostility towards Islam at home, say that of the DAP against the Pahang Mufti as a most recent example?]

Lim Kit Siang today responded to the PM’s above speech. Grandpapa Dapster imputes the following – i.e. Najib leads a “government (that) tolerates and condones the worst excesses of extremism, hatred and intolerance of race supremacy and communal politics”.

Kit Siang is merely chanting the DAP mantra that – in the words of J-‘Moderate’ Star newspaper editorials – some Malaysians are “hate-spewing, divisive, race-obsessed ignoramuses”. Why has BN allowed the MCA media empire to become a de facto opposition mouthpiece accusing non-Firsters of spewing hate, being divisive as well as racist bigots?

If BN fails to up its game and counter the Dapster-evangelistas articulately, then we’re going to be witnessing more guttural reactions such as Umno Kota Bharu’s burning the effigies of Grandpapa and Papa Dapster – pix above.

The Umno male chauvinists forgot to include Mama Dapster. Such gender bias.

Hannah Yeoh Ugly Pendatang

Note: The headline of this post is inspired by Orangkampung @ 2015/10/02 at 1:57 pm


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  1. Ms H. As I said before that all RM 2 incorporated churches should be submitted to income tax. Further, a deposit of RM 100,000 be imposed on each of these RM 2 incorporated churches to prevent these unqualified religious types from committing breach of trust. The Government will collect a lot of money from people who make use of its infra-structural facilities for their own ends. This the fairest way for those who make money out of other people’s problems.

  2. Question . Will UMNO ever learned ?.

    Answer .

    UMNO has been it’s present circumstances since formation 1946 , though some of it’s leaders may be forming their mouth talking about Malay dignity and unity ,the whole UMNO are very much adaptable to tolerance and acceptance .

    Question. Was that the reason you believe that caused the rising of DAP evangelist and Chinese extremist making unscrupulous demands on all sort of things ?.

    Answer . I believe so ,as the leader of the government they should sensitive to the political surrounding to avoid unprecedented circumstances that may caused rakyat to suffer due to political unrest or racial dispute which may lead to outside intervention .
    China ambassador visit to Petaling street is one good example .

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