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Big Mama Muniandy

Hannah photo scatter

hannahyeoh-fat-gemuk mugThere’s a story trending on Facebook and Twitter.

The J-Star, needless to say, is sure to gonna black it out.


Footnote for Malaysian history: Its Nest of Evangelistas is one of the major factors causing the death of the MCA … bye


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

17 thoughts on “Big Mama Muniandy

    1. The RBAs sekarang nih dah pandai dah, malah pakar, dalam bab menyamar. Must beware their masquerade as Malays and Muslims online.

      They’ve taken their black ops to the ext phase already. They’ve always been ahead of the BN in psywar.

        1. Correct. When it suits them, they will wear a hijab/ kupiah or a dot/vibuthi.

          Behind all that they are still evangelists.

    1. Wanna try again?


      (1) It concerns the politikus in the photograph.

      (2) A keyword is the name (found in post title) related to the said poly-super-rat.

      (3) The story – sensational enough to trend in social media – was generated on Facebook by a notorious (read: headline-grabbing) FB personality. It was picked up and popularly tweeted – which was where I came across it.

      (4) The story angle is something that the Nest of Evangelistas would certainly bury, both because they will not give coverage to ideas that challenge their mantra and because they have a track record of blacking out negative news about the politikus in the photo.

      (5) It seems there are social media users belonging to Gen Y who believe the politikus is a bloody hypocrite.

      Not just The J-Star but the rest of the English media is blacking out this story. Umno must do urgently something about the MCA’s media empire. Really.

      1. Add to (2)

        The theme of the story has a lot to do with the debate related to the ‘name’ (social implications of the name) mentioned in my post title.

  1. Masquerading is their best tactic in snaking thru Malay populous. They’re in fact deadly wrong, Malays aren’t stupid.

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