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MCA not fighting DAP but it is fighting Umno

MCA is merely the elected voice of those 10 percent of us Chinese who voted BN.

MCA does not have the mandate to speak for Malaysia’s Chinese community as a whole or in greater part because the party is largely voted into office by Malays and Indians.

Look for yourself the demography of the MCA’s 7-Eleven seats in Parliament and the state assemblies.

  • Blue = Malay voters
  • Red = Chinese voters
  • Yellow = Indian voters

Click to enlarge

MCA’s seven Parliament seats


MCA’s 11 state assembly seats


Who are the typical MCA voters?

Take the example of the following three MCA state assembly seats of Titi Tinggi (Perlis), Cheka (Pahang) and Pulai Sebatang (Johor). They are rural seats.

MCA Yang Berhormats represent kampung folks in the state legislature.

Click gallery to view separately

(A) Titi Tinggi has 9,159 voters out of which 20.8 percent are Chinese. There are 1,905 Chinese voters here.

(B) Cheka has 11,920 voters out of which 24.1 percent are Chinese. There are 2,873 Chinese voters here.

(C) Pulai Sebatang has 28,170 voters out of which 34.5 percent are Chinese. There are 9,719 Chinese voters here.

The MCA’s trio of YBs above collectively represent a total of 14,497 Chinese voters in these three areas. The Chinese are denoted by the red segments in the pie charts above. The blue segments are Malay voters.

DAP flag Bersih broom

Who are the typical DAP supporters?

As a comparison, let’s look at the state seats of three prominent evangelistas in Selangor. These DAP Yang Berhormats represent urban people in densely populated and developed areas.

(A) Subang Jaya has 61,688 voters out of which 56.8 percent are Chinese. There are 35,039 Chinese voters here.

(B) Damansara Utama has 53,394 voters out of which 83.4 percent are Chinese. There are 44,531 Chinese voters here.

(C) Bukit Gasing has 34,584 voters out of which 69.2 percent are Chinese. There are 23,932 Chinese voters here.

The DAP’s trio of YBs collectively represent a total of 103,502 Chinese voters in their three wards.

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh and Yeo Bee Yin

Here’s the comparison

MCA’s Khaw Hock Kong (YB Titi Tinggi), Fong Koong Fuee (YB Cheka) and Tee Siew Kiong (YB Pulai Sebatang) represent constituencies which altogether have 14,497 Chinese voters.

DAP evangelistas Hannah Yeoh (YB Subang Jaya), Yeo Bee Yin (YB Damansara Utama) and Rajiv Rishyakaran (YB Bukit Gasing) represent constituencies which altogether have 103,502 Chinese voters.

BELOW: A reminder for MCA deputy president Wee Ka Siong as to who are the electorate in his Parliament seat of Ayer Hitam, Johor

Come on lah MCA, be ethical

If MCA had any integrity, it would look after the interests of the people who actually voted its candidates.

The fact is MCA was elected by Malays, Indians and the 10 percent Chinese who are pro-establishment voters. MCA is being unfair to those of us who pangkah Dacing on our ballot paper.

What kind of ‘business’ model is MCA adopting when the party is fighting tooth and nail on behalf of its own supposed political enemy? MCA is pandering to people who did not even vote for them.

MCA is pandering to the opposition Chinese who, for example in Temerloh, gave their votes to PAS ustaz Hassan Nasrudin et Tantawi (poster below).

Lutut Siku Tantawi

What kind of betrayal is this?!

MCA is flying the flag for Dapsters who are full of malice for Malays, and currying favour with evangelistas who are full of hate for Umno. MCA does not have to go far to find out why the public’s perception of it is so bad.

Answer: The media which MCA itself controls is sabotaging the BN.

StabThis week, The J-Star blacked out negative news about Hannah Yeoh that is trending on the social media. The MCA sneaky paper is determined to bury information that impact negatively on the DAP.

Just ask the party’s own exco Ti Lian Ker whether it’s true that his recent joint press conference with Gerakan sec-gen Liang Teck Meng complaining about Bersih 4.0 was downplayed by The J-Star.

Ti has also not been given airtime by The J-Star with regard to his recent commentary on how the DAP cheated Chinese voters. On the contrary, Ti’s aforementioned writings have appeared in The Malay Mail and The Rakyat Post.

And furthermore @tilianker has been blocked from the @hannahyeoh timeline. Yet The J-Star has been actively promoting and publicizing Hannah Yeoh to anoint her as Ratu Twitter.

MCA is harbouring a Nest of Evangelistas who are venomous backstabbers. Umno must ask MCA why its mouthpiece The J-Star doesn’t simply say outright that DAP is “racist”.

stabbed in the back

EvangeliSTAR is the tail wagging the MCA dog

MCA has done nothing to help mitigate the DAP’s smear campaign against government departments, civil servants, national school, Jakim, MAIS and BTN.

MCA has done nothing to stop its EvangeliSTAR from demonizing people who reject the DAP’s ‘Malaysian First’ gimmick.

Why don’t MCA ever ask us – those who gave the party both our two (State + Parliament) precious votes – Apa Lu Mau?

I will tell you now. We want you to fight the DAP.

MCA’s own Beliawanis were the very first to complain that Hannah Yeoh and evangelista Ong Kian Ming are “DAP super cyberbullies”.

For years and years, the DAP’s 90 percent Chinese have been bullying the BN’s 10 percent Chinese, with the MCA’s media empire aiding and abetting the aggressors.

But Tajuddin Abdul Rahman sekali cakap jer pasal “lempang” and MCA is like Chicken Little squawking how the sky is falling.

Continues from:

How come MCA no complain when DAP lempang them blue black?

Will MCA quit BN if Tajuddin doesn’t say sorry?


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49 thoughts on “MCA not fighting DAP but it is fighting Umno

  1. Don’t worry about the Chinese. We the Chinese will confront the DAP. Just a matter of time. It is the Malays who should worry about themselves considering what Najib and his goons are doing to them.

      1. On the ethics of discussion:

        “I have never debated with a knowledgeable person except that I might win the debate, and I have never debated with an ignorant person except that I would lose.”
        “(However) I never once argued with an adversary except that I implored Allah to show me the truth by his tongue.”
        –Imam Shafi’i

    1. No. The Cina will have and will embrace Dap, no doubt in my mind.

      OSTB plucked a write up from Norman Fernandez as his latest posting. I normally find OSTB very abrasive, probably the Melayu beradab in me, but this time I agree with NF’s take on MCA and Syed’s as well.

    2. When Najib approved the RM3m cheque to one SJKC, ada Apek MCA instantly contacted DAP with the good news. Terang lagi bersuluh, nak kata apa lagi?

      Tengok “ex President” depa yang join BERSIH4 kat London. Terang2 habaq he supported Bersih4. Asalkan “ex” saja.. belang semua kasi tunjuk. Agaknya masa dalam cabinet dulu macam church mouse..

      ……..Anyway after the Black Monday crash China kata those having >5% shares dlm syarikat2 depa dalam bberapa bulan ini haram takleh jual shares tau….. Entahle pasaran sana akan pulih atau merudum lagi. Mujuq I tak labur situ, apa akan jadi nanti sudah pasti akan kena tempias juga. Haiyaaa

      1. Nah hari ini Utusan habaq Najib dah tuntut ‘ex’ tu mohon maaf kalau tidak akan dikenakan tindakan saman.

        Si Teresa suka letak “harga kepala” dia RM100m bila saman, itu sekadar tahap Adun/MP aje… so yang ni saman at least gunapakai formula Teresa kok x nbr of years service in BN.

    3. The citizenships given to migrant coolies chinese from communist china envisaged by Tunku was premised on humanitarian basis as they were escaping from hunger and poverty jusl like the arabs are running away from Syria today.
      But these citizenships doesnt meant they are allowed to destroy rainforests, steal sands, or destroy Hills and forests which belongs to the native Malays.
      Further more as citizens of Malaya they must swear allegiance to the Yang di Pertuan Agong, the King of Malaya not the Chinese emperor or the Communist Party.

      These must be emphasised in schools. Chinese language schools will find it difficult to relate to citizenships and loyalty to the YDP.

      So all chinese schools must be absorbed into national schools. They are only allowable if the chinese students intend to go back to their motherland or taiwan or hong kong.

      Else these chinese children will grow up disenfranchised from the national scene.

      More Red Shirts parade must be held. This is to show the younger generations of chinese coolies who are the malays. One University Malaya lecturer famous for his inanity on chinese rights wrote before |Jamal parade who are the Red Shirts…

      He and and his chinese backers DAP are silent now…we are all Red Shirst muahahaha..

      1. ‘The citizenships given to migrant coolies chinese from communist china’

        Melayu daripada dulu lagi dah liberals, dah terbuka. Bagi kerakyatan kat pendatang

        ‘The liberalisationof citizenship in 1957 had brought drastic changes to the electoral roll of which “the status of the Malays was reduced overnight from that of a nation to that of a mere community”.

        Thus, Melayu yang bercakap pasal negeri Melayu, tanah Melayu, technically tak salah, sebab a historical reference. Sampai lani bangsa Melayu punya amalan dan agama kena ridiculed dek keturunan pendatang! Kesian kat Melayu. 58 years selepas bagi kewarganegaraan ini yang mereka dapat!

        ‘Boo Su-Lyn bukan hanya bermain dengan api. Dia telah cuba menghasut sehingga perkara-perkara mengenai Islam di dalam Perlembagaan menjadi hapus rentung.’

        ‘Further more as citizens of Malaya they must swear allegiance to the Yang di Pertuan Agong, the King of Malaya not the Chinese emperor or the Communist Party.’

        Definitely not the case. Tengok Boo Su Lyn dan lain-lain Cina pun kita boleh tau. Tengok kenyataan Huang yang disokong Cina kat media sosial pun kita boleh tau. Baca Shuzeng pun kita boleh tau. Tengok perangai Cina DAP. Tengok MCA.

        ‘So all chinese schools must be absorbed into national schools.’

        Depa minta tangguh enam bulan, kenapa pula kerajaan bagi wujud sampai 58 tahun sampai pecah-belah semua? Sekolah Melayu semua dijadikan sekolah kebangsaan. Apasal sekolah vernakular yang lain tak boleh? Semua Melayu saja yang nak kena bagi ke?

        Apa lagi Cina mahu Melayu bagi??

        Kalau cakap bahasa kebangsaan pun FAIL macam mana nak contribute kepada nation building? Bukan bayar taxes ye, nation building. Sekali-sekala beli nasi lemak kat ‘makcik’ does not count yer…

        1. Tak habis-habis dengan cerita nak mansuh SJKC. Kalau betul2 nak “unity”, adakah bermaksud sekolah2 di bawah juga perlu dimansuhkan?

          1. sekolah antarabangsa (membawa perpecahan melalui perbezaan jumlah pendapatan);
          2. sekolah persendirian (sama seperti di atas);
          3. sekolah agama (membawa perpecahan melalui perbezaan agama);
          4. sekolah asrama (membawa perpecahan melalui perbezaan kaum);
          5. sekolah elit (cth MCKK, perpecahan melalui perbezaan kaum)
          6. peperiksaan pre-U (cth STPM, diploma, asasi, matrikulasi, perpecahan melalui perbezaan kaum)
          7. universiti/koleh swasta dan luar negara (membawa perpecahan melalui perbezaan jumlah pendapatan).

          Apa itu ‘nation building’? Setiap orang ada tafsiran berbeza. Berbahasa Melayu adalah ‘nation building’ untuk kamu tetapi bayar cukai adalah ‘nation building’ untuk saya. Setiap orang menyumbang dengan cara tersendiri.

          1. Nope. We try first this assimilation exercise on primary levels with SJKCs and international/private schools. If all goes well, we assimilate SJKTs too. Item 3, just give it up as a concession to the Federal Religion that we are willing to share with those among you willing to be a muslim. Item 4, chalk it up as a Malay Special Privileges which we are willing to share with the brightest of you that is willing to assimilate. Item 5, same as item 4 but we are reserving this for our royalties and our very brightest so they can network at an early age. Sorry we decline to share this. 6&7, by the time they are at this age, they could gel together already as nationalistic beings or we would find out that one stream education doesn’t & couldn’t unite us racist!

            Speaking the national language is not nation building…it is a responsibility of a CITIZEN!!! Pay tax or not. Still can’t see the need of one stream education?

            1. AE,

              I put it that segregation in our education system as below:

              1. segregation according to race (vernacular school and UiTM);
              2. segregation according to religion (sekolah agama);
              3. segregation according to economic class (elite, private, international and foreign schools).

              If you really want to foster unity, do it habis-habisan. From kindergarten level all the way to university. Make sure no segregation in whatsoever aspect.

              Parents will always choose the best for the kids. Especially if they have the money. You can abolish vernacular schools, but you can’t abolish private/international schools. You can’t stop parents from sending their children to schools in foreign countries. Look at the example of Chinese independent high school. Despite not receiving government funding ,charges a fee of few thousands per year and UEC not being recognised, parents still send their kids there. Compare this to national SMK that have full government funding, charges few hundreds fee per year and SPM having recognition.

              Same argument for private and foreign universities. It is about the freedom to choose. And this freedom needs money.

              1. Drinho, we are not communist. We are talking about school, not robot manufacturing facility. Let see them like this la. Pagi sekolah sekular. Belajar bahasa, matematik, science disciplines, history and skills. Belajar sama sama. Petang sekolah agama, sekolah buddha/tao, sekolah hindu or sekolah kristian etc. Belajar lain lain. Besok pagi jumpa balik. Can foster unity or not this way? Mak bapak kaya dapat sekolah air con, mak bapak miskin dapat sekolah kipas siling. Tapi belajar silibus sama, periksa pun sama, cuti jerebu pun sama. See where this is going?

                Talking about private chinese school, no govt help, yuran mahal, different syllabus and exam, cert not recognised some more. It is a mystery why chinese parents keep sending children there. What is the hidden agenda? To me this is just a prep school for those who are planning to migrate to countries that recognise UEC. So loyal these minority are when they have money!

                1. Friend, you said it aptly. We are not communist. We are a democratic nation. The hallmark of democracy is the freedom to make decision. This includes the freedom of parents to decide the type of school for their kids.

                  We have a dilemma now. Decide which is more important. To recognise the freedom as mentioned above against fostering national unity. For me, freedom always prevail even to the detriment of national unity. Which is what the country is doing right now any. Having various school streams since Merdeka. Don’t have specific stats. But just look at the increasing enrollment in non-national schools (eg. private/international/foreign schools at all levels).

                  Looks like advocate of national unity only call for abolisment for SJKC. They hardly call for SJKT to be abolished. They have no problem if the rich go to private/international/foreign schools. Why the inconsistency? Why selectively target SJKC only? If these advocates are really ‘sincere’ in fostering unity, they should call for single stream at all levels. From kindergarten to university. Or at least at primary levels.

                  I can’t say what is they ‘hidden agenda’. But Chinese is always capable of isolating themselves from the mainstream system. They can create their own system although it may cost them a lot of money. That is why they have Chinese independent high school. This is where they get the secondary education. After all, majority of Chinese will opt for private higher education post SPM. Institutions like Sunway, Inti, Segi etc are owned by Chinese anyway.

                  My point is: Freedom of parents to decide the type of school for their kids will always prevail over the need of fostering national unity in a democratic nation.

                  1. Then we would go back to the aged old question. Apa Cina Mau? Unity or freedom? Nation building or selfish advancement? Make up your mind and the answer will come.

                    Single stream should mean that there is no more choice except sending your children abroad. This is feasible for primary and secondary level. Regarding preschoolers, i would say syllabus to take a back seat. I rather have my 6 year old comfortable being away from me rather than him reading the business section. Freedom of choice should returned at tertiery level. Like i said earlier, if they havent gel together by that time, nothing can unite them.

                    Every freedom that you think you have, have its limit and can be limited, dwell on that, friend.

                    1. AE,

                      You are right. All freedom have limits. But the current status quo i.e. the continued existence of vernacular schools, growth of enrollment in private schools/colleges and declining standard standards of English show that national schools (primary/secondary/higher education) will be secondary choice for parents especially the affluent class. The government needs lots of political will to streamline the education system. I don’t see that happen anytime soon.

                      A good example when the government display strong political will is when parliament session was in proceeding till midnight or even early morning to bulldoze certain bills. I don’t see this happen now to initiate the streamlining of education system.

          2. ‘Tak habis-habis dengan cerita nak mansuh SJKC.’

            SJKC unconstitutional, enough said!

            ‘Education conducted mainly in any language other than Bahasa Malaysia is against the Federal Constitution, the Malay Consultative Council claimed today.

            In a draft of resolutions made at the end of their national education congress earlier today, the council criticised vernacular schools and private universities and colleges for disregarding Article 152 of the Constitution, which requires all official government matters to be conducted in the national language.
            – See more at:

            ‘Thus the answer to the first question, namely whether the Federal Constitution protects the right to establish vernacular schools is, quite frankly, no. By virtue of the above precedent we can safely conclude that no such right exists. This should put paid to the second question, that is, whether the questioning of the right to instruction in one’s mother tongue is sedition within the ambit of the Sedition Act 1948. For sure, no statement is seditious when it questions a purported right that is in reality non-existent, what more protected from question under the Sedition Act 1948 as claimed. – See more at:

            ‘This principle is all the more applicable given Kua Kia Soong’s highly misleading article appearing in the Malay Mail Online on 18 September 2015, titled “Mother tongue schools and the Constitution” ( His article is in response to distinguished constitutional law scholar Emeritus Professor Datuk Dr Shad SaleemFaruqi’s recent stating of what should be obvious for all to see, namely that vernacular schools (or fondly referred to as mother tongue schools by its proponents such as Kua Kia Soong) exist contrary to the Constitution and are not protected by any of its provisions.

            drinho, yang constitutional kau nak mansuh, yang tak constitutional kau nak kekal? Nation building negara mana yang kau ikut, China? China bagi ke Uighurs belajar dalam bahasa Turkic?

            Banyak lagi online, lain kau boleh google dan baca sendiri. Jangan malas. Kalau nak RBA pun kena ada maklumat, especially hal yang berkenaan dengan Perlembagaan Persekutuan. Bukan peddling lies saja 24/7 macam leaders ko!

            1. islam1st,

              You kena beza “SJKC unconstitutional” dengan “legality”. Kita akui SJKC tidak mendapat perlindungan perlembagaan. Tetapi adakah ini bermakna SJKC itu salah di sisi undang-undang?

              Terlebih dahulu, undang-undang ada banyak sumber. Dari perlembagaan, parliamen, dewan undangan negeri, Allah (i.e. undang2 Islam) dll. Walaupun, SJKC tidak mendapat pengiktirafan di dalam perlembagaan, ia mendapat perlindungan melalui Education Act. Saya bagi contoh, Mont Kiara International School. Asalkan siapa mampu bayar, boleh enrol anak masuk.

              Perlembagaan juga tidak sebut bahawa “International School” boleh ditubuhkan di Malaysia. Habis tu, macam mana Mont Kiara International School boleh beroperasi di Malaysia? Sudahlah fee mahal gila, ikut syllabus Amerika pula. Mestilah kerana ia mendapat lesen, permit, kelulusan etc daripada kementerian yang berkaitan.

              Saya rumuskan di sini. Sesuatu yang tidak mendapat pengiktirafan perlembagaan tidak semestinya ‘illegal’. Ia masih ‘legal’ dan sah jika mendapat pengiktirafan undang-undang yang lain. SJKC dilindungi oleh Education Act.

              1. ‘Tetapi adakah ini bermakna SJKC itu salah di sisi undang-undang?’

                drinho, kau tak baca ke link yang aku bagi?

                Anyway, betul kata AE, cakap banyak pun tak guna, jawab soalan ini, apa lagi Cina mahu sebenarnya, drinho?!

                1. Saya sudah baca. Tapi saya harap you baca lagi sekali ulasan saya. Saya rumuskan point saya di bawah:-

                  1. SJKC tidak dilindungi perlembagaan.
                  2. Ini tidak bermaksud SJKC menyalahi undang-undang.
                  3. SJKC mendapat keabsahan di bawah Akta Pendidikan.
                  4. Sesuatu perkara yang tidak mendapat keabsahan perlembagaan masih boleh mendapat legitimasi melalui undang-undang lain.

                  Andaikan SJKC sememangnya menyalahi perlembagaan, mengapa tiada tindakan dari kerajaan sekian lama semenjak merdeka? Adakah kerajaan terlalu naif untuk membiarkan kesalahan ini berlarutan?

                  1. islam1st & AE

                    You asked “Apa lagi Cina mau” in relation to school system in Msia.

                    Answer: Freedom of parents to decide the type of school for their kids.

                    The above applies to all Malaysians actually. That is why you see the mushrooming of non-mainstream/non-national schools at all levels for the past decade. For those at middle or higher income levels, they will most probably choose non-national schools from kindergarten to university levels for their kids.

                  2. re: “SJKC mendapat keabsahan di bawah Akta Pendidikan.”

                    You mean SJK(C) is affirmed of its legality under the Education Act?

                    If you’ll read the Act, there is only a passing mention that refers to SJK(C) in relation to the Minister’s power. Further than that, the Act does not say or specify on Chinese school (unlike in comparison, Article 160 specifies that a Melayu is a Muslim, speaks BM, etc, etc).

                    In other words, SJK(C) is mentioned in the Education Act, indicating the law recognizes that this particular system exists and it is not illegal. Okay, granted it’s legal.

                    But you can’t frame this mere passing mention of SJK(C) in the Education Act to make as it the Act itself has legalized SJK(C) in particular. The order of legalizing in particular would be like the MACC Act where the law states in detail how the MACC is to be established.

                    re: “Andaikan SJKC sememangnya menyalahi perlembagaan, mengapa tiada tindakan dari kerajaan sekian lama semenjak merdeka? Adakah kerajaan terlalu naif untuk membiarkan kesalahan ini berlarutan?”

                    Sebelum ini Umno terlalu manjakan MCA. Sekarang MCA tidak lagi mewakili suara orang Cina.

                    Bukan bermaksud “kesalahan” tetapi “keadaan” – “Adakah kerajaan terlalu naif untuk membiarkan kesalahan ini berlarutan?”

                    Bergantung. Andaikata kerajaan dibentuk selepas PRU14 di mana tiada lagi perwakilan MCA, maka tidak akan ada desakan yang disalurkan masyarakat Tionghua yang rasanya perlu dilayan Umno.

                    Pengundi memilih wakil sebagai penggubal undang-undang. Seperti yang kita boleh lihat di Negeri Sembilan, semua YB (legislators) adalah orang Melayu + seorang India MIC, eeelek Cina-Cina MCA dan Gerakan.

                    Tidak ada Ahli Parlimen MCA yang mempunyai mandat kaum Cina nanti pasca-2018. Kalau ia BN yang masih dan terus memerintah, maka Umno boleh buat ikut suka hati.

                    1. Helen:

                      1. Refer here for Education Act 1996:
                      (let us assume this is the latest version)

                      2. Vernacular school is defined as ‘national-type school’. Refer pg 16.

                      3. Read these clauses: Section 17 and 28.

                      4. Minister’s power to convert vernacular schools into national school has been removed. Read:

                      5. By reading the above it is clear that SJKC has legal basis under the Education Act 1996. The creation, recognition and funding of such schools are provided under the act.

                      6. Don’t be too simplistic to say that “Umno terlalu manjakan MCA”. Constitution and laws are above Umno. These are not something that Umno/BN can manipulate as they wish. Any amendment to abolish SJKC must be done using the legal avenues.

                      7. Negeri Sembilan? Ok, noted no Chinese Adun in the government. What is the impact suffered by the Chinese in that state thus far?

                    2. re: “Read these clauses: Section 17 and 28.”

                      We already know that (17) Sekolah Cina doesn’t use BM as main medium of instruction, and (28) that these schools are allowed to be maintained. This is merely status quo.

                      re: “Minister’s power to convert vernacular schools into national school has been removed.”

                      What has been removed by amendment can be reinstated by another amendment.

                      re: “By reading the above it is clear that SJKC has legal basis under the Education Act 1996. The creation, recognition and funding of such schools are provided under the act.”

                      Nobody said Sekolah Cina is illegal. The crux is that SJK(C) is not guaranteed nor protected under the constitution.

                      Facts on the ground: No new Chinese school has been created since 1970, generally speaking.

                      Their number has remained consistently the same although with the expansion of enrolment, by right new schools should have been built to cater to the expanded demand. But the government policy has been that no new Chinese school was created since 1970.

                      What happens is the transfer of permit, e.g. a small rural Chinese school with only a handful of pupils will transfer its permit to (be used by) another newly constructed building in an area where a Chinese school is more needed. The name of the school remains the same but its location is shifted.

                      This is clearly a policy of containment on the part of the federal government.

                      See table below. In 1970, there were 1,346 Chinese primary schools. In 2004,there were 1,287 Chinese primary schools. In the last three decades, the number of SRJK(C) has hovered around 1,290 without being allowed to increase.

                      re: “Don’t be too simplistic to say that ‘Umno terlalu manjakan MCA’. Constitution and laws are above Umno.”

                      Laws still depend on interpretation and enforcement. Anwar Ibrahim is a rare case of conviction for sodomy.

                      re: “These are not something that Umno/BN can manipulate as they wish.”

                      Okay, you’ve proven that you’re not a Dapster. (It is an article of faith with Dapsters that the law is something that Umno/BN can manipulate as they wish.)
                      Umno – 12

                      re: “Any amendment to abolish SJKC must be done using the legal avenues.”

                      If Umno-BN have the majority in Parliament post-2020.

                      re: “Negeri Sembilan? Ok, noted no Chinese Adun in the government. What is the impact suffered by the Chinese in that state thus far?”

                      I don’t live in Negeri so I’m unable to provide you the minutiae. But let’s see in the next few years how many states replicate NS, and whether 3/4 of the peninsula will eventually have state legislatures where the ruling party does not have any Chinese Aduns.

                      Take my state S’gor as a hypothetical. The number of Selangor Aduns below:

                      Umno (12), PAS – (13), Khalid Ibrahim (1) … total 26

                      PKR (13), DAP (15), Amanah New Hope (2) … total 30

                      If two Aduns were to defect from PKR, the Selangor state assembly would be hung at 28-28. This is not impossible. Three Pakatan Aduns became BN-friendly Independents and caused Nizar administration to fall in Perak.

                      If an Umno + PAS + BN-friendly Independents coalition were to rule Selangor, then the state government would be all Malay.


                    3. re: What has been removed by amendment can be reinstated by another amendment.

                      Correct. In fact, can abolish SJKC altogether by amending the Act. Needs a lot of political will.

                      re: Nobody said Sekolah Cina is illegal. The crux is that SJK(C) is not guaranteed nor protected under the constitution.

                      Good that you got the point. Absence of constitutional protection/guarantee does not render SJKC unconstitutional. Its legality is derived from parliamentary act.

                      re: Facts on the ground.

                      Noted with thanks.

                      re: If an Umno + PAS + BN-friendly Independents coalition were to rule Selangor, then the state government would be all Malay.

                      Think the Chinese is prepared to have an all-Malay government. After all, the threat by MCA not to accept government post prior to GE13 failed to return the Chinese votes to BN. You also pointed out the scenario of N9. If you really want to return the Chinese votes to BN, you need to show the real adverse impact of not having Chinese representation. They have been overwhelmingly support DAP since GE2008 till to-date simply because they don’t see any real necessity to have Chinese representation especially if the representation is via MCA/Gerakan.

                    4. re: “In fact, can abolish SJKC altogether by amending the Act.”

                      Good point. Cut to the chase.

                      re: “Needs a lot of political will.”

                      Najib is showing a lot of political will in dealing with 1MDB. Maybe he’ll learn to employ this newly acquired will power on other political matters.

                      re: “Its legality is derived from parliamentary act.”

                      Chinese schools, like Chinese temples, (wujud) are/were there from before Independence and not because of Parliamentary Act. Just that setakat ni kerajaan tak usik.

                      re: “Think the Chinese is prepared to have an all-Malay government.”

                      Okay, good to hear. No more whinging about why Guan Eng can’t be PM, I hope.

                      re: “If you really want to return the Chinese votes to BN, you need to show the real adverse impact of not having Chinese representation.”

                      The 10:90 bias is not only unhealthy, it’s plain dangerous.

                      re: “They have been overwhelmingly support DAP since GE2008 till to-date simply because they don’t see any real necessity to have Chinese representation especially if the representation is via MCA/Gerakan.”

                      Let them reap what they sow.

  2. “This week, The J-Star blacked out negative news about Hannah Yeoh that is trending on the social media. The MCA sneaky paper is determined to bury information that impact negatively on the DAP.”

    The same thing with the dog culling news which was all over the Chinese media and even on NTV7. The dog culling news is of course detrimental to the career of Papa Dapster. Instead the Sunday Star 2 pages were dedicated to cute pictures of dogs to be adopted.

  3. Why the Chinese MCA leadership has been co-opted by the Chinese DAP English-speaking evangelistas?

    If I may forward two possible explanations: 1) Dong Zong Chinese education has failed to groom refined Chinese intelligentsia 2) The Chinese-educated are poor in the English language and thus incapable of adequately representing themselves in international and social media.

    1. No it’s not about chinese education’s failure to groom. It’s the allure of the “cosmopolitan” Dap. The Dapsters have been “glam-ed” up in the media. The all-positive spins in the Star. You don’t get much or any negative news on them from the oposition media. Look at the pics of HY, LGE et al, they’ve all been cleaned up like there’s a halo over their heads.

      1. They have failed to nurture quality intellectualism, but focussed instead on the form of the language and traditional topics that do not engage with the resolution of current issues and problems of the day. And in having a weak command of English those exceptional few who see and think clearly, are unable to vie with their Western-acculturated cohorts in the battle of ideas in a largely English dominated media.

  4. MCA has been dancing to the DAP tunes all this years , asked MCA what have they done lately to make Chinese a true Malaysian .

    They have been singing the same songs with DAP , why the Chinese needs MCA then . The Chinese felt that they are better represented by the DAP, and has been doctrinaire by DAP where MCA and Gerakan failed to do .

    Just one question to asked , can Malaysia be without the Malay ?, if the Malay has learned to tolerate them ,should they do the same too ?.

  5. MCA will be no more come general election 14…..Its day its numbered already… Back stabber is not worth as your friend .

  6. Ms H and Ladies and Gentlemen, Even with all the derisive views on the MCA these days, there is more than a glimmer of hope that they will beat the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP if the leadership has the right ideas. But at the moment, they have NO ideas.

  7. Helen, thanks for the graf bagai. Nampak sangat MCA memang pengkhianat kepada Melayu yang undi depa. UMNO TOLONG JANGAN BAGI KERUSI MAJORITI MELAYU KAT MCA LAGI.


  8. MCA is here to stay.Bruised and in deep assholed pit MCA will continue to be part of BN.This is fact.

    Winning 10% of the Chinese votes may be little to some.But MCA sees that it had won.It dreams that the Chinese will give them just a bit more votes next time.And that the Malays give them more symphatetic votes MCA can win more seats.Hoping against hope that the PAS supporters reject DAP and PKR.

    UMNO cannot fight DAP as lone ranger.

  9. drinho baca ni, Scott Ng dah contribute to nation building, kau sudah??

    ‘There is also the matter of prioritising English, the lingua franca of the world, and Malay, the lingua franca of our country. I find it extremely curious that some Malaysians can’t even speak Bahasa, and they include Malaysians of my generation too, mind you, which sounds almost impossible.

    How can we even call ourselves Malaysian if we cannot even speak the mother tongue of our nation? It boggles the mind. As Malaysians, we should all be able to speak Bahasa with each other. It’s the common, uniting factor that instantly identifies a fellow countryman. In fact, it is even more important to learn Bahasa with the current vernacular system, because then we’ll all have a common language to fall back on no matter what.

    I am proud of being able to speak Bahasa to the waiter at the mamak restaurant, the makcik who sells kuih outside the 7-11 near my house, and to the “bro” who proclaims himself my mechanic because it shows that we have a common tongue. English has given me a livelihood and a roof over my head. But the national school system has given me the joy of calling Malaysians of all colours my friends.

    And Scott Ng says this about your vernacular sekolah

    ‘Let’s be honest with ourselves here. The Constitution does not “protect” or “demand” mother tongue education. It merely states that citizens have the right to learn their mother tongues, and stretching it to mean that vernacular schools are sacrosanct is a blatant distortion of what it says.

    Thank you Scott Ng!

    And Bernard Manickam has got it right with regards to our bahasa kebangsaan!

    ‘Don’t get me wrong, being patriotic and loving our mother tongue is a good thing – See more at:

    Syabas Bernard Manickam, BM is indeed our mother tongue!

    1. islam1st,

      What determines foremost whether a person is a Malaysian or not?

      a) citizenship;
      b) speak Malay.

      The answer is a). A person with citizenship is a Malaysian irrespective of his Malay proficiency. Failure to speak Malay will not render his citizenship invalid.

      You are right on the position of vernacular school vis-a-vis to the Constitution. The former derives its legality not from the latter but from the Education Act. Having said that, a matter not under the protection of Constitution is not necessarily illegal. A matter can still obtain its protection from Parliament acts or State enactments.

      I concede that Constitution does not protect the “rights to learn in mother tongue”. However, under the general term of “fundamental liberties” the rights of parents to choose the type of school for the children cannot be denied.

      Imagine this. For primary level of school. You can abolish vernacular schools. Can you go further to abolish local private and international schools? Or can you prevent parents from sending their children to schools in foreign countries? One example is here:

      Look at the bigger picture. It is not about:

      1. whether Malaysians should study under one roof and speak Malay (although ideally it should); or
      2. whether vernacular school contributes to unity or disunity (although it is known that they do cause disunity).

      The real picture is the rights of a person (the parents and the kid) to choose his/her preferred school from kindergarten all the way to university.

      This right prevails whatever that you said earlier (eg. speak Malay, foster unity, national identity etc).

      1. Drinho,

        Separate schools separate us. Literally speaking.

        As for Sekolah Ugama, the norm is for Malay muslim pupils to study at Sekolah kebangsaan in the morning to be followed by Religious schools in the evening.

        Sekolah Ugama does not separate us. It is held to cater to religious needs of Muslim students. BUT Vernacular schools separate us.

        THE CONSTITUTION guarantees the right to learn,practise mother tongues. It says nothing about Vernacular schools. Many Chinese politicians especially from DAP try to confuse the opposition to Vernacular schools WITH learning one’s mother tongues.

        They give impression that opposition to Vernacular schools (meaning from Malay community) is about prohibiting Chinese learning mandarin. That is no true. Malay community have no problems with Chinese learning Mandarin. BUT they( Malays) believe that it should be done under one roof.

        The talk to abolish Vernacular schools is actually a form of retaliation by Malay community as they have enough of DAP challenging islam, Malay. One example of it is DAP insisting on using “Allah” when none of Christians in Malaysia refer Jesus as “Allah”.

        Which is why we seldom hear Malays asking Tamil schools to be converted to Sekolah kebangsaan.

        1. shamshul anuar ,

          Para 1: Agree

          Para 2&3: Agree

          Para 4: Agree that mother tongues can be learned, taught etc. How do you expect such thing to be achieved effectively if not through vernacular schools?

          Para 5: Agree that ‘ideally it should be done under one roof’. But under the current national school system, mother tongue subject is not offered compulsorily if not mistaken.

          Para 6: Please be selective and targeted in your retaliation. Your enemy is DAP. Train your gun at the party. Not the supporters. Lots of Christian from Sabah/Sarawak who are not well versed in English used the term Allah in their practise of Christianity.

          Para 7: Education Act has been amended when Najib was the Education Minister. Read here:

          Extract: “The amendment had removed the controversial Section 21 (2), which stipulated that the minister could convert a vernacular school into a Malay-medium school. The section also specifically provided for vernacular education as part of the national education system.”

          1. Drinho,

            I am just suggesting we follow the ways of the other countries on this planet: that is one school system.

            Study under one roof. It has been suggested before. Compulsory Bahasa Melayu and English teachings. For Chinese student, by all means study Mandarin and Indian students learn Tamil language.

            Malay students are suggested to take up either Tamil or Mandarin as elective. You may overlook statements made many times that suggest mandarin and Tamil offered in Sekolah kebangsaan.

            Vernacular school is not guaranteed in constitution. There is nothing wrong in joining the rest of the world with one unified concept.

            Yes. My enemy( and the enemy of Malays and Chinese) too is DAP. My point is that Chinese supports DAP that wages war against Malay community. So do not expect Malays to be friendly to Chinese anymore.

            as for Christians in Sabah and Sarawak, none of my eastern Malaysian friends told me that they worship “Allah’. all of my christian friends said they worship Jesus. I understand DAP’s plan to insist on using Allah just to create a wedge between Malay muslim dominated UMNO and Christians in Sabah/Sarawak.

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